Falsely accused of SA and need advice on how to move forward with recruiting

Edit: I am not here to discuss my legal issues. If you're here to judge me or call me a rap*st save your time. I am looking forward to my day in court to be found not guilty, have the charges expunged, and move on with my life. The accusations made against me are baseless and without merit. The only reason this is still an issue is because covid has consistently delayed the case.


I'll try my best to be succinct, but I have a lot going on, so bear with me. I don't want to go into any details for obvious reasons. Needless to say, this event has changed my life forever. 

School & Internships:

  • Nontarget state school, finance major, 3.2 GPA.
  • Leadership position in a club, was a finalist in a bunch of finance/business case competitions, and part of the student fund. 
  • 1 internship at a no-name CRE firm doing economic research and some financial modeling

Important note:

I suffer from severe ADHD, and it's negatively impacted every aspect of my life. It's also the reason my grades suffered in undergrad. A positive note is that I went from academic probation and almost having to switch majors to the dean's list. I retook some classes I struggled in and got all A's, bringing up my GPA. I started taking ADHD meds, which really helped me turn my life around.

Here's my current plan:

I might just have to apply directly for FT positions which are freaking me out since I don't have any IB/name-brand internships. The worst-case scenario would be a FLDP at a F100 but I would rather be waterboarded than do that.

Do you have any suggestions/alternatives or something else I'm not considering? I really don't know what else to do.


Wishing you the best man. That’s a big problem you’ve got but if you’re patient and have the capacity to go back to school and rebrand it’s just a matter of time before you can make it where you want.

Keep up all that blog and ER stuff to fill the gap at the minute, it’ll give you plenty to talk about and it goes without saying - if it ever crops up in an interview on why you weren’t in school or interning, you’re well with your right to refer to it as a ‘personal complication‘ that is now fully resolved.

Good luck.


You sound like you know exactly how it is and I can’t fault your approach at all really. Yes, it is about focusing on what you can do - apart from that it does just seem like a matter of time, hard time but just time.

Enjoy South East Asia, they are some of the best places to to travel. Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali - where ever you go you’ll have a blast. I’ve got back from Nepal this summer.

My corp fin internship has been mixed, im in FP&A at J&J so very big and silo’d teams, my manager hasn’t really been the best at allocating me tasks so I’ve been doing a lot of project work.

Corp Fin is not what I’ve always wanted to do and I actually had an offer for a Summer Analyst role in Commercial Banking last year but this internship was for 12 months so I guessed I’d get more experience so I took it. This was something I initially regretted as it didn’t seem like the best thing to pivot into banking from.

Although now I’ve been reapplying and I’ve been really successful this year, I’ve had offers from JP BO and Amazon, finished my last interview with Apple this week and My first round with Citi Bank FO on Friday. I think it’s safe to say I’ve had my big break.

These things will come for you too. Use these forums and the people on here to gain info and rejection is most common feeling you’ll experience on your journey here.

I am interested to see how your story unfolds.

Most Helpful

OP here: I was found not guilty on all the charges. I wanted to make a point to respond to your comment in particular since you ended it with "I am interested to see how your story unfolds. Well here I am and I'm still fighting strong. Unfortunately with how the job market is right now getting a full time analyst gig is seeming nearly impossible.


"There is what A says, there is what B says and the truth lies somewhere in the middle"

I don't think it's fair to help you here since none of us really know the entire story and are only getting one side. 

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So you say that the male VP sexual assaulted you. Hey girl, we just have your side of story here, we can not conclude anything about that.


Just read the comments here, so you are probably fucked. Just imagine that some woman was saying that she was sexual assaulted here and anyone would be in doubt.

Is this a public accusation?

I would look from support from other people that are in the same situation that you are.

I would be prepared to fight for your life here, you need to widen your possibilities if this is a public accusation there is a very high probability that you are never going to get a profissional job again. I would be mentally and financially prepared for that.


Innocent before guilty. I would rather let 1000 murders or rapists walk free than let 1 innocent man be guilty.


Super sorry to hear that man. Coincidently, I am defending against my own false accusation right now. A girl from a one-night stand 3 years ago has since come out to my school and filed a complaint against me. Repercussions if found responsible include at least a 1-semester suspension. Given I am now a senior this would delay graduation. I accepted a FT offer back in August to start this coming summer. But if my graduation is delayed, I have no idea what to do. It is really stressful and my academics have taken a hit as I am sending most of my time working to fight this. Keep your head up and find reassurance in the fact that you are innocent and the truth will prevail. 


Get a lawyer. Title IX change under Trump means Schools no longer have the power to kangaroo court the accused anymore, it’s a legal process now. If you didn’t do anything you’ll be be scot free.


Best of luck. About the MSF route, I held a somewhat/barely related internship alongside one of the programs you mentioned and landed a IB M&A gig making well above street in a tier 1 city. Was an essential step for me to rebrand and reassess and establish my career (and party a ton which I missed in Covid undergrad). Also did a IB internship the spring/summer after I got admitted at a tiny boutique that didn’t even do any form of background checks. Keep it up my man


Good luck with your situation. Regarding CFA - I understand you're targeting IB and it's value isn't that relevant in IB. If I was you, I'd just get the SIE out of the way - you don't need your employer to sponsor you for it, so by the time you get on the job, you'll already have the introductory exam to your Series exams done. Won't expire for 4 years either.


I don't exactly remember what I had to answer to when I passed my SIE (as in were there any "Are you currently XYZ" verifications) - you'd have to do your own research on this. FWIW, I'm European and will likely never pursue a career in the US, so my SIE is basically dead in the water - got it when I still thought I could get to the US only to realize that visas are basically a no-go.

Re: CFA - there are indeed numerous formulas that need to be memorized to perform, but a lot of the stuff will be obvious to people that actively surround themselves with finance and even more-so if you have a relevant BA, much less an MA/MFin or even statistics experience. I got a super-narrow pass on my level 1 with 285 hours studied, but I am not (and at the time, was not) "following the meta" either - almost everyone gets some sort of material-shortener, I'm only using the actual material. 


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