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For exit ops?

The problem with DB is that they've been divesting from their IBD for a long time. They want to focus more on commercial/corporate banking instead of investment banking products. While they're a great shop, their growth prospects are very small.

Jefferies/HL are on the come up (If its HL RX or Jeff HC/LevFin no questions asked), but for lower groups its about equal I'd say. DB just wants to be less risky and IB is just a very risky product for firms because underwriting, S&T, and anything else that they're forced to put speculative assets on their balance sheet will ultimately be painful and they just can't take that type of risk right now. 

WB and Piper and phenominal firms aswell, don't get me wrong, but WB is only known for chicago exits, and Piper's claim to fame is their FIG group but besides that they can't really compete.

What people on this forum don't understand is that while firm name is kind of important, what is truly the thing that is important is who is backing you and how well you can sell yourself. Usually folk from Harvard to Goldman have an easier time to sell themselves more than the Penn State kid who went to Piper. But sometimes they'll take that penn state kid over harvard if they're just that bad at selling themself. 

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Just so inaccurate on so many  fronts

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Agree this is inaccurate. Please don't common on posts if you aren't working in the industry and have been for enough time to see people your age exit.

Depends where you are trying to exit to, the group, and what your goals are. The best groups at MM's, end up at great UMM PE firms. Megafunds are hard because there really are only like 6 firms that people will all agree and the lines get very blurry from there. 

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Why don't you go for a RBC or Wells Fargo? I think they are comparable to DB and have groups focused on MM if that's where you want to focus 

I like DB but as the above mentioned, they are not too focused on IB in NA 

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Would personally take top MM IB > DB, but also depends on what group. Would take any of these groups over DB: Blair Tech/HC, Piper Chemicals/FIG, Jefferies HC/Energy, HL Consumer/Industrials.

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