2023 SA Recruiting Timeline

Hey guys, if anyone has the info, could someone share it for the following banks
1. Lazard
2. Moelis
3. Citi
4. Credit Suisse
5. Morgan Stanley
6. PJT
7. Evercore
8. Liontree
10. Jefferies


These are priority but please add info on any other bank you are interested in! I’ll try to update the thread


Here’s the timeline for PJT

SA 2023

• RSSG (NYC), Strategic Advisory (Houston & SF) – Spring 2022

• Strategic Advisory (NYC, Boston), Park Hill Real Estate, & Park Hill Secondary Advisory (NYC) – Summer 2022 (likely August)

• PJT Camberview (NYC, SF) – Fall 2022

Insight Programs

• 2022 Women’s Insight Program – March 11th

• 2022 Black Professional Insight Program – February 25th


This is the information given to us by HR, which we have been told to share with prospects… so pretty valid.

If you want more detailed info, you’re welcome to call and ask HR yourself lmao. But don’t think exact dates have been decided on yet.


They updated the timeline - SA is interviewing this spring now


Would think the timeline would be similar to last year's SA22 right? If so somebody comment. Past threads should be useful for dates to approximtae this year.