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Hey monkeys,My question is should I delay grad and continue recruiting for SA 2022 positions, or go the MsF route? My issue: I'm a rising senior at a small non-target school in the south, and I've been networking for SA 2022 positions and if I were to get one, I would delay my graduation from May 22 to December of 22. As it is mid-July and I still do not have an offer, I have been looking into a one-year MsF program (like Vandy, UT Austin, WashU, etc.). I need to make a decision on delaying my graduation by Aug 15, so I still have some time. Currently interning in corporate finance at a PE-held SaaS company, and just got an offer at a local boutique bank for the fall. I would need to start studying for the GMAT pretty soon here as I won't have as much time during the school year if I were to go the MsF route so I need to make a decision soon. I would hate to put all my effort into recruiting and be SOL on both that front and for MsF admissions having not studied for the GMAT. I have been targeting BB's but mostly MM firms as I realize I have the best chance at those spots, so I am wondering if I should give up on SA recruiting and focus my efforts on the GMAT, or start studying for the GMAT while reaching out to people at the same time. Would love to hear advice from y'all and especially anyone who's been in a similar situation.Thanks in advance.

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I'm in the same situation as you and gave the MsF some thought but decided to go all in on SA recruiting. Haven't had any luck and I have just been sending cold emails trying to network. Really would take any SA position that I could get. Interested to hear someone else's opinion.

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Hey did you end up getting an offer?

thestandingcoin, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Also from non target and getting an SA as a senior is usually impossible. The resume system filters you out most of the time and even corporate finance roles don't want a senior SA.

I think your best bet would networking hard into boutique for winter and spring internships.

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Ended up getting an offer, just recruited with a delayed grad date of Dec 22.

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Have a superday at a BB coming up but definitely grateful for what I have now.

LinkedInPremium, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Delay your graduation and recruit. That's what I did. 100% worth it. 


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