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Comments (5)

Feb 17, 2012 - 12:29am

Most of these are media. Maybe I am CapIQ retarded, but it did not pull up many places that invest in sports.

2020 Ventures, LLC
360° Capital Partners
3i Group plc (LSE:III)
3TS Capital Partners Ltd.
401 Capital Partners Inc.
A Plus Finance SA
A-Venture Capital LLC
A.LIFE Entertainment Group
AAC Capital Partners
Abraaj Capital
ABS Capital Partners
Abu Dhabi Investment House
ACA Inc.
Accel Management Co, Inc.
Accrue Sports and Entertainment Ventures, LLC
Acon Investments, L.L.C.
Actis Capital, LLP
Active Private Equity Advisory LLP
Acton Capital Partners GmbH
Acxit Capital Management GmbH, Investment Arm
Adams Capital Management, Inc.
Adams Street Partners, LLC
Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd, Investment arm
Advance Ventures LLC, Investment Arm
Advanta Partners, L.P.
Advantage Partners, LLP
Advent International Corporation
Advent Venture Partners
Aegis Capital Group LLC
AFC Merchant Bank
Affärsstrategerna AB
Aggregate Stockholm AB
AICEP Capital Global - Sociedade de Capital de Risco, S.A.
AIF Capital Limited
Al Mal Capital, Investment Arm
Alana Partners
Alara Capital
Albion Ventures LLP
Alethia Capital
Alfa Capital Partners
Alliance Venture
Allianz Specialized Investments Limited
AlpInvest Partners N.V.
Alta Communications
Alta Growth Capital, LP
Altamir Amboise SCR (ENXTPA:LTA)
Altitude Funds, LLC
Alto Partners SGR Spa
Alven Capital Partners
AMB Private Equity Partners Limited
American Capital Technology Group
American Capital, Ltd. (NasdaqGS:ACAS)
Amicus Capital Partners Ltd.
Amundi Private Equity Funds
Anderson Pacific Corporation
Andreessen Horowitz
Annex Capital Management LLC
Anthos Capital, L.P.
Aozora Investment Co., Ltd.
Apax Partners Worldwide LLP
Aquitaine Création Investissement, S.A.S.
Arba Finance Company Ltd., Investment Arm
ARC Capital Holdings Limited (AIM:ARCH)
ARC Capital Partners Ltd.
Arca Capital Bohemia, a.s.
Arca Capital Slovakia, a.s.
Arcadia Partners
Arizona Angels Investor Network
Ark Capital Management
Ascet Investimentos Ltda.
Asian Finance and Investment Corporation Ltd.
Aspiration Capital Management LLP
Audax Group
Austin Ventures
Australian Mezzanine Investments Pty Ltd (AMIL)
Avalon Borden Companies, Inc.
Avista Capital Holdings, L.P.
Avondale Ventures, LLC
Axel Springer Venture GmbH
Axón Capital e Inversiones, SGECR, S.A.
Axxess Capital
Azini Capital Partners LLP
Baer Capital Partners Ltd.
Bain Capital Private Equity
Bain Capital Ventures
Baird Capital Partners Europe Limited
Ballast Point Ventures
Bankinter Capital Riesgo, S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
Bantam Group Inc., Investment Arm
Bard Capital Group, LLC
Baring Private Equity Asia
Bastion Capital Corporation
Battery Ventures
Baugur Group
Bay Peak LLC
BayernLB Capital Partner
BayStar Capital
BBI Capital S.A.
BCI Merchant Banking Department
BCP Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Bedminster Capital Management, L.L.C.
Bedrock Manufacturing Co.
Benex Investment
Beringea Private Equity
Bertelsmann Capital Investment
Berthel Growth & Income Trust
BIA Digital Partners LP
BIO-MED Investors S.A. (WSE:BMV)
BioPacific Ventures
BIP Investment Partners S.A. (BDL:011079008)
BK Investment Corp.
BKS Capital Partners a.s.
Black Knight Partners, LP
Blue Chip Venture Company
Blue Equity, LLC
Blumenstein/Thorne Information Partners L.L.P.
bm-t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh
bmp media investors AG (DB:BTBA)
BNP Paribas Private Equity SAS
Boat Capital Partners, LLC
BOC International Holdings Ltd., Investment Arm
Boxwood Capital Partners
Brainspark plc (AIM:BSP)
Brait Private Equity
Bravo Equity Partners
Breakaway Capital, LLC
Bridges Community Ventures Ltd.
Bridgescale Partners
Brilliance International Limited
Broadview Capital Partners
Brook Venture Partners
Brooke Private Equity Associates
Brookside Mezzanine Partners
Brown Brothers Harriman Capital Partners
Bryan Garnier Principal Investments
BTG Pactual Gestora de Recursos
BTS Investment Advisors Ltd.
BV Group Ventures, LLC
BV Investment Partners
BXR Group
Caixa Capital Risc, SGECR, S.A.
Caixa Capital, S.C.R., S.A.
Caixa Catalunya Investment Arm
Calao Finance
Canton Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Capital Alliance Nigeria Limited
Capital For Business, Inc.
Capital-C Ventures B.V.
Cardinal Growth, L.P.
Carl Marks Opportunity Fund
Catalyst Investors
Catalyst Venture Partners Ltd.
Catterton Partners
CDC Entreprises
CDH Investments
CEA Capital Advisors, LLC
Celerity Partners
Cequel III, LLC
CF Ventures
CFH Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
Change Partners - SCR, S.A.
Charlotte Square Capital Ventures, Investment Arm
Chart Capital Partners
Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP
Chicago Growth Partners
China Israel Value Capital
China Merchants Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.
China Merchants Xiangjiang Industrial Investment Management Co. Ltd
China Private Equity Investment Holdings Limited (AIM:CPEH)
China Science and Merchants Capital Management Co., Ltd.
ChinaEquity Group Inc.
Chrysalis VCT PLC (LSE:CYS)
Chrysalis Ventures, Inc.
CIC Partners, LP
CIP Capital Inc.
Cipio Partners GmbH
Citigroup Venture Capital International Brazil LLC
Citron Capital, LLC
Claritas Capital
Clarity Partners, LP
CM-CIC Capital Privé SA
CM-CIC Investissement SA
Cognizant Enterprises Inc.
Columbia Capital LLC
Columbia Partners Private Capital
Comcast Ventures
Committed Capital Limited
Comstock Partners LLC
Comway Capital Group
Concordia Capital Oy
Confrapar Venture Capital
Conihasset Capital Partners, Inc.
Consor Capital, LLC
Constellation Ventures
Convergence Partners
Copernicus Capital Partners
Cornerstone Equity Investors, LLC
Corpfin Capital Asesores, S.A., SGECR
CorporacciónCan - Grupo Corporativo Empresarial Caja Navara
Corporación Empresarial de Extremadura, S.A.
Corporación Financiera Alba, S.A (CATS:ALB)
Corporate Finance Partners, Investment Arm
Court Square Capital Partners
Credit Agricole Private Equity
Crédit Agricole Régions Investissement SAS
Credit Suisse Customized Fund Investment Group
Credit Suisse Private Equity, LLC
Crist Ventures
CrossLink Capital, Inc.
CRP - Companhia de Participações
CRT Private Equity
CSE Capital, LLC
CUBE Capital Limited, Private Equity
Cue Ball Venture Strategies
Culturinvest Investimentos
Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd.
Dawntreader Ventures
Deficom Group (ENXTBR:DEFB)
Delta Private Equity Partners
Deseven AB
Deutsche Bank AG, Investment Arm
DFJ DragonFund China
Diamond Castle Holdings, LLC
Diamond State Ventures
DigaComm L.L.C.
Direct Capital Private Equity Ltd.
DMC Capital Funding, LLC
DN Capital Limited
Dolphin Equity Partners, L.P.
Downing LLP, Asset Management Arm
Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH
Dubilier & Co.
Duet Private Equity Limited
Duke Industries
Dunedin Capital Partners Limited
Dutchess Capital Management, LLC
Dynamo Capital S.A.
Eagle Capital Partners
Easton Capital Investment Group
Easyknit Enterprises Holdings Limited, Investment Arm
Ecart Invest
ECI Partners LLP
Eco Associates
EDB Investments Pte. Ltd.
Edison Venture Fund
EFG-Hermes Private Equity
Elad Israel Residences Ltd.
ELAN SBI Capital Partners
Electra Partners Asia Limited
Elevation Partners
Emerald IV Venture Fund
Emerging Capital Partners
EMP Global
Encore Ventures
Endeavour Ventures Limited
Enerfund, LLC
Enterprise Equity (Irl) Limited
Enterprise Investors
Enterprise Ireland, Investment Arm
Enterprise Ventures Limited
Entrepreneur Venture Gestion SA
EPIC Private Equity LLP
Equity 11, Ltd.
Equity-South Advisors, L.L.C.
Eqvitec Partners Oy
ErGo Media Capital
Esfin Gestion
EuclidSR Partners
European Investment Fund
Evercore Capital Partners
Everest Group LLC
Everstone Capital Ltd
EVP Capital Management AG
Exigen Capital
F.N.B. Capital Corporation, LLC
Fanisi Capital Ltd
FCPI Rebond
Ferd Capital
Fidelity Growth Partners Asia
Fife Waterfield & Co.
Finam Capital Partners
Finance Wales plc
Finint & Partners Srl
First Analysis Corporation
First Corporate Pty Ltd., Investment Arm
FirstMark Capital, L.L.C.
Five Elms Capital
Flinders Capital Partners Pty Ltd.
Fog City Capital LLC
Fonds de solidarité FTQ
Fonds régional de solidarité FTQ Nord-du-Québec
Fort Washington Capital Partners Group
Fortune Link
Fortune Venture Capital
FORUM Private Equity GmbH
Fox Investimentos, Private Equity Arm
Friedman Fleischer & Lowe, LLC
Friulia SpA
Frog Capital
Frontline Strategy Ltd.
FSI Régions
FTV Capital
Fulcrum Capital Partners Limited
Fultonbridge Partners LLC
G Capital
G2 Groupe, LLC, Venture Capital Arm
Gadal Investments BV
Galia Gestion
Galileo Partners
Garnett & Helfrich Capital
GCC Investments, LLC
GCube Capital
GE Equity
Gefinor Ventures
Gemini Investment Corporation (KOSE:A019570)
General Catalyst Partners
Generation Equity Investors, LLC
Genesis Capital Ltd.
Genesis Investments
GermanCapital GmbH
GesCaixa Galicia S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
Gestión de Capital Riesgo del País Vasco, S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
Gestora de Finances per Emprenedors, S.A.
GF Private Equity Group, LLC
GGV Capital
Glastad Invest AS
GlenRock Israel, Ltd.
Global Asset Capital, LLC
Global Capital Management Ltd.
Global Emerging Markets
Global Finance
GMT Communications Partners LLP
Golden Gate Capital
Goldman Sachs Group, Merchant Banking Division
Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing
Golub Capital
Grace Assets Management LLP
Graphite Capital Management LLP
Grassmere Partners, LLC
Grazia Equity GmbH
Great Hill Partners, LLC
Green Mountain Capital, L.P.
Green Technology Investment Co., Ltd.
Greenbriar Holdings Limited
Greenfield Capital Partners B.V.
Greenpark Capital Ltd.
Groupe LMBO
Grove Capital Partners, LLC, Investment Arm
Grupo Alisio Canarias Inversiones S.A.
Gulf Capital
Gulf International Bank Private Equity
H&Q Asia Pacific, Ltd.
H.I.G. Capital, LLC
H.I.G. Europe
H.I.G. Growth Partners, LLC
H2 Equity Partners B.V.
Halla Investment & Consulting Company
Halpern, Denny & Co.
Hamilton Bradshaw
Hamilton Robinson LLC
Hangzhou Seven String Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd
Hanwha Venture Capital Corporation
HANYOUNG Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Harper & Harper Ltd.
Harron Capital L.P.
Harwood Capital LLP
HBK Private Equity
Helios Capital
Helios Investment Partners LLP
Herkules Capital AS
Highland Capital Partners
HKK Partners Ltd
Hoak & Co.
Holding Sp. z o.o.
Holtzbrinck Digital GmbH
Hondarriberri, S.P.E., S.L.
Hong Kong Investments Group Limited
Horizonte Venture Management GmbH
HPJ Media Ventures Fund, LLC
Hutton International Investments, Ltd.
i5invest Beratungs GmbH
IBIS Capital Ltd., Investment Arm
IBIS Media VCT 1 plc (LSE:IBSA)
ICICI Venture
IDG Capital Partners
IDG Ventures SF
IDG Ventures Vietnam
IK Investment Partners
IL&FS Investment Managers Limited (BSE:511208)
IMI Fondi Chiusi SGR SpA
IndexAtlas Private Equity Group
India Equity Partners
India Value Fund Advisors Private Limited
Industry Capital Management, LLC
Inflection Capital Partners, LLC
Ingenious Ventures
iNova Capital Management, SGECR, S.A.
Inovcapital – Sociedade de Capital de Risco, SA
iNovia Capital
InReturn Capital
Institut de Développement Économique de la Bourgogne SA
Institutional Venture Partners
Intel Capital
InterWest Partners
INTRO Retail & Media GmbH
Investec Private Equity
Investor Growth Capital
Invision Private Equity AG
Ion Equity Limited
Iris Capital
Is Girisim Sermayesi Yatirim Ortakligi AS (IBSE:ISGSY)
iSigma Capital Co. Ltd.
IT Investments Company, S.A.E.
Itaventure Capital Partners
iTech Advisors
Ithmar Capital LLC
Ivany Investment Group, Private Equity
iZi Media Capital, LLC
J.C.M.B. Beteiligungs GmbH
J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Inc.
J.P. Morgan Partners, LLC
Jaguar Capital Partners
Japan Asia Investment Co. Ltd. (TSE:8518)
Jefferies Capital Partners
JEGI Capital, L.L.C.
Jina Ventures Inc.
JS Private Equity
Julip Run Capital, LLC
Juneau Capital Ltd., Investment Arm
Kaplan Ventures
Katalysator AS
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.
KB Investment Co., Ltd.
KCP Capital, Investment Arm
KDB Capital Corporation, Investment Arm
Kellett & Singleton Investments Ltd.
Kennet Partners Limited
Kettle Partners, L.P.
Kidron Corporate Advisors LLC, Investment Arm
KK Group
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
Knight's Bridge Capital Partners Inc.
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (NYSE:KKR)
Korea Development Financing Corp., Investment Arm
Kotak Private Equity Group
KPCB China
KTB Ventures
L Capital Management SAS
La Jolla Cove Investors Inc.
Lafise Investment Management
Lake Capital
Latin America Enterprise Capital Corp.
Laurel Crown Partners, LLC
LB Investment Inc.
LC Capital
LDC Ltd.
Lee & Co Investments
Legacy Equity Advisors
Legend Capital
Legend Ventures, LLC
Leonard Green & Partners, L.P.
Lepercq Capital Management, Inc.
Level Equity Partners
Lexington Partners Inc.
Lexington Ventures, L.L.C.
LF Investments
Limburgse Reconversie Maatschappij
LiveWire Ventures
LMS Capital plc (LSE:LMS)
Loeb Enterprises, LLC
Lowercase Capital
LRG Capital Group LLC
Luxin Venture Capital Group Co., Ltd., Investment Arm
Lyceum Capital Partners LLP
M&A Capital Partners, Inc.
M-Venture Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
M/C Partners
M1 Capital Corporation
Mackintosh Capital LLP
Madison Investment Partners, Inc.
Main Capital Partners BV
Mainsail Partners
Manatt Venture Fund
Mangrove Capital Partners
Marc Bell Capital Partners LLC
Marcus Investments LLC
Martinson Trigon Venture Partners
Marwyn Investment Management LLP
Matrix Asset Management Inc. (TSX:MTA)
Matrix Income & Growth 2 VCT plc (LSE:MIG)
Matrix Private Equity Partners LLP
Maven Capital Partners UK LLP
Maxima Capital Management Inc.
Maxis Capital
Mayfield Fund
MCI Management SA (WSE:MCI)
MediaVenture Capital AG & Co. KGaA
MediaWin & Partners
Medströms Invest AB
Mekong Capital
Mentor Capital Partners, Ltd.
Mercapital, S.L.
MeriTech Capital Partners
Metropolis Venture Partners
Meyer Ventures, LLC
Michigan Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds
Milk Capital, SCR
Millennium Private Equity
Mint Capital
Mistral Equity Partners LLC
Mitsui & Co. Technology Investment Group
MJH Group, LLC
MK Capital
MMP International
Mojo Partners, LLC
Montezemolo & Partners SGR
Montgomery and Company
Moorfield Investment Management Limited
More Ventures Nordic AB
Morningside Group (Holdings) Limited
Morningside Ventures
MPS Capital Services
Muhan Investment Co., Ltd. (KOSE:A034510)
Multimedia Broadcast Investment Corporation
Murphy & Partners, L.P.
MV Holding A.S.
MVP Capital Co., Ltd.
Nafta Fund of Mexico Management, LLC
Najeti SAS
NALA Investments, LLC
Namur Diversification et Reconversion
Navi Capital
Naxicap Partners
Nazca Capital, SGECR, S.A.
NBGI Private Equity Limited
NCB Ventures
NCT Ventures, LLC
Nectar Capital, LLC
NEVEQ Capital Partners
New Africa Advisors (Pty) Ltd
New China Capital Management, LLC
New York City Investment Fund Manager, Inc.
Newbury Ventures
Newfund Management S.A.
NewQuest Capital Partners
NextPoint Partners
NextStage SAS
Nikko Capital Co. Ltd
Noro-Moseley Partners
North Africa Holding Company
North Bridge Venture Partners
Norwest Equity Partners
Norwest Venture Partners
Nova Capital Management Ltd.
NRW.Bank, Investment Arm
Oak Investment Partners
Octopus Ventures Ltd.
Odeon Capital Partners, L.P.
Ofi Private Equity
Opportunity Capital Partners
Opus8, Inc.
Orchid Asia Group Management, Ltd.
Origo Partners Plc (AIM:OPP)
Orkos Capital SAS
Overseas Capital Advisers Srl
Oxygen Capital Management SA
OYD Capital (Beijing) Co. Ltd
P&S Asset Management
Pacesetter Capital Group
Pacific Capital Group Inc.
Pacific Capital S.à r.l.
Paladin Capital Group
Palamon Capital Partners
Panthera Capital Group
Paragon Advisory
Paralink Asset Management Asia
Parkview Ventures LLC
Parnassus Participatiefonds B.V.
Partech International
Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen NV
Paul Capital France
PCG Capital Partners, LLC
Peepul Capital LLC
Pegasus Blue Star Fund
Pembridge Partnership Limited, Investment Arm
Penn Venture Partners, L.P.
Penta Investments Limited
Peppertree Capital Management, Inc.
Perfectis Private Equity, S.A.
Performa Investimentos
Petra Capital Partners, LLC
Phoenix Equity Partners
Pierce & Pierce Group
Pilot Group, LLC
Pinebridge Capital Partners, Inc.
PineBridge Investments LLC
Pinnacle Enterprises
Pinnacle Merchant Capital Ltd.
Pod Investment AB
Polar Investments Ltd.
Polaris Venture Partners, Inc.
Pontia Equity, SCR
Pouschine Cook Capital Management, LLC
PPF Partners
Pragma Gestão de Patrimônio, Private Equity Arm
Pre-IPO Capital Partners Ltd.
PRICAP Venture Partners AG
Prism Capital Corporation
Procuritas AB
Promelys Participations SA
Prospect Capital Corporation (NasdaqGS:PSEC)
Providence Equity Partners LLC
Quadriga Capital Russia GmbH & Co. KG
QUÆSTUS & Co. Inc., Investment Arm
Quorum Group of Companies
Redpoint Ventures
Respect Ventures Group Ltd
Rho Capital Partners, Inc.
Richland Ventures
Ridgewood Capital Management, LLC
Riello Investimenti Partners SGR S.p.A
RimAsia Capital Partners
Rio Bravo Venture Partners Ltda.
Ripplewood Investments L.L.C.
Risk Capital Partners Limited
Riva y García Private Equity
RLJ Equity Partners, L.P.
Roark Capital Group
Root Capital
RoseTech Ventures, LLC
Rosetta Capital Partners
Royal Bank Development Capital
Royalton Partners Limited
Rubicon Capital Partners, GmbH, Investment Arm
Russia Partners Management
Rustic Canyon Partners
Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners
Rutledge Capital, LLC
S-Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft der Sparkasse Leipzig mbH
S.R.I.W. S.A.
Sabre Capital Worldwide Inc.
Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE)
SAIF Partners
Salmon River Capital LLC
SanPaolo IMI Private Equity
SB Partners
SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
SBI Investment Korea Co., Ltd. (KOSE:A019550)
SBK Capital, LLC
SC-Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
Scottish Equity Partners LLP
Seaport Capital
SEAVI Advent
Seaway Valley Capital Corporation (OTCPK:SEVA)
Sequential Capital Partners, LLC
Sequoia Capital
Serendipity Investment SAS
Servisen Investment Management AB
SG Private Equity
Shanda Capital
Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd.
Shanghai Prosperity Fund Management Co. Ltd
Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen CDF-Capital Company Limited
Shenzhen Co-win Venture Capital Investments Limited
Shore Capital, Investment Arm
Sigma Gestion
Significant Partners
Siguler Guff & Company, LP
Silicom Ventures LLC
Silk Road Management
SilkRoad Equity LLC
SilverHaze Partners LLC
Sjätte AP-fonden
SJF Ventures
SKB Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaft KölnBonn mbH
Sky Investment Co. Ltd.
Sloane Robinson Private Equity LLP
Slovak American Enterprise Fund
Small Ventures USA, L.P.
Smith Capital, LLC
Smith Whiley & Company
Socadif SA, SCR
Sofimac Partners
Sofinnova Ventures, Inc.
Southern Capitol Ventures
SP Capital LLC
Spectrum Equity Investors
Spencer Trask Ventures, Inc.
Spire Capital Partners, LLC
Stage 1 Ventures, LLC
Staley Capital Management LLC
Star Ventures Management GmbH
Starwood Capital Group
STB Investment Corp.
Steelpoint Capital Partners, LP
Stephens Capital Partners
Sterling Partners
Sterling/Carl Marks Capital, Inc.
Stone Canyon Venture Partners, LP
Stone Drum Capital Limited
Stonebridge Capital Inc.
Stonewood Capital Management, Inc.
Stora Enso Ventures Oy
Stratus Group
Stripes Group
STT Communications Ltd.
Success Capital Partners
Sum International Holdings Ltd.
Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited
Summit Partners
Sun Capital Partners, Inc.
Susquehanna Growth Equity, LLC
Sussex Place Ventures
SV Life Sciences Advisers LLP
Svarog Capital Advisors
Swedfund International AB
Sweetwater Partners
Sycamore Ventures
Syntek Capital AG
TA Associates, Inc.
TD Capital
Teachers' Private Capital
Techfund Europe Management SAS
Technology Venture Partners Pty. Ltd.
Telesystem Ltd.
Temasek Capital
Tenaya Capital
TerraNova Capital Management, LLC
Terrapin Partners, LLC
Thayer Street Advisors
The Blackstone Group, Private Equity Group
The Carlyle Group LP
The CID Group
The Cue Ball Group, LLC
The Fishman Group
The Indofin Group
The National Investor Private Equity
The Sputnik Group
The Stephens Group, LLC
The Summit Group Limited
Thinagee Investments India
ThinkTank Holdings LLC
THL Credit, Inc. (NasdaqGS:TCRD)
THP Capstar, Inc.
Tianjin Hitech-Investment Co., Ltd.
Tiantu Capital Co., Ltd.
Ticonderoga Capital Inc.
Tiger Global Management LLC
TIME Equity Partners
TMT Ventures
Topspin Partners LP
Touch Wood
TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P.
TPG Capital
TransConnect Unternehmensberatungs- und Beteiligungs AG
Treacle Private Equity
Tresalia Capital, S.A. de C.V.
Triangle Capital Corporation (NYSE:TCAP)
Tribeca Asset Management
Tribune Ventures
Trident Capital, Inc.
Trillium Group, LLC
Trimaran Capital Partners
Trinity Investimentos
Troika Capital Partners-Private Equity
Truffle Capital
TrustBridge Partners
TrustCapital NV
Tube Investment Inc.
Tudor Ventures
Turenne Capital Partenaires
Turkven Private Equity
Turning Point UK Ltd
Turnstone Capital Management LLC
TVG Capital Partners Limited
TVS Capital Funds Limited
U.C.A. Aktiengesellschaft (DB:UCA)
Ubequity Capital Partners Inc., Investment Arm
UBS Capital
UFG Private Equity
Unilever Ventures Ltd.
Univest Group
UOB Venture Management (Shanghai) Ltd.
UOB Venture Management Private Limited
Updata Partners
Valhalla Partners
Van den Ende & Deitmers Venture Capital Partners
Vancity Capital Corporation
Vast Ventures Inc.
VB&P-CDP Capital Management, LLC
Venture Fund Rotterdam BV
Vietnam Investments Group, LLC
Vinci Capital SA
Virginia Capital Partners, LLC
Viridian Capital Partners
Viveris Management SAS
Vontobel Private Equity
Voobon Ventures, Inc.
Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH
Vulcan Capital
Warburg Pincus LLC
Wasserstein & Co., LP
WatchIt Technologies, Inc. (OTCPK:WTCT)
Waterland Private Equity Investments BV
WaterView Advisors, L.L.C.
Web Holding AG
Weld North LLC
Weston Presidio
Westrock Venture Group
WestSphere Group, The
WestView Capital Partners
Whiz Partners Inc.
William Blair Capital Partners, L.L.C.
Wind Point Partners
Windspeed Ventures
WM Enterprise Investment Division
Women's Growth Capital Fund
Woodcrest Capital, LLC
WS Capital, LLC
WSG Partners, LLC
Xange Private Equity, S.A.
XesGalicia, S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
Yamani Global Equities Inc.
Yield Life Science AB (OM:YILD B)
Yunfeng Capital
Zapis Capital Group LLC
Zephyr Management, L.P.
Zero2IPO Ventures
Zeron Group
Zhejiang Paradise Silicon-valley Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.

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