I have been enrolled for a spring internship and need to send my choices by the end of the week.
Yet, I can not figure out the real activity of some groups.

Here are the different groups proposed :

Advisory (Cons&Retail, TMT, RE, HC, Ind&Transport, Nat Res, Mid East & N Africa, Nordic, Benelux, Uk)
Advsory FIG
Ratings advisory
Lev Fin
Financial Sponsors Group
Structured Finance and Principal Investments

I would like some feedbacks about the activities and the exit opps of FSG, SFPI and DCM.
I am wondering if FSG is model intensive or only coverage, what does exactly SFPI and same about DCM.

Thanks a lot

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Thanks for this comment
What I heard from a senior at JP london was that FSG was very into modelling, and dcm as well.
SF&PI is structured finance and not PE.

quite surprising isn t it ?


Agree with OJS on FSG in London. There is only one intern in the office, no analysts, and the rest are senior bankers. Idk if there is modelling involved, but I would guess its a lot of coverage.


Ind & Transport had a quiet good conversion rate last year so you might want to look into that gorup as well.


thx for those interesting feed backs


what about TMT, are the hours more extensive than in other groups ?


this is london right?
consumer and TMT are really stong in there (consumer more laid back), industrials is also hard core.

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