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When you send an interviewer a thank you note, and he/she responds "it was nice meeting you as well. best of luck." etc.....does that usually mean you got dinged, or does it not really mean anything? Whenever I got a response back saying that, I usually got dinged.

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    It depends. I got a response from an interviewer telling me that he was "looking forward to the possibility" of me being his colleague only to get a rejection letter a week and a half later. The higher ups from the firm that I'm working for this summer responded with the whole "best of luck" thing and I wound up with the job.

    Dissecting thank-you notes is tricky business. Not worth your time or effort.

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    Wannabeabanker wrote:
    Depending on who the individual is and how senior he or she is will infer different implications. To me, "Best of Luck" is not a good sign but doesn't necessarily mean that you should write it off. When were the interviews?

    the interviews were on friday. one firm's interviewer gave me the "best of luck" response.

    i just got another response from the other firm saying that i seem like a really hard worker and she told me i will be very successful in the future and said if i have any questions dont hesitate to contact her. i think i read too much into this.....i am supposed to get the calls to see if I got the offer or not today or tomorrow so I will keep you posted.

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    i should hear back tomorrow. after my first round at the firm that gave me the "good" response, the interviewer emailed me back and said it was nice talking to you and if you have any q's please ask me, and i made it to the superday....

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    I only send thank you notes after I get the offer, or get dinged, just to keep in touch and build potential contacts. i don't think thank you e-mails make a different at all in terms of getting the job, but does make a difference in the long term.

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    SternMonkey wrote:
    I just got this reply from a Super Day thank you note I just sent, not feeling too confident now haha

    "Thanks for your note and for taking to time to speak with us."

    Uh oh - that doesn't sound too good. Anytime you hear doubt from their side, its generally not very good.

    "We appreciate you taking the time to come out here..."
    "We'll let you know in a week or so - either way..."

    Of course, I've gotten mixed signals from interviewers - dings when I've had good notes, good things when I've heard bad feedback.