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So, I sat for my exam a week ago and scored 720.
It's not a bad score, but I was expecting 750+ since I had consistently scored 750+ for my practice exams. Quite disappointed, but oh well...

I have a Bschool plan in 2-3 years, but the main reason why I wanted to take GMAT now was to have some decent standardized test score on my resume since I do not have a stellar undergrad GPA (I leave out my GPA).

Would you put down this GMAT score on your resume? If you see a resume with GMAT score, but not undergrad GPA, would that be a red flag?

If it'd help, I've been out of school for almost 5 years and decent / interesting work experience for the past 5 years (though nothing directly related to finance). I'm trying to switch industry and get into finance now (hopefully PE).

Thanks for all your inputs in advance.

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    I've been out of school for almost 5 years and decent / interesting work experience for the past 5 years (though nothing directly related to finance). I'm trying to switch industry and get into finance now (hopefully PE).

    uh...yeah...good luck with that mate.
    What makes you think you have a prayer? Not putting you down- maybe you know something I don't.

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    No offense bro, but you can basically forget PE. Guys with PE and BB IBD experience are struggling to get those jobs right now.

    If you have been out of school for 5 years and have a 720, go to B-School.

    To answer the original question, 720 is resume worthy. 700 & above is considered an excellent score. However, it may be considered odd for someone several years out of school, and who is not currently in school, to put it on. Then again, you need every bullete you got.

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    Thanks both for replying.

    Yeah, I fully understand how bad the job market is right now and as joemontana said, even IB/PE experienced guys struggle to land a job.

    Well, obviously I'm not targeting at any mega funds or such... some small regional firms. Still, I know I got a very slim change, but well, it wouldn't hurt to try, so....

    I will definitely think of MBA route, too.

    Thanks all.

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    curiousG... take everything here with a grain of salt and realize that while the advice and opinions you hear here may be true, most of it will come from people who are still in undergrad, and not even about to start their full time jobs yet.

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    Thanks youngmoney.

    Replies I get on this board, whatever kind of advice/input/suggestion may be, I appreciate them all, and yes I am taking everything with a grain of salt.

    It is true though that it is one of the toughest job markets out there right now and to make things worse, I don't have perfect credentials (not even close) PE employers/recruiters are looking for. But I wanna go into PE "eventually", b'cause I'm genuinely interested... so I think I will still give my best shots at small firms and hope for the best.

    Thanks again.

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    Please elaborate on your level of interest in PE considering you have a non-finance related background. I feel like a lot of people are swayed by the prestige (to the extent that it still exists...amidst the slowdown in deal flow, general inability to finance deals and portfolio blow-ups due to overleverage and poor operating performance). Not to discourage you as PE has been extremely fascinating and intellectually challenging (esp in this environment)

    If I were you I would include my GMAT score on my resume and consider b-school as a means of changing careers and hiding from the storm...best of luck to you

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    I would certainly say it is fine to include, but I agree with the general sentiment that getting in to PE now will be hard, and would suggest B school as a way to attempt a transition. Of course, it also matters what your 5 years of work experience are - things could be quite different depending on what that work experience was.

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    its tough right now for even greater qualified applicants to get into PE, def. go to B-School, and work from there. Good Luck!

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    thade, you are 17 years old and in high school. why are you even trying to give advice?

    a great example of why all advice on this forum should be taken with a grain of salt

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    Thade, keep up the good work if you're really in HS. focus on getting an internship every summer of school and you'll soon be a baller. I wish I was as motivated as you when I was 16 in HS.

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    Wow, he really is in high school. Astounding! They keep getting younger and younger on here... way to fuel the type-A personalities by joining while in HS.

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    Hopefully we can get some middle schoolers on here soon asking if mowing lawns or babysitting will look better for bulge bracket recruiting

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    GeneralThade, what the hell are you doing on this board ? You should be out there getting laid

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    lol, I actually joined WSO in high school too, but didn't have 74 posts like GeneralThade

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    I am interested in investment banking, and therefore there is no greater place to speak with like minded individuals. My posts have always been helpful and come from only the knowledge I currently possess, I don not give false advice, nor ask questions such as "What kind of ice cream do bankers eat?" or any other irrelevant questions. Just trying to learn.

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    What's with the moronic "getting laid posts"? Can this guy not spend 10 mins of his time asking questions while still maintaining a social life?

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