Heard the same - haven’t heard back for an interview yet


Is this for 2024FT? Thought the interview was quite technical but the guys seemed chill. No idea on super days. When did you do your interview? And was it super technical too?


Yep had mine last week – lots of technical but nothing that jumped out as insanely difficult, did have interviewer walk through one of them


Have not heard back yet but would assume I’m dinged if I don’t hear by today evening given superdays are end of this week

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Source? Know 3 ppl in the process personally and none of us have heard back.


bro may b trolling - did u happen to ask the interviewer for timeline though? Considering it is exam szn…


Welp tis over, how many ppl u guys think they interviwing anyways for sd


so did anyone get a call there’s or actually know someone who got a call after sd


Can anyone who did SD who hasn't heard back yet reply below


yo ngl bro its like the same 4 ppl that keeps bumping so idk man maybe we jus all got rejected