[LONDON] IBD A1 Comp - December 2022

Hi guys, Thought I'd start a thread with current A1 salaries in London. Comment base salary (plus signing bonus separately) and I'll update the post.

Torch Partners 60k (No sign-on)

SocGen 62k (+?)

RBC 65k (+?) 

Barclays 65k (+6k)

Nomura 65k (+6k)

HL 65k (+9k) 

Bofa 65k (+?) 

Rothschild 70k (+4k) 

Macquarie 70k (+?)

PWP 70k (+?) 

MS 70k (+?) 

EVR 70K (+6k) 

Jefferies 70K (+6k) 

Citi 70k (+6k) 

JPM 70k (+6k) 

GS 70K (+6k) 

CS 70k (+6k)

Raymond James 75k (+?) 

Harris Williams 75k (+?) 

PJT 80k (+10K)

Arma 85k (No sign-on)

FT Partners 85k (+?) 

Most Helpful

Compared to US taxes and COL, and pound devaluation, it seems as though London IBers are getting paid pennies . Well we don't call them europoors for nothing

European bankers surviving on literal poverty wages. Americans can get paid more doing FP&A in the Midwest. 


You're not wrong! Hearing all my friends' comp in comparison is just disheartening. Unfortunately, getting the Visa for an A1 role is hard. The best shot is to work for an American bank in London and then push for the move when you make Associate.


How come salaries are much lower in london compared to those in the U.S.? Has pay not been adjusted to keep up with inflation?