Why is Evercore considered the best EB?

Seen a lot of posts lately that consistently rank Evercore as the best EB and even better than most BBs. Want to know what exactly it is about Evercore that makes them so great? Is it because of great MD relationships resulting in more deal-flow, better comp, or just a prestige factor associated with the name? Thanks.

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So annoying seeing yet another "uPdAtEd RaNkInGs" thread every week. Seriously you kids need a new quarantine hobby.

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DudeAbides, what's your opinion? Comment below:

it's almost like sorority girls on Greekrank tbh

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Incoming cfa level 1 charterholder, what's your opinion? Comment below:

At Evercore, all analysts are the future of the industry. We are such a unique group of individuals. We love talking about art and the Whitney, and we volunteer so that we can talk about it in our b-school applications.

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The leaders of tomorrow.

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Y'all just salty cuz you didn't get offers lol

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Lmao too funny

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Well this isn't super fair - every company technically has a "balance sheet", but evercore doesn't really have a lending "balance sheet". Depends on the way you read the question.

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Above post made me laugh, thanks for that screenshot.

On a serious note though, I was also confused why WSO hypes up Evercore so so much all the time. I just went through the recruiting process, and interviewed at Evercore as well as a couple other banks, and from talking to people, I gathered that Evercore has a really good, no facetime culture, very high pay, work on big front-page WSJ deals, and consistently get looks from HH and MF/HF shops.

Those are all great, but in all honesty every other boutique I spoke with said essentially the same thing, with slight variations (ie Moelis hyped up their M&A/Rx model, PJT talked about their small size, etc). The people I spoke with there were very smart and also down to earth people, and the place is no doubt a great EB to be at. In my opinion, you can't definitively say one place is so much better than all the others because at a certain level they all are pretty similar.

Sorry, that was a super long-winded way of saying the people ranking Evercore as the best EB probably are freshmen who don't have any offers yet as they haven't gone through recruiting, because everyone who actually has understands that different banks are the best suited for different people and there's really no point in obsessively comparing banks

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Incoming SA at EVR for 2021 and although I am very happy with the result of my process, I could not agree more^. All the top tier groups are more or less the same in terms of deal flow and pay. The differenitating factor is the people at the firm, which is something you have to consider in light of your own experiences not the word of some hack on WSO.

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People like Evercore because of the name. It's one of those firm names that just rolls smoothly off your tongue and is pleasant to hear (like Blackstone, Apollo, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse etc).

If someone asks you what Evercore stands for, you tell them it's "Everlasting Core Values" which immediately gives you an image of philanthropy, but in a prestigious way.

All the other firm names - in all honesty - sound like shit. Who the fuck helped name them?

PJT - in all seriousness, my younger brother thought this meant "peanut butter jelly time". When you tell anyone outside of IBD that you work at "PJT" they give you a look like "wtf is that?". Literally sounds like some pleb ass firm. The NYU fashion design chicks I tried to hit on in East Village were not impressed when they heard "PJT".

Moelis - "Moles". When I told my mom I was pumped as I got an interview with Moelis she was basically like "you're interviewing for a firm that's named M-O-L-E-S ? wtf? the fuck do they do?".. If my mom thinks that way, what's to say a chick at SVA won't think the same?

PWP - There's 2 variations of these - the ones who pronounce it the full name ("Perella Weinberg Partners" and the ones who pronounce it's initials ("Pee-double you-Pee"). The full name sounds prestigious and I like it, but it's too damn wordy. The latter various sounds like "Pweeb" aka. a name fitting for a pleb bank.

Lazard - "You work at Lizard? I'm guessing you feed like animals and shit?" Def a no go.

Rothschild - Probably the only other boutique that actually sounds respectable. Even the complete bimbos from FIT understand that there is an element of "European Lineage" associated with the name that sends shivers down their spine and naturally causes their body to ooze bodily fluids. Maybe not the most popular bank in WSO, but definitely one of the most prestigious on a name basis.

Premia, what's your opinion? Comment below:

A response that oozes aesthetics

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lenbias7, what's your opinion? Comment below:

currently working at a shop with a former PWP Director.

he's from Texas, and says "p dub-yuhhhh" in a very southern drawl when addressing the firm, dropping the second p completely (quite similar to the way people say "H W" when talking about the former president).

imo, this is the best way to say it

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curiousgeorge21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Personally I think Gugg is slept on, and belongs in the top 3 EB along with Moelis and EVR. Ever heard of Fox Disney?

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  • Analyst 3+ in IB - Cov

I know 4 people at Evercore.

1 guy is the smartest M&A banker I know, the guy is an absolute machine. The kind of guy that in 30 years will probably start his own boutique or become a partner at a top PE fund.

The 3 others were (at the time of their offers) honestly the dumbest girls I know (in terms of IBD knowledge), they're all extremely hot but Jesus they were completely idiots. I did my assessment centre with 2 of them and in the group m&a project, I honestly had to spend half of it explaining what a 'comp' is and what 'ebitda' is and what 'ev/ebitda' is and why you use it etc and one of them got so stressed she asked if I can do her part for her meanwhile in the back of the room there was an interviewer watching. In the back of my head I said to myself how did I end up with the 2 idiots in my project ffs, but it's clear neither of these girls are getting an offer and why are they even here and how did they get to this round in the first place??? but I remained patient and friendly and explained everything and helped them with their parts and we then presented it to the examiner/interviewer. I smashed my part and when they had to talk about their slides they both got stuck and I stepped in to help 'nudge' them in the right direction.

We became friends after and went for drinks and they both said how thankful they were for me helping them (ngl they were hot so I was hoping I stood a chance with one of them or something but nothing happened) and we stayed in touch.

A few days later did I get the offer? NO I was rejected?!?! Did they BOTH get the offer? YES, HOW?! I DON'T F******* KNOW.

Evercore HR/Interviewers if you're reading this please f****** explain?!?!? Like fair enough you can hire someone if you feel they show the capacity to learn and have the potential but at least have a cut off point.

The third girl I know at Evercore I did my internship with her at another bank which she didn't convert. She was a bit of an idiot (clumsy, no common sense etc) and slow with tasks (often coming to me for help on the most basic things) but she was really funny and had a great personality I quite liked hanging out with her, she ended up getting a FT offer at Evercore.

It's now been over year since they all joined, fair enough with the Evercore training and the great firm it is, evercore may have turned them all into great bankers since, but honestly after they all got offers I lost all my respect for the firm.

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YeessSir, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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