I literally just lost my internship to a blonde girl from Greenwich :(

I go to a target. A UMM PE firm that I guarantee you all have heard of posted for a sophomore diversity internship on our job board. Their post said, "we invite diversity candidates including, but not limited to, candidates who are African American, Hispanic, Native American, Women, LGBTQ, First-Gen College students." Or something along these lines.

Since I'm a first-gen student, and I don't really get to use these diversity programs often, I decided to apply. Was lucky enough to get an interview. I'm an asian male, first-gen college student who grew up in a low income household, and a first gen immigrant. I made sure to tell my story because they asked about my diverse background. I had technicals and behaviorals down pat, and as someone who flunked plenty of interviews freshman year and knows what it is like to make a mistake during an interview, I self-awarely felt like this one went really well. Through a series of interviews my interviewers, including the main guy who was walking me through the process, were really impressed with me. The main guy seemed sure that I would get the offer. Well, a couple days ago, I got a call back from that guy. He apologized, thanked me for my time, and informed me that apparently his higher-ups were strongly pushing for a female candidate. It turns out the girl who got the offer was from my school. At my school, all the finance-centric kids kinda know each other or have each other on linkedin. It turns out that the girl who got the offer is LITERALLY from Greenwich. Her dad is also LITERALLY a partner at an alternative investments firm. This chick has nothing so far worthwhile on her resume, and through our interactions in clubs n stuff, has seemed kinda clueless. I can't help but feel like I was the better candidate objectively and I come from a more deserving background, if you even want to argue that background should be considered. Either way, it doesn't matter. Fuck me.

I'm sorry, I definitely do support women in finance and diversity in finance in broad terms. I just needed to vent for a second. Overall, I do think like I'm in a great place for actual IB recruiting in terms of my resume and I'm likely to land an offer from my target. There are definitely kids at nontargets and whatnot who don't get the opportunities I receive and have it worse than me.


I mean, to be fair to OP, he literally qualified that by saying "if you even want to argue that background should be considered". He's not saying he believes that he deserves it because of his background, but if you want to argue that background matters (which is wrong in itself), then by that logic his would be the more deserving. I think he's just getting at the fact that diversity hiring practices are fucked and my sympathy is with him in that regard.


Asian males are considered an overrepresented group in finance even if you are a first-generation student. I went to a target school that was very first-generation Asian heavy. It was actually harder to find a non first-generation asian student in my class. I'm all for being against diversity quotas, but I don't really buy into OP's sense of entitlement just because he is a first-gen.


"Deserve is an impossible thing to decide.  No one deserves anything.  Thank God we don't get what we deserve."  - Milton Friedman

I come from down in the valley, where mister when you're young, they bring you up to do like your daddy done

Do you really believe that? Maybe I'm jaded but I know my MF preemptively reached out to setup coffee chats for this cycle for pretty much every female analyst at every top group/bank. It plays a role in vp/principal/partner promotes where I am as well. I'm not an incel, I identify as a liberal and a feminist, and am happily engaged. But you're lying to yourself if you think people can't fail upwards in this industry. Both men and women do it all the time. We aren’t doing rocket science.


I’d rather be a straight white male than a straight Asian male tbh. Grown up around basically only white people all my life and consistently something I’ve seen is like 40% of white guys act awkward or weird when interacting with me, since I’m like the only Asian person they’ve ever encountered (hyperbole) and they have weird expectations of you bc of this. I think this is less the case in more professional and experienced demographics rather than awkward white teenagers so should be fine for networking and stuff though.


The hiring practices at my University will give employers a 75% wage subsidy given that the candidate is either:

  1. A first year student 
  2. Minority
  3. Woman

Being a white male in anything but first year is a huge disadvantage, even if they're a better candidate, since they likely won't be better than 3 other candidates combined. I'm Indian, so these practises undoubtedly benefited me.


So they pay 75% of a student’s wage if they get hired?  

Women are 60% of college students.  Minorities are a pretty big chunk too, and first years are a little over 25%.  So your college is paying the wages of the vast majority of its students?


“We’re waging war on the straight white male bro” 

If my eyes could roll any harder I’d be looking out the back of my head 


Such is life. The attractive, tall, and rich (and usually White) people are those who most easily achieve success. Tough shit if you don’t fit the aforementioned; after all, we can’t all be successful, can we


Get stronger, smarter, and better looking than most people. You could've gotten it if you had this.

Survival of the fittest, such is life. 


How does one “become better looking”? Plastic surgery excepting (and most plastic surgeries, unless you have connections to the cream of the crop plastic surgeons in, say, South Korea, end horribly), there’s literally nothing one can do if they’re born ugly


This is an underrated component for sure. Good looking & fit = cool. That awkward joke you made or mannerisms you display? Well it's endearing and cute if it's from an attractive person, while creepy/weird if from an ugly dude. Unfortunately, Asian people have an uphill battle in this regard while women (especially attractive ones) have a strong advantage. 

Being able to do a job is one part of the interview, but another is 'fit' and if you seem like a normal/fun/interesting person then that will check the box pretty fast. Some nerdy quant who lives in excel wont jump off the page. But a cute blonde girl? Well attractive = fun so if she can do the bare minimum of the job she will likely jump ahead. Just look at any big 4 class for example. 

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LOL I love the logic of this site. When OP is a straight while male who feels like they lost a role to a *shudders* minority or woman, then everyone -- as if on cue -- talks about how BS the system is and that the "most qualified people" (read: straight white men) should be getting these jobs while the "least qualified people" (AKA women and URMs) are having it way too easy in life and they're just wasting space in the industry.

BUT, as soon as it's a NON-straight-white-male who even hints at a smidge of unfairness in the hiring process, then suddenly you have these "most qualified people" chirping about how "LiFe iS uNfAiR. gEt UsEd tO iT."

Kudos to the minorities and women who face this bullshit and still do well in the industry. Really amazing with all the obstacles in their way.


I mean, the top voted comment literally was "hey it could be worse, you could be a straight white male." You're absolutely right.


OP is an asian male, the girl is a blonde chick of higher socio-eco class.

Now she will be surrounded by all the high finance guys at that UMM shop and their affiliates.

The odd is not in OP's favour.

Intern in PE - LBOs

 "we invite diversity candidates including, but not limited to, candidates who are African American, Hispanic, Native American, Women, LGBTQ, First-Gen College students."

A bit off topic here.

As an Asian male grew up in a blue collar single parent household (dad passed away due to alcoholism), I don't know why I bursted out a manic laugh reading these diversity categories.

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FYI - I think this post can easily identify who you are, depending on your schools finance circle

yeah It sucks ass, but the power of the P wins almost every time in my experience. 


Aren't you supposed to be making posts about sucking off Joe Biden rn?


Sorry but unless OP wants the possibility of a sexual assault case, there's no way a bitter Asian male will woo a (probably very) attractive rich blonde


“You deserve the styrofoam cup…” as an adult,, you are not entitled to anything. An emotionally rich early career with lots of downs will only make the victory that much sweeter when you get there. Stay humble, keep grinding, and remember that all humans act in their own best interest. You will succeed in life by making the lives of others easier and supporting their goals, not because you deserve it.


When you apply for a position, you do not always get it.  The fact you are saying that you deserved the position more than her and that the interviewers were impressed with you, suggests you may have a big ego.  Interviewers can pick up on things like this and determine that you are not a good fit for the team, even though you may be qualified. If they wanted to hire a female, you probably did not have a good chance from the beginning of the process.  


2020 grad white guy here non finance family. That's just part of the game now. Happened to me for full time spots at BB…like a lot, it was almost always a girl who beat me out in the final rounds. It's nice to have more opportunities for people not in the industry and bring them in but unfortunately a good amount of the diversity programs are exploited by insiders (my Hispanic ex with an MD BB Dad for example haha). Chin up you'll make it eventually by being a good team fit. Sucks now but this will build you up and make you more ready.