Prank Calling Bankers

Now that I’ve accepted an offer for next summer, my buddies and I have decided we’re going to prank call some of the douches we talked to while trying to network from a non target. Need good ideas that will make these guys either so pissed off they cuss us out or freak out because they think they’re late on a deliverable lmao. Know someone you think deserves a call? PM me lol


What’s sadder:

a non target getting an IB role


a married man with kids who grew up as a trust fund baby is so bitter that he thinks some poor kid realizing the American dream is sad and depressing?


Agreed - seeing more and more brainlet posts by the day


Repeatedly calling as a disgruntled food delivery person, trying to deliver an order. Endless possibilities...


This is the way, especially on a Wed or Thurs evening when they're trying to work


Did this to one guy who was an insecure douche. Recommend using an alternative phone number and potentially a voice changer. 


Lmfao. Two people come to mind but they are alum at my MBA program. And one did help out a first year friend quite a bit.

Ngl this is tempting but would rather not have randos bothering alum as much as I may not like but with one of them, I enjoy speaking with their colleagues who are also alum at my program. The other one is tempting to send over to you...


If you can figure out who they report to, anything is possible.

Pose as a Partner. Tell them you spoke to their Associate or MD and were referred to them about a huge turnaround on some complex CIM slides. Come up with details to make it believable, but make it confusing enough to overwhelm them. Freak out about how such a communication breakdown could even happen, have a melt down about the whole deal coming apart if they don’t get this done. Threaten them with their next year’s bonuses or jobs.

Or touch grass and move on.


Be careful with this because ironically one of my friends did this a year ago - texted a VP's corporate phone NSFW pictures using a texting app with built in VPN. He did this 10 times over the course of a week with different numbers. VP filed a complaint with his bank, bank compliance / IT traced the mobile device IP and filed a police report. 

Cops showed up at my friend's door a few days later (not sure how they got the address) and gave him a warning. Don't ask me how the cops found his name / address, I think Apple / texting apps have to comply if there's cops involved.

If banks can catch money laundering activity buried under 3 accounts in the Bermudas, they can definitely find a kid doing prank calls. Not worth risking your career to get a chuckle. If he works at a small firm however... go nuts 


Well they still haven't found my money laundering activities buried under 3 accounts in the Bermudas so they're not that good are they


This thread absolutely made my day. Obviously be careful and don’t threaten anyone, but please report back with any results.