It does not seem like there is a consolidated thread for the 2025 process. 

Unfortunately, rumor has it on-cycle is starting sometime soon. Some firms are reluctantly preparing, but I figured we could keep the hearsay in a condensed place.



CPI is calling folks letting them know some of their big clients are ready to go...


At UMM/MF. We have spoken to our HH but was more of a catch up and don’t have plans to kick off anything soon. That being said only takes one to start the fun.


Anonymous Monkey:

how much control do people at the firm have? Gold Coast is still blue balling me wondering if I can backchannel my way in 

Take the hint


ah you think they would have already flagged my resume to the headhunters? fuck the truth hurts 


UPDATE: didn't end up getting it but ended up backchanneling my way in - screw this guy