A Definitive Prestige Tier List of Everything


Tier 1a (Legend Tier): Wharton

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): LSE

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge

Tier 2 (Gold Tier): Columbia, NYU, Booth

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): the rest

Tier 4 (KYS Tier): Stanford, Berkeley


Tier 1a (Legend Tier): MF PE, Top 5 HF

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): IB EB, MM PE, Top 20 HF

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): IB BB

Tier 2 (Gold Tier): IB MM, S&T, ER, non-Top 20 HF, VC

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): AM, RE, CF, Garbage Man, Tech, Doctor

Tier 4 (KYS Tier): MBB Consulting, TS, Lawyer


Tier 1a (Legend Tier): Evercore, CVP, Lazard

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): GS, MS

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): JPM, Moelis, PJT

Tier 2 (Gold Tier): BAML, Citi, CS, Barclays, PWP, Jefferies, Rothschild (up 1 Tier if in Europe), HL

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): Greenhill, Guggenheim, William Blair, Wells Fargo, HSBC, BNP, SocGen, RBC

Tier 4 (KYS Tier): DB, UBS

PE Funds

Tier 1a (Legend Tier): Apollo

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): Blackstone, KKR, Carlyle

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): WP, Bain, CVC, EQT, TPG

Tier 2 (Gold Tier): Advent, Vista, Thoma Bravo, Cinven, General Atlantic

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): UMM and MM PE Funds

Tier 4 (KYS Tier): LMM PE Funds, Blackrock

Hedge Funds

Tier 1a (Legend Tier): Renaissance

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): Tiger, Two Sigma, DE Shaw

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): Citadel, Millenium, Viking, Icahn

Tier 2 (Gold Tier): Third Point, Coatue, Point 72, other Top 20

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): Pershing Square, Melvin, Baupost, other Top 100 ex-Top 20

Tier 4 (KYS Tier): ex-Top 100, AQR, Bridgewater


Tier 1a (Legend Tier): NYC

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): London

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore

Tier 2 (Gold Tier): Miami, Boston, LA, Tokyo, Dubai

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): Frankfurt, Milan, Shanghai, Canada

Tier 4 (KYS Tier): Chicago, SF, India


I'm gonna use some visuals for this one

Tier 1a (Legend Tier): 

Bald Tier 1a

Tier 1b (Diamond Tier): 

bald tier 1b

Tier 1c (Platinum Tier): 

tier 1c baald

Tier 2 (Gold Tier):

 tier 1c bald

Tier 3 (Crap Tier): 


Tier 4 (KYS Tier):

good haricut


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I love this, written like a true bottombuckethardo post.

A few things I disagree with and why:

Princeton is at Stanford/Berkeley tier because it's one of the worst ivy. No social scene and shit academics. Full of Yale rejects. Also too small.

Oxford and Cambridge should be at Wharton's level. They're literally 1000 year old beacons of civilization.

Yale should be above Harvard, I mean how many "MD and CEO were on the Yale rowing team in the 80s/MD and CEO were in the same fraternity at Yale" variations have we heard?

Columbia and NYU are shit-tier, McIntre, Ross and McDonough and even Mendoza should be above them.

MBB should be at tier 1b, they're way more selective and cerebral than pretty much all high financé seats. Unless it's in a backwater place like BCG Pakistan, in which case it's KYS tier.

Tech should have a new tier at the bottom for jobs.

Replace EVR with PJT at tier 1a. EVR has grown too quickly and aren't selective anymore. Also PJT RSSG is godly and makes PJT tier 1a solely on that basis.

DB and UBS should be above the shit-tier boutiques and MMs (Jefferies, Blair, HL, RBC)

RenTech isn't prestigious, it's full of geeks and PhDs. Bridgewater and Pershing should be tier 1a. 

Blackstone should be in the lower tiers (with TPG and Ares and Silver Lake), it's way too big and corporate to be selective or prestigious.

"Quant" HFs should be lower tier, doing math isn't prestigious. Fundy/macro shops should be higher tier (trusting your guts is more prestigious).

London should be at least tied with NYC, it has better architecture, culture and girls.

Chicago definitely doesn't deserve to be down there with shitholes like SF and India. 

Finally, that guy in the haircuts section who looks like a literal egg had me laughing for 5 minutes in public

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Worst tier list I've ever seen. Please delete your account and seek a therapist immediately. No mention of any prop trading firms, yeah, you know the ones that have kids making 7 figures in their mid 20s, that one. And tech being tier 3 shit tier is the biggest cope I've ever seen. Hilarious seeing people on this website thinking working 100 hours a week in a sweaty suit making power-point presentations is pReStIgIoUs, like the idiot non-profit economist a bit above me that thinks working at a secretive quant hedge fund that's had the best track record on Wall Street is not as cool as doing financial modeling that a mentally challenged 8 year old kid could do.


Lol @ stanford being tier 4. You realize without Stanford you wouldn't have google, hp, nvidia, snap, palantir, cisco, nike, capital one, gap, trader joes, micron, paypal, netflix, expedia, charles schwab, netapp, yahoo, intuit, electronic arts, akamai, bain, and cypress. 


No point in even trying with these people, they've never left the investment bank they work at for months, they just bring a sleeping bag with them and a couple of different suits to change into. They unironically think if you tell the average person you work at Google as a software engineer they consider that the same as working as a garbage man. The delusion and cope is astronomical


You realize each of FAAMG+ has more SWE seats than IBD seats in NYC from all the BBs? If we extend this globally and across all ranges (MM, startups, boutiques, other tech companies like IBM, Oracle), it means that IBD/ER/S&T/AM is approximately 3-5x harder to break in by headcount alone. Not to mention you need prestigious skills like knowing how to socialize and network, not just leetcoding 12 hours a day.


A software engineer at Google is probably less prestigious than a garbage man. Allow me to explain.

- Software Engineer was a loser virgin nerd in high school and college, while garbage man was a "thug gangbanger" with tattoos, a Hellcat and guns.

- Software Engineer is basically a woman with the amount of free soy lattes he drank (soy has estrogen) at Google's free cafeteria. Garbage man likely on the 'roids and benchpressing 405.


Thanks for the list. I’m new to this scene so it’s an interesting perspective.

Are you chasing prestige because you care what others think? Or are you trying to maximize the potential $/future job opportunities?

My view is who cares about prestige if you’re making money? There’s nothing prestigious about the jobs once you’re inside the firm and are the low man on the totem pole. No one outside of us cares, and the rest of society oogles over any HF/VC/PE job. I did LSE/CMU/NY/London/my own business, and i made more than my IB/Hedge Fund friends when I graduated in 2008 (from consulting). I thought people would care about the ‘prestige’, but in reality … no one cares.

Shooting for the best university, and employer, etc. is one strategy, but it’s not the ONLY strategy. Ex. For another strategy … If you’re at Google making $400k/yr a few years out of school then you can take that money and run your own investment portfolio. If you’re really good then you should be able to grow that at 40% per year, which gives you a lot higher probability of hitting $1m liquid more quickly.


No one views Laz the laggard of all metrics in the US to be “close” or “next” to EVR.

They blow, and are sweaty hardos. It’s clear that you’re an intern there and need to boost your ego because you’re salty that your firm can’t compete with boutiques like they use to 20 years ago. Go look at the firms generating higher Rev and better exits (EVR, CVP, PJT, PWP).