Burning out and don't know which exit opps I want

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I'm turning to WSO because I know this forum can lead to some real golden nuggets at times. Would appreciate it if I could get some career advice from you guys.

- In IBD now, but burned out
- Don't want to work 80+ hours on menial tasks
- Not interested in prestige or money; prefer something fulfilling and that gives me a sense of purpose
- 100% willing to move to a new location (not in the US), as well as move out of finance entirely if the role is interesting

My situation:
- Will soon be completing my 2nd analyst yr in IBD at a BB bank (MS/GS), and don't have an exit opp lined up. Also, I won't have to leave the firm once the 2 years are up. I can stay on for a 3rd year.
- Am severely burned out. Haven't enjoyed any aspect of this job for the last 12 months
- Frequently speaking with headhunters for potential jobs, but am not excited about the prospects of going into (what would most likely be) PE and continuing with this lifestyle.

I've spent a lot of time going through various posts here trying to find inspiration, or jobs where I would fit in, but nothing really gets me too interested. IBD has drained what was a really strong drive to perform and compete before I started this job.

I have also noticed (the hard way) that there are far more important things in life than 'prestige' or money. Yes, this job allows for a very comfortable lifestyle, but the more I have in my bank account the less cushy lifestyle I want to live. I don't want fancy or flashy things, I think spending money in that way is pointless.

What I want to ask the community here is: given I am in a position that opens so many doors, which exit op could allow me to do valuable and enjoyable work, but not require me to kill myself by working ridiculous hours and never having any time off? Would be open to any idea - seriously need external input here. Obviously, I do have an interest in finance and feel I am capable of taking on many roles within this industry, but am open to roles outside of finance too.

Thanks in advance for any advice