Canada! Specifically, Toronto. What's the deal?

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What is the deal with Canada in terms of IB career, pay, opportunities, etc.

I ask because:

I'm Canadian, starting out as a BB analyst in London. Happy where I am at the moment, but looking down the road a few years and thinking I may want to return to my homeland, be nearer to family, have a higher quality of life, etc.

  1. How much of a step down in pay and career advancement comes with a move from London to Toronto? From a totally unscientific survey of available data, Toronto pay appears to be considerably lower than London pay (both base and bonus), even after accounting for cost of living, and even in junior positions. Is this true? And if so, how true?
  2. Is a top BB the best place to be in Canada or am I better off moving to a Canadian bank? I can't really tell whether RBC CM is bigger than MS in Canada, CIBC WM bigger than ML in Canada, BMO bigger than JPM in Canada, etc. Anyone have an idea?
  3. Is pay at Canadian IBs competitive with BB Canadian offices, or is it known to be considerably lower? What about pay at BB Canadian offices vs pay at BB London offices (before bonus)? Any comparison of workplace culture / typical hours / pressure would be welcome as well.
  4. For those of you who don't know what the opportunity cost of London --> Toronto would be, I would also be interested in the opportunity cost of NY --> Toronto since they are likely to be somewhat comparable (I think).

I know some of these questions may seem a bit dumb, but I'd rather ask than assume. Thanks.