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Recently got an offer with the bank. In this environment is Mizuho a good bank to start my career? Or should I keep recruiting?

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May 13, 2020 - 11:38pm

do you know anything about the project finance team, its reputation/deal flow and how that compares to the industrials IBD team (I think they have both)? Naturally they're both a little different but I want to see which one generally has better exits to other infra lenders/PEs

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May 30, 2020 - 5:11am

I will say this, before you start walking though walls to get that coffee for Chip or send out that outlook calendar for Brock and the boys, after more than a decade plus of continuous and mostly miserable years myself at more than one firm at the top of the finance food chain, I will never forgot a particular day back around 2006 when I first started out. This was while still on the private wealth side and eager to get into the institutional world so I could move up to the "big leagues" to make my fortune and finally ditch those dumb retail guys who I couldn't take seriously because they went to State and played too much golf when they weren't hitting on their insanely hot client service associates. I was given the chance to sit down with someone considered the most respected sales guy in the region with his sweeping bay views peeking through his office that i'd see on my way to the supply room a floor above mine with the nice pens and college rule paper. His holy grail of an MD title as a made man, a team that could only have been former successful ivy league lacrosse players, and that rocket science equivalent of a CFA framed on his wall (that I'd too one day realize I didn't even remotely need). i'll just say his words of wisdom to me was something along the lines of the institutional equity sales business has and will continue to look like a stock chart of limp noodle while leaving off it was bound for an inevitable exponential line straight to hell. Unfortunately also he forgot to mention i'd go through my career having met the devil numerous times. He clearly didn't communicate your heart and the fire of excitement you had for investing will eventual burn out into a lump of coal as you sell your soul time and time again mostly likely after a little begging and shame, similar to the last time you wanted the client to do anything that would resemble things going your way with this repeating over and over again. The MD forgot to say the big swinging dick you have been dreaming about ever since your internship at merril lynch in richmond, ca for an endless summer of cold calling, will have have long rotten off and sadly probably before it was ever truly there. He forgot to mention the unpredictable boom and bust paycheck cycle of little salary and an u predictable bonus every 365 days that could lead to years of poor personal financial management in a structurally challenged career that often led to extremes and eventually would turn into a consistent decline of 10-30% cuts and a little carrot of hope that they"ll make it up to you next year. Not to mention you will probably also go through an incredible amount of sr managers with most never lasting more than a few years and especially when you are u lucky enough they come from the outside to shake things up it gives you the opportunity of needing to play the game of kiss ass all over again. He never said one day after a year of hard work most likely one day we all too would be be the lucky one eating a donut. He never mentioned we will all would need to make room for "insert name here and add Y at the end" and his new history degree from Harvard. Nor did he assure not to worry because despite having seen the same movie time after time many of us would fall into the same trap of one one last hurrah that often consisted of a timeline of losing a decent career at a bulge bracket wall street firm and landing at some second tier chop shop sitting shoulder to shoulder with an entire department of similarly newly minted "managing directors" and unfortunately learning later that afternoon, on the Friday of the first week you started, the haze of denial slowly fades away and it's apparent that those loyal clients, the ones from your bulge bracket Rolodex you actually believed would finally led you to the payout riches you deserve, tell you that you after the 5th consecutive voicemail that they like you but I'll pay you when you're with a real bank. It's not all doom and gloom if you want to give this industry a go. You might find yourself at the end of your life long dream of a wall street institutional salesperson at 40 with the only option of a career change, a retirement to worry about, and no real transferable skills because you basically did the same job your entire career with the main changes being a different title and sometimes more money. I guess the best comp is probably best described as an overeducated and overpaid travel agent.

Good luck buddy!

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Jun 24, 2020 - 9:35pm

Former Mizuho intern and full time analyst here. I would suggest you continue recruiting if you think you have an angle elsewhere. It certainly isn't the place to be if you're interested in M&A execution, but definitely have seen many people use it as a stepping stone. If you don't get anything else, you can still recruit elsewhere for full-time after the internship and/or try to lateral after starting full-time. Having said all that, irregardless of where you end up interning you should try to network and build some solid relationships. Those will be some of your biggest assets whether you're trying to get a full-time offer, lateral, go into PE, or get promoted. I know other Mizuho analysts that have lateraled to GS, Lazard, Moelis, Citi, Piper Jaffray, and William Blair among others over the past few years.

Sep 9, 2020 - 7:27am

Hey guys, non-target here. Any idea of how the applications work online? The website says that we have to email resumes to campus recruiting or wait for them to come on-campus. So they don't recruit non-targets at all?

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Sep 11, 2020 - 6:31pm

It is nice and it is growing. people are nice and it is a decent place but deal flow is not huge. so think about that. If you want to be IB and have a nice work life balance and work for a team who ask about your family and be extremely nice to you, totally that's the place. But if you wanna be at the top bank, keep looking. Especially if this is levered DCM

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