I've been doing a lot of thinking and think the best way to get to where I want to be is to go join and investment bank, and have that experience on my resume. I graduated from a non-target LAC (albeit a very good academic school) about 1 year ago today. If i want to get an mba (10-20 rank), when should I apply. I currently work for a BB pwm shop. I have passed lv 1 CFA, 3.2 gpa, no-gmat score yet, good ec's, most likely can get a good recommendation. If i want to join an IB can I apply after 2 years of work experience (so I will have 3 by the time I actually enter school).

How many years is ideal for work experience before applying to b-school, specifically if you want an ib job. I ask this because I know what I feel as if I don't want to wait (4 more years) until i get it.

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