Hey guys,

I just wanted some advice and input, perhaps from those who do recruiting for graduates? But any input will be appreciated. I graduated from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. I guess this would be classified as a "target school" as it is rated as the best university on the African continent. I graduated with a degree which had very little to do with finance. I studied a social science degree and my majors were Political Science and Organizational Psychology. I took one managerial finance course and did some research stats. My other courses included things like sociology and psychology etc. I am currently doing first year mathematics and statistics through correspondence study, in order to get in for a Financial Analysis and portfolio management honors programme at my former university. The course runs over one year, and you have an additional year to complete your thesis/research project. I am also currently working within HR in an Employee Relations department within a leading retailer in my country - it is just an internship though. Which is driving me insane, and I am getting paid basically nothing at all.

My question to you guys is basically, do I have a chance of breaking into finance with a social science undergrad and an honors in finance? Could I somehow leverage my report writing skills, understanding of world politics, and my research skills to my advantage? Additionally, could you guys perhaps give me your opinion on the finance honors programme I have attached? The courses which are part of the programme are the ones highlighted in yellow. I just want to know if all of this will be worth my while. Also, take into account that in Cape Town I do not think it is as competitive as in the US, although, it's still pretty tight for top jobs. I'd love any form of input or advice anyone has to offer me.


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