Goldman Sachs 2020 SA

As I have not seen a discussion of this topic, I thought it would be a good idea to start one. With the application opening next week, can anyone provide insight into the past few years process? Feel free to discuss any and all topics related to the 2020 SA position. Thanks!


What I've heard from school alum is hirevue to phone screen to super day, unless you get on an accelerated process then I think it's hirevue straight to phone screen with the hirevue being more of a formality. But I don't know how the accelerated process works with new york - for the other offices it's apparently usually through the insight days.


Heard the same thing from a recruiter. Hirevue's are seen by two different people (one HR and one in the division) they each give you a score out of 5 on three different things: communication, knowledge, and one other thing I forgot. Then they average out both their scores, and give a phone screen to the top x amount of people.


At Goldman IBD target. recruiter & VP on school recruitment team both said Hirevue -> Superday. My guess is that non-targets will have additional phone interview b4 superday.


From my understanding, the whole reason they started hirevues was so that they could give access to far more people. At first, they would only interview mainly people at targets but now they are able to interview far more people. If you meet the criteria (GPA, Class year, etc) you should receive a hirevue. This is according to my understanding and the people I have spoken with. Hope that helps.


It's always worth reaching out and networking. That doesn't end when you get the interview, the superday, the job. Even on the job you want to continue networking. The bigger and better (quality) network = more quality opportunities throughout your career. An extreme example of this would be a good friend of mine. He's a F150 CFO. He has his current gig because he worked for the firm's current CEO at a different firm several yrs (and jobs) ago. When the new CEO assembled his team, he called my buddy and recruited him over (from a CFO spot at a different company). They had kept in touch over the years, liked each other, etc.

Networking is not just for getting started, it's about staying in motion.


Upon attempting to apply for an investment banking SA position, I was met with an interesting conflict. I selected the "New York City" area in the application and turns out there is no option for this area for an IB SA. What???

Edit: It says that if you receive an interview, you can discuss movement another position if you were to get the SA, but after you send in this application you can not change the positions you applied to. I'm going to send in the application for Global Investment Research in this case and if I get an interview I will take it for there...