What's the dumbest thing you've seen on a resume?

I wanna collect all of the stories in this thread and read them throughout my last years of life, so that at least I'll die on a good note, but not from boredom. Feel free to join, thanks a lot for every comment!


That’s hard tho… props to him, where did he end up going? Warwick?


This guy put under his extracurriculars “Professional Clash Royale Player: 17th Global Leaderboard Rank” and listed his modeling experience. I’m talking about photo shoots, not excel. Absolute chad. He got the offer.


Anytime is see “Non Target University Powerlifting Club” (and i see it a lot, unfortunately) it’s an instant trash can.

If you are not ripping each muscle group for 12x+ sets a week in the 10-25 rep range you ain’t gonna work in my group. Gtf outta here with that 15 minute rest-between-sets bullshit. High volume bodybuilding boyz only. I am 100p serious btw.