JP Morgan Private Banking SuperDay

Has anyone attended a superday for Private Banking at JP Morgan? I have one coming up and would greatly appreciate any help.

  • Questions asked?
  • How many interviews?
  • Which location?

Overview of the Private Banking JPM Super Day Interview

The interview will likely be 6 interviews. According to our users, the JPM Private Banking super day will consist of mostly fit and behavioral interviews.

You should plan to know the following:

  • Know the stock price and CEO
  • Understand some basic market dynamics and have a market outlook
  • Why You?
  • Why Private Banking?
  • What area of PB do you want to work in?

Also you should note that if you are interviewing for an integrated team vs a products/solutions team - your role will have a strong client focus and therefore they will likely be testing your interpersonal skills vs. quantitative skills.

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