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+100Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example<img src="" alt="Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example" /> <p><b>Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis Investment Banking Resume Template...156 (1 new)
+86Why I Left PE & Switched to the Public MarketsI compiled this post because I've received several questions aroud this topic in private messages and I thought it may be helpful to discuss my experience with a wider audience. I would like to caveat all of the information in this really long post below by saying that these are all broad...61 (49 new)
+27Cracking jokes during an interviewHaving some trouble recruiting. Want to improve my strategy. I'm a jokester but in interviews I shut that down because I'm scared I'll get dinged for being unprofessional. But I'm getting dinged anyway.. probably for being too nervous/not personable enough if I had to...60 (60 new)
+22Private Equity Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example<h4>Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis private equity resume template for experienced professionals, used by the WSO paid service and thousands of candidates to successfully land a job in private equity.</h4> For those of you with deal or...71
+212020 On-Cycle Recruiting Kicks OffLooks like Christmas has come early this year...for some Rumor has it that the following firms have kicked off; post your observations below! * New Mountain * <abbr title="Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.">KKR</abbr> * Centerbridge * Ares * Summit * ...75 (20 new)
+201 year into MBA: Things I wish I knewHi all, Longtime reader and writing as a small way of “giving back.” I’m in my second year at H/S/W and thought I’d share some thoughts and insights. My background is traditional – think <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> / Consulting / <abbr...14 (14 new)
+17Anyone else feel like you've lost your touch? I was valedictorian of my HS, got into an Ivy league school, graduated with honors there, and got into a <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr>, but found that the real world is kicking my ass. I've always felt like I could take on any challenges, but can't seem to...33 (33 new)
+17Going back home for Thanksgiving during on cycle PE recruiting - Bad Idea?Hi there, My girlfriend and I are both from the midwest but doing banking and consulting, respectively, in the west coast. We've both met with recruiters that told us the on cycle process began last year early December. Would it be unwise to go back to our cities for ~roughly 5 days near...38 (11 new)
+16Best M&A news source?Just wondering what sources people generally rely on to get broad <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> news, including the more industry-relevant details (leverage multiples, funding mechanisms, lead banks/law firms, etc.). I'm looking in particular...35 (14 new)
+1310% Tax Cuts Coming Soon?Donald Trump is once again talking about cutting income taxes for middle-class citizens by 10%. Considering that none of the congressional leaders or White House officials know anything about his tax cut plans, I'm assuming it's some "campaigning gimmick" which is being...48 (48 new)
+13Will the Tech industry take over?Had a question for you guys. The tech industry is the type of thing that seems too good to be true but actually turns out to be true. I have three main reasons to believe the most talented students will move in droves to the tech industry unless something changes. 1) Automation is set to...28 (28 new)
+11Advice for a college kid with a poor social life? I'm posting this on a throw-away account. I'll try to keep this short and just give a summary. So I used to be a pretty sociable kid, especially towards the end of high school, when I was going out a lot and I was on the soccer team, had a lot of friends. I went to college on the...20 (15 new)
+10The WSO Job Board is Now FREE The WSO Job board is now free for anyone that wants to apply...all anyone has to do is upload a resume and they will be allowed to submit their application. <P> <div class="text-center"> <a class="btn btn-success btn-lg text-center" id="Register...4
+10Recommended Drinks?Landed a second round interview with two VPs in a boutique firm. I am supposed to have a formal interview with one of the VPs and go out for drinks after. Any recommended drinks for someone who doesn't drink that often? I don't want to kill the post-interview vibe when it's...49 (49 new)
+9Moron Manager!! What to do???!Would kindly appreciate your feedback. I recently joined a boutique real estate firm after 4 years on the debt site to do acquisitions and development. it's a small shop with three principals, an acquisitions manager (aka moron from hell) and me as acquisitions associate. Here is...22 (22 new)
+9Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp<strong>Financial modeling</strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing to enroll in...51
+9Showcasing Modelling AbilitiesHow do you guys go about showing of your modelling capabilities, to potential employers, without sending them an actual model you have constructed? I'm looking at approaching companies that are not specifically recruiting right now but I'd like them to see first-hand what I can do...33 (33 new)
+9Industry Outlook: Crypto Hedge FundsHello, The purpose of this thread is to serve as an overview of the Crypto Hedge Fund industry. Other common names for this space include Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds, Blockchain Hedge Funds, and Digital Asset Hedge Funds. In this thread, I am going to discuss the following: 1. Industry...16 (16 new)
+9Uber IPO and the Morgan Stanley Banker / Driver[Is this real life]( Apparently MS banker Michael Grimes has been "moonlighting" as an Uber driver for years. This is the same...19 (19 new)
+91st year analyst - how to prepare for 1st year end review this year?**1st Year Analyst (started in June) after UG** How should I prepare for the year end review that will happen in December? It goes without saying, obviously I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, working hard, learning, and improving my skill set. I understand it’s several weeks out,...28 (28 new)
+8How Many Hours Do You Sleep? Substances to Stay Awake?As the title says, how many hours of sleep do you guys in finance usually get a night. The stigma around the crazy hours is known but how many hours of sleep do you need to function properly. Everybody has seen Wolf of Wall Street, but how true is it actually, do you really need anything...25 (25 new)
+7Long TSLA Update: Better Good Than Lucky####In The Money <img src="/files/styles/w800/public/inline/images/tesla_cash_flow.jpg?itok=gMES0cc3" alt="" /> *Cash is King - origin unclear, but said after the ‘87 market crash by Pehr G. Gyllenhammar, CEO of Volvo (Fate Loves Irony)* I wasn’t planning on...5 (5 new)
+7Difficulty of finding a finance job in a non-finance city suburb after bankingI wanted to get opinions from those who have worked in finance. I will be starting out in banking in a city with a lot of finance culture but honestly have no desire to live in a major city forever (I come from a small town). I hope to live in the southwest somewhere anywhere between LA and...34 (34 new)
+7What's the most impressive academic resume you've seen?If we're talking just straight schools. Youtube's chief of staff went to Harvard UG, Rhode Scholar afterwards, and then graduated from Harvard JD/<abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. I think Mitt Romney did something similar and couple...28 (28 new)
+7Did anyone enjoy or appreciate their IB experience?There are plenty of posts about how horrible <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> was for people, but did anyone appreciate it or like it?17 (17 new)
+7Microdosing Psilocybin MushroomsI've done the research and ordered the stuff necessary to get a pretty nice mushroom grow op going. I've decided to start microdosing. I decided during my last trip (11g) which I did last week. Anyone microdosing anything? How's it going for you? People are reporting some very...19 (19 new)
+7Success Story: Pre med graduate with no finance experience to I Banking m&a offer from networkingHi everyone, I wanted to give back to this community since it helped me so much in my current journey by telling my story/tips for anyone else trying to do the same thing/inspo for those non-traditional applicants out there. ###Background: I graduated from a top public school in...5 (5 new)
+6Train your children for a professionIs it possible to train your children early with skills like accounting or using finance tools? We see all the time that children are trained to be athletes since they were babies. Sentiments and morals aside, I just want to know if anyone has tried this.30 (30 new)
+6ER is dead so I'll try this forum...need some guidance regarding splitting weight for DCF/Comps valuationTL;DR - tried tweaking <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> to make it more optimistic but cannot honestly justify tweaks. Resorting to arriving at target share price with <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr>/Comps weight - don't...22 (22 new)
+6Is joining Point72 social suicide for joining other firms?Do some hedge fund managers have personal vendettas against Point72/Steve Cohen? If a person has Point72 on their resume early on in their career, is that a flag for other firms...against the morals of the candidate?23 (17 new)
+6WSJ: Goldman, JP Morgan Hit Pause on Intern Recruiting Madness "Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan won't interview or extend summer internship offers to college sophomores this year and will go back to recruiting students in the fall of their junior...12 (12 new)
+6Do You Use Social Media?I pretty much only use Instagram, and LinkedIn. I used to use Snapchat but found I was wasting a lot of time on it and cut it out. I think it's interesting to see what other people use.23 (23 new)
+5Leaving banking after one yearAnyone left there banking job after one year? If so, what did you? How did you make your decisions and do you think it has hindered your career at all? I would really love to hear some opinions. 12 (12 new)
+5Does Deloitte have the best M&A transaction group?If you compare all 4 of the Big 4 firms, is Deloitte the place to be for <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> work? How would you rank the Big 4 firms from best <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> (more deals, better...24 (24 new)
+5Has anyone done altitude training?I might go with some friends to the opening at Breck in CO in a few weeks and possibly might bring my bike for some altitude training. My watch has PulseOx, so I can measure oxygen saturation levels. Any experiences? Anything to look out for (ie reasonable oxygen levels and unreasonable...19 (19 new)
+5Please help me understand PE recruiting in the lower middle market.How does <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> recruiting work for the lower middle market funds? Is the timeline relatively similar to true <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> (or bigger) <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>...8 (8 new)
+5I got an offer!! Now, I'm scared I'm over my head!! HELP?!So I'm a non-target as it gets. I grinded to get this offer and now I'm really scared. I feel stupid meeting with the seniors in the office. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about half the time the other time I'll pick up a few keywords. How do I get ready for this...10 (10 new)
+5Tips on discretely looking for other HF opportunitiesJust want to see other people's thoughts on trying to leave a hedge fund without it getting back to your employer. Ideally I would like to get somewhere to start 2019, but don't want to ruin my bonus this year. When I see messages from HHs for roles that are similar to what I do, I am...12 (12 new)
+5Dilemma. Would you hire him?Hello dear corporate fat cats, I'm curious to know what you'd do in the following scenario: You hold a senior position at a top M&A advisory firm, within a team in urgent need of a strong and well-rounded first year analyst. One of your good friends introduces you to a...5 (5 new)
+5New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/investment-banking-interview-prep-questions">investment banking interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with...4
+5AMA: Big 4 Audit --> Advisory --> Top 15 MBAStarting an AMA thread for any Big4 Auditors or Advisory folks looking to transition to an top <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. I leaned heavily on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> to complete the journey up to...15 (15 new)
+5Corp. Strategy Offer - 72K in NYC?Just received a corporate strategy offer fresh out of undergrad in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> with a Fortune 50 company. The team is pretty small and seems elite, reporting to the CEO. Their offer is only 72K though, which seems really small in a city like...15 (15 new)
+5Misrepresentation of Age (fake id)I know this topic has been brought up before, but my circumstance is a little different compared to the stuff that has been answered before. I recently received a "misrepresentation of age" citation for using a fake id to buy a beer at a bowling alley (I know, sounds stupid). It's...22 (22 new)
+4Institutional REQuestion for others on the institutional side of RE.. Does it ever feel like “not” RE to you? If that makes any sense. I often feel it’s a lot less entrepreneurial than development or working on smaller properties. Your basically thinking as the property as an entity which sometimes...12 (12 new)
+4Anyone want to start a company?Basically for the past while all I have wanted to do was start a successful company. Make it big. Huge. International. Dominate a segment of the market. I will work my @ss off if I got the opportunity and it was a great idea. Anyone else? Let's chat. 13 (13 new)
+4Who Was Your Mentor?Coming from a background where very people have heard of investment banking or private equity, I didn't have any guidance or exposure to the whole finance scene and was struggling in figuring out how to break into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> or <abbr...7 (7 new)
+4Will a Super Target Acceptance Help Me if I Don’t Attend?This is my first post on this forum, so I’m sorry if I break any established norms. Feel free to correct any misakes. I am a third year student at a decent (US News ranked 25-30) private university that seems to be typically classified as a non-target / low semi- target. My parents...8 (8 new)
+4Don't get an MSF if you want IB<abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> programs are very useful for adding finance knowledge for non-business majors/extreme non-targets with shit finance curriculum/internationals who feel like spending 70k on grad school for no reason. It is equivalent to delaying...12 (12 new)
+4Immigrant from India, trying to start career in investment banking.Hello all, So I am moving to <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> in Jan '19 on a family-based immigrant visa. Here to get your suggestion/advice on how to go about the job-hunt once I reach there. (read some content on networking on WSO). More importantly, I...8 (8 new)
+4In a massive dilemma - need help! To keep things real short and straight to the point: Been working at a no name boutique for under a year now straight out of college. Attended a strong target with a 3.0 GPA and had various internships, one of which led to a grad offer at a Big 4 CF. I loved my time there and the team was...13 (13 new)
+4Mining Private Equity FirmsDoes anyone know any mining Private Equity firms? And what’s the value proposition like? <abbr title="internal rate of return">IRR</abbr>, MoM? Looks like a well-diversified portfolio can sell high: Coal, Diamonds, Gold, Venture, Growth etc?13 (5 new)
+4SL Green - Comp, Deals<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> - I'm sure you've heard of SL Green. My experience is that they can do a lot of different kind of deals and have a ton of flexibility for <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REIT</abbr>....17 (17 new)
+4What should I do with that land?Hello guys! My grandfather is 91 and my grandmother just turned 80. When my grandfather was younger, he was working in the construction field and the company where he used to work failed. His boss did not have the money to pay him so he offered him a backhoe. During few years, my grandfather...4 (4 new)
+4Sweatshops and PayHey everyone, I wanted to know which <abbr title="private equity">pe</abbr> shops are considered to be sweat shops and why? I.E. I keep hearing that Apollo pays 400k but they’re the pinnacle of sweatshops and cause some to quit within the year. 7 (7 new)
+4Entry level job help/adviceWhat are your guys' thoughts on going into a startup private real estate investment firm less than 1 year out of college? When I say startup, I mean less than 5 or fewer employees. The role would be focused on raising capital from HNW, UHNW, and smaller family offices. Eventually, once...11 (11 new)
+4Is Elite Boutique Salary/Bonus the same as JPM/GS/MS?I'm super sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm the first in my family to attend college, currently a freshman at a top 10 college. After searching the forum I could not find a clear answer. I believe both are $85K base salary? Unsure about bonus. And I think, but not totally sure,...6 (6 new)
+4Non-H/S/W worth it?I did <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> and work on the buyside in equity <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr>. I'm thinking about <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> and am...10 (10 new)
+4Breaking In: Self Transformation to Fit the "Right" Mould Excerpt from LS Hilton's "Maestra"--which touches upon what most people who want to break into finance at the highest levels, but don't have the pedigree, undergo in their chameleon like dance to fit the right mould, smooth put the rough pointy edges, and be a smooth member...10 (10 new)
+3Leveraged Loan Pre Rev Tech CompanyI’m in an argument with someone and figured I would consult the best. I’m arguing that a pre revenue (200k) company with 30mm in cash and 13mm quarterly run rate working in the tech space could still get credit. Am i right? If so what product and guess on rate (L + 500?)16 (16 new)
+3What should I major in to get into investment banking from a non-target school?Hi everyone. I'm going to be attending a non-target school next fall (I don't know which school yet but I'm not applying to any top/target schools as my high school performance is not that great at all.) I know it's going to be super hard to get into <abbr...10 (10 new)
+3Should I put “incoming analyst” title on my LinkedIn?I saw that old thread on here making fun of kids that put incoming, but now that it seems like everybody has it I wonder if I’m missing out on any opps by not adding it to my page? Those of you that have it do recruiters reach out to you? I didn’t do banking last summer but starting at...12 (12 new)
+3HFF Second Round Interview Just found <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, so far this is an incredible resource. As the title says, I have my second round interview with one of the major market HFF offices later this week. Does anyone have any experiences with HFF, or general 2nd round...6 (6 new)
+3What's the use of going to a top b-school if you can get the same opportunities from a lower tier b-school?Employability: Basically the title but I'll elaborate. Considering <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, Consulting and Tech (esp Amazon) are generally the more traditional areas for <abbr title="Masters in Business...9 (9 new)
+3Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here make sure you're ready for it with a <strong><a href="//">Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review</a></strong> from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done in a...50
+3Getting a Hedge Fund job as a Political Science Professor?Hello all, I was hoping to get some advice on the types of jobs/funds that might be a natural transition from my current job as a political science lecturer. Just to give a little quick context, I'm in my mid-twenties, was an adjunct professor for 3 years, and am now a full-time...8 (8 new)
+3How would you value a single tenant office building with the tenant being AAA rating versus BB rating? Hey guys, I am trying to value a single tenant office building but the tricky part is the value would be very much different if a AAA rating tenant comes in versus a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> rating tenant comes in. So I need to present two scenarios. What would...6 (6 new)
+3Best B-School for Dallas?2 years <abbr title="financial institutions group">FIG</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> at a bulge bracket + 1 year in a hybrid role doing mostly corp dev with some public and private equity investments (~10-25% of the job; focused...10 (10 new)
+3Are You Stressed?We can all get caught up in work, school, etc and it can start to pile up. Are you finding yourself stressed? What are you doing to help cope?10 (10 new)
+3Burnout and stress in financeI'm a junior surgical resident in a high stress specialty working 80-100 weeks. In medicine, we constantly as a profession, talk about burnout and physician overwork, stress and suicide. Ironically, it tends to be the doctors who work the least hours, like family doctors, psychiatrists etc....7 (7 new)
+3How Much Do Bank Rankings Really Matter?All the top banks care about their rankings, with everybody competing to have the most deal flow and revenue. <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>, <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> ,MS, <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill...6 (6 new)
+3Have you ever diluted someone?I've been trying to put together my LLCs this year and there is one from years ago that I need to modify in terms of bringing someone else on board (a lawyer) to the company, in my group of companies. I want to give her sweat equity on three companies at 10%. The first I only own 80%....14 (14 new)
+3Horror Story from the investment banking worldI will tell you a story that is sure to give you chills about a young investment banking wannabe who had no skills. He graduated college and thought he'd do well, a 3.5 GPA seemed quite swell. But this is a horror story with no sweet endings after months of applying his will was bending....2 (2 new)
+3How to better understand businesses and articulate investment ideas?More of an open ended discussion, but how do you all try to better understand businesses when going through potential investments, ex. understanding how the operations work, the value proposition, and being able to articulate it to the investment committee. Anyone have any tricks of the trade or...6 (6 new)
+3What makes target Unis special?I basically had this discussion with a colleauge the other day and we did not came to a conclusion. We don´t live in the USA or UK, here in central western Europe we have a lot of state Unis that are very good but do not cost a lot (probably ~40 Euro per year). Some subjects are regulated...12 (12 new)
+3Charlotte, NC Area Real Estate Meet UpWould anyone be interested in a real estate meet up in the Charlotte area? Please respond or message me if you would be.1 (1 new)
+3Your Best SuitDescribe your best custom suit. Where from, what color, the construction, any custom details etc. What I would consider my best suit is a navy suit, made at Henry Davidsen in Philadelphia. Full canvassed jacket, slim, but not overly tight, dark red lining in the jacket. Opted for pick...7 (7 new)
+3Who's left for 2020?Has anyone heard about Bain, Golden Gate, or Providence? ...........................................4 (4 new)
+3Argus & Base Year ReimbursementsI am an experienced Argus user and have always had an issue (previously with <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> and now with Enterprise) with the way Argus models base year reimbursements. I have never seen discussion of this issue so I am wondering if there is a...7 (7 new)
+3Opex for full gut rehab - MultifamilyAssuming 1970's construction Class C apartment building in San Diego. Decent neighborhood. Full gut renovation with 2019 plumbing, electrical, roof, windows, everything, Is it possible to hit 30% expenses due to the effective age of the building being nearly new? Some basics are...7 (7 new)
+3Project Based Section 8 - Underwriting compared to Market RateUnderwriting my first projected based deal with 100% of the units under a HAP contract (two phases with separate HAP contracts for each, one expiring in 2019, the other in 2021). Deal is located in a major CBD market, in a decent area of the city (i.e. not the "projects", there are...9 (9 new)
+3Why do good HFs shutdown?Beyond the obvious reasons like poor performance, PM retirement, big redemptions etc. - why do <abbr title="hedge funds">HFs</abbr> shutdown? Bloomberg reported this week that SPO Partners ($5Bn fund) is shutting down: *“Today, we are finding it exceedingly...9 (9 new)
+3Cold email networking while employed?I am looking to see how others here approach networking while they are already employed. I understand that being involved in organizations such as ULI, Naiop etc can really help but besides that what are you doing? I am currently on the brokerage side working in research, and eventually I...10 (10 new)
+3ECM & DCM: What's your experience like? I'm very interested in hearing from some current or former bankers in a capital markets role (either <abbr title="equity capital markets">ECM</abbr> or DCM) regarding their experience and day to day life. 1. What does your typical day look like (e.g. hours,...1 (1 new)
+3Trading Position at Oil Major or Agricultural Commodity Trading Firm I'm a finance and economics major at a non-target university, and I have a <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> offer with an oil major and another offer with a big agricultural commodities trading firm (ABCD). If I wanted to extend this internship into a...6 (6 new)
+3Industry Studies for LMM Deals?Anyone know of legit firms who do industry studies for LMM deals ($10-50mm)? Friend of mine just moved to a new shop and is trying to find companies who produce quality work for smaller transactions. Places like LEK and such are out of their price range. Any and all recommendations would be...6 (6 new)
+3Looking for something to do senior yearHi guys. A little bit of background about myself: I'm a junior at a non-target going to a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> next summer. I have found myself becoming increasingly bored with my classes, and I'm looking for something better to do next semester...6 (6 new)
+3How long after you started your first job did you wait to start reaching out for your next move?Going for REPE, just graduated this past June. Currently in a development role at a top shop. Most recruiting happens in the fall, some may be complete already by now. When should I begin reaching out to firms regarding my next move?9 (9 new)
+3Resume Review - 1 response after 50+ applications.Not sure whats going on here. Starting to lose hope in this whole situation. If theres anything that stands out as ridiculous or irrelevent I would love to know. My past 2 internships were the only responses I got from any company and I have applied to over 50 places each time. Thanks guys, I...8 (8 new)
+2Houston Restructuring Exit OpsWould working at a Houston bank with restructuring deal flow make you a competitive candidate for typical restructuring-based exit ops (i.e. distressed debt investing)? Especially within Dallas? A lot of people emphasize that Houston banks only place into O&G related exits. During...8 (8 new)
+2Goldman & JP Morgan Halt Sophomore RecruitingI'm sure everyone has seen by now what's going on. I feel that this is good for the current sophomores who are sacrificing so much of their time, grades, and sleep towards figuring out how they are gonna get their <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> gig....3 (3 new)
+2Calculus and Quant HFs Hi WSO! Uni student here interested in the level of math applied at some quant strategy hedge funds. I was wondering if any quant analysts here can give some insight on how advanced the level of calculus is at your fund and how important it is to know advanced calculus on the job. I am asking...9 (9 new)
+2GS Veterans Integration Program (VIP) 2019I'd like to start the 2019 Veteran Integration Program thread this year. The application just opened up and I plan on applying in the next week few weeks. Taking this content directly from last year's post - In past years the application entailed an online resume screen, followed...1 (1 new)
+2Multi-Manager Sharpe RatiosWhat is a sort of Sharpe ratio is the typical PM at a multi-manager able to realize? And what type of Sharpe is required to stick around? Say for something scalable.6 (6 new)
+2Private Equity Case Study HELP!I have a case study for a private equity fund coming up and they provided a <abbr title="confidential information memorandum">CIM</abbr> as reference but kept it very open ended. One caveat is that the <abbr title="confidential information...6 (6 new)
+2Big 4 vs TD BankHi everyone, I want to know which of my two offers would best position me for <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> . One of the...6 (6 new)
+2Comp at MF, Top MM, MM, lower MMHow does comp vary across the different buckets of <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firms? Bit curious here. How would <abbr title="Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.">KKR</abbr>, Warburg comp compared to Marlin, how do smaller <abbr...4 (4 new)
+2Internship in M&A at EYHi, I have the opportunity to do an internship in <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> (FIG) at EY in France. I don't have any previous internships related to corporate finance before. Do you think it's a good opportunity compared to...9 (9 new)
+2My Chance with GSBHi guys, Do I have a chance at getting into GSB? Please see my background below: Undergrad - Top 50 but less popular majored in Finance GPA 3.3 Current role - LP (analyst) covering all aspects of private capital fund investments at a sub-$10B institutional endowment, <3 years of...5 (5 new)
+2Where To Live In/Near Times Square?I'm looking into housing for this summer in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>, and was wondering what the best options are that are in walking distance (5-10 min walk) from an office in times square. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would really appreciate it!6 (6 new)
+2New salary data - Adventure in CREAdventure in CRE has released its new salary report, Here is the link for it, Have a nice day!1 (1 new)
+2Market/Investing Related Jobs?I'm new to this forum and I had a question. I always hear about <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> and <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> but less so about jobs related to investing. Can anyone tell me what job is best for someone...9 (9 new)
+2Arel CapitalCurious as to whether people have any insight into this firm. NYC-based but are heavily focused on multifamily in secondary/tertiary markets. Founded by former <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> guys and seem to have been very active since their founding about five years ago. 3 (3 new)
+2Operational Risk AnalystWondering if someone a bit more knowledgable of hedgefund infrastructure can offer a little insight on an operational risk role. I've worked in Finance at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> for a few years and have an interview at a top hedge fund. I'm...2 (2 new)
+2Regional PE/IB/Research in NY that takes International StudentHi, I'm currently a top 3 MSF(Not STEM) student trying to break into banking in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> as an international student. I have tried very hard but haven't been able to get any offer at this point. And the <abbr title="investment...2 (2 new)
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+2Phone Interview at Morgan Stanley 2019 Institutional EquityI know it's kinda stupid that I am so anxious in getting a response just 8 hrs after the interview, but if I did pass this one I will most likely be interviewed on a semi-superday event which is set up for next week's Friday. So I probably should give up if I don't hear from them...7 (7 new)
+2No experience? No problemWe're famous guys and gals! Or at least" is. Good luck to everyone doing PE recruiting this year, and congrats to those who have offers. [Quote]“It’s crazy,” said Patrick Curtis, who runs Wall Street Oasis, a financial careers website. “This timing...1 (1 new)
+2What Type of Leader Are You?There are many styles of leadership. The crazy, loud, demanding, intimidating ones. And the ones we actually don't hate and give guidance and mentorship to us. An amazing book that teaches about amazing leadership is definitely HTWFAIP, which I am sure most of you guys have heard of. Do...2 (2 new)
+2What is the cost of capital in this situation?Let's say I buy a truck with 70% debt and 30% cash. I want to find the NPV of this project; what discount rate should I use? I know I would use a <abbr title="weighted average cost of capital">WACC</abbr>, and use the cost of debt, but would I also use the cost of...8 (8 new)
+2IBM Acquiring RHT at $190 a share I still think IBM is a boomer stock, and will continue declining. 5 (5 new)
+2Investment Banking Analyst: Lateral Hiring / Exit Opps. Questions (Advice Appreciated!)Hey guys, I recently received a full-time offer to join a well-respected <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> in SF (Technology <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>...5 (5 new)
+2Private Equity Analyst - Panic ModeI am worried that I made a decision around this time last year that will have permanent consequences on my career... First, I will start with a brief overview of my background. I came from a pretty small town in the mid-west, and was admitted to a Big 10 university. Originally planning on...9 (9 new)
+2Baupost REAnyone know anything about the RE group within Baupost? Wrt comp / hours / culture / strategy / reputation / AUM dedicated to RE? Have an informational interview with someone there this week, and want to get a baseline level of knowledge beforehand. Thanks8 (8 new)
+22020 PE Recruiting Has Kicked Off Officially Ladies and gents, I have official word Thoma Bravo hired their entire 2020 Associate class out of the East Coast over the weekend. I imagine others are off to the races now too. Be prepared if you have not already gotten word from anyone. Please help provide color if you have any. D1 (1 new)
+2Evercore vs. BAML vs. PJT PartnersWith regards to summer internships at Evercore, <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr> (IBD) and PJT in London - how do they compare in terms of deals, lifestyle and reputation/prestige? All responses greatly appreciated!8 (8 new)
+2WSO Mobile Offers: Text "WSO" to 38470 and get...If you text the 3 letters "WSO" to the # 38470, you will be entered to receive 1 special discount every month to WSO's products and services...these include <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> Resume Review, Wall Street Mentors, Financial Modeling...18
+2company wacc vs project waccDoes the way you finance a project affect the project's wacc? Let's say Apple has a <abbr title="weighted average cost of capital">wacc</abbr> of 10%, and it is starting a new project that has a similar risk profile to the project. However, Apple is paying for...7 (7 new)
+2URGENT: How can I convert this model to monthly?URGENT request to help me try to figure out how to convert this model to a monthly calc vs. yearly. Figure it's a easy change; Thanks!4 (4 new)
+2Overcoming Low GPA for FT recruiting? Have solid work experienceHey guys I'll be graduating next year and want to prepare for <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> recruiting since the timeline is becoming super accelerated. For some background, I'm in Canada and go...1 (1 new)
+2Directly asking for job opportunity during first networking call/coffee?Hey everyone, I am interested in hearing your opinion on this one. I am currently a sophomore attending a semi-target and my networking style has always been pretty direct and aggressive. Every single networking session would usually end with me directly asking if there are internship...3 (3 new)
+2PE Hiring Craze: Fact or Fiction This WSJ article seems like a fish tale. Can anyone in the industry confirm or deny this!2 (2 new)
+2Offer Comparison: Big4 (EY/KPMG) vs Prophet vs Simon KucherI'm a junior who's in the recruiting process for consulting roles, but unfortunately I struggled to get interviews at a lot of the top top firms, and based on some conversations I've had, I think it's based on the lack of really impressive/bigger companies on my resume. I...7 (7 new)
+2WTF is the deal with all these guys wearing sneakers all day?!Work for a hedge fund and see a bunch of guys walking around in nikes or all birds. What's the deal? When did this become okay? 7 (7 new)
+2Questionable Online PhotoCollege sophomore here beginning to look at the recruiting process. My Halloween costume poked fun at banking (think "Short the vix" level jokes) and unfortunately a photo of myself and a friend was posted, uncensored, to an Instagram account with a high number of followers. Should...4 (4 new)
+2What next after banking? Is PE more of the same?Hi all, Appreciate this subject has been rehashed many times, but looking for some advice about potential next steps - any insight would be much appreciated! I know everyone talks about <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> being the ultimate "end goal"...1 (1 new)
+2Goldman Sachs IMD Hirevue Interview Response Hi guys, I recently interviewed for <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> IMD <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> 2019 through hirevue 2 weeks ago and I havent received any responses. I applied for the LA office. Does anyone know...7 (7 new)
+2When Planning Your Life, How Far Ahead Do You Consider?Do you guys think it's pointless to plan your life? If not, how far ahead do you consider when planning the future? In high school, I would never have imagined where I was today. And I mean that in a good way. I have taken my life one step at a time and have changed my career progression...3 (3 new)
+2Private Equity in Canada - UpdatedI'm looking to gain more insight into the private equity space in Canada, particularly for Toronto. I understand that there are historical posts addressing Canadian <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>, but any updated information would be helpful. Please share any...1 (1 new)
+2Advice/Tips on Trying to Relocate to a Tier 1 CityHi guys, I'm trying to relocate from Chicago to <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> or LA. After doing some research: I have my pitch down on why I want to relocate I can get new ph#s from Google and addresses that are specific to the areas that I will be...6 (6 new)
+2Summer rentalGoing to do a summer internship @ E&Y in 2019. Looking for short term place to live. Any tips? Sub lease .Would like to be as close to downtown as possible.1 (1 new)
+2Commercial Credit Analyst to REPE...experience advice? Background- non-target undergrad to commercial CA at a large regional bank; have been in this role for a year and half now. Just finished a 4 month interview process for two smaller REPE firms in a smaller Midwest metro. Just received emails yesterday and today notifying me that I...4 (4 new)
+2What's the most impressive profile you've seen on Linkedin?I'm sure Im not the only one who has checked a friend's profile on Linkedin and clicked on the side of people similar to him or her.1 (1 new)
+2Ever Interviewed/Worked a Job you Were Super Unqualified For?I'll go first. I was looking for a summer internship last year, and being a high school student at the time, my options were limited. I applied to easily 200+ university co-op spots and snagged interviews for 7 of them. I then used this forum to brush up on my modelling skills and...1 (1 new)
+2Cantor Fitzgerald IB revival - LondonSeen a lot of people in London being poached to Cantor Fitzgerald in London especially in the transport/infrastructure teams. Seems like they got the entire Jefferies team and so guys from <abbr title="bulge brackets">BBs</abbr> too. Anyone heard of them working on...1 (1 new)
+2PwC interviews response timeI go to a target school and interviewed on Oct 12th for my case study and behavioral with a manager. It's been two weeks however I haven't heard back for 2nd round Google Hangouts with a Partner. PwC recruit MC, RC, TC, and Cyber at my school and my friends who are in MC and Cyber...6 (6 new)
+2cryptocurrency analysts So looking for jobs in investment banking and other such fields has made me wonder about jobs in the world of cryptocurrencies. I have found jobs titled "cryptocurrency analyst" and the pay is pretty close to what an analyst in other industries make. does anyone know or have any kind...1 (1 new)
+2Commercial Real Estate Capital Markets Analyst-CompensationAt a private equity style Commercial Real Estate debt fund. Business: <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> bridge lending and CMBS B piece investment. As a Capital Markets (Quantitative) Analyst, I do modeling to study fund level (both bridge lending and CMBS...9 (9 new)
+1Buyside Recruiting Kicked Off?Alright so it seems like interviews for on-cycle Summer 2020 are kicking off tomorrow. Can people chime in and confirm who is starting tomorrow/this week? 1 (1 new)
+1Debt Advisory - is it a good stepping stone? What are the exit opportunities?I am an analyst at a top <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> with over 2 years experience in the credit team. I was offered a job with good pay rise at a mid cap debt advisory boutique, but my goal is to move to buy side eventually. I am in no hurry and open to getting...1 (1 new)
+1Frankfurt easier than London?Hey guys, as I´m german I am very curious if someone here might actually had an internship in Frankfurt and not only <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>/London. I heard from a other guy at Uni that it´s much easier to get into <abbr title="investment...1 (1 new)
+1any MF that doesn't kick out associates after two years? I've done some research on LinkedIn and realized that most <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> will kick you out after your 2 years as an associate. They want you to go to business school then either rehire you or you lateral/startup/<abbr title="hedge...4 (4 new)
+1consulting case 101 account sharing I recently bought a 6 month subscription for consulting case 101 website. If you are interested in sharing this account please let me know 1 (1 new)
+1Breaking into Real EstateHi Guys, So I need advice a little bit as I am sort of at a crossroads in my life/career path. So to give you guys some background, I am a junior at a large state university with a top undergrad business school which I am not a part of (couldn't get in). My GPA is definitely not great...1 (1 new)
+1Should you go get Pre Experience MBAShould you get a pre experience <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> straight out of undergrad to get a head start? or should you grind your way in straight out of undergrad.3 (3 new)
+1Serent Capital - any info? Case interview? Even impressions appreciated (time sensitive)Thank you so very much ..........................:........::......:.:::::..................,,,,,,,,,,3 (3 new)
+1To Biodiversity to Business: Help!So I'm a senior at a great university. Except the fact that the advisory center for my biodiversity major gave me bad advice and now I'm about to graduate with a degree I won't be able to get a job or go to grad school with. Basically, if I graduate as my current grades stand,...1 (1 new)
+1Why does it feel so weird to make an "ask" at the end of a informational interview?I've been having a few conversations per week. I've been having solid success with contacting alumni. For the life of me, I cannot make "the ask". After 5-10 minutes and when I run out of questions, I usually just say "Thank you for taking the time to speak with me...4 (4 new)
+1Is Google dirtier than Wall Street?Just read the <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> Times article about the sexual harassment at Google that led to the employee walk-out. Thought it was going to be about something small and Jesus tap-dancing Christ I did not know it was Wolf of Wall Street up in that...11 (11 new)
+1Lateraling into Banking I’ve been working at a solid prop firm (Optiver/DRW/etc) for the past year now and am looking to break into banking. I have the option of working for a small asset manager now and breaking in later or just trying to break in now. Is it even possible for me to break in now? Or should I go to...2 (2 new)
+1Follow up after final interview for an Environmental Commodities trading firmHello all, First post, so fry me up if this is dumb. I just finished my final round interview with an Environmental Commodities trading firm. Here’s how it all went down: Recruiter finds me on LinkedIn and says “you’ve got the background we’re looking for, wanna do an...2 (2 new)
+1How to list upcoming BB IBD Sophomore SA on resume before it startsWith recruiting for Summer 2020 kicking off with info sessions at my target/semi-target (which is completely ridiculous), how should I go about listing the offer I accepted on my resume, if at all? The internship is at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> whose name will...1 (1 new)
+1Reneging on 2020 PE OfferHaving spoken with a few headhunters in the past couple of days, I should have interviews coming up shortly for a few consultant friendly <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> shops. Unfortunately, the fund I want...2 (2 new)
+1Question on Selecting Precedent TransactionsWhen trying to figure out which transactions are the most comparable, I understand that you want similar size, within 1-2 years, industry/sector, type of purchaser, etc. But typically where is the trade off i.e. would you take a a transaction that is more recent and same industry/sector or...1 (1 new)
+1Short-Term Rental Renovation TV show now castingNow casting: Homeowners who want to create or renovate a short-term rental for their property. Have you ever dreamed of operating your very own short-term rental that could produce extra income? Or is your current short-term rental property struggling and in need of a creative revamp and...1 (1 new)
+12020 PE InterviewsSo <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> 2020 Recruiting has kicked off and was just curious if all interviews go out at once or if <abbr title="megafunds">MFs</abbr> will continue to give other interview opps (in addition to the ones that went out...1 (1 new)
+1Cold E-mails getting blocked for "security reasons"Trying to send out cold e-mails, but they come back from mimecast because they were apparently blocked for security reasons. Getting this at a couple of places such as <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> and boutiques. Thoughts on how to go around this?1 (1 new)
+1Modeling: Tower vs MatrixWhen I was in training last summer for my internship the teacher mentioned that there were two ways to structure financial models: tower and matrix. In a tower model, the entire model is built on one tab with all of the sections descending down the sheet. Using a 3-statement model as an...2 (2 new)
+1Stifel-KBW vs. Antares Lev lendingRecently received an offer from Stifel Investment Banking generalist program (St. Louis) and also from Antares Capital (Chicago) in leveraged lending. Heard deal flow at Antares is really impressive with great industry exposure. Wanted opinions on what internship to go for?2 (2 new)
+1Background check about a charity What documents can you show if you are a founder of an unregistered charity and if you don’t have filing no? They are treating it like a company!1 (1 new)
+1Where to start - quantitative finance?What's up guys, This is my first time posting, so please do not roast me too bad if I sound completely clueless. I am looking for advice for good resources in learning about quantitative finance and for general trading strategies. I am graduating college in December but my job in...4 (4 new)
+1Help: Asking MD for PE internshipHey guys, I met an MD at a well-known fund that’s been very busy about a year ago. We had a phone call which went very well and haven’t touched base since. I would like to do an off cycle internship at this fund, do you have any advice on how to make the ask? Doesn’t look like they have...1 (1 new)
+1Underwriting Commercial Real Estate LoansHello, I'm starting a new job where my first project will involve risk modeling for commercial real estate loans. What do those of you in the business look at when you underwrite these things, and why? What are the major risks to consider? Thanks!3 (3 new)
+1Wells Fargo Summer Financial Analyst CRE Division 2019 Hey has anyone heard back with an offer? Just finished up super day last week and am still waiting to hear. If you did receive an offer, how long after your super day did you get it? Thanks!4 (4 new)
+1Here's how they made it to front office up in CanadaGiven the fact that I come from extreme non-target up in Canada I decided to start networking and getting to know the finance community proactively. I met plenty of people in all types of roles and industries imaginable. By using LinkedIn and personal conversations to find out more about their...1 (1 new)
+1Has anyone done the M.S. in Commerce at UVA?I'm an undergrad considering it for an extra shot at recruiting. Has anyone here completed the program or know anyone that has? I'm curious about the recruiting timeline and if the opportunities are worth it in 2018 (the other two threads are almost 10 years old).1 (1 new)
+1Who do I approach about an off cycle internship at a larger bank?Disclaimer: I've read nearly all the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> posts about off cycle internships My particulars, currently in the Northeast and have a <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> boutique experience. I've...5 (5 new)
+1From Nordic investment banks/advisory groups to London PEHello, fellow monkeys. I have a question regarding the reputation of Nordic investment banks and how their employees fare when it comes to London recruiting. As a 2y analyst in one of the leading Nordic players (think Carnegie, ABG Sundal Collier, Arctic Securities, SEB, DNB), how are my...1 (1 new)
+1Are the following firms still open or finished: Bain, Golden Gate, Providence, Francisco, Permira, Advent, Eurazeo, Vista............................................................................................... Thank you!3 (3 new)
+1Resume advice needed Hello, Could you please review my resume? Although I work in EU, any insight from a US perspective is helpful. Thank you very much (no spaces in the link below - can't put links yet) me diafire. com/file/p6iw2oawrm4ynmk/WSO_resume .pdf/file2 (2 new)
+1Still fo for CFA?I am currently a junior level sales marketer at a oil corporation I passed <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> level 1 in university and am thinking whether I should keep studying for this exam until I become a charterer. My work has got nothing to do...1 (1 new)
+1Looking for advice - not getting staffedThrowaway account. I have been in the industry for a few years. With a new firm. Over the past month or so, staffing's have died down dramatically. My team is busy, maybe it is because of the new analysts, but it is nagging on me. Any advice?1 (1 new)
+1How is the "Analyst" role different than the "Research Associate" role at Light Street? LinkedIn examples inside, new to HFsNew to <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr>. I see the differences in background: Research Associate is clearly coming from consulting, likely does interviews/surveys/models. Analyst from <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. What is the...2 (2 new)
+1Real Estate “Production Analyst”does anyone have experience in this role? I’m very confused on the difference between this and that of a business analyst. Any help would be appreciated! 4 (4 new)
+1CEMS Second-tier or regular MIM top-tierHi all! I am considering applying for MIMs next year, and I struggle choosing between: - CEMS MIM at second tier schools: think UCD Smurfit, CBS, RSM - but main target being smurfit which is climbing the <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> ranking (now 7th though I know...3 (3 new)
+1Philosophy Major, Consulting Hopeful; What Do I Do?!?I am a third year student at a (barely) semi-target school hoping to enter consulting after graduation, possibly with a stint in the Peace Corps in between. As of today, I am a philosophy major, without any relevant minors. I started college as a wide eyed idealist without any idea of what I...1 (1 new)
+1Sorry had to delete this .................................................................................................................................................................1 (1 new)
+1Best BB sales and trading desks 2018for MS, <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>, and <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr>, what are the best trading desks? best sales gigs? There doesn't seem to be a lot of updated information on this and am curious now that desk placements are...1 (1 new)
+1Goldman Sachs London IBDDid any one get a reply from <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> for full time position in London. I have applied there and it's been a month they havent replied.I wanted to know whether I...3 (3 new)
+1Sort Company Employees by SchoolSo apparently on LinkedIn there's a way to separate employees of a company by the schools they attended. This dumbass here can't figure out how to do that, nor has he found any article online that can help him. Would a kind soul here please assist this dumbass? Your help would be...1 (1 new)
+1ASKIVY.NEtCurious to know if anyone has/used 3 hour <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> case study and if you still have model answers1 (1 new)
+1LME acct/acct tradingCan anyone tell me what "account to account" trading in precious metals mean? I googled the terminology and can't find any references.1 (1 new)
+1Recruiting DilemnaHi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, Currently a junior at a target uni and do have prior finance experience (accounting, corp fin, and equity research). Currently have an equity research offer in Asia at a well-known brand shop, but I want to try to recruit...1 (1 new)
+1Back Office to IB/PE? Offers to choose from Fund internship, IB Business Management, Corporate Finance, etc.Hey Guys, Sorry had a same post in job advice forum but the format seems messed up and it won't let me edit it. It would be great if I could just have some advice on the offers/in progress interviews I am having, as I am not 100% sure which path I should take. My ultimate goal is...5 (5 new)
+1Info on Cleveland Research Company?Just curious to see if anyone had some info on Cleveland Research Company. Only stuff I can find is a few reviews here and there on glassdoor-- can't conclude much from that. Specifically looking for comp (reviews say it's pretty low) and exit ops. Any insight would be great.1 (1 new)
+1Equations For Multiples Based on the Discounted Cash Flow Model And Dividend Discount Model?Where can I find two stage equations for most enterprise and equity multiples based on discounted cash flow and dividend discount models? [Two Stage Equation For P/E]( (1 new)
+1Interview Question : Capital Increase - Financial StatementsHi guys, In an <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> interview, I was asked the following question, => 100 of capital increase, financed 50% debt and 50% equity : What is the effect of this increase on the financial statements? Go first on the Income...1 (1 new)
+1Starting a consulting HF business I've been working as a technical person in a small prop-shop, designing and building <abbr title="high frequency trading">HFT</abbr> trading systems, and recently I started my own consulting shop, hopefully, to do the same thing for prop-shops and hedge funds. Is...2 (2 new)
+1How to network with PE firms if you are currently doing a deal together?What is the best way to network with firms that you are currently doing a deal with? I've been fortunate to have a strong amount of deal experience in my first year of banking which is putting me in direct contact with associates / vps/ principals at a lot of <abbr title="private...1 (1 new)
+1London recruiter coverageAnybody aware which HHs are covering who in London? Specifically looking on who Walker Hamill and Dartmouth cover, any insight appreciated1 (1 new)
+1Cowen Special Situations Group ReputationAnybody heard of them or know anything about the group in terms of reputation, work type and exit opportunities?1 (1 new)
+1Legendary Investor Soros’ Resilience and the Bitcoin Market(2)“I think that bitcoin prices will still rise, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a bubble. Obviously, it’s based on misunderstandings like the tulip bubble. But blockchain technology can be applied positively.” This sentence was from George Soros's speech at the World Economic...1 (1 new)
+1JP Morgan Investment Banking Junior Analyst Full Time ProgramCurrently a senior at a semi-target school and completed a summer <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internship at a lower <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> firm. I heard about the investment banking junior analyst program for <abbr...3 (3 new)
+1IB focused on Video Gaming & Movies?I know this seems like a stupid question, but, do you know of any Boutiques/Teams (located in London) which only focus on Video Gaming & Movies? I assume Arma, GP Bullhound and Torch would be the best fit? Furthermore, do you know of any firms where it's ok to ditch the suit and show...1 (1 new)
+1Should I make the move to an LO asset manager?I graduated from college 4 years ago and have been an equity research analyst in a fairly large and well-known asset manager in my region for about 2 years. We are multi-manager and run several long-only or long-biased strategies. I like the investment process, the relative stability of the firm...1 (1 new)
+1TransferI wonder if it is worth making the effort to transfer to school like Middlebury/Vanderbilt/Rice/Washu from UCLA for finance recruiting. Cost is not an issue and I just feel the atmosphere at UCLA is not for me. Thanks!2 (2 new)
+1Any good books on Macro-economy?Hi everyone, I took a Hedge Fund class a while back and the professor didn't do that good of a job of explaining how macroeconomic factors such as inflation, interest rates, unemployment, wage growth, all affect the stock market and economy. I was wondering if anyone had any...1 (1 new)
+1Unlevered FCF helpHey guys, I know that there are a lot standard explanation on the web regarding to <abbr title="free cash flow">FCF</abbr>, but I´m struggling with a <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> model that I build by myself. When I want to...3 (3 new)
+1Broker Dealer Securities Lending at I-Banks........................................................Delete..................................................................................................................................................................................................1 (1 new)
+1Realities and fantasies about Hyalurolift to purchase We should investigate the rundown of fixings to take in more about this, with what normal substance the mushroom item is gathered - the cell nourishment complex - the apple concentrate of the cell sustenance complex, adequately apply the idea that - damp drain the Hyalurolift cream concentrate...1 (1 new)
+1Boutique still accepting applicants Milan/London/FrankfurtHey monkeys, do you know any boutique still accepting for applicants? Both Summer and Off-Cycle. Area Milan/London/Frankfurt.4 (4 new)
+1Has anyone taken the HBx course Business Analytics?I'm looking to enroll in the next Business Analytics cohort from HBx and was wondering if anyone else has taken it before and what your opinions are on it? For reference, the nonprofit I'm working for right now has offered to cover the cost for me, so as long as I'm accepted I...1 (1 new)
+1PIMCO 2019 Account Summer Analyst Has anyone heard back/applied for this position? The original deadline was Oct 20 and campus recruiting sent out an email saying I'd heard back no more than 4 weeks after the deadline. I just looked at the app again and it now says "early process deadline Oct 20" and...1 (1 new)
+1Does anyone know of this place/ how it is? I came across SMBC Nikko and it seems like they just started an investment banking group like 2 years ago, not sure if anyone knows how this is? In terms of <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> job, exit opps, pay, etc.? I saw they advised soft bank on the...1 (1 new)
+1Meeting a managerHello, I would be very grateful if you guys could give me some tips. I recently graduated from a good school, studied mathematics. I am going to meet a CEO of an asset management firm next week. I have met with people from big firms before for chat recently (mostly capital markets, a couple...1 (1 new)
+1What is the Rating Methodology of ICO Rating Websites?These years, there are so many ICO projects. As it is impossible for investors to get to know every project for their limited time and energy, it is difficult to select valuable projects. Thus, rating websites come about. With professional work led by professional staff, investors can easily see...1 (1 new)
+1How does Max Cúrcuma work?Max Cúrcuma is a complete spectrum of true healing benefits. This amazing dietary supplement is ready to manage all the health and wellness problems with every passing day. It reboots your immune system to supersede any kind of upcoming health concerns to maintain you in good health forever. 1 (1 new)
+1Career Advice: How To Explore New Skills In Your DowntimeIf you want to know about how to explore new skills in your downtime then make a note of these following career advice to have a very good career growth. 1) GET A PARTNER (OR TWO): It is very significant to find a mentor who can actually share their viewpoints and stories that does not...1 (1 new)
+1How to polish up a CV...Hey guys, I´m constantly thinking on tasks I could do beside University that can polish up my CV. I already have very good grades but I wan´t to do more, I already thought about learning a new language. I´m not from the states so I don´t have the opportunity to join special clubs in...1 (1 new)
+1Citadel Trader Challenge test??Monkeys, I have been invited to take the Citadel's trader challenge test and was wondering if anyone here has done this before. This is for a trading internship. I believe that this test is sponsored by correlation-one, seems very technical. 40 questions in 30 mins. Any feedback...1 (1 new)
+1Selling Knopman Series 79/63 Books. Like new.Can ship anywhere in the U.S. Make me an offer and we can work something out. These were barely used and have no markings 1 (1 new)
+1Visiting Alone? Then have fun as doubletThere are thousands of people visiting the every parts of India everyday with some business or for other purposes like tourism, entertainment etc. Not everyone is expected to have a company during their trips. When we are alone on our trips that took to the place like Delhi, we might find it...1 (1 new)
+1UMiami Student seeking summer internship in Boston....3 interviews no luck yet, would love some feedback/advice.Hello everyone/fellow mokeys: Need to be in Boston next summer for my internship (IB, Mgmt Con, <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>, etc) b/c my dad is sick. So far, I've had a superday and 3 interviews, but no luck. My GPA is a 3.65, and I have previous...3 (3 new)
+1Infrastructure finance / Power / Utilities groupHi, I'm interviewing soon for an analyst position in a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> bank for their infra/power/utilities group. Anyone has some experience in this sector? Typical interview questions, on the job tasks etc... Thanks !2 (2 new)
+1Premium Email Marketing Services in Hyderabad | BOXFinityWe are one of the leading email marketing companies in Hyderabad, who deploys the advanced email marketing solutions to enhance the business exploration.1 (1 new)
+1DCF valuation results into post-money or pre-money valuation?Business plan involves future revenues which are already based on investment from investors, so valuation based on <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> should be post-money valuation? I am confused because usually if you perform valuation before investment it is...1 (1 new)
+1Got contacted by a recruiter from Goldman Sachs regarding a few open positions, how do I not screw this up?Hello, I am a first year full time professional working in public accounting. I currently work in audit, and the other day, I was contacted on LinkedIn from a recruiter at Goldman Sachs. Since I work in accounting, I was offered several accounting related positions, but the one that really...1 (1 new)
+1Had an informal interview.....for a large Boutique <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> firm. They are looking to expand in the country where I am working and are looking for an assistant to their CEO (who would be sent to that country). During the interview, the CEO and me talked...1 (1 new)
+1Uh-oh<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li>U.S. markets: They keep ping-ponging back and forth. Yesterday was a good day—all 11 S&P sectors finished higher. </li> <li>Economic data: Do you want the good news or the not-as-good news? The good...consumer...1 (1 new)
+1Advantages and Negative Side Effects of ProSolution PlusProSolution Plus has numerous fixings that are primarily to enhance sexual stamina and execution. A portion of the fixings made reference to beneath can deliver more blood stream in the assemblies of your penis. This can result in a superior quality and size of your erection. Also, you can...1 (1 new)
+1Top mezzanine credit fund -> career opportunititiesCurious about what people believe are the exit opportunities from a two year associate position at a top Mezzanine fund (think Oaktree/Crescent/GS). Equity-like investing analysis oriented vs bare bones lending Specificaly thinking about an opportunistic credit job afterwards (my ultimate...1 (1 new)
+1How Do I Get An InterviewHow do you even get an interview if your coming from a non target school? All my resumes are just getting rejected.3 (3 new)
+1Debt Credit Analyst vs. Corporate BankingPreparing for an upcoming interview with a private debt placement team (long term,mid-market loans) at an asset management firm. At the associate level, I assume the job is very similar to mid-market corporate banking or corporate banking. How do you answer "why choose private debt instead...1 (1 new)
+1RXR RealtyI have heard of them before and they are pretty well known institutional shop with quality assets. Does anyone know anything about culture/comp/etc? I have heard mixed things and their Glassdoor is pretty brutal.5 (5 new)
+1Corporate Strategy vs. Strategic Planning Hi guys, I was wondering what exactly the difference is between corporate strategy and strategic planning. Is it the same or are there any differences or nuances? Google is unfortunately unclear about it. Thank you in advance for your help! Best.1 (1 new)
+1Do you think trading is rigged?Just wondering what your thoughts are about becoming a trader/quant is there a way to actually make money trading or is it a zero sum game where you always lose in the long run? 1 (1 new)
+1I have a PhD in Engineering, work in commercial banking, how do i get into PE?I want to make the jump to <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>, but my career has been an interesting one. I am still young (mid-20s), I did my PhD in Aerospace Engineering, I did a short stint in one of the largest management consulting firms, and now I work in the...1 (1 new)
+1Does Anyone hear something back of the Barclays Insight Day? I saw the description said that "If selected to attend, you will be notified by Wednesday Oct.31. Does anyone get a good news?5 (5 new)
+1Background Check: IBD SA - Employer Check and Credit CheckHi Guys, wanted to ask the guys who went through the background check already. Do you know whether it is required to given the background checking company the contact details of someone operative or are these firms fine with just the HR of my previous companies? Also how strict is the...1 (1 new)
+1SIE Exam by FINRA? Hey all, Does anyone have any info on the new FINRA SIE exam? Now that I've been a junior trader for some time, my firm is preparing to give me my own seat on the desk and have my own junior within the next couple months. Being so, I need to take a few licensing exams. The SIE exam...1 (1 new)
+1What is kind of questions asked in the Optiver technical interview for developer?Hi all, I am in-process of technical interview with Optiver for a developer role (senior level). I have passed the online test (consists of 3 programming questions). Also, done with HR interview. Now got a mail stating next skype technical interview. I searched the whole google about what...1 (1 new)
+1Private Equity Case Study Final RoundWhat is usually expected of a case study portion in a final round interview with a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> fund? They have just provided the <abbr title="confidential information memorandum">CIM</abbr> and have asked to prepare a 5-10...1 (1 new)
+1Poor GPA Undergrad Poli Sci Ivy League Student Hey everyone, I am brand new to this. As the title explains, I am an undergrad Poli Sci student at an Ivy who is graduating this year. I will most likely end up with a GPA between 2.9 and 3.0. I could go work at a political advertising agency after graduating, but I wanted to ask if there is...1 (1 new)
+1What debt tranche to use in an LBO?If a case study doesn't give any specific directions as to the debt tranche and spread to use, what would be the best way to think that through and come up with a structure? I feel like because it is so open ended, there is room for them to ask why not i.e.) 2.0x senior debt and 1.0x...1 (1 new)
+1LBO Practice CompanyAll - I've got an interview next week and was hoping someone had some recommendations on a relatively simple publicly-traded company I can build a practice <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> for? Just trying to get some reps in beforehand. 2 (2 new)
+1NEWPORT LEGACY ZURICH SWITZERLAND: UNRAVELLING OF EMERGING MARKETS AND THE POTENTIAL IMPACTS ON NEW ZEALANDNewport Legacy wealth management Zurich Switzerland Agree to this article. The underlying economic troubles in emerging markets surfaced recently with Turkey, Argentina and India making headlines as their markets tumbled. Meanwhile, trade tensions between China and the United States have...1 (1 new)
+1Dell FDP vs. GE FMP (and upcoming interviews)I'm a Junior at a non-target school for MC firms, who's hoping to just build a good enough resume by next year to get the attention of those firms (for full-time ops). I've had an internship at the biggest healthcare provider in my state, and a pretty interesting resume beyond...1 (1 new)
+1Which schools and degrees in order to become a quant trader? Hello, I'm a guy who would like to become later a quant trader in a prestigious hedge fund. I'm in Italy, studying in a french school and I'll get my baccalaureate by the end of the year. I'd like to know which schools and degrees are suitable for my ambitions, knowing that I...1 (1 new)
+1What Happens To Pre-MBA PE Associates that Get an MBA and Don't Break Back In?Looking at class profiles and employment reports, it appears that there is a bit of attrition for the number of pre-MBA <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> associates that actually leave with post-MBA <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> jobs....3 (3 new)
+1best forex trading strategy for Double Bottomsbest forex trading strategy for Double Bottoms Published by bestsignals on October 27, 2018 Double Bottoms and best trading strategy Downward price trend The short-term price trend leading to a double bottom is down. Two valleys Look for two valleys that bottom near the same price. Near...1 (1 new)
+1Is TAS (Big 4) an industry prone to automation?While audit has a risk of automation, I was wondering if other Big 4 services like TAS for example are at risk of automation or is a dying career.3 (3 new)
+1Best Real Estate firms for starting your careerWhat are the best real estate firms to start a career with in terms of going down the <abbr title="private equity real estate">PERE</abbr> space? Would it be better to start in brokerage or in an actual <abbr title="private equity real...2 (2 new)
+1LBO Model for Co-Investment?How different would an <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> model for a co-investment be? If a fund is only taking a minority investment, what different assumptions would play into the model? would there be less risk incorporated in with it given that another investor...1 (1 new)
+1Skype interview as final round?Has anyone ever heard of a skype inteview being the final round. I had the initial phone interview and now have a skype interview with two exes and a vp. For a first year analyst position1 (1 new)
+1Anyone looking for a room? NYC I am looking for a roommate to sign 2BR/2BD in LIC or Downtown Brooklyn. Ideal move-in is Dec '18 or early '19 My budget is up to $2,000 and targeting $3,500-$4,000 range for units Going for luxury apartments with in-unit laundry PM if interested!3 (3 new)
+1Learn from my college mistakes to become a successful investment bankerI'm writing this to give you guys some insight on the exact path you should take if you want to land a job at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> or top tier bank. I've made every mistake you could possibly make in a business career and in my late 20s I have...17 (17 new)
+1What should I go for? Hi all, I come from a non-target school in Italy (top 10 public schools), where I got my Master's degree in Corporate finance, and I am currently working in the Corporate Finance division of a Big-4. Prior than that, I have worked at GE as an intern for less than a year. My dream would...1 (1 new)
+1Current Differences Between Tiger Cubs (Coatue, Lone Pine, Tiger Global) - Culture, Investment Style, Etc.Given the lack of transparency / widespread info on the current state of some of the major Tiger cubs, I was hoping to better understand common perceptions of the following: internal culture, turnover, investment focus (time horizon, flexibility, etc), as they relate to firms like Coatue vs...3 (3 new)
+1Experience with getting into IB boutiques?Hey guys, so Im a junior at a target (ivy) trying to land a boutique <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> position for this upcoming semester. I've decided to take a semester off to get relevant experience because I have no prior finance experience (outside my...1 (1 new)
+1Am I screwed for BB/EB NYC?Junior at a target school with an average gpa (<3.5) - Struck out this past summer for <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> but managed to land a boutique <abbr title="mergers and...4 (4 new)
+1AG vs NERA vs Brattle vs CornerstoneHey folks. I have offers at all four of the "top" econ consulting shops. Are there any differences in terms of exit opps (b-school in particular), prestige, otherwise that should help inform my decision? All west coast offices **Cornerstone** I like cornerstone because the comp is...2 (2 new)
+12018 Barclays Insight DayAnyone going to the Insight Day next Friday? Also, anyone who has previously gone to one of these events at Barclays, any insights on what to expect?1 (1 new)
+1I'm confused on what to do right now in terms of career - started to value different things.So a bit of background - I'm a 2nd year student at a now T20 school, currently interning at a boutique investment bank, did previous internships in investment management and a streetwear start-up, recruited into a start-up consulting group on campus, and for like the longest time, I wanted...2 (2 new)
+1Online Econometrics CoursesHello, Are there any good online econometrics/regression analysis course that you've all heard of? I tried one but it was too much of a broad overview.1 (1 new)
+1REFM Financial Modeling AdviceRecently started at a top firm as an intern and am hoping to learn basic financial modeling and heard REFM was a great resource. I am trying to decide between Real Estate Self study course "Principles of Commercial Real Estate" and the levels 1,2 and 3 bootcamp. Any recomendations...1 (1 new)
+1When to study abroad... does sophomore year fall make sense?Since recruiting is getting pushed ahead further and further, is it to the point that that studying abroad sophomore year fall will hurt my chances at recruiting? 3 (3 new)
+1What should I do? IB vs COHey, I am currently a business student and on the hunt for a inernship, my passion are ofc the financial markets and the financial sectors but I already got a few rejections from <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> (non target europe, good grades though). I...2 (2 new)
+1Need Help! Interview for Summer Analyst Position with Private Debt/CreditHey everyone. I'm currently a Junior at a top undergrad studying Economics. I'm interviewing for a Summer Analyst role at a Private Debt/Credit Arm of a large Fund (they also have private equity, cap markets, real estate, etc.) They deal with high-yield, non-investment grade. I'm...3 (3 new)
+1Resume Tips: First 3 Places A Recruiter Looks on Your Resume** 1. Your Current Work Experience:** While glancing through your resume most of the employers would actually check your current work experience. This will actually reveal to the employer that whether the candidate has the required set of skills, and experience, and can contribute to the...1 (1 new)
+1Game Plan: MSF vs. CFA? New Job? Internship? HelpBackground: May '18 grad with degree in Economics/Business Data Analytics. Currently working as an Acquisitions Analyst at a small real estate firm. Goal: Break into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> or <abbr title="private...1 (1 new)
+1Thoughts on Asking for Relocation/ Housing Stipend as an Intern?So I am based out of the West Coast, and the bank I am interning at this summer wants me to be in their <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> office. Since I am getting paid street, I know that the bank can probably afford to shell out 1-2K, but is it alright to ask for a...1 (1 new)
+1Legendary Investor Soros’ Resilience and Bitcoin Marke“Financial markets are very unfriendly to self-awareness: those who are always immersed in their own fantasies need to pay a very heavy price. It turns out that interest in truth is an important quality of success in financial markets.” This is Soros's understanding of the financial...1 (1 new)
+1Lateral after 1 yearHere's the situation that I'm in. I have accepted a offer to start at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> (JPM / <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr> / Citi) in wholesale credit in a regional office (ATL / LA ), however...1 (1 new)
+1Capital One Strategy Associate VS. Casey Quirk by Deloitte Business AnalystSo I currently have offers from both of these places. Capital one offers a 10% higher salary, 100% larger signing bonus, located around DC(lower Cost of living), and better work life balance. Casey Quirk on the other hand pays less, located in <abbr title="New York...4 (4 new)
+1JPM HireView - Graduate Program 2019 - LondonHi all - I am bound to take the digital interview for the 2019 Graduate Program at <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> London. I already passed the "first round" of video interviews in which you video record 3 answers to 3 2-min questions. Has anyone done...2 (2 new)
+1Case interview at FitchHi guys, I have been invited for a case interview at Fitch. They have asked me to complete the credit opinion of a company and have provided their rating criteria and have asked to prepare a power point which I will present to a team of analysts who will challenge my assumptions. Now my...1 (1 new)
+1Portfolio Manager Compensation / Comp StructureMy shop has various strategies, including long-only, special sit and L/S, all centered largely around credit. I am a senior analyst who spends my time across strategies. There are paths for me to take on a PM role in the long-only credit or special sit groups, but I view these opportunities to...2 (2 new)
+1Question about stock loansI am offering stock loans that are available on stocks trading below $5 and am also offering loans that defer the interest so you would pay back all the interest when you pay back the loan at the end of the term (balloon payment). Is this something that <abbr title="JP...1 (1 new)
+1Triple Bottoms and best trading strategyTriple Bottoms and best trading strategy Published by bestsignals on October 27, 2018 Downward price trend The short-term price trend leading to the triple bottom is down. Three bottoms Three minor lows are involved in a triple bottom. Sometimes they can be one-day price spikes or wider,...1 (1 new)
+1E-waste recyclingI'm working with an exciting new European e-waste recycling business and would like to meet equity investors interested in this space. It would probably suit a millennial generated fund or a fund that is looking for clean credentials. The Company has a great team and a good forward supply...1 (1 new)
+1Do alpha males have a harder time breaking into IB than most?I feel like today's society particularly shuns alpha males such as me from really achieving their full potential. I know careers in medicine don't really allow alphas to shine, and on the off chance they do, they turn out to do extraordinary things (such as Ben Carson). Is <abbr...8 (8 new)
+1RSM: Exit Opportunities, Worth it?Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I was recently offered a position with RSM in their Financial Advisory Consulting Services as a BVal Associate (not in NY). The hours are 60-65 during business season (pairs with auditors for internal business valuation)...2 (2 new)
+1DCF/Comps do justifiy subjective decison?TL;DR - tried tweaking <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> to make it more optimistic but cannot honestly justify tweaks. Resorting to arriving at target share price with <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr>/Comps weight - don't...1 (1 new)
+1Hardest working firmRandomly had a question about what firm is the hardest working (HF, <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>, IB)? Which firm has the hardest working employees/culture?1 (1 new)
+12020 On-Cycle HF RecruitingNot in the industry yet, but pretty curious with how <abbr title="hedge funds">HFs</abbr> are approaching recruiting right now. I know a lot of the bigger <abbr title="hedge funds">HFs</abbr> typically compete with the <abbr...1 (1 new)
+1Colony Capital Summer AnalystRecently received second-round interview with Colony Capital in LA. Curious if anyone can provide any insight on the firm or anything at all. If you know more about their summer internship program that would be great as well. Thanks.1 (1 new)
+1Big 4 IB internship (not in financial hubs)Are <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internships (Big 4) done at a non-financial hub country valued lesser and does that make it harder to get into <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> <abbr title="investment...1 (1 new)
+1Delete011118[Please delete this post, posted in wrong section] [Please delete this post, posted in wrong section]1 (1 new)
+1IBM and Red HatI am curious to know from senior members here about the deal from M&A perspective. I see the words "growth synergies" being used instead of "cost synergies". Article:...2 (2 new)
+1Multiple Big 4 Offers - is it possible to negotiate?I am currently an Undergraduate student and have received an offer for an Assurance traineeship and an internship for Transactions - however, these offers are from different big 4 firms. Finance is ultimately where I want to work in, so I really want to take up the internship. However, the...3 (3 new)
+1Alternative Energy Interview TechnicalsI have an upcoming interview with an alternative energy group's <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">m&a</abbr> team. Was wondering if anyone had any type of technicals or questions. They mentioned cash available for distribution: can you explain that and how its...2 (2 new)
+1SS ER > HF. Network in from SS or MBA?For the past year I've been at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> bank doing tech/software <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> and have spent about 5 years total on the sell side. I would now like to make the transition to a...1 (1 new)
+1Epic, Maker of Fortnite, Raises $1.25 BillionAs many of you have seen over the past year, Fortnite has become one of the biggest video game sensations in the world. Now its maker, Epic Games, is cashing in. According to [this...1 (1 new)
+1Rising Junior Looking For Advice about Semester InternshipsHey everyone, so I'm a rising junior at a target (Ivy). I've got a long story for the reason why I'm in the position I am, but basically I want to break into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> but I have no prior <abbr title="investment...1 (1 new)
+1What does EV/EBITDA represent?What exactly does <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr>/<abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization">EBITDA</abbr> or any of the <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr> valuation ratios represent?...3 (3 new)
+1Deleted Delete DeleteDelete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete3 (3 new)
+1What iPad to getAnybody have thoughts on what iPad to get?Currently use a MacBook for all school assignments, and will most likely continue that. I have a second generation iPad, but it’s too slow after all the updates. Want to use the iPad for reading the news and other web browsing, but wouldn’t mind the...2 (2 new)
+1FT partners san francisco phone interview ?have a first round phone interview with financial technology partners SanFran office. Is first round phone mostly technical or behavioural ? anybody has any insights? thanks!2 (2 new)
+1Team Lunch - dress code themeOur team is trying to do a team bonding lunch with a dress code theme. Please recommend a cool theme for us? Thanks.2 (2 new)
+1PE compensation Anyone know what the going rate for associates at private equity firms are recently? Did any raise compensation to stay competitive with banking? Heard some folks getting told $300k+ all in for recently recruited positions starting in 2020. Mainly looking for data points with the mgea funds...1 (1 new)
+1Bain Capital InterviewTips on the Bain Capital interview? I know it's consulting style cases but what should I prepare for specifically?1 (1 new)
+1Senior Associate or MBA?So I've finished two years of <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr>, followed by 2 years at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="private...5 (5 new)
+1Best LBO Template for Case Study?I've seen a few templates floating around that can vary quite substantially and was wondering what templates you guys use in case studies where you have 45 mins - 1 hr to build out the entire model. Assuming for case studies it makes sense to use a 1 tab simplified model. Curious to see if...1 (1 new)
+1Which firms are most quantitative: DRW, IMC, Virtu, Flow Traders, Optiver?Currently graduating from school, looking to break into prop trading without much finance background (but strong quantitative skills stats, math, cs). Got offers from a few or all of these firms, but I'm not sure which would be best for me. I'm hoping to use my background to its...1 (1 new)
+1Top Brass Brought in McKinseyLet's see if the organization structure and corporate dynamics actually change this time. It's funny to see these 20 something whippersnappers acting as if they have the same stature as the CxOs. One has already dropped that they just graduated from Harvard. I wanted to reply with,...1 (1 new)
+1PIMCO Alternative Funds Summer Internship Thoughts?Anyone have any info on PIMCO Alternative Funds Valuation Analyst as a junior year internship and leverage into full-time IB? Thanks. 1 (1 new)
+1Mining InvestmentThis is a forum for anyone working in or interested in the Metals & Mining Investment space. Including Equity, Debt, Royalties, Streaming, Off-take, Convertible Bonds and all other forms of mine financing.1 (1 new)
+1CMBS Bond Trading - indexed to various curvesHi All, I worked on CMBS investment, although it's not my major functions. I got really interested in CMBS bond trading. I do support my boss in bond trading when he or the broker we hired to do a BWIC, like getting Price/Yield numbers from Trepp. (I don't have Bloomberg,...1 (1 new)
+1How to Compare Model UtilitiesHey Developers out there, I got assigned to come up with an effective way to compare our model units from various project when it comes to utility usage. What would be the best way to compare the totals on an apples to apples comparison? Can't look at total bill because of different...1 (1 new)
+1One more tour?I Recently completed my 2rd year in the military. 1 of it was in flight school. I never completed the program and had 5 months following in supply corps school. I'm currently stationed overseas in Japan as a disbursing (financial management) officer as well as a sales officer which is...3 (3 new)
+1How to forecast working capital items ?Hi everyone ! I'm wondering how can I forecast working capital and more specifically " current asset or current liabilities". I first took the opening and the closing balance previous year and I calculated the variation. But, I would like to find a better methods. If you can...3 (3 new)
+1Help a KoreanI am currently working at sales&marleting at a major oil corporation in Korea for around a year now. I fetched finance career in my undergrad but did not work out very well so I ended up here. I am pretty happy with where I am now but that inch of frustration is still there... Though I...1 (1 new)
+1Rothschild London - Strongest GroupsThere was a post related to the strongest groups at Rothschild's London office, but it's fairly dated. As I understand it, Healthcare, Consumer, and <abbr title="Restructuring">RX</abbr> are very strong. Any other insights?1 (1 new)
+1Goldman Sachs - Interview My girlfriend has just received an interview for the PIPG equity derivatives team of Goldman Sachs in London, after working slightly more than a year at the Interest Rate Derivatives desk for one of the larger Nordic banks. Is anyone familiar with this desk? What can she expect in terms of...1 (1 new)
+1Deutsche Bank Jacksonville [update]Hello all, I'm a senior at a top-20 US university studying economics & math. Did a <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> internship at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in <abbr title="New...1 (1 new)
+1How To Answer Strengths And Weaknesses During A Job InterviewSometimes, the question of the strengths and weaknesses appears little pointless, especially in job interviews. But the interviewers are not actually that bothered about the answer you give them. They aren’t looking for what the answer is but how you would answer it. The strength and...1 (1 new)
+1Finance Career: Current Events and the MarketHi All, Quick background - first year analyst in a coverage group at a top <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> firm. I have had a great experience but starting to think about the next step, especially as...5 (5 new)
+1Performance Trust Capital Partners In Chicago I'm in the late stages of interviewing at performance trust capital partners and i'm wondering if they drug test?1 (1 new)
+1October surprise<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li> Econ: U.S. consumer sentiment slipped a bit in October, clocking in just below analysts' estimates. But the good news? The reading remains near a record high.</li> <li>Brazil elections: Far-right candidate Jair...1 (1 new)
+1Rising Junior Looking For Advice About InternshipsHey everyone, so I'm a rising junior at a target (Ivy). I've got a long story for the reason why I'm in the position I am, but basically I want to break into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> but I have no prior <abbr title="investment...4 (4 new)
+1It's snowing and you don't want to mess up the loafers....With winter almost here .... What's your best choice for boots? Hunter? LL Bean? What are you guys doing? 4 (4 new)
+1Tesla's FutureTesla has been laughed at for it's financial performance over the last few years, their vision is great for the future and for their innovation with making "green cars". Recently, the Elon has just completely fucked up in terms of his tweets about a private buyout. Then, last...4 (4 new)
+1Offer Evaluation | Capital One Corporate Strategy Associate vs. EY Parthenon vs. Strategy& vs. Growth Equity (Mid Tier)Trying to decide between above offers. Long term goal is to enter product management, strategy in tech or venture investing. Also considering business school down the road. Would love perspective on how all these offers stack up for exit opps and Bschool. Cap One Corp Strat: Guaranteed...3 (3 new)
+1Notorious mob boss Whitey Bulger found dead in prisonNotorious Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger was found dead at a federal prison in West Virginia Tuesday, federal officials said. Bulger, 89, had recently arrived at the high-security penitentiary USP Hazelton in West Virginia, according to the Boston Herald. The feared former...3 (3 new)
+1Do you apply after rejections again? Hey, this is especially for Students who are still in Uni studying for their bachelor/undergraduate degree. As the possibility is very high to get a few rejections, if not all, in your first year applying for internship would you senior guys advise to apply to the same Banks again the...5 (5 new)
+1Goldman Internal Mobility after Internship Back office How easy is it for interns to move divisions after completing an internship at Goldman Sachs? Ideally, I'd want to move into tech as a business analyst from another back end division.. 1 (1 new)
+1Msc Finance ranking europeHi there! From what you' ve heard/seen throughout your whole career, what are the best school for a <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> in Europe (i know that it depends on the field we are considering, let's say for <abbr title="investment...1 (1 new)
+1Pitchbook Design ImprovementGentlemen - I'm at a three man shop (2 founders and myself). We started the firm 5 years ago. Anyway, looking for a help or reference. Our pitch-book design is "lacking" to say the least. Does anyone have any close contacts that help to design pitch-books. Obviously, we would...1 (1 new)
+1Which of the Big 4 + Accenture Pay for Business SchoolI'm having a little trouble finding the info online. I'm recruiting with all the Big 4 management consulting arms and Accenture and as hoping to find out what their programs for <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> is?2 (2 new)
+1Is the competition for internships overhyped?I am a freshman at a southern semi target and i'm just wondering when is the crucial time to secure internships if we are being realistic. I have 1 relevant summer internship under my belt and i'm not sure what to do this upcoming summer or if my current experience would be sufficient...4 (4 new)
+1Why use debt over cash?for a project, why would a company choose to use debt over cash to finance a new project even though they have enough cash on hand. My answer so far: 1) debt magnifies returns 2) Company might want to have more cash on hand just in case 5 (5 new)
+1Entry Level Equity ResearchHi All, Just a curiosity question. How do entry-level <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> positions work? It is my understanding that the entry-level position in <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> is an associate. Does this mean that if an...1 (1 new)
+1Whom do female bankers/consultants date?Given their busy schedules, in your personal experience or experience of friends, who do they usually date and who do they usually end up with? Do they typically go for other bankers/consultants, marketing, sales, artsy types, doctors, lawyers, trades people etc? 2 (2 new)
+1Citi Private Bank Analyst Super Day this FridayHi everyone. This Friday I am going to a Super day for Citi Private banking in San Francisco for a graduate analyst. The format is a typical 4 30 minute interview set up. I was wondering if anyone has done a private banking super day or super day with citi before and what kind of questions...1 (1 new)
+1Alantra offerHas anybody heard of Alantra? It's an investment bank based in Boston and they've been receiving some serious traction recently. They're rising on the league tables and it seems like their focus is <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>...1 (1 new)
+1Questions on PwC DDV PracticeHey! I have an offer from PwC DDV but I wanted to see if anyone had any insight on the work they do, project length, work life balance, culture, etc. I've talked to a few people at the firm, but I wanted to get some other perspectives as well.1 (1 new)
+1Fresh buysider - how should I talk to you/be a good client?I remember seeing a similar topic before but unfortunately I can't find it. It had a good dialogue between buy and sell side <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> guys on how best to approach the relationship, etc. I know a lot of buyside guys are demanding...4 (4 new)
+1What Entry Multiple to Use?I am given a case study for a final round interview. They have handed me the <abbr title="confidential information memorandum">CIM</abbr> to create a presentation and it doesn't seem like a 3 statement model <abbr title="leveraged...1 (1 new)
+1Citi Private Bank Summer AnalystHi all, Just checking to see if anybody here has applied to the Citi Private Bank summer analyst internship. Haven't heard since the app drop - <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>, target. Would love insight in to the program and also info on who all has heard and...1 (1 new)
+1Advice with emailing MDI've been emailing back and fourth with a MD in <abbr title="financial institutions group">FIG</abbr> at a prospective firm, we also have previously gotten coffee and spoke as well. He has been sending me articles on the current pension issues and cities going...2 (2 new)
+1Any opinions on Jump Trading?I’m Interested in the quantitative research position at Jump, I have the credentials for it, but I’m curious about opinions on them. It seems that prop trading is pretty secretive, can anyone here give some insight?1 (1 new)
+1Internship or not worth it?Currently interviewed for a fall internship that I thought would be in risk management for a start up, but ended up being in a sales & operation. I have no previous internship experience, but I have made a lot of connections and well on track for a boutique internship during the summer...2 (2 new)
+1IB after you've already started a career in a different field00000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 (1 new)
+1U.S. Bank Commercial Real Estate Credit groupDoes anybody have any info on U.S. Bank's Commercial Real Estate Credit group. Recent deals/typical deal size/etc. Thanks4 (4 new)
+1Military AND IBD?Hi all, Little background about me: I'm a Brazilian citizen, living in the U.S. with a Greencard. I come from a non-target, and I have an <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> offer secured at a <abbr title="bulge...1 (1 new)
+1Which college should I select?Hi, I was wondering which college I should select for undergrad business. I've been accepted to IU, Purdue, and Butler, and have been wondering which choice would present me with the most career options. I've heard that IU is very strong, but after visiting IU and Purdue's...1 (1 new)
+1Give me a sales pitch in something you're interested inThis is not a stock pitch, at least I didn't think of it that way. I was wondering if I should go with more conventional topics or not. I was thinking of talking about caffeine pills or a weed business idea I had. I understand they are both slightly controversial but the question does say...2 (2 new)
+1MSF, CS degree, or just network to get finance or finance related work experience for top MBA programs?Hello everyone, I'm a recent liberal arts grad and I've developed an interest in finance careers. I had no finance internships so it’s going to be hard finding finance or finance related jobs. I did take some business courses in undergrad and found them interesting. I've...1 (1 new)
+1Undergrad Biz/Tech - Georgia Tech, Michigan, Notre DameWe live in GA. My daughter has been a business lead on her Robotics team for most of HS. She has applied to a variety of biz schools but “right now” wants a strong business school, preferably with a tech angle. For Early, she has schools such as Georgia Tech (probably first choice),...1 (1 new)
+1How do you pull comps for private/secondary market transactions?I was requested to pull <abbr title="comparable analysis">comps</abbr> for some potential deals and was wondering how I would go about doing this. These are small private companies and a loan portfolio company. How would you go about finding comps? I have access to...1 (1 new)
+1MSF, CS degree, or just network to get finance work experience for top MBA programs?Hello everyone, I'm a recent liberal arts grad and I've developed an interest in Investment Banking. I had no finance internships so it’s going to be hard finding finance or finance related jobs. I did take some business courses in undergrad and found them interesting....1 (1 new)
+1Prudential FIP Offer for Summer 2019Hi everyone, I wanted to know for those who completed Prudential FIP Superday, how long did the response time take to hear back from the recruiter? If you got an offer, did you hear back on Monday, a week later, or etc? Thanks in advance!1 (1 new)
+1Is PWM and PB still a viable career path?Is it risky for a college undergrad to go into PWM or PB with robot advisors and passive investing taking center stage? If someone is interested in PWM/<abbr title="private banking">PB</abbr> should they pursue it or pick something else, if so, what is the...1 (1 new)
+1Help With a Model Hey Guys, I need help with my model; balance sheet will not balance in forecasted years. Would love your feed back I am not sure how you attach models here so PM me and I can send you the excel file.1 (1 new)
+1Credit - High Yield ResearchDoes anyone know where I can get sell side <abbr title="high yield">HY</abbr> research? Ideally on specific companies or on a sector coverage level? Also, in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> or Boston what are some of the more boutique investment...2 (2 new)
+1RecoveryDo not take any Bonus offer from your broker or your manager, do not allow your broker manager trade on your behalf. That is how they manipulate traders funds. If you need assistance with retrieving your lost fund from your broker or Your account has been manipulated by your broker manager or...1 (1 new)
+1Mezzanine Investing Straight out of Undergrad, exit opps?I am going into the mezzanine group of the investment arm of a large insurance company directly out of undergrad. The company does sub debt as well as equity co-invest. There is extensive modeling on the job to evaluate returns. I was wondering what would be my chances of getting into <abbr...1 (1 new)
+1Honeycomb Asset Management - Anyone familiar? Anyone have any information on Honeycomb Asset Management (Culture, Investment Style, Etc.)? Only info online is a couple of Business Insider articles, no website or anything. Seems to have started ~3 years ago, founder is from P72. 1 (1 new)
+1Modelling Help - Balance Sheet IssuesHello, I have a discrepancy in my model ; balance sheet wont balance by an amount in explicit years. 1 (1 new)
+1How many times to follow up after no response to an email?I usually just send one email one week after I get no response. Should I send another after 1-2 weeks if no reply or just leave it at one email to follow up?3 (3 new)
+1Looking for advice on multiple offersMods please delete, I made my decision. delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete1 (1 new)
+1Capital One Business Analyst vs. L.E.K. Associatedeleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted2 (2 new)
+1IB SA => Founded SaaS startup => IB Analyst? Advice greatly appreciatedI’m hoping the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">wso</abbr> community could give me some advice on how best to go about my current situation. Quick background: I was an <abbr title="investment banking">ib</abbr> summer analyst at top 10 bank in...2 (2 new)
+1Salary Progression Path (Analyst/Associate)I wanted to get your feedback on the salary progression of analysts/associates in-between promotions (up to a VP position). I'll explain: When taking my current job, my assumption was that analysts and associates would have a steady linear progression in salary up to the point when they...1 (1 new)
+1Chances in Investment Banking after completing a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program? As an aspirant investment banker, my intention is to acquire high-quality work experience to strengthen my prospects of entry into a reputable <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business schools">M7</abbr> <abbr title="Masters in Business...2 (2 new)
+1Private Equity Networking EventsHas anyone been invited to and attended private equity networking events (believe some label it information sessions)? It goes on for a couple of hours and seems like a place where you get to meet mid-level and senior folks at the fund and network with them. This is for a growth equity shop....1 (1 new)
+1Thoughts on BMO Capital Markets and their NYC office?I haven't seen this bank get a ton of attention. What do you guys know of their dealflow and rep? It had a big turnaround years ago and seems to still be clamoring for US market share. Very strong Metals and Mining coverage back in Toronto however. 1 (1 new)
0WSO needs your help! We're looking for someone to do a site test (<em>Site testers will receive one month free access to our video library ($97 value) which has all 275+ of our webinars and their files.</em>) Hey all, we're looking for someone to help us test the site, <strong>the next test is Tue Nov 6th, 3-4pm...19 (1 new)
0Hedge Fund ReadsHi! I have recently become interested in pursuing work at a hedge fund, but want to learn more about it. I understand that networking is fairly similar between <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> and <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> and that...1 (1 new)
0M and A job prospectsSo I recently graduated from FSU, and am currently working at a mid sized V. Capital Firm in San Francisco. I is a block-chain oriented fund with crypto advisement and alternative currency investment focuses. I am not finding much fulfillment at this firm, and am looking to possibly move into...4 (3 new)
0I’m 15 years old. Review my resume.Ok, title may be slightly misleading..... (3 new)
0Looking for Advice to Break into IBHey all, I am hoping to get your advice on getting an entry level investment banking analyst job. Here’s my situation: Grauduated from Harvard (undergrad, class of 2017) with GPA 3.7, and concentrated in economics. My primary extracurricular was monetary policy research. Internship during...0
0Investment Banking With No College Degree[This article]( from the WSJ states that 43% of college grads are underemployed in their first job, meaning that their jobs do not actually require degrees. Of those, roughly two-thirds remain in...8 (8 new)
0When did you realize what you wanted to do was IB?In the past few months I have done lots of introspection: why did I choose finance/how will it satisfy me in the long-run? Coming into college, I was decided on studying in the liberal arts (it aligned most with my activities/interests in high school), but two weeks before classes began, I...2 (2 new)
0Parenting tips to maximize prestige?After reading about the Harvard Asian Lawsuit it has come to my attention that children of legacies and donors have a meaningfully higher chance of getting in, per Harvard's own internal documents. This has me thinking about how I can maximize the prestige of my future kid. Basically,...9 (9 new)
0Advice: IB v HF Hello! I am a current sophomore at a low-semi-target (sorry if I am abusing the nomenclature system here, lol), and I am looking for some advice. This summer, I will do <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> at a boutique (very blessed by the opportunity and...3 (3 new)
0How do you handle people treating you differently now that you make lots of money?Ever since I landed my summer internship at an <abbr title="elite boutique">EB</abbr> and updated my LinkedIn, I’ve been getting noticeably more looks from girls around campus (very career driven school - everyone’s on LinkedIn). More chicks want to talk to me at...13 (13 new)
0Deloitte Engagement Controller?Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I was recently accepted to work as an Engagement Controller Analyst with Deloitte Consulting. The role is back office, controlling project costs through forecasting and budgeting. Essentially, the consultants travel all over...0
0BEST forex signals live dailyBEST forex signals live daily Published by bestsignals on November 2, 2018 BEST forex signals live daily from the best forex signals provider GOLD SELL @ 1235 TP @ 1221 SL @ 1242 GOLD best forex strategies Trend gold prices move down in very near term from 1243 and start very fast...0
0Bank of America Background Check FormI am filling out a background check form for a company(BofA) that recently gave me a job offer. I was arrested in 2016 and charged with: 01 - 124.401(5) - POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE - MARIJUANA 1ST OFFENSE 02 - 124.414 - POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA At pretrial my lawyer was able...0
0CS 2019 SA Group SelectionDoes anyone know when group selection is going to be? Also, when will the drug tests/background check happen?0
0Overcoming Low GPA For FT Recruiting? Have good Work experience Hey guys I'll be graduating next year and want to prepare for <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> recruiting since the timeline is becoming super accelerated. For some background, I'm in Canada and go...0
0Please Help: Big DilemmaHello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I am a few years out of school and work at a top 3 <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> and made the switch to current firm from another <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>...0
0Mars & Co Reputation and Exit Opp?Considering an offer from Mars & co. People seem bright there and really cool to work with. Limited travel and being in suburb is a plus. Work seems very interesting and focused on high end strategy. Those were my first hand impression so far, but was wondering what the industry...0
0 Grove CBD Oil Ang kaniyang balak ay (1) ihihinto na silang magkakapatid <abbr title="summer analyst intern">sa</abbr> pagsasakristan at ipapakaon niya si Crispin kinabukasan din, (2) hihilingin niya kay Ibarra na kunin siyang pastol ng kanyang baka at kalabaw at...0 informative site for all so guys don't go any other place for reading article and other information0
0If I am related to a "public official", how do the banks use this in the application process?I have a close relative who works for a government agency in an EU country (outside the UK), which unexpectedly seems to be included in the definition of a "public official" (although the person in question is not in any position of power). When applying to summer internships in...0
0Top List Of CISCO Certifications & Its ImportanceCisco systems have its importance in networking, communications, services, and products. Top List Of CISCO Certifications & Its Importance the company is ideally apt for direct data, video traffic and voice across the network. Moreover, Cisco provides storage networking, applications for...0
0 Pure CBD applied immediately to the pores and skin for minor cuts and scrapes, now not to mention making use of CannaBliss Pure CBD it to chapped lips. Honey can disinfect the injuries and decrease the swelling of pain remedy the location too.0
0Recent graduate - Advise on C.V.Graduated this year and have gotten a number of interviews but no offer. Please be as brutal as you can. Thanks0
0Hyalurolift: what are its consequences for the skinWe have found in the past passage that the solely normal creation of Hyalurolift gives it great forces, which will enable you to keep your skin youthful to the extent that this would be possible. Hyalurolift won't just keep the presence of future wrinkles and almost negligible differences,...0
0Hyalurolift Avis - cost - France - how to utilizeApproaches to blog about Goji Cosmetics Lotion takes a gander at the clients because of these natural and every single characteristic item, there is as of now an astounding alternative to give a standout amongst the most France Hyalurolift Avis conditions how to utilize ideal for the...0
0Back Office to IB/PE? Offers to chooseHey Guys, First post here. It would be great if I could just have some advice on the offers/in progress interviews I am having, as I am not 100% sure which path I should take. My ultimate goal is moving into a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> within max. 4...0
0The Brew's big announcement<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li>U.S. markets: November is off to a much better start than the month-that-shall-not-be-named. The Dow has surged more than 900 points in the last three sessions. </li> </ul> <div style="text-align:center"> ...0
0Visual Storytelling, a game changer for your BusinessVisual narrative is a very novel concept in the arena of business. A visual account which is regularly known as visual narrating is a method for describing stories essentially using visual media. The story might be told through a progression of still photography, video or outlines that are...0
0Is Lutragen a Treatment? Truly. Lutragen is a result of prompt impact, with an application like that of cosmetics, notwithstanding the Cinderella impact it does cell recovery after some time. How to expel Lutragen from the skin? To expel the item totally, wash the face with running water or, in the event that you...0
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0Technology Consulting PwCJust wondering what are your thoughts on Technology Consulting at PwC? <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> office Pros Cons Compensation0
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0Fast:- any case, strictness to following an arrangement and being restrained in one's methodology is the extreme part to rolling out any enduring improvement and hard-wiring new propensities. 0
0Personal MBA Coach’s M7 Essay Analysis E-Book**Personal MBA Coach’s M7 Essay Analysis E-Book** [Personal MBA Coach]( is pleased to announce the release of our newest e-book: M7 Essay Analysis. Available for free to all[ Personal MBA Coach]( customers and newsletter...0
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0Akuna Capital Video InterviewJust passed the math and personality assessment for Akuna and got an invitation to complete a video interview. I was wondering if anyone knew how difficult that interview is and how to prepare for it?0
0 with PaltroxT. The above circumstance happens everyday to a number of geeks. There's a list of typical reactions to PaltroxT. Here's how to claim your PaltroxT. I believe you'll discover that interesting reading. PaltroxT know-how is valuable by itself. I know it is difficult...0
0Looking for rental owners!Hi, I am looking for rental owners to join a new short term rental site. We don't have any fees like similar Airbnb sites do and offer rewards to our hosts. If you have a rental, I would love you to sign your rental up. It is quick, only 3 min and can be done here:...0
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0 Farms Keto In as a great deal as we want to take away thigh fat, most people could best focus on thigh fats to be burnt, or commonly called spot discount. Privy Farms Keto It isn't even powerful, so the excellent method to be done is: To remove fats, regardless of wherein it could be,...0
0MSF ranking EuropeHi there! From what you' ve heard/seen throughout your whole career, what are the best school for a <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> in Europe (i know that it depends on the field we are considering, let's say for <abbr title="investment...0
0What are some smooth strategies to change roles within a company?So I joined the role with the rosy promise that after six months I will work on financial analysis and assist the deal team with IM, FM etc. But before all that, you will have to work on xyz xyz xyz I took this as a genuine tip and worked diligently on xyz xyz xyz. Now, it looks like I'm...0
0Analyzing Financial Institution (Depository & non-Depository)Hello - I have an upcoming interview for a Counterparty Credit Risk Management position. The role will be similar to a bond rating analyst, but for financial institutions only. One of the questions I will likely be asked is, walk me through how you may analyze an <abbr title="fixed...0
0Bank to pay for analyst/associate MBA/JD?Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I’m currently an undergrad student. I am trying to figure out the odds of a bank paying for me to go to school for a combined <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>/JD program....0
0The Cambridge MFin Information session: New York CityThe Cambridge Master in Finance (MFin) Programme is a world ranking Master's programme that equips finance professionals with knowledge of every core avenue within finance and network with world leading professionals in order to help them excel in their careers and reach their true...0
0Does IMC drug test their interns and employees?Does IMC Financial Markets and other similar trading firms in the Chicago area drug test their interns and employees?0
0Case Study Materials in German/FrenchHi everyone, I have a few interviews lined up with consulting firms in the coming months across Europe and Africa, but in addition to English, there will be case interviews in German and French. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for case prep materials in German and/or French, since I...0
0Liberty Mutual Corporate Strategy & Research 1st Round Hi all, I have a first round interview with Liberty Mutual's corp strategy & research group soon. The interview will consist of one behavioral and one case interview over Skype. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the interview process for this position and what I can expect...0
0Breaking into Investment Banking in Hong Kong with a Masters degreeHi everyone, I'm here to seek advice on the difficulty to break into banking in <abbr title="Hong Kong">HK</abbr> as a Masters degree candidate? I did a dual bachelor's degree program between a non-target and a target(final two years at target). I actually...0
0Advice on finding a job in a trading company after 15yrs prop tradingHi all, I've been trading for 15yrs with my own money at various trading arcades. It's primarily been oil and distillate futures, but I also traded fixed income cash bonds and futures. This year I've realised that I'm not progressing, or more importantly, I'm not...0
0Software Internship in HF Treasury OperationsGot a summer internship offer from a very large <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> where I'd be working on treasury operations software. I'm aware of the <abbr title="front office">FO</abbr>/MO/<abbr title="back...0
0Non-Target, 3.44 GPA, CFA Level II candidate How to build up careerHello everyone, I'm new here. I'm a non-target school undergrad student major in Finance. I'm graduating this December. I've been looking for jobs for couple months. I currently have an internship at State Street Corp. as operation analyst. I took my <abbr...0
0Fortune 500 vs Regional Boutique Sophomore InternshipI am a sophomore at a semi-target with 3.7 GPA looking to lock down an internship for Summer 2019. I am looking to get solid experience on my resume so that I can be in a good position to recruit for <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> investment banking for Summer 2020....0
0PE interview expectations for this year?Will the ultra-accelerated <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> recruiting process this year lower the expectations/difficulty of interviews? Do you still see prospective candidates having to complete full-fledged case studies and LBOs? 0
0Product Control at BBI've recently been contacted by a recruiter with regards to a product control role at one of the <abbr title="bulge brackets">BBs</abbr>. I've realised that product control is not rated very highly in this forum, but given that this is a contract job rather than...0
0S&T at Virtu, what do you do?I understand the quant side of HFT's but I'm not really clear on what <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> analysts do at prop shops/HFT's. Do they do they mostly do sales rather than trading?0
0Companies walking back follow up interview invitations?Hi folks, Longtime lurker, first time poster. After 2.5 years in my current role (specialty consulting for PE) I am looking to make a move into <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> biz dev roles and/or venture funds. My background is fairly relevant for the space,...0
0Asset Management in DCI understand this isn't really a super popular location for <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr>, but outside of Carlyle and Sands Capital, does anyone have a good list or a good resource they can point to for a list of <abbr title="asset...0
0spark spread1.A power plant would be concerned more with which heat rate? 2,A trader or consumer would be more concerned with 3. why do you think?0
0Exactly how does Hyaluro Lift work?HyaluroLift is comprised of all-natural active ingredients that increases the skin in few weeks. Use it regularly as soon as in a day every day to get a revived skin in return. Hyaluro Lift will also save your skin from the damage done by totally free radicals and also shields your skin from UV...0
0Starting AM Fall Co-op, any good reading material?I'm starting soon and wanted to know what I could do to sharpen my skills besides working on Excel and whatnot.0
0Why is property management Edinburgh important?Being the owner of multiple properties in Edinburgh, I can assure you that maintaining and caring for all the property is not an easy task. That’s why someone recommended hiring a good property management company, as that can help homeowners increase the value of their property, and I was...0
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0Macquarie Commodities & Global Markets SAI received a summer analyst offer for Macquarie's Commodities & Global Markets group. I'm curious if anyone has any insight on the group? I'd appreciate anything at all. Thank you.0
0 Vigor loads of people confuse unhappiness with despair. disappointment is a bit extraordinary. it is a herbal response to the loss of some thing crucial. it's miles natural for us humans to revel in intervals of disappointment or grief or different depressive signs like eating or...0
0Monthly WSO Meet Ups Around the World: NYC, London, Toronto, Chicago, SF, HK, DC, Houston<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> meet ups are being planned every month around the world. To ease in planning, these are held at the same day of the month, same time, same venue. We are still on the hunt for monthly venues in Chicago, LA and Boston, PM me if you...0
0ultrasupplement/vivax-male-enhancement/Considering the fact that additionally they do not need any prescription standards, the question on aspect results won't even be satisfactorily addressed in the views of distinct contributors. 0
0How To Prepare For AIIMS 2019?If you want to know how to prepare for AIIMS 2019 then you need to read these top tips to crack AIIMS 2019. Tips To Crack AIIMS 2019: 1) Be aware of Syllabus The candidate must be aware of the complete AIIMS MBBS 2019 syllabus. It is very important to check this on the official website...0
0Profile Evaluation: MSF class of 2020Hi everyone Would like to get some feedback and suggestions on my profile and some schools that I am planning to apply for <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> programs (Summer/Fall 2019 intake)? Background: GPA :3.36 Double Majors Accounting & Finance from...0
0Help me to access helpful steerage to put in writing a winning essay!I’m thus worrying to complete my essays on time while not dues. one amongst my friends has suggested me that nowadays we are able to write essays for money, no huge surprise there are an oversized variety of services which supply their help with essay writing, since they distinguish that...0
0Profile Evaluation for top MiF in EuropeHello guys, As you can see by the title, I need your help in estimating my chances for several top MiFs. I probably will be applying for the class of 2020. **Background:** - 20 years old and Portuguese (might be an Unrepresented Minority) - Finishing my BSc in Economics in 2019 from...0
0What are the regular fixings utilized? Hyalurolift hostile to maturing serum is a creative and immortal cream that conveys collagen particles to your skin for ideal supplements and hydration. It helps battle wrinkles, barely recognizable differences and different signs to uncover the sparkling skin you merit. This cream contains...0
0Does it make sense?Hi all, I come from a non-target school in Italy (top 10 public schools), where I got my Master's degree in Corporate finance, and I am currently working in the Corporate Finance division of a Big-4. Prior than that, I have worked at GE as an intern for less than a year. My dream would...0
0How to get Quick & Prompt Low Interest Rate Loans | Finfree EnterprisesFinfree Enterprise is a financial advisory platform that connects borrowers with lenders to avail low interest rate loans & fast cash loans in Hyderabad.0
0The Advantages of Hyalurolift AvisHyalurolift Avis attempts to guarantee propelled skin functionalities, for example, skin recovery, smoothening out of wrinkles from the skin and forestalling proceeded with development in the close and far future. The healthy skin item likewise promotes* progressed revived abilities that restore...0
0 Keto Diet On this research, the rats given raspberry Just Keto Diet nes had increased adiponectin ranges and were protected in opposition to fatty liver ( 18 ). With this powerful mixture of elements, you may ensure you're meeting your nutritional needs while additionally giving your...0
0 With PopChips used to be very mon when mothers usually bought all the components themselves and prepared their diet at home Now the provide of ready-to-eat meals in supermarkets in purchasing streets and via pizza and other couriers is overwhelming To be able to resist this children in...0
0Inflation Options - liquidity of market, players, more information?Hey guys, does anyone know anything about Inflation Options? Are these actively traded? What is the liquidity compares to Inflation Swaps (EUR or USD) and to Swaptions (again, EUR or USD)? In particular, I am asking these questions on the European inflation options market. Thanks a lot...0
0How much do HH’s make?Anyone have an idea of comp for headhunters at the top firms? Do they get paid on a commission basis?0
0 Tru Ketone These are also the least efficient methods to losing belly fat. Cavemen were no different physiologically than you and me. For example, squats, clean and jerks, squat presses,0
0Fashion Businesses? where are you?Hey guys, I'm new here in the Fashion For Business Forum but all the discussions here are about fashion advices. Which is great but I'd like to talk about fashion businesses. Let's start here! Tell me about your businesses if you're in the fashion industry. 0
0First ever exposure to markets?Starting this thread to see people's first exposure to capital markets and free trading. I'll start, my first exposure was in 2005 on the OG Runescape at the free market exchange. I became a very rich kid selling blank runes to whoever was willing to buy them. <img...0
0How much personal financial leverage should you have?Hi guys, I just accepted a job in New York <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> that pays $85K base. I'm thinking after taxes and rent and everything, I'll probably have about $500 a month for savings. ($4500 after taxes and employer match, $3500 for rent, $500 for...0
0 Vigor @>> The regular updates in the biological studies shows that hormone training reduces weight and enhances weight loss because of lipid oxidation. More muscles not only make you look better and feel better, it can also make you much healthier. One way of ensuring that the...0
0Investment Thesis, submitted this to a PMHi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I've recently been in talks with an Asset Manager who has brought me in numerous times to help me get a better idea of what the day-to-day is like. I reached out to a school alumni that works there (Portfolio Manager)...0
0Off-Cycle IB 2019 LondonHi, I started this forum because I couldn't find anything on off-cycles for <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> (also open to other divisions, to be honest) 2019 in London. Can anyone share with me their progress on these? I'm completing tests...0
02019 SA Offers and Acceptance Hey. I just wanted to know more about the overview of recruiting for 2019 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr>. If you would like can you list your offers, acceptance, whether you are target and non-target and your classification. Thanks0