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+78MD never sleeps (growing suspicious)So I've had this hunch for a while and wanted to get others thoughts. Before you think I'm crazy and sleep deprived just look at the evidence I am about to bestow upon you all. Over the past year I've been growing suspicious that my MD is a vampire... There are several reasons...2222 hours 49 min ago
+54From 100 Plus Rejections, To Accepting A Great OfferGood morning, I am posting my success story for a few reasons. First, to (hopefully) inspire someone in a situation that I was in. And second, to thank members of high finance and this website specifically. I will try to keep this as brief as...3017 hours 52 min ago
+45A Few Observations on Investment Banking Exit Opportunities<h3>An Experienced Review of <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> Exit Opps</h3> I see a lot of high school/college kids providing advice and "insight" into how firms place, how people should think about exit opps, what groups are best, etc....3217 hours 47 min ago
+35How I went from 10 rejections to one dream internship this year.<h3>Finance Interviews: </h3> Goldman Sachs 1st round. No. Altamont Capital 1st round. No. Bracebridge Capital 1st round. No Bridgewater Associates 1st round. No. <h3>Consulting Interviews:</h3> Cornerstone Research 1st round No. Analysis Group 1st round....2817 hours 46 min ago
+20Private Equity Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example<h4>Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis private equity resume template for experienced professionals, used by the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr> paid service and thousands of candidates to successfully land a job in...2817 hours 46 min ago
+20Tips For Incoming FT Analysts That Did NOT Do an IB InternshipYou've made it. The holy grails of holy grails. Maybe you have successfully escaped your credit analyst internship at Capital One and have landed a cushy job at Citi come Summer 2018. Maybe you did a summer at Bain last year and realized you wanted a more fulfilling experience than...43 hours 29 min ago
+17How to bring up common religion [Jewish AF]. Here's my planSo I have an informational interview coming up over the phone with an MD of a development company. I want him to know that I'm Jewish, because he is jewish too (his brother wears a kippa on his head). So this is what I came up with so far: 1. When I call him, have a hebrew pop song...3717 hours 45 min ago
+15Dirty Money Series on NetflixIf anyone has some spare time I would suggest watching the "Dirty Money" series on Netflix. Each episode is a separate 1 hour documentary about a separate topic. I watched two of them, one on how the short sellers figured our valeant pharm. and the other about the Trump empire. ...6217 hours 44 min ago
+13Go Beyond Printing Out the BookMonkeys, I've seen the good piece of advice to print out the book and review it before you hand over the most recent version. Here's some steps beyond that to not only improve your life, but also the person reviewing your book. <h4> 1. Print and Check vs. the Old...2021 min 2 sec ago
+11Broke into MM M&A from a non-traditional background and 2 years of networking and internships.... AMAI've been lurking around this forum for years now but never posted until now. I was in the struggle of figuring my way into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, so I wanted to wait until and if I "made" it to share my story....261 hour 11 min ago
+10Extremely embarrassing and inappropriate thing happened to me. Am I fucked for life?Start out with some backstory: I'm early 20s out of school who has been working as a credit analyst at a CB in the midwest for less than a year. I'm currently on a test cycle because I've been lifting for a while and wanted to take it to the next level (not a meathead and I...163 days 2 hours ago
+9Most uneducated/dumbest thing you have said in an interview?I'll start us off. The first one is not quite dumb, but funny nonetheless. I applied to a retail banking (teller position) internship years ago to get some first-hand interviewing experience, knowing very well I didn't want to go into retail banking. When the interview was over, I...755 hours 10 min ago
+92019 FT Analyst Recruiting TimelineHaven't seen a thread on this yet. Since Summer Analyst recruiting has gotten underway, I thought it would be helpful to aggregate any and all information regarding full-time recruiting. So far, being at a major <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr>...122 days 23 hours ago
+8BAML First Round Video Interviewjust received a first round video interview from BAML - it's an 'on demand interview'- has anyone taken it? what should I expect? <br> <h3>Bank of America On Demand Video Interview</h3> Similar to banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, before reaching an...655 months 4 days ago
+8Private Equity Interview Questions - A Complete Guide<h3>Private Equity Interview Questions and Tips</h3> <p> Private equity jobs are some of the most coveted positions in finance. That’s why less than 1% of applicants end up with the job. This guide's goal is - if you follow its instructions - to drastically improve...71 week 2 days ago
+7Explain to me like I'm a 12 year old the benefit of a hedge fund My dad is consistently trying to show me articles how hedgefunds are <abbr title="balance sheet">BS</abbr> and how they "can't even beat the market". Then proceeds to show countless articles comparing hedge fund performance in the last 8 years compared to the...764 hours 32 min ago
+18So many dweebs in this industry.I remember back when I was I kid, which wasn’t actually that long ago... I used to think everyone in high finance was like Harvey Spector or something. Found the idea of working in a place like Pearson Whatever extremely intimidating. But then I got to college, did an internship, worked as an...611 day 11 hours ago
+7Lloyd Blankfein Leaving Goldman SachsEarlier today, the WSJ broke the news that Lloyd Blankfein will be stepping down from his role as Goldman Sachs CEO at the end of the year. This will cap off a 12-year run for Blankfein, making him one of the longest serving bosses on Wall Street. What are some thoughts on him resigning?...101 day 18 hours ago
+6Join the Email & WhatsApp groups for your city Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's WhatsApp group. We created these WhatsApp groups with...534 days 49 min ago
+6What are the best groups for JPM?**Intro** I am an incoming <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> summer analyst for <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan. HR said that group placement will be announced in March, so I am trying to narrow down my top...382 days 16 hours ago
+5Gary Cohn out.He left <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> with a nice chunk of change and hung in the Trump Administration longer than most. Will his seat next to Lloyd be warm or will he ride into the sunset? Predictions. Winner one month out will receive a prize.623 days 19 hours ago
+8Why the focus on exit opps?So, I know you'll read this and say ' He's naive". Actually I'm not and have man y years of battle scars on the retail side. Been through the boiler room cold calling w business when it was legal and encouraged. Was told the best lead in the world was if someone answered...6139 min 59 sec ago
+5How important is networking?How important is networking, and when can it actually be helpful? The "networking" done at on-campus info sessions is so superficial that I just can't understand why it's supposedly as important as everyone says it is... I get that it may be somewhat helpful if someone...263 days 23 hours ago
+5Morgan Stanley Early Insight Programs 2018Just thought that I'd make a thread for this year's MS early insight programs. Does anyone know when we will start hearing back from MS?1713 hours 59 min ago
+5Fake WSO Managing Director? LOL, WTFI was tempted to post this to the Success Story forum since I think we've officially made it if people are claiming to be MDs at Wall Street Oasis. <img src="/files/styles/w800/public/inline/images/fake-wso-md.jpg?itok=8Flg5Ygh" alt="" /> 1) I didn't...62 days 4 hours ago
+5My Key Takeaways From the Introduction of the Intelligent Investor. Part 1/16. To Be Continued.**Preface to the Fourth Edition by Warren E. Buffett** To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What is needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from...61 day 8 hours ago
+7New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/investment-banking-interview-prep-questions">investment banking interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with...41 year 2 weeks ago
+5What's the most tired you've ever been?I have literally daydreamed about being asleep. Like not the feeling of the bed, not the relaxation, nothing like that, just purely me being unconscious so my MD can't ask me to put off sleep anymore. 363 hours 20 min ago
+4Is NYU Stern worth 70K tuition per yearHello, my daughter is admitted to NYU Stern undergraduate, but has been offered only 11K scholarship that leaves approx. 66K to be paid out of pocket and I expect it to increase 3 to 4 % year or year in next 3 years. She has also gotten admission into UT Austin’s Mccomb business school’s...2411 hours 5 min ago
+4DIY Projects?Curious as to what DIY projects other monkeys on the forum have worked on? Growing up, I always did woodworking projects with my dad such as bookshelves, tables, frames, racks, etc. I try to keep up with it but gets difficult not having ample time or proper space to get projects completed. ...211 day 7 hours ago
+4PE Interview Question: What is the most important piece of information about a company (if you had to select one thing)? How would you guys think about answering the question below: What is the most important piece of information about a company (if you had to select one thing)? I know that you can answer this question in a variety of ways, but wanted to see how you guys would answer the question. Thanks!211 day 1 hour ago
+4Top 15 MBA Programs By Culture: 2017 Wrap-UpHey fellow monkeys, was browsing around and saw this. I'm definitely considering B-School down the line (still in undergrad) but thought this is still some great information to know beforehand - and might be interesting to a lot of you considering an MBA. Berkeley and Stanford are...2021 hours 2 min ago
+42018 Goldman Sachs Revenue Insight DayDid anyone else get invited to the <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> Revenue Insight Day? I received this via email from a recruiter. 181 day 13 min ago
+4REITs - Typical deal structureFolks in <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REITs</abbr>, can you please answer if <abbr title="real estate investment trust">REITs</abbr> have some sort of fees and promote structure set up like the <abbr title="private...172 days 1 hour ago
+42018 FT Houston Housing I am an incoming <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> analyst in Houston and I am starting to look for apartments now. As all of the Houston housing threads are a bit dated, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to live. Would it be a good idea to look for...32 days 6 hours ago
+4Bubble of the Century?(see chart below) How long will this continue for? I personally believe low interest rates have propped up the markets since it began. The ECB, BOC, and BOJ are meeting this week to make their decision for interest rates. Yields have also been moving up while equities market is still...331 day 19 hours ago
+3Donald Trump, The President of the United States, Announces That He Will Be Imposing Tariffs On Imported Aluminium and SteelPresident Trump sent the United States' trading partners abuzz when he announced last week he will be imposing a tariff on imported aluminium and steel. The tariffs will be expected to be 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminium imports. The stakes are high. The most conservative...272 days 12 hours ago
+3Better to Apply to Undergrad-B Schools as White or Asian?Hi, I'm going to be applying to undergrad business schools next year and since I'm kind of Middle Eastern, I can apply as either White or Asian. I know that for engineering/stem being Asian hurts in admissions, but it seems like there's far more White applicants to the B Schools....2621 hours 46 min ago
+3Transfer from UVA (Pre-commerce + Echols) to GTown, Vandy, ND (Econ), Brown, WashU (Olin), Cornell (Econ), Chicago or stay?Hate UVA. Want to get some experience on the Street before transitioning to academia. Undecided major in UVA, but I'm trying for McIntire OR designing my own hybrid major with politics and business economics. Should I apply to transfer to these schools instead? I would like to be at a...213 hours 57 min ago
+3Choosing between LBS, HEC, Vanderbilt Masters? Hey all, I've recently been accepted to LBS's MFA, HEC Paris's MIF, and Vanderbilt's <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr>. As far as I know, they're all top programs and I'll be reaching out to alumni over the next few weeks to get a...212 hours 7 min ago
+3*****2019 Houston SA Recruiting Megathread*****EARLY RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Hey guys. With this insanely early timeline and recruiting already under way, I wanted to establish a single place where all students can come come to share knowledge, questions, information, and concerns regarding Houston...201 day 5 hours ago
+3Amazon is Eyeing the Banking Industry: Here is how Amazon is planning to break into Wall Street...*Amazon is a just retail/tech company, right?* According to this [article](, it looks like finance is the next stop for Amazon: [quote] Inc. AMZN is in talks with big banks including...193 days 3 hours ago
+3What's the modern definition of "smart casual"?Some changes are afoot at my firm. I was told by my bosses that, while we do not have an official dress code, "smart casual" is preferred for senior people. However, I am not sure what it constitutes these days, especially in an all-quant fund.191 day 18 hours ago
+32018 | Thinking about Acquisitions or Debt at this point in the cycleHow do you all view going into acquisitions at this point into the cycle or going into a private debt fund? Do you have reservations making a move? Or are you content going into either or if it's a big enough shop?193 days 53 min ago
+3What Will You Spend Your Signing Bonus On?As full-time start date begins in a few months, I was wondering what everyone is using their signing bonus towards. Are you using it for rent? A nice trip? I'll probably use it on a nice trip but not really sure. Advice is appreciated.1617 hours 43 min ago
+3Tenant Rep Horror StoriesCalling all brokers... I know we've all dealt with headache tenants at some point. From tenants that can't perform to ones that don't seem to have the mental capacity to tie their shoes to the ones that are downright disloyal. What are some situations you've found yourself in...161 hour 46 min ago
+3What kind of money can you make in Real Estate? What are the best roles? REPE, Brokerage, REIT, etc. What kind of money can be made for example at a REPE fund or working for a developer? I want to know what to expect, how is compensation structured, what will it max out at? Etc. Ultimate goal REPE or developer, so if anyone has experience in those I’d love to hear. I am a senior...141 day 6 hours ago
+3WSO Internships & Employment Opportunities<center><h3>Join the Wall Street Oasis Team</h3></center> <h3>Open opportunities for students: </h3> <ul> <li><a href=">2017 <abbr title="Wall Street...111 month 1 week ago
+3Do I have a Chance (be honest)Goals: Trading or Healthcare <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> (MM preferred) Me: Sophomore at top 50 UG semitarget to non target. GPA: 3.33 Major:3.7 Math/Finance (was biochem and neuroscience) freshman year. Have 2 remote internships, one in <abbr...1022 hours 2 min ago
+3Loss/Gain to LeaseJust wondering if there is anyone on here that fore goes loss/gain to lease allowances in valuing apartments. I'm thinking that it penalizes the property, as rent gains/losses are implicit in the cap rate, yield rate, terminal rate and v&c deductions. Also thinking that it's...102 days 4 hours ago
+3Guggenheim Focus programHas anybody heard back from the Guggenheim partners investment Banking focus program for sophomores yet? I know it was only due yesterday but they say we’ll hear back this week.91 day 5 hours ago
+3Choosing Between Buy Side vs Sell Side in Equity Research?Hi guys, So I want to do equity research. I know that there is sell-side and buy-side and, so far, I have a few distinctive arguments for both (see below). What I would really appreciate to find out is your views in terms of the experience quality that both offer. Thanks a lot! P.S.:...71 year 6 months ago
+3Going from MM Investment Bank to Mega-FundI am currently a first year analyst at a mid-tier middle-market bank (William Blair, Piper Jaffray, Baird, etc.) and went to a non-target state school for undergrad. My goal/dream is to work for TPG in the next 10 years and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get there. Do I need to...715 hours 18 min ago
+3Valuing LoansHi all, I could use some help here... What's the best way to mark <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> loans to market? This would be for fixed and floating rate loans. Senior, mezz, and preferred equity positions.71 day 20 hours ago
+3~3 years experience 3 jobs, should I be worried?I can produce references for direct reports of senior members about why I left and to speak to my work ethic. But should I be worried? HHs say they can’t market me on a relative basis, but I personally think it’s bullshit. I have legitimate, non-performance related reasons for choosing to...71 day 22 hours ago
+3Elite Operations Group?I work for a powerhouse <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> firm and am curious if any other firms have ops group that seem more elite than some <abbr title="front office">FO</abbr> roles. The group is labeled Dividend/Reorg. From what I...73 days 3 hours ago
+3Why go from Elite Boutique to Bulge Bracket?Hi, I will have an interview with <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr> for an offcycle in two weeks. I have been an intern at a boutique for 6 months and i was wondering how you could explain and argue during the interview the good reasons to move...63 days 23 hours ago
+3Going to Bat for YouHow do you go from having coffee chats with analysts, associates, etc. to the next level where you have a relationship where they go to bat for you to secure that first round interview? It can be hard to tell where you are on this spectrum...63 days 19 hours ago
+32018 Bonuses (Low-Tier European Bank)Mid-tier European Bank decreases cash bonuses by 20-30% for analysts since last year. Some second year analysts got paid the equivalent of the stub first year analysts received last year. For reference, one group had a top-bucket bonus of 60K, with mid being 45K and low being ~30K. In other...53 hours 2 min ago
+2Enterprise Value Interview QuestionsHi guys, I've recently had a series of <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr> questions thrown at me during one interview and wanted your opinion whether I've answered them correctly... They all had to do with what happens to enterprise value when you issue...301 month 3 weeks ago
+4Trashing on your bank when trying to move laterally??Thanks for the responses, I've definitely learnt my lesson -- better now than later :)265 days 18 hours ago
+2PJT Partners / Evercore GPA Anyone know the GPA cutoffs for PJT Partners or Evercore? How selective are the firms?194 days 17 hours ago
+2Choosing McKinsey v Bain MBA InternshipI'm in the fortunate situation of choosing between a McKinsey sales and marketing strategy consulting internship v Bain <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> Internship. McKinsey is in Denver, Bain in Dallas. In fairly agnostic on location....191 day 22 hours ago
+3EBs have more interesting work than BBs? I've perused the forums and a lot of folks have stated that "EBs have more interesting work than <abbr title="bulge brackets">BBs</abbr>." How different is the work and what in your opinion makes work at an <abbr title="elite...151 day 22 hours ago
+2 Is there free time for hobbies at M7 programs?Hi all, I've been fortunate enough to get accepted into Kellogg Round 1 of this application cycle, and will matriculate there. My goal isn't investment banking or management consulting, but rather, pursuing a f500 corporate marketing career, for which Kellogg is a good fit. I...146 days 11 hours ago
+2Is it possible to make more money than your college professors the year after you graduate at a corporate job?Some college professors with decades of experience make only 50k-75k a year. Is it possible for a recent college graduate with little to no experience to make more money right out of college at a corporate job than his professors? If yes, how does this make any sense that someone in their 20s...1418 hours 23 min ago
+2Response rate networking with alumni? EmailHey guys, was just wondering what your response rate was for emails that you send out to alumni to set up calls etc? Especially at the analyst level? I know there are other threads on this, but now the recruiting timeline is just so early so wanted to hear thoughts. 124 days 15 hours ago
+2How Long did you all study for the CFA level one???I plan on signing up for <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr> level 1 and I was wondering if people who have taken it in the past actually felt that 300+ hours was needed??? I am currently an undergrad in finance and will be in my 4th year this December...1219 min 2 sec ago
+2Imperial MSc Finance and Accounting. Advice Please. Fellow monkeys, I need some advice in regards to masters in finance and accounting program in UK. I recently have been admitted to Imperial MSc. Finance and Accounting and I had no idea if the master in finance is the flagship program in the UK. I graduated from Top 20 US University with...112 days 9 hours ago
+2Been put on the waiting list, is there anything I can do?I am applying for <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> in this fall. Have been put on the waiting list for <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> @USC (the formal decision is not released but I was put on the waiting list according to my...1121 hours 5 min ago
+2Freelance real estate analystHey guys i am currently pursuing my MSRE at DePaul with no work experience but an internship experience at a boutique REPE firm in Chicago. I wanted if any real estate analysts have gone down the freelance route, or rather consulting private investors with investment deals. Is their career as a...104 days 6 hours ago
+2Am I wasting my Ivy degree on CS? Do I make the switch to Wharton? - Advice Needed!Hi all, I am a Freshman in college, and I am currently doing Computer Science and Math at Penn in CAS. I have the opportunity to transfer to Wharton for next semester if I want, but I'm not sure what I should do. Here is information about my situation and some of my...101 day 20 hours ago
+2Please critique my cold emailHi guys, I'm a freshman at a non-target currently interning at <abbr title="private wealth management">PWM</abbr>. However, it is extremely unfulfilling as all I do is cold call so now I am trying to obtain a new internship for this summer. I'm targeting...104 days 20 hours ago
+2Networking and applying -Network then apply for SA or apply then network? Crazy early app deadlines With the extremely early <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> 2019 recruiting process I feel like strategies are changing. I wanted to know thoughts about applications: Is it best to apply then network? or network then apply? Does it matter that much? For...103 days 20 hours ago
+2Starting a Hedge Fund Requires $100 Million?I'm not looking to start a hedge fund (right now) but I recently read somewhere that starting a hedge fund requires roughly $100 Million in capital. Is this true? I understand that if you can raise more capital, then go for it. I also understand that in the realm of hedge funds, $100...1020 hours 5 min ago
+2Shkreli sentenced to 7 yearsShkreli was just sentenced to 7 years in prison. Do you think that is too much, too little, or about right?92 days 15 min ago
+2DELETEDddddddddDeleteee...91 day 21 hours ago
+2What is the longest you have waited for feedback on a job offer?What is the longest you have waited for feedback on a job offer? What is average? Waiting is the hardest part. 84 days 17 hours ago
+2MDs pawning off informational interviews to analysts?I've been cold emailing alumni and I've had more than a couple MDs just ask analysts who don't go to my school to reach out and do the informational phone call instead. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Can someone explain the thought process behind an MD doing this other than...84 days 2 hours ago
+2Oxford MFE, Columbia FE, LBS MFA for Hong Kong IBDHi All, I am deciding between offers from Oxford Master in Financial Econ, <abbr title="London Business School">LBS</abbr> MFA, Columbia Msc in Financial Econ. I am a senior at a US top20 school with <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> <abbr...83 days 11 hours ago
+4Watching others leave early is demoralizing - what do I do?My average hours are 8am-12am. This is not deal or project specific - but just a requirement of my boss who is a workaholic. Other juniors at my firm work 9am-6pm, take long lunch breaks to go to the gym, go on group coffee breaks etc. I obviously don't like the fact that - 1. Other...86 hours 7 min ago
+2Sophomore Internship, which?- F500, PB at Tier 3, PWM/HF/VC???Currently a sophomore (rising junior) at a target/semitarget searching for summer internship. Not so great GPA. Have pretty set chances/have gotten opportunities at F500 Corporate Finance, <abbr title="private banking">PB</abbr> Private Banking at tier 3 bank (Nomura, HSBC,...84 days 18 hours ago
+2Starting MBA IBD Associate Role *Early*It would be great if anyone could let me know whether or not it would be possible to start an <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> Associate early? As in, the January/February...85 days 23 hours ago
+2Modeling Multi Vs. The Other Food GroupsMy current work experience (1.5 yrs of <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> lending, primarily) has been a bit of a hindrance to my job search. I had someone tell me post-interview that if my underwriting experience included the rest of the asset classes, he would have hired...75 days 1 hour ago
+2Advice for EB RecruitingHow does the <abbr title="elite boutique">EB</abbr> recruiting process differ from BB's? Is there more or less emphasis on certain things (e.g. networking with alums, firm visits, resumes, GPA cutoff, etc.) and how can I maximize my chances at an EB?73 hours 44 min ago
+2Direct Lending: MidCap FinancialI recently received an interview with MidCap Financial and was curious to know if the people of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> would know more about it. From their website, it seems as though it is Apollo's Direct Lending division and they have a sizable...72 days 48 min ago
+4Gobuyside - WTF is going on? HOW DO I DELETE MY PROFILE?I've heard that GoBuyside has zero employees left with even ONE YEAR of experience after some horrible turnover at the firm and extremely bad management practices (the negative reviews on glassdoor are also shedding some light into this)... I've also tried to have my account deleted...74 days 2 hours ago
+2No call back after BCG online testDear all, I applied to an experienced hire position (senior assoc.~beginning consultant) in early February, and heard back 10 days to take the online test. They gave me extremely short notice to take the online test -- two days after the call back. Of course this application was...71 day 21 hours ago
+2Do most life co's only lend on 10M plus loans? Any one that can lend on a 2M loan?Do most life insurance companies only lend on 10M plus loans? Any one that can lend on a 2M loan?....72 days 2 hours ago
+2Recruiting/networking over the summerThis summer I will be working as an analyst for a hedge fun in Stamford, and would like to do some networking as well during my time on the east coast. I am a finance major at a Big Ten school with a 3.6ish GPA, and am a varsity student athlete as well. I am most interested in prop trading but...72 days 4 hours ago
+2Names - do they affect job prospects/oppurtunities?This thought recently occurred to me; does an individual's name have any impact on job prospects? On one's resume, name is often the first words recruiters see, and they can often make a lasting impression. No, I'm not talking about immigrants/foreigners, but native Americans...73 hours 22 min ago
+2Best Positioning for CareerQuick question, Currently an undergrad student at a fairly well known public institution in the South East. I'm ahead in my coursework and basically have to choose a double major. Currently finance with minor in analytics. My current school is ranked 3rd Nationally in Supply Chain...62 days 4 hours ago
+2Careers With Investments/Modeling That Aren’t Like IB?Hey everyone, As a current 2nd year, I’ve recently acquired an interest in investments (stocks, bonds, fundamental analysis, modeling, etc). I don’t know too much about the field, but I recently joined a student fund management club at my uni and love learning about bottom up vs top down...65 days 23 hours ago
+2Think I got a weird one...Few job postings for Verizon looking for Real Estate professionals. I originally glossed over it thinking it was mostly corporate asset management/strategy/office leasing etc. Now I'm thinking it might be more than that. Did some more digging and read a few articles that note a large...65 days 4 hours ago
+2BB SA S&T – What desk to choose?Hi all, I will be at a top <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> doing <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> (S&T) this coming summer and haven't chosen a group yet. Placement is coming up and I have a solid foundation with a lot of...618 hours 6 min ago
+2Lied about employement datesI am expecting an interview call from <abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and BCG">MBB</abbr> and other consulting firms. But i lied about my previous employer dates where I worked about 6 years ago. I basically added some extra months. am in trouble ?66 days 5 min ago
+2Determining the value of a canidate/employee using IB valuation techniquesI remember reading an investment banking interview prep question a while back about how one might value an apple tree and the answer was the same way you would value a company: by looking at what comparable apple trees are worth (relative valuation) and the value of the apple tree's cash...62 days 3 hours ago
+2Do I have a chance for 2019 ib?Hello Wall Street Oasis,' I am a current Senior at Rutgers with a 3.1 cumulative and a 3.4 major (Finance). I used to be a premed that's why my gpa is not at all great. I also have two internships including a wealth management internship and I worked in a startup corporate finance...62 days 1 hour ago
+2I sent a follow up email to the two people I interviewed with... One replied. Whats up with the one who did not reply?Curious. Should I reach out again? I really enjoyed interviewing with that person and really would love to be on their team. 66 days 2 hours ago
+2How to start a career in finance?Hi everyone! I need an advice what better to do in my situation. A year ago I finished one of the best universities in Russia with Dual Degree Program with University of London International Programmes, Under Academic Direction of London School of Economics. I am BSc Economics and Finance....64 days 19 hours ago
+2Got an offer, but not sure HR told the truth..Accept or not?Job offered, but salary is lower than expectation, with no flexibility on the HR side (manager said HR is in charge). HR also tried to persuade me by saying that everyone has the same salary in this company, they just don't talk about it openly. How is it possible that 'every analyst...64 days 7 hours ago
+2Cold Calling for off market opportunitiesI'm interested to hear if any of you guys know where commercial brokers source their cold calling lists from, whether it be going after multifamily, land, office. or industrial opportunities. If anyone has any special websites, soft ware, or companies that they use to build specific cold...66 hours 17 min ago
+2Series 7?Does it help to have a series 7 while interviewing for IB? What courses would stand out in a recruiter’s eyes? Do most people have extra “IB tailored” courses when they are interviewing?61 day 6 hours ago
+2Westbrook Partners General InfoHi folks. First ever post in the RE forum. Pardon my ignorance as I come from the buyouts world and know next to nothing about REPE. I’m looking to get more information on Westbrook Partners. Starting from scratch as there appears to be almost nothing available on the internet. I’m mostly...56 days 3 hours ago
+2What are traders doing with Python/SQL/other coding languagesI'm curious to hear how traders at BB's/firms like Wolverine are applying knowledge of these coding languages. What kind of tools are you building, what are you using the skills to do on a day to day basis?53 days 12 hours ago
+2The reason salaries aren't publicly posted is because your employer wants to screw you over.I'm no philosopher, but it's painfully obvious this it the case. Think about it. If all salaries are posted, the company HAS to match what someone else of an equal role / background / education level is getting paid. By obfuscating this information, they're lowballing...516 min 53 sec ago
+3BB Corporate Banking vs Small/Mid Boutique Investment BankingIf I have no idea what I would like to do down the line (exit-opps wise), does it matter about the name I work for? Or more the type of work experience I obtain? (If I wanted to keep all finance exits open). For example, the opportunity to work in Corporate Banking for a Canadian <abbr...32 hours 4 min ago
+2Where do most Investment Bankers end up?Evidently, most <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analysts after 2-3 years look to exit to a <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm, <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr>, get associate promotion, corp dev, tech,...32 days 21 hours ago
+2When to look for accommodation? (London)Hi Guys, Incoming graduate analyst in London. My friends and I have a rough idea what we're looking for and where, just wondered when's the best time to actively start looking? Cheers!34 days 3 hours ago
+2Healthcare PE Resources?Starting work with a healthcare <abbr title="investment banking">ib</abbr> group this summer and would like to learn more about the buy-side. Any books, articles, or other resources that I should check out that are specific to healthcare PE? Advice would be greatly...33 days 3 hours ago
+3Best TMT groups on the Street?Wanted to get people's opinion on this. Best all around <abbr title="technology, media, telecom">TMT</abbr> groups based on deal flow, comp exits etc.31 day 6 hours ago
+2Gene propogation. It's why you guys are going batshit over that promotion.It's such a basic truth that few seem to acknowledge. In a way it's quite a beautiful thing. Yet to think we are nothing more than fleshy vehicles for our genes, it's quite depressing. I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking it. But it never surprises me what...320 hours 22 min ago
+2BAML Best Groups & Exit OppsHi monkeys, I've seen similar threads popping up for <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> & MS groups recently and to my surprise could not find any info related to <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr>. I would be curious...36 hours 27 min ago
+2Choosing between LSE MSc in Finance, Cambridge MFin and LBS MFAHello everyone! I have 1.5-2 years of work experience in a big four due diligence team. I want to do a masters to work in London investment banks. I have offers from <abbr title="London School of Economics">LSE</abbr> Msc in Finance, Cambridge MFin (post-experience...22 days 10 hours ago
+2Consumer/Retail IB Group Rankings?Most recent one of these I could find on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> was from 2010 so I was hoping to get more current opinions regarding the industry. 21 day 7 hours ago
+2Networking for PE while still in collegeI know <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> recruiting is different what with the presence of headhunters and all, but should I start networking with alumni at the <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firms I'm interested in? I feel like...223 hours 17 min ago
+2Big 4 Restructuring Straight Out Of UNI?Do the big 4 hire in their restructuring groups straight out of university? Or do they typically require financial experience and/or years spent in audit? Since the Big4 are accounting focused, are finance majors at a disadvantage? Thank you :)24 days 21 hours ago
+2LBO Model PracticeCan I get some feedback on my new web-based <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> model, ? To my knowledge, this is the first of its kind, and my hope is that its helpful for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> Analysts,...12 days 21 hours ago
+2All Health Breaks Loose<h3>MARKETS</h3></p> <ul> <li>U.S. markets: All eyes were locked in on the tariff announcement (more on that to come). Markets held relatively flat all day before pushing higher in late trading. </li> <li>International markets: The European...12 days 10 hours ago
+2Need suggestions - fashionable dress bootsI'm looking for something like this: [J&M Garner Cap Toe Chukka]( Does anyone have any suggestions for boots that look good at the office and at the...13 days 19 hours ago
+2EU Threatens To Escalate Trade War Against TrumpWith Trump's plans for tariff's on imported aluminum and steel on the line, the EU has taken action and propose how they will retaliate against the U.S. if he goes through with it. If this does all happen, we'd see an increase in costs for the U.S. by roughly $3.5B....14 days 3 hours ago
+2New Case Webinars in WSO Hedge Fund Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/hedge-fund-interview-questions">hedge fund interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with interview advice and...14 months 3 weeks ago
+2GS Sponsors M&A GroupHi monkeys I saw a couple of <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> people with this group in their titles on LinkedIn - does anyone know what this group does? Exit ops? Hours? Thanks!120 hours 43 min ago
+2Presence of South Americans on WSOOut of curiosity, any South Americans on WSO? Are you involved with Latam coverage groups or domestic?82 hours 30 min ago
+2Need help with informational interviews, willing to pay.I'm currently doing informational interview with banks and I just got off a call that was fairly brutal, where the VP kinda called me out mid call that I wasn't doing so hot. Can I pay someone who got a solid <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> position...73 days 4 hours ago
+2LBO Templates from KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle, etc?Does anyone know if there are any <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> excel models online directly from a major private equity firm such as <abbr title="Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.">KKR</abbr>, Blackstone, Carlyle, etc?64 days 20 hours ago
+1Tasks of Summer PE Analyst as an undergradHello Monkeys, I am a current penultimate-year undergrad who has a Private Equity internship this summer. Since last summer I had an internship that wasn't very challenging since my superiors didn't have enough time to teach me what I didn't know, I was hoping to learn by myself...54 days 3 hours ago
+1Networking meet ups DFWI wanted to know if anyone could point me to the best networking events in the DFW area. I know there’s the usual : ULI North Texas (not sure if worth the price tag maybe someone can chime in on this) Naiop. What do you guys attend/ reccomend? 52 days 5 hours ago
+1IRR to Equity?I recently came across something that was asking for <abbr title="internal rate of return">IRR</abbr> to Equity. Basic logic tells me this would be <abbr title="internal rate of return">IRR</abbr> divided by equity invested but is that right? It seems...54 hours 17 min ago
+1Non-target Undergrad to Bulge Bracket IBI'm a Junior at a pretty extreme non-target (99% sure there has never been a single graduate at a BB) public university that is most well-known for it's medical and law programs, NOT business. I have big4 experience, bizdev at F500 commercial bank, and boutique <abbr...54 days 5 hours ago
+1Difference between physical trading of crude oil and refined products Hi all, I’m a final year high school student with a strong interest in the physical commodity trade. I was just wondering if there is any difference (in cargo sizes, day to day tasks etc) in role between a crude oil trader and a products trader or are they basically identical? Thanks in...54 days 5 hours ago
+1Oxford MFE or LBS MFAHello fellow monkeys, I have been accepted to both the Oxford MFE and the London Business School MFA and now I need to decide which one to attend. Of course, I am extremely happy about the possibilities, but with them also comes a difficult decision. Here is something about me as a...53 days 2 hours ago
+1Where can I find scholarships as a CFA candidate?Hi, I am interested in finding scholarships for registration and examination fee. What are some good resources52 days 19 hours ago
+1What programming languages do strats use?I'm learning Java right now (thanks, Intro CS), and I know it's not really applicable. I've heard the most quantitative roles use MatLab, what other languages are popular? I'm looking towards algorithm development, etc. Thanks!53 days 3 hours ago
+1Johns Hopkins MSF Class of 2018Got accepted to JHU <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr>. Anyone else here back? Basically butchered my GMAT and got dinged from my target schools. Not sure if I should wait a year and reapply to better schools or settle for JHU. Any advice?45 days 2 hours ago
+1Path to T15 MBAFinishing up my undergrad this spring at t20 undergrad (think Vandy, ND, GTown) and will be starting as commercial credit analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in the summer. I don't necessarily have a career path nailed down yet, but my inkling is that...43 days 2 hours ago
+1LBO Model for CoinvestmentsDoes anyone have an <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> model for a coinvestment they could share? If not, could anyone shed any light on any differences to consider between a coinvestment and traditional buyout LBO?43 days 4 hours ago
+1Salary and company phone/laptop negotiationsHey everyone! I am currently full time interning at a middle market bank. Have been for about 3 months. My boss approached me saying in the next week or so we negotiate opportunity as a full time Associate. I am the only associate for the bank in this country. Other associates are in other...42 days 20 hours ago
+1NYU MSRE *Online Courses*Background info for context: I just graduated UG last May, I work for a Small REPE in a supporting fuction for the acquisition team. I am interested in getting a MSRE from NYU. It seems to be the most convenient program because of the part time feature, which will allow me to keep my job and...43 days 52 min ago
+1How can I reinstall Mac OS X without erasing data? I want to reinstall whole OS, but I have no spare backup drive. So I want to reinstall OS without erasing or repartitioning to keep my data on disk. I know it's not clear enough, but it should be a lot better than my current installation. So I want to try anything if it keep my data...44 days 9 hours ago
+1any way to get involved with Y Combinator, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz etc as an undergrad ? Hi, I was just wondering how an undergrad student can become involved with firms above without starting a company and getting funded by them. Beside getting funded by them or working for their portfolio companies, are there any other ways students can get involved ? like campus ambassador ?...41 day 18 hours ago
+1Summer Internship Accommodation London - MayfairLooking for somewhere within 30 minutes commute of Mayfair, any advice would be much appreciated, budget up to £250, not higher ideally41 hour 35 min ago
+1Resume and DingsHey everybody! I was just wondering if someone would be willing to take a look at my Resume. I go to a top public school (UVA, Michigan, UCLA, etc.) and major math with a concentration in Finance with a decent GPA. However, I've been dinged by a whole bunch of no name firms, but I...44 days 8 hours ago
+1What is the best financial modeling course or training for leveraged financeHey Guys, I am looking to break into a Leverage Finance division in an investment bank and I am wondering what type of modeling I need to be proficient at and what are the best modeling training programs for Leveraged Finance. <br> <h4>Looking to become a modeling...42 days 1 hour ago
+1I got accepted to Columbia MSRED, USC MRED, and UC Berkeley MRED+D, where should I go?Hi All, I just accepted to USC, Columbia, and Berkeley Masters of Real Estate programs but I don't know where I should go. I live in San Francisco (want to come back) was civil engineering who transitioned into Development 4 years ago but since realized that I need more finance and a...45 hours 42 min ago
+1Banking group Revenue --> bonushow does a group revenue for the FY translate to bonus for their analysts? After b-table and admin related fees, what does the bonus pool look like? Say a group of 40 bankers made 100 million in fees for the year. Really general/vague question, so not expecting anything concrete. Just wanted...44 days 21 hours ago
+1Help, need brutally honest answerI am in desperate need of help, so please answer truthfully. I have taken calculus multiple times and when I say multiple I mean more than any student should have to, it's depressing.I get A's in other classes with the exception of my first year where I failed a bunch because of a...44 days 9 hours ago
+1Lazard Sophomore Women's/Diversity Days 2018Heyz, did anyone apply and has anyone heard back? Please share. According to the application, we should be hearing back about the women's day tomorrow (March 9).41 day 20 hours ago
+1How to leverage current offerHi all, longtime user but using a throwaway in order to remain anonymous. It is pretty late in the game for 2018 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> positions, but I find myself in a rather unconventional position. I will break down my current situation by the...45 days 9 hours ago
+1Should I apply now or later?Currently looking for an internship this summer in CT I’m a sophomore btw. However my question is I saw that the 2019 <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> apps close in September, so is it hurting me...42 days 5 hours ago
+1Does anyone know anything about Vanke US? As title says, I am looking for information on Vanke US. I know they are a Chinese firm, but I wanted to know more about industry reputation, office culture, pay, etc. Thanks 45 days 6 hours ago
+1Getting Natural Gas Start at Small Marketer/SupplierHi all. I made a similar post in the Job Search Advice page, but didn't get much of a response so I thought I'd try here. I'll keep this relatively short and to the point. I was recently accepted to Tulane's MME program, but after receiving my financial aid package I...418 hours 37 min ago
+1Gucci suits - 3rd year M&A analyst Curious to know your thoughts on wearing Gucci suits as a 3rd year <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> analyst at a small shop. Wasn’t planning on buying these originally but I tried them on at the outlet and the suits are really nice. Would never pay...41 hour 38 min ago
+2What happens to EBITDA if D&A increases by $10? So confused about EBITDAKind of confused about <abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization">EBITDA</abbr> because if we are excluding D&A, how come we add it back to EBIT to find EBITDA?42 days 2 hours ago
+1Investor Relations Exit Opps?So heres a brief background.. Non-target (state school top 50 though), rising senior, mediocre GPA, worked 1 summer in <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> directly on the street, lots of extracurricular's. 5 year outlook is buy-side, PM, <abbr...41 day 22 hours ago
+1Why Banking Question: From Private Equity to Investment BankingHi every one, I'm currently working as an Associate at a Middle Market private equity firm and will be enrolled into a <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business schools">M7</abbr> <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program this...41 day 14 hours ago
+1Which Internship to choose? I'm a sophomore from UIUC majoring in Statistics and Agricultural & Consumer Economics. I have received an internship offer from Fund Services company in London, which I will be exposed to primarily regulatory product and valuation, and a Corporate Development internship offer from...419 hours 27 min ago
+1PE Offer: References from Current Employer Required?Just got offer for <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> job - they've asked for references, but didn't specify if it should be from my current job (in investment banking): Is it expected that references should be from current employer? I would rather not...42 days 20 hours ago
+1Do I have a chance to break in?Good Morning, I just joined this website so I hope it's a right place to post my discussion. I am currently a junior at the University of Arizona and majoring in finance & entrepreneurship. I am also a Division 1 scholarship athlete (tennis). I really want to start investment banking...423 hours 50 min ago
+1How Many Deals on Experienced ResumeHi, i'm currently a buy-side associate at a credit fund and my experience has included direct lending, asset-backed lending, secondary purchases, preferred equity, etc. In my 2+ years I have closed over 15 transactions, so I was wondering how many I should actually include on my resume? Is...31 day 8 hours ago
+1Breaking Into a Hedge Fund with a Background in PharmaceuticalsHello all, I am in the process of completing a doctorate degree in pharmacy (PharmD) as I plan how best to leverage my non-conventional background in the hedge fund industry. As an active trader with a fairly diverse portfolio, I have always had a keen interest in the markets. Given my...34 days 21 hours ago
+1ESADE MiM vs Warwick MiMHi, I got offers for the MiM programmes from both ESADE and Warwick, I am really confused about which one to pick due to mixed reviews. Half of the people I have asked have inclined towards ESADE but I am not finding much about it online and haven't gained much info through the alumni of...36 days 10 hours ago
+1Time Is Of The EssenceHello All, Just wondering, If you manage you time well, do you really need to work 15 hours a day in IB? have heard different opinions, but would like to have definite answer. Thanks in advance. 34 days 17 hours ago
+1What does it mean that Lazard purchased a x% non-controlling interest in fund of funds?For example, what does it mean that Lazard purchased a 45% non-controlling interest in some fund of funds firm? What implication does it have for both Lazard and the fund?31 day 4 hours ago
+1Deloitte Operating Model ChangesAnyone have any info on Deloittes new operating model? I heard they were getting rid of service lines and combining everyone into functional areas? Any insights on how this is going to affect service line placement for new hires? Specifically for the BTAs?32 days 2 hours ago
+1710/3.6 for Top 10Got a 710 which I know isn’t great. Especially because all my practice exams were 48Q/40V and my actual test was 45Q/42V. I’m applying from public sector with experiences in nonprofits and government work. I’m hoping to have a shot at <abbr title="Harvard Business...37 min 45 sec ago
+1What to study to break into financeHello, As a student who will be going to college next year, I was wondering what the most appropriate study is for breaking into consulting. Any tips will be appreciated. Thank you 36 days 1 hour ago
+1What is the best trading system?Anyone know profitable automatic trading system? to use with metatrader, i will know if there is a system can learn from last pattern of market36 days 4 hours ago
+1Outlook for Toronto CRE job marketDoes anyone have any insights on the commercial real estate job market for potential grads? I'm a sophmore student in Toronto and am looking for some insights (into development, specifically).33 days 32 min ago
+2An Ode To Lloyd**In honor of Lloyd's legacy,** I thought it'd be appropriate for this thread.. Here's a little slice of Lloyd Blankfein's life, history, and highlights. #### **Origins** ***Born in the Bronx,*** Lloyd lived a very humble life growing up. His father was a clerk at USPS...320 hours 8 min ago
+1How to position myself to get into a private equity small-mid cap buyout fundHey Guys, I am a recent college graduate and I am trying to position myself for a private equity small-mid cap buyout fund. I was thinking of taking a Masters in Finance, then getting a role as a <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst for Leveraged Finance,...32 days 9 min ago
+1Group Trading GameFor an upcoming interview I have a group trading exercise. My understanding is that there will be multiple fruits and a group of candidates as market makers. I have seen similar posts to this on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> however I can't seem to find...319 hours 34 min ago
+1Machine Learning Taking over HF research analyst roles in near future?I read an interesting article recently regarding machine learning taking over research analyst roles over the next 5 years or so ( I also spoke to the CFO of a multi-billion...31 hour 59 sec ago
+1market risk VP bonus in Wells 60-70%?Just talked with HR and he mentioned the target bonus could be around 70% for a market risk role(VP). I really doubt this number because MR is a middle-back office role. Any thought?31 day 5 hours ago
+1Can you save TTS videos to desktop?I've done some digging and haven't been able to find a clear answer to this elsewhere -- apologies if I've missed it. I realize there are plenty of other threads regarding this sort of topic....however: Can you save Training the Street courses to your hard drive? I'm...31 day 6 hours ago
+1Have you heard of these guys?Just came across a bank, Torreya Partners, on LinkedIn. What is their reputation, comp, culture? 34 days 6 hours ago
+1How does Goldman Sachs safeguard its assets?Curious about how Goldman Sachs safeguard its assets? any ideas will help, thanks alot! Please post anything.32 days 6 hours ago
+1T Rowe Price Equity Research Summer Analyst ProgramThinking of recruiting for T Rowe Price's sophomore summer analyst program next year - heard some good things about it from someone I networked with who works at Blackstone. How does this program stack up against other sophomore internships? What's the summer analyst experience like?32 hours 46 min ago
+1Front office Investment Banking for a BB bank in India vs Trading for a BB in HKHey guys So I'm doing my <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> from India's highest/second highest ranked B-school (depending on which ranking you follow). Most major <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> banks come to...33 hours 47 min ago
+1Analyst Salary Evaluation (Need Help!)I recently received an offer of Analyst from a low-billion asset manager with a and I would appreciate help in assessing it because I have worked mostly abroad and am not certain on how comp works in <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> in the US. Little bit of a...31 day 15 hours ago
+1NYU Stern Part Time or UNC Kenan Flagler OnlineI’m seriously considering the two programs mentioned in the title. I work in real estate (VP level) love what I do and have no plans to change career path. <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> programs don’t make sense for me because it would require leaving my job, and...32 days 6 hours ago
+1BooksHello all, I am currently a sophmore at WVU. It is almost finalized that I will be at the University of Maryland Next fall though as I feel that WVU is just not gonna do it for me. My dream since I was in middle school has been to do something with the stockmarket. It has fascinated me to no...32 days 8 hours ago
+1Hedge Fund Internship as a Freshmen Hey all, I want to ask what skills I should really focus on developing for an internship with a hedge fund this summer, as a freshman. Really I just want to know what skills the fund would be looking for if I asked for an internship (I'm talking to an MD at the fund and I'd like...320 hours 27 min ago
+1Why Does REPE Underperform? Real estate private equity has put up an annual return of 7.39% over the last 25 years vs. 10.95% for the NAREIT Equity Index. This is troubling because real estate private equity has put up subpar returns with a much higher...32 days 17 min ago
+1Direct Lending, what now?Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm starting at a direct lender this week. I'm on the investment team and I look at sourced potential investments and judge ability to pay based on credit worthiness of the business, value collateral and the...33 hours 8 min ago
+1Hedge Fund CompensationQuick question on hedge fund comp - I’m sure it’s been discussed a lot but I couldn't really find specifics. I was reading some articles recently and it basically said some PMs at the <abbr title="hedge funds">HFs</abbr> earn 15-25% of the profits they make. So...32 days 53 min ago
+1Should I list my 3.1 GPA in my resume?So I went to a non-target and I have a 3.1 GPA. Should I include it in my resume or not if I want to break in to banking? I appreciate any type of advice.34 days 1 hour ago
+1age question for MSRED candidacySo i was laid off recently from my job in financial services. I have zero experience in real estate, but am interested in development and was thinking of doing a career pivot. I am in my mid-30s and am concerned about job prospects once graduating from a program since I dont have any...36 hours 16 min ago
+1NYU Dorms: Broome St or Lafayette??Hey everyone, I'll be interning at Goldman Sachs this summer and am trying to decide where I should live. A few weeks ago, I filled out the NYU application online and preferenced Broome St (still haven't received official dorm assignment though). Today I was looking through some of the...31 day 7 hours ago
+1Urgent Advice Needed - Accelerator to VC?Hello guys. About me, completing MSc in Life Science/Management at UK target, and graduated in Hard Science/Management from different target. Work experience is mainly in non-financial healthcare (currently a psychotherapist), but had a strategy internship with a leading...33 days 10 hours ago
+1CRE job ops DC/West CoastCurrently in DC metro area, seems like we’re almost at the peak of the cycle, so I expect down turn to come in the next year or so and no development shops will be hiring. I heard San Fran market is on fire, any thoughts on job opps out there?32 days 4 hours ago
+12 years in - trying to determine the next stepHey all, Thanks in advance for any advice. Essentially, I'm at sort of a crossroads and I'm not sure what my next move should be. Was hoping that people with more experience could point me in the right direction. Background: - 25 years old - School was a liberal arts college...33 days 2 hours ago
+1DCF Doesn't Balance Currently working on a <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> for GM. I'm putting together the financial statement model, but the balance sheet in my model doesn't balance. Cell B163 shows I'm off around $5.561. I checked the Cash Flow Statement with...33 days 23 hours ago
+1What Is Your Favorite Finance Social Media Account (Parody Accounts)When I'm not pumping up my leverage ratios I'm peeping the Instagram to stay hip with the young kids out there. What are your favorite accounts to follow for a good laugh? Shout out to my man Litquidity on Instagram but I'm trying to diversify my porfolio a little bit here. I...32 days 2 hours ago
+1Offered a consulting internship but I seek IBD. Should I accept?Title is self-explanatory, basically. I am very interested in <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> and have already interned at a <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> boutique. However, yesterday I have been offered a...34 days 6 hours ago
+1Checking other people's modelHey fellow monkeys, I would love to hear how you check your analyst's model as an assoicate. Do you have any tricks? I find it really difficult to check the model of someone else that I didn't build. And I am not talking about the simple models where you pull the factset consesus...32 days 1 hour ago
+1ER summer associate to market risk full timeI know that most people would never go front office to middle/back office but hear me out. I am interning this summer in <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> under a highly ranked II analyst, however, I...31 day 1 hour ago
+1JPM having trouble filling FT class?I noticed that on my school's careers page (target/Ivy) <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> has postings for front office full time roles for class of 2018. They have openings for <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> (just posted today,...31 day 4 hours ago
+1Joint Venture Equity Method AccountingDebt investor hat on, and looking at a company that has an addback called <abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization">EBITDA</abbr> from equity investments. The addback matches to the total of the distributed earnings from equity investments in...36 days 18 hours ago
+1CVS Looks to Sell 44 Billion in BondsThe popular pharmacy chain CVS announced on Tuesday that it will sell 44 billion dollars worth of bonds so that it can help pay for its acquisition of Aetna. ### “Everyone on the buy side is going to be looking at this deal,” says Matt Salzillo, a portfolio manager for Ryan Labs Asset...25 days 2 hours ago
+1Should I contact the company?Hello everyone, I applied to a company 3 weeks ago and they had an automated email say they will contact me if they plan to move forward with the application process. Should I email HR and ask how the process is looking? 25 days 14 hours ago
+1Budgeting process & financial modelcan u please help me with those two questions - If it were up to you, what would the budgeting process look like? - What in your opinion makes a good financial model?24 days 11 hours ago
+1I'm a Sophomore at College, Where to Start? And am I behind?Hi Everyone, I am currently a sophomore attending at non-target state school, majoring in finance. I didn't know what I really wanted to do with my finance degree until I exposed myself to the investments club at my school. Personally, I love researching the markets and learning about...23 days 36 min ago
+1Insights on CBRE Capital Advisors?Hey RE forum, I'm wondering if anyone has insights on CBRE Capital Advisors. I'm a college senior and asking because I have a final round interview in two weeks for an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> Analyst position. I know it's the <abbr...24 days 15 hours ago
+1Private Debt > Private EquityMy background is two years <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> investment banking (levfin) and 1 year as an associate at a large private debt fund ($20bn AUM, invest in 1st lien, 2nd lien, mezzanine, preferred/common equity) . My question is how difficult is it to...220 hours 17 min ago
+1Advice - Sophomore at Semi Target(UMich Ross)I'm currently a sophomore at a semi-target(Umich Ross), recruiting for both <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> and <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr>. I have a low/medium GPA(3.7). I have an upcoming <abbr title="private...26 days 3 hours ago
+1Owning a side business in IB kosher with bank?Background for this post, I work at an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> as an analyst. I created a prototype for a business that’s not even remotely close to my work (not finance related at all; software business). I have committed contracts once I finish the...222 hours 4 min ago
+1Offers from Healthcare strategy consulting v. Econ Consulting (Cornerstone, Analysis, NERA) Hi, Currently have offers from both a healthcare focused consulting firm and econ consulting firm (Cornerstone, Analysis, etc.) . Was wondering about main differences in work, culture, and people between strategy and econ firms. I do have life sciences background and do like healthcare type...23 days 19 hours ago
+1Timed Writing Interview AdviceHello Everyone, I have a timed 2-hour writing interview for <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr> at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> and was wondering if anyone has gone through something similar or had any advice. The format is they...220 min 49 sec ago
+1Profile Eval - International Student: Banking in US/France + late transition to WB/IFC/ADBHi, I'm a Filipino recent-grad with less than a year's work experience and I want to try to get into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>/Consulting in mature market like the US/UK/France. Actually, any "analyst" role in Fin/Consulting is better...22 days 23 hours ago
+1MD phone callI was able to secure a quick informative phone call with an MD at a pretty prominent firm. I want to start a good relationship with him and show him that I'm interested. What questions should pose to show pure interest instead of coming off as just another guy looking to use him as...26 days 3 hours ago
+1Networking - On the weekend Vs. during week So I have done some networking in the past and in person networking, and always have met during the week- maybe met one banker on a sat but rare. Do you think bankers will be willing to meet on weekends for coffee chats if that is the only time I can go due to classes? 26 days 1 hour ago
+1BDC PriceWhy do BDCs often trade at such significant premiums or discounts to their NAVs? Market price is sometimes as high as +/- 50% of NAV. Why such differences? 26 days 3 hours ago
+1How to set NWC target in M&A for negative NWC businessI am working on a sell-side auction of a private healthcare company, and the target has negative NWC consistently over the last few years. With further business expansion, NWC becomes even more negative as deferred revenue increases. In your experience, how would both sides typically...23 days 19 hours ago
+1Does getting into an MBB conference help you get into jobs at those firms? I'm from a non-target and I have a low sat math score but higher CR/W scores but managed to get into a program to visit their firm and network. Does getting into the program mean that I am capable of getting a job there provided I can pass interviews? I have a pretty good GPA (3.8), have a...22 days 2 hours ago
+1E&Y TAS to PE/IB IndustryHi Everyone, I got an offer from EY TAS team Manager Level 3. I wonder will EY experiences helpful to switch to <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>/<abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> in 2 years? My skill set focuses on Financial...29 hours 48 min ago
+1Why is the world so messed up? Read this Article on IBankingFAQ's EconomicsFAQ section. This guy expresses a pretty pessimistic view of the current state of the world. Not looking to express whether I agree or disagree, but thought that an interesting discussion could be made around this. Here's a few snippets from...22 hours 26 min ago
+1Where to publish your expertise ?Hi, suppose I have a lot of expertise in an industry or field, where can I blog about it to get noticed by industry people ? I know there's seekingalpha for finance, not sure what the equivalent would be for consulting. Thanks.24 hours 20 min ago
+1American going to Europe for Masters Management/financeHow difficult is if for Non-EU citizens(Americans Specifically) to find jobs after attending Masters Finance or Masters Management degrees from EU schools such as Bocconi or ESADE. Considering no work experience/internships, undergrad from an American school, and a desire to get finance or...21 day 13 hours ago
+1Bad time to go into Lev Fin?Hey guys, I'm starting <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> bank this summer and will be doing round robin interviews for group placement my first week of training. Lev Fin is clearly the best group at my...24 days 20 hours ago
+1Is a finance internship at a consumer goods company good for IBD?Hi guys, So I didn't manage to get an internship this year in <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> or <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr>. I might get an offer from a well-known consumer goods company in the...22 days 21 hours ago
+1Vista Equity Partners?Anyone here actually have experience / first hand knowledge of working there? Thoughts on experience / culture / comp etc.?22 days 1 hour ago
+1Follow-on investments in portfolio companiesHey everyone, Just wondering what happens in a scenario where say the company needs an equity infusion of $5MM for working capital requirements but not all investors are on board to invest that $5MM. My thoughts are that the possibilities are as follows: 1) Follow-on does not get made at...21 day 15 hours ago
+1Accel KKR internship ?Does anyone know how to get an internship on Accel KKR's investment team ? Do they give returns to their interns? I looked on linkedin and I found some interns working there. Thanks221 hours 52 min ago
+1How does this path to investment banking sound?I'm a junior accounting major who just had informational interviews with bankers, equity researchers, and advisers, and think I now want to go for banking instead of the auditing path I was planning on before. I have a 3.7 GPA from a state school and am looking to do my Master of Accounting...21 hour 41 min ago
+1Undergrad DestinationI'm currently a high school senior looking to eventually go into the investment banking (not sure specifically what part) and want some advice on which colleges I applied to will give me the best shot of landing a job at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>...22 hours 21 min ago
+1So I'm Probably Going to Get a Lot of Shit for This...Alright guys and gals, I need some advice. I'd like to avoid all the "you fucked up" non sense because I know I probably could've made a better decision, but I am forward looking and do not dwell on the past - that gets you no where. So a little background: * Started...25 days 19 hours ago
+1Why is putting your salary requirements on a resume a bad idea?If you do, it saves you and the recruiter a lot of time; going through job applicants and interviews only to find out that if your salary expectations don't match, then there is no deal. The whole useless process could be avoided if the recruiter knew your salary requirements beforehand....22 days 22 hours ago
+1Why did you take a job at a small boutique?Serious question, since I'm currently recruiting for <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> at a few <abbr title="middle market firms">MMs</abbr> and some small boutiques. I'm leaning towards <abbr title="middle...23 days 5 hours ago
+1Big 4 Tech to BB MOCurrently working in a Tech role (risk assurance/advisory) at a Big 4 firm (UK). Just wondered what the options are regarding a move to a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> MO/<abbr title="back office">BO</abbr> role such as risk management (market...22 days 2 hours ago
+1Quantitative Finance or Finance?Hi to everyone, i am an italian student of business administration, a undergraduate (3 year) course and the next year i'll have to choose in which master of science applying. I really enjoyed courses like corporate finance and financial intermediaries. I'll continue my studies in...25 hours 31 min ago
+1Should I act on a client lead before starting the job?Hi everyone, I find myself in an interesting situation. In September I'll be starting as an Associate at a Tier 2 consulting firm and through some contacts I've come across a lead for a potential client that is in a position where they may benefit from a consulting firm. The lead...25 days 3 hours ago
+1Should I disclose that I'm transferring from Director's Alma mater?My Boutique Investment banking director emailed me today telling me that I've been doing a great job as an intern and is looking to promote me later this month. I was recently accepted to a semi-target from a non-target which I'm planning on attending this fall. Problem is, My director...23 days 19 hours ago
+1Finance for LBOs - SME MarketHello guys, I am interested in <abbr title="leveraged buyouts">LBOs</abbr> in the SME market and based in the UK. Was just wondering if there is mid level boutique banks or similar in the states who would be happy to provide finance for <abbr title="leveraged...23 days 5 hours ago
+1Infrastructure or Real Estate PE?Hi all, I've recently managed to land some <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> internship offers in the areas of Infrastructure and Real Estate. I'd like to ask for some opinions between the 2 different fields, which one should I go for? Previously, I was in...21 hour 54 min ago
+1UVA MS Commerce in. Wait for more?Hi everyone, I got into UVA's ms commerce last November and I gave the first deposit. Yesterday I got rejected by MIT after an interview. Director of Georgetown's MS Economics told me that he recommended my profile to the AO. It's a new program. I probably won't go....15 days 4 hours ago
+1Joining Accenture as a Senior Manager in Client & Market Career Track? Have already been at PwC and Deloitte Digital. Worth it?I worked as a consultant at Deloitte Digital. Moved because growth was slow. I moved to PwC as a Senior Consultant, made Manger within 1 year, and have enjoyed the perks of growing up at the firm. So in total, I've spent 5 years in a Big 4 (i.e. 2 years in Deloitte, and 3 years in...13 days 12 hours ago
+1anyone know of a way to automate copying exhibits in excel and paste into word while maintaining format and layout?I'm a valuation associate for a <abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> firm and hate copying exhibits in excel and pasting in word. solutions?11 day 6 hours ago
+1Which forum do I post in to ask questions about public equities & fixed income?I have been studying <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> & <abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> but a unique opportunity has come my way to interview for an associate role focused on public equities and fixed income. I'm not sure where...15 days 4 hours ago
+1What does it mean that an investment bank purchased a x% non-controlling interest in fund?For example, what does it mean that Lazard purchased a 45% non-controlling interest in some fund of funds firm? What implication does it have for both Lazard and the fund?13 days 8 hours ago
+1Red, white, and blue<h3>MARKETS</h3></p> <ul> <li>The Dow and S&P recovered slightly from an early morning sell-off. Markets reacted to ex-chief economic adviser Gary Cohn resigning from his post, which all but sealed the deal on steel and aluminum tariffs. </li> ...13 days 7 hours ago
+1Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) Intern ProgramRecently accepted a position at SMBC for my internship this summer -- does anyone know if SMBC offer sponsorship to internationals for full time? Really interested and would love to know any of your insights.15 days 1 hour ago
+1Targeted Returns - Value InvestorsTo the value investors out there: When you are looking at an equity, assuming the company has attractive fundamental economic characteristics; what sort of targeted return are you looking for? Do you wan't to buy something for less than 60% of what you think it's worth? Do you...16 days 15 hours ago
+1Which school/area to choose? Netherlands (TIAS) or US (Simon)Hi guys! First post here. I am quite lucky to have received 3 admits from several MS programs and having a headache here regarding which one to choose. My background is as follows: - From: Vietnam, 25 yrs old male - Work experience: 2.5 years in brand management (all entry-level...16 days 15 hours ago
+1Top PE/VC Firms in NashvilleHey All, Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering - does anyone have any experience or know of the top <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>/<abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> firms in the greater Nashville area? I'm currently...13 days 6 hours ago
+1Advice needed on getting a job in UK/Ireland for an international applicantHello everyone, I am finishing undergraduate degree now and want to get a job in consulting or a similar function in a leading FMCG company in UK or Ireland in a year or so. My background: undergraduate in International business in the country's leading university but without impressive...16 days 13 hours ago
+1Non-business undergradHey everyone, First post, but I have been around here lurking in the dark and searching threads for a while now. I got out of the Army in this past year and enrolled into a community college. I've pieced together schools (I will attach to the bottom of the post) that I am interested...15 days 1 hour ago
+1Transfer GPA on application.I transferred schools and took a couple of classes at another school in my hometown during a summer. On my internship application, I am asked to list my cumulative grade point average. Do I put the GPA from my new school only or from all schools?123 hours 57 min ago
+1What makes more sense: a macro or micro career?Hopefully I can word this clearly enough to make some sense. Very keen to hear your thoughts. Imagine the following dichotomy: Route 1 - a "macro"-focused career, looking across asset classes, industries, geographies, with economics as the background knowledge. Route 2 - a...14 days 17 hours ago
+1JP Morgan Securities Investment Product SpecialistDoes anyone know anything about this position? I have a video interview for this position and I have not been able to find much online as far as compensation, interview process etc. Is this a role from which one can advance? Thanks!13 days 4 hours ago
+13/5/2018 - Monday @MentionsHappy Monday WSO! <strong><u>Upcoming, Meet Ups, Podcasts, Webinars & Webinar Rewinds:</u></strong> <a href=“">Webinar: Resume prep for Private...16 days 11 hours ago
+1Heavy Metal<h3>MARKETS</h3></p> <ul> <li>A surge in healthcare stocks drove the S&P higher.</li> <li>Fears of a trade war boosted gold prices. </li> </ul> <div style="text-align:center"> ...16 days 9 hours ago
+1What after Diploma in Fashion Designingwhat to do after diploma in fashion designing and what is the scope after diploma in fashion designing? thanks in advance16 days 10 hours ago
+1Macquarie - Global Physical Oil - Executive PositionHi, Does anybody have any information about Macquarie Global Physical Oil Executive Position? How should I be prepared for this interview? What questions do they ask? Background|Experience: Maritime Administration/Transport education. Tanker Shipbroker @ Clarksons Crude trading @...14 days 23 hours ago
+1Valuation Guidance related to WACC / CoEI was doing valuation of a company in emerging markets and I have a question in mind but couldn't find a proper theory suggesting a solution. Suppose, the company receives its revenue in US$ currency and incur costs in INR currency. The company's functional currency is INR so the...16 days 10 hours ago
+1A career in Compliance, can you apply for an FT job without direct experience and how much math do I need?I've always been interested in Compliance and currently do an undergraduate law degree (UK Target). Didn't manage to get a compliance <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> role this semester but I got <abbr title="JP...16 days 10 hours ago
+1Summer LivingI know this question has been asked a lot but I haven’t found an answer that isn’t “dorms.” I’ve done some research on the dorms and they seem very expensive for a pretty bleak living situation, I’m doing <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> so I...14 days 22 hours ago
+1Education Graduation Date?A little background: I am a sophomore majoring in math and finance with mediocre/sub-par grades because I was biochem/neuroscience major my freshman year. I am also tentatively in a masters of accounting student that would only be 1 additional year of school with my scholarship carrying over. A...12 days 22 hours ago
+1SoftBank Vision Fund InfoDoes anyone have any details on recruiting for soft bank's vision fund? What head hunter do they use? What is comp / culture like? How many people do they hire? Is it up/out or can you stay there? 14 days 21 hours ago
+1SoftBank Vision Fund QuestionsDoes anyone have any details on recruiting for soft bank's vision fund? What head hunter do they use? What is comp / culture like? How many people do they hire? Is it up/out or can you stay there?14 days 21 hours ago
+1Do you apply an illiquidity discount when you acquire 100% of a public company? Typically, we apply an illiquidity discount in private company valuations to reflect the difficulty in disposing your stake in a private company later on due to the pool of smaller buyers. Would we also apply an illiquidity discount in a 100% stake acquisition of a public company? After all,...16 days 8 hours ago
+1Is it unheard of to be offered a full time position without doing the internship?If you are a recent graduate (less than 1 year out of school) and interviewing, are you more likely to be offered an internship before a full time position? Does the answer to this question vary based on the type of bank you applied for(bulge bank vs middle market vs boutique etc...)?13 days 1 hour ago
+1London - Networking - FinanceHi All I start this topic to give the opportunity to share tips about networking in London Target: <abbr title="front office">FO</abbr> jobs in Asset / Wealth Management / Research / <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> / <abbr...12 days 23 hours ago
+1Asset Management Within an Investment BankHello, I am currently getting acquainted to the activities of an Investment Bank, particularly within the <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> Division. I am having trouble understanding the exact role of the Asset Management division within an Investment Bank....16 days 6 hours ago
+1Living in NYC vs Chicago as an entry level worker?Pros and cons for living in each city for a young professional in early 20s? Specifically Manhattan vs Chicago from the Loop to Uptown? Obviously <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> is way more expensive but I was curious about everyone's thoughts about lifestyle...14 days 20 hours ago
+1What do I need to know to be a solid Senior Associate in Asset Management? Coming from a Development Manager backgroundAll I have an interview with a large equity fund for an asset manager position. This position will source and underwrite deals, main contact for operating partners (developers), managing a portfolio in different life cycles of development and executing asset management strategies. I am...16 days 5 hours ago
+1Profile Eval - Filipino Student trying to get into Banking in US/France + late transition to WB/IFC/ADBHi, I'm a Filipino recent-grad with less than a year's work experience and I want to try to get into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>/Consulting in mature market like the US/UK/France. Actually, any "analyst" role in Fin/Consulting is better...12 days 23 hours ago
+1Finance in Asia?I went to Hong Kong while I was in high school and absolutely fell in love with the place, I decided that I'd make an effort to try and work there some day. Im half way through college now, and its looking like when I do begin to work, its gonna be in New York or somewhere around there....14 days 19 hours ago
+1Internship with New York LifeHi everyone, my long-term goal is to pursue real estate development/investment. It's been difficult securing an internship, so I am trying to get any experience I can find at this point. I'm a sophomore at a liberal arts college by the way. I went to a career fair and met a recruiter...12 days 22 hours ago
+1Best Path to Consulting---------------------------------------------Disregard---------------------------------------------------------12 days 22 hours ago
+1Schroder Fixed Income Analyst Interview QuestionsLanded an interview with Schroder Investment Manager NA for the Fixed Income analyst position. If anyone has been in a similar role elsewhere, what are some standard interview questions that I could be asked on: -phone interview -first round -superday Any and all help is welcome. Thanks in...12 days 21 hours ago
+1Asset Management Within an Investment Bank2Hello, I am currently getting acquainted to the activities of an Investment Bank, particularly within the <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> Division. I am having trouble understanding the exact role of the Asset Management division within an Investment...16 days 4 hours ago
+1Truly how much does prestige matter?Will <abbr title="balance sheet">BS</abbr> in computer engineering from Purdue be looked down upon from the most prestigious business schools (strictly <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business schools">M7</abbr> + UMich, UVA, Berkeley, Dartmouth)? Will my...12 days 21 hours ago
+1How to avoid making it look like gaps in work history while including only relevant work history?Hello all, I am transitioning careers. I want to include only relevant experience in my resume but this leaves what looks like gaps in my work history. How to avoid making it look like gaps in work history while including only relevant work history?12 days 20 hours ago
+1ageIs it even feasible to interview with Deloitte if I am over 65? Interviews are going well but not sure whether to continue16 days 4 hours ago
+1SEO / MLT 2019 CandidatesI got accepted into both and I'm pretty excited but I want to know if they're actually going to be a helpful backup in case I don't get offers through OCR; they claim to help you get interviews with their partner firms. Seeing as how recruiting has moved up so early, does anyone...14 days 14 hours ago
+1Leverage an offer to get other offers??How does one leverage an offer from a certain bank you've already received, to get offers from other banks where you'd want to work? Who do you email and what do you say? Does it work only for <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> offer or <abbr title="summer...12 days 19 hours ago
+1AIG Summer Actuarial InternshipHi, I recently got an interview with AIG for their Summer Internship Program at their Super Day at Woodland Hills and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what to expect or what they're looking for in an intern. 12 days 19 hours ago
+1First paycheck as SAHey Guys, Throw away account. I was wondering when my first paycheck would be as a summer at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> this semester. Need to make budgeting decisions soon. Sorry this might seem like a stupid questions but I’m curious how it usually...16 days 3 hours ago
+1Is Pre-MBA PE required for Post-MBA PE Recruiting?I'm looking for some insight on post-MBA <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> and <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> recruiting. What are the backgrounds of those who land investment positions coming out of a 2-year <abbr title="Masters...16 days 2 hours ago
+1helo :)) help me Would you say that Queen Mary University of London is considered a target/semi-target school for BBs?12 days 6 hours ago
+1I love Hospitality Asset Management - Where should I work?Out of all asset classes I most enjoy working with hotels. Anyone have any insight as to who is doing the most hotel deals rn?16 days 2 hours ago
+1Villanova MSF international students' experienceHi everyone, I'm a Vietnamese, currently working for a small investment management fund in Vietnam. I just got the <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> Fellowship at Villanova and plan to attend this summer. It's not a STEM program, so the OPT will be...12 days 17 hours ago
+1How would you grow a small S&T deskso many people end up in <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> and <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> shops, but given you had the chance to start your own desk, how would you go...16 days 2 hours ago
+1BB Asset Management Analyst/Associate Compensation/LifestyleHi everyone - I'm currently an investment banking analyst at a bulge bracket bank in a fixed income capital markets role. I'm interested in moving into an investing role (most likely at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> asset management arm) but have a...12 days 17 hours ago
+1Should I tell my headhunter I am not prepared for my upcoming interview?I have had a long interest in foundations and one of the major headhunters I work with reps most foundations. My headhunter made sure I was invited to interview as we've shot the shit about foundations many times. However, this role is for a public securities and fixed income...16 days 2 hours ago
+1Job considerations - deleteddeleted 14 days 12 hours ago
+1Case Study - Lease vs Rent - Need helpHey guys, I'm currently working on financial projections for a new business i'm working on. We are going to lease and rent certain types of equipment I hence I have two questions: (consider we currently sell at 50% gross margin and the selling price of one product is about USD...14 days 12 hours ago
+1A Matter of Meat<h3>MARKETS</h3></p> <ul> <li>U.S. markets gained after Paul Ryan raised concerns over the administration’s approach to tariffs…but that didn’t last. </li> <li> Nine S&P sectors finished higher—Netflix jumped...14 days 9 hours ago
+1Equity AnalysisQuestionnaire for equity research analysis Q1) What is the risk free rate techniques used for equity analysis? Q2) How do you do sectoral analysis? Q3) How do you derive to the types of multiples used for equity analysis? Q4) which is the most reliable method for valuing a...12 days 9 hours ago
+1JP Morgan real estate groupDoes anyone know anything about JPM's real estate group? What kind of deals are done? How are hours and culture?14 days 8 hours ago
+1Interview Valuation of Structured Noteshello, I have an interview coming up on valuation of structured notes. I Have no experience in valuation. Kindly advise what should I prepare about? Any advice will be much appreciated!12 days 9 hours ago
+1Venture Capital Timed testAll - I have a interview for a <abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> firm coming up that was defined as a '2-hour test which will contain a compilation of excel, powerpoint, reading comprehension, and writing skills'. Does anyone have any insight on what I...11 day 2 hours ago
+1Can someone explain what an FP&A position entails? What would a Finance Planning & Analysis Specialist do at a retail company? Job description, skills needed, work-life balance, etc.? 12 days 18 hours ago
+1Looking for a Plan Hello all, I am currently a sophmore at WVU. It is almost finalized that I will be at the University of Maryland Next fall though as I feel that WVU is just not gonna do it for me. My dream since I was in middle school has been to do something with the stockmarket. It has fascinated me to no...12 days 3 hours ago
+1Strongest future sector?Hello, As a current student, I was wondering what the most lucrative position will be in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, when's the time comes to graduate. Do you think it will stay the same(job title wise), or may the more lucrative positions see a...14 days 8 hours ago
+1Testo Ram I need to eatgrams **Testo Ram** I need to eatgrams of protein andgrams of fats in step with day and here’s how I figure out my carbsx x and–calories ultimate for carbs.grams of carbs in step with day. consequently my macros aregrams of proteingrams of fatgrams of carbs in12 days 8 hours ago
+1Trying to break into the real estate industry long term (either at a bank or PE) in need of adviceAs a rising senior I failed to recruit into real estate and am still searching. Any advice for this late in the year??12 days 8 hours ago
+1Ag Desks at Funds/BanksReally just asking for anyone in the market...there aren't many guys trading ags at funds or banks these days. Anyone know anybody that is active? 14 days 8 hours ago
+1 "Goooooood morning, WSO!!"Hello! Glad to be a part of <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. I look forward to learning, sharing, collaborating with my fellow monkey members. Elevator speech: b/r in Houston, come from a large Greek family. Besides the family olive oil business and...14 days 7 hours ago
+1First internship on Wall Street this Summer, looking for new inspired people in New York as well! Hey everyone, I am a Canadian student who just landed his first employment on Wall Street for the Summer. I am looking for people in the same position that I am with few friends and contacts in the big apple. Start a discussion and introduce yourself, I am sure I would love to meet you both...15 days 23 hours ago
+1Rothschild, Numerical Tests (Internship London)Hello everyone! I'm thinking of applying for Rothschild's Global Advisory-CEE Long-Term Internship at their London office. And from what I have read on their website they will send you a verbal and numerical reasoning tests, which you have to complete in 48 upon receiving....14 days 7 hours ago
+1How much fraud is there in the historic tax credit business?I'm coming from a design background and transitioning into development. I've worked on historic tax credit projects on the design side, so I have some familiarity with the application process. It seems obvious that developers have a massive incentive to inflate their qualified...14 days 7 hours ago
+1IB Resume: Include Closed Deal or More Marketable Active Deal for PE Interviews?I am beginning to recruit for <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> shops. I have worked for a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> investment bank for about a year now. I have worked on...12 days 7 hours ago
+1Does the burn out rate for brokers exist at top shops?Does the 90% burnout rate exist for brokers at top brokerage shops? I know most make you do a stint as an analyst before you can become a broker. Also where do brokers that decide they don’t like brokerage end up? Can they make the jump to development/ <abbr title="asset...14 days 6 hours ago
+1Interview Prep - Strategy& Deals Strategy Hello everyone, I have an interview coming up with the Deals Strategy team for Strategy& and would love some input to prep. 1) Does anyone have any prior interview experience with this team? 2) Can you point me to example case studies that might be asked in this interview? 3) What...14 days 6 hours ago
+1No Junior Year Internship - Advice NeededI'm a rising senior majoring in finance at a semi-target state school. It's March and I currently do not have an internship lined up for the summer. I'm interested in <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> and I have had a few superdays but none of...12 days 5 hours ago
+1Should I Transfer/Other OptionsI am a second year economics major at UChicago with a 3.2 gpa planning on going into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. I am very discouraged and not sure of what my options are right now. I don’t have a summer internship yet even after applying to several...15 days 21 hours ago
+1Elite Boutique Capital Markets Advisory - Technicals?I have an interview with a capital markets advisory group at an elite boutique coming up. This group does everything capital markets related (equity, corporate credit, high yield/mezz/sub/etc.) but since they don't have a balance sheet its all advisory work. Any ideas on...15 days 7 hours ago
+1Cryptocurrencies - current trends and recommended investments?Hello all, I'm new on here so excuse any no-gos I might not be aware of. I was just wondering: Considering I am surrounded by quite a few experts and knowledgeable people here, could you maybe give me a bit of an idea of what the currently trending Altcoins are on here/ what investments...12 days 5 hours ago
+1Lloyd Blankfein Ready To Leave Goldman Sachs As Soon As This Year's EndIn this [WSJ article](, Loyld Blankfein is ready to step down as the CEO of Goldman Sachs as soon as this year's end, capping off a historic long 12-year run as a Wall Street boss....11 day 21 hours ago
+1When do you apply for summer internships for the summer after sophomore year? Hi all, I'm a freshman at a top 10 liberal arts college (not Williams or Amherst so pretty much a nontarget) , 3.9 GPA and want to go into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> then exit into <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> or...15 days 19 hours ago
+1Advice on looking through a 10-K and an attempt at my first valuation I'm trying to go through a company's 10-K very thoroughly in order to both grasp how it works and to try and separate operating and nonoperating assets and liabilities (eventually I want to value the company and present the valuation to a small boutique firm with my resume). That...14 days 2 hours ago
+1Comp: Analyst - No Base IncreaseBit of an oddity, wanted to get the community's take. Analyst 2, on a 90 base. Bonus was great, but oddly the base didn't get bumped up to 95 which is what I would've expected. 5k surely isn't going to make or break anything, but wondering if anyone has any insight.14 days 2 hours ago
+1Insights on IFC ?How prestigious is the IFC? It has a great mission, very capitalistic in its truest since, moving capital to different industries. I love the idea of what the IFC is doing. They seem to employ accomplished, well-trained wall street types. From the outside, it looks like the Goldman Sachs of...12 days 1 hour ago
+1Buy-Side Exit Ops in the US from TokyoI will be starting my Investment Banking Analyst Program at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> (think of Citi, <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr>, CS) in Tokyo after graduation. Group assignment has not come out yet. In...14 days 1 hour ago
+1Advice for a soon to be grad Hi everyone! I am looking for advice on my current situation. I will be graduating from a private non target school with a Finance degree this spring. I have a solid GPA (3.8) and have been applying for jobs with every spare minute that I get. I am running into a wall though, I have not been...15 days 18 hours ago
+1Transcripts for InterviewsWhen do banks ask for your transcripts? <abbr title="on campus recruiting">OCR</abbr> is already started up for the Summer of 2019 and interviews are supposed to be held in early April, I am expecting a ~3.5 after this Spring semester so I am curious to know if you are...15 days 17 hours ago
+1CFA+MS CS from Ivy League. Options?Hi Guys, A bit of background- I am currently working in JPMC <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> though in the tech side of things in CIB (Corporate Investment Banking) and have a Masters in <abbr title="Credit Suisse">CS</abbr> from an Ivy...14 days 1 hour ago
+1Crushing it as a LateralGoing back to banking as an Associate after a couple of years doing something else. I'm joining a boutique firm as a lateral hire, so not going through the standard training or joining a large class. Any tips on how to crush it starting day one? Referrals to other relevant threads...14 days 1 hour ago
+1CRE Loans With RealAtomBelow you will find out more about who we are here at RealAtom and how we can secure the best loan possible for your upcoming commercial real estate properties. RealAtom is the first marketplace for commercial real estate financing. We have made obtaining a <abbr title="commercial...14 days 1 hour ago
+1How can I Stand out when applying online?Alright so I applied through linkedin for an analyst position at an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. What can I do to standout from the bunch of applicants? I was thinking on calling or emailing an associate there but what could I do or tell him/her to put out a...12 days 3 hours ago
+1“What Are Your Salary Expectations?”You need to talk about a range: If you have applied for a job and you are quite experienced for it, it ends up simpler to negotiate for a greater range of salary. Consequently, when requested to unveil your pay expectations, place yourself within a range which is neither underneath nor over. In...15 days 11 hours ago
+1Tariff Effects on Markets?Asian markets were down after the Trump Administration announced the tariffs they plan to impose (25% on steel, 10% on aluminum). I can confidently say that the effect politics have on markets has been decreasing over the years, however this one is different. This decision can and will effect...14 days 21 min ago
+1OFFICIAL 2019 IBD SA RECRUITING THREAD MEGATHREADI think we need one to fit together all the info about this year's weird process, and help aggregate the info we have, and be helpful like I assume the previous years' threads have been.15 days 13 hours ago
+1Master's GPA for MBB?Is there a cutoff for Master's GPA similar to that for undergrad? I am at a top ranked Swiss university studying Statistics/Data Science, and the grading system here is pretty brutal and very different from what's in the U.S. Grades are given on a best out of six scale, and...11 day 22 hours ago
+1How good of experience is working at a search fund with regards to 2019 SA recruiting?I think I'm very close to receiving an offer to work at what is essentially a very large search fund this summer as a sophomore, unpaid. Their target size is basically under $70M, which I feel squarely puts them into the realm of <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr>...15 days 3 hours ago
+1Few Contacts in New Location -- How to Network for FT?Posting from a throwaway account. Coming from a top school and tried to get <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> banking for <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> but didn't. I was very fortunate to get a great lower bank on the West Coast....14 days 5 min ago
+1GMAT Study PartnerHey, I am looking for a dedicated study partner for GMAT. I have put my profile and study schedule on studypal. Let me know if anyone is interested in studying online. Thank you. 15 days 10 hours ago
+1Personal MBA Coach's 6 Tips For School Selection**Personal MBA Coach's 6 Tips For School Selection** This time of the year I am repeatedly asked, “Which schools should I apply to?” Picking the right business school is a complicated and personal process and a key component of our services. However, here are 6 tips: **1) Begin...13 days 23 hours ago
+1Should I leave my position?Hi all, I started as an analyst in the coverage team of a relatively small investment bank in London a few months ago. During the interview the MD gave me the impression that I would be working on a wide range of products, which I though to be a normal sector coverage position. However, it...13 days 23 hours ago
+1Will an MSF after undergrad substitute an MBA later for the hedge gun industry?I’m currently in undergrad and I’m looking to go to an <abbr title="Masters in Finance">MSF</abbr> program like UT Austin or Vanderbilt after undergrad in order to help rebrand and get another shot at recruiting for <abbr title="investment...11 day 22 hours ago
+1Uber: The Amazon for "Point A to Point B"TLDR: Uber is following Amazon's playbook and this will affect you... a lot. **Intro** In my view, the end goal of technology is to get everything we want to us instantly whenever and wherever with as little friction as possible. Yes I know most of you are now queuing the chubby folks...13 days 21 hours ago
+1Private Equity to Consulting??Same post from the Private Equity section but hoping to get more advice. Does it make sense for me to go from <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> to Consulting now? A bit of background on myself: I got a computer science degree in Canada, did a few years of <abbr...15 days 7 hours ago
+1Is bankruptcy a deal breaker?I am hoping to land a spot in Morgan Stanley's Wealth Advisory Associate program. I have a chapter 7 that is about 5 years old. Will they run a credit check? If so, when it comes up, will this eliminate me from consideration?13 days 20 hours ago
+1Trojan Horse<h3>MARKETS</h3></p> <ul> <li>The Dow snapped a four-day losing streak. </li> <li>Italian stocks fell following an election that saw right-wing populist groups win a significant share of the vote. </li> </ul> <div...15 days 8 hours ago
+1Any insights into capital markets interview questions?I have an interview coming up. The capital markets group at this bank does everything capital markets related - equity, corporate credit, high yield, etc. Any ideas where I can find technicals specific to this? I'm sure they will probably ask something about bond pricing and how bonds...13 days 19 hours ago
+1I have the perfect portfolio for you:1st stock pick: **NYSE:YUM**, the stock has returned 16% since it's 2015 low and 93% since it's inception. 2nd stock pick(s): **NYSE: ALB, NYSE:SQM, NYSE:FMC** - these stocks have returned 62%, 117% and 67% respectively since 2017. They are the biggest lithium stocks on the...14 days 20 hours ago
+1Unable to find a job anywhere in finance or even as a retail sales associateI am a 28 year old male with diagnosed Aspergers Syndrome. Now I have my theories concerning Aspergers Syndrome and astrology, but I digress. What I really need is an entry level job with a degree of dignity. I can't even seem to find a job as a retail sales associate. I have 10+ years...15 days 6 hours ago
+1City Uni IBDIs City, University of London considered to be anywhere from a target to a semi-target school for IBD? 11 day 15 hours ago
+1Senior Investment and Insurance Business Development**Description** The role of the Senior Investment and Insurance Business Development Manager is to distribute HSBC Life’s onshore investment bond and life insurance proposition to the UK intermediary market including, nationals and networks, regional companies, platforms, wealth managers...13 days 12 hours ago
+1Goldman Virtual Insight SeriesHas anyone on the forum done the <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> virtual insight series in 2017 or 2016 and could care to comment on exactly what the program entails? And do any other banks have similar programs? Unfortunately, I don't qualify for any of the...13 days 14 hours ago
+1Beware Dynamics Search Partners!Anyone have a positive experience with Keith at DSP? Found an article (just google "Keith Mann Nanny") of him not paying his Nanny close to $100K! They just stiffed me on a search by promising to keep my search confidential and then telling my current employer (luckily nothing happened...13 days 14 hours ago
+1Capital Markets Strategy Consultant - jump to PE / VC / IBHello, I have been following this community for almost 2 years. I have also worked 1 year in Management Consulting for Capital Markets Strategy. During my time in consulting, I have covered front office and back office projects in private bank, wealth, asset, & investment mgmt,...16 days 21 hours ago
+1How To Tell If The Job Interview Is Not Went WellHere are the signs that say that the job interview went bad: 1. The duration was exceptionally shorter If there was no urgency and the duration of the job interview is shorter than a scheduled time, that’s a red flag. Sometimes, the initial interviews over phone or Skype might be short,...13 days 14 hours ago
+1Modeling experience pre internship (undergrad)So I've seen threads that suggest you need no modeling experience prior to internship, they teach on the job, etc. I've also seen posts that describe detailed modeling descriptions within the interview (i assume for full time) stating if you don't know X don't even apply....16 days 21 hours ago
+1Nitridex with humans acting day**Nitridex** with humans acting day by day leg exercises They located that those at the lowcarb diet skilled higher quotes of protein breakdown and lower charges of protein synthesis resulting in much less normal muscle boom than their highercarb13 days 12 hours ago
+2London Bulge Bracket IB Analyst Fucks Up Big TimeSo, there is this guy who works for a bulge bracket bank in London as an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst and probably made one of his biggest mistake in his career so far. This week we received an e-mail with highly confidential information from him....011 hours 42 min ago
+2Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here make sure you're ready for it with a <strong><a href="//">Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review</a></strong> from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done in a...496 days 17 hours ago
+2Will recruiters/computers know that a 4.0 GPA at one college is the same as a 3.0/4.0 at another college?For example, some positions require you to have at least a 3.5 GPA. A person from a Cuny college can easily get a 3.5 GPA. But then this 3.5 GPA quality of work at a CUNY might be the same as a 2.75 quality of work at an Ivy League college. So if you have these 2 candidates with the...62 days 22 hours ago
+1Shaun-Mullins is InflammatoryNo matter what I post, the end is always the same... Can someone just delete my account so we can all be done with this? What string of profane bigoted epithets will do the trick? -- Hello Shaun-Mullins, Thank you for visiting <abbr title="Wall Street...53 days 4 hours ago
+1Why Real Estate ?Hello everyone. I am new here and in Real estate business. Maybe I have simple questions but i really want to get deep in this business. And first question that comes to my mind is Why should someone invest in Real estate, when it is expensive, and income is slowly and not so big? 51 week 3 days ago
0Florida school shooting hero? Fact or fiction? ### **Are all these people really not heroes? Are they really just cowards trying to look like heroes?** #### Florida students say hero teacher was really a 'coward' who left them to die *Math teacher Jim Gard was credited with protecting students in his classroom in the...36 days 10 hours ago
+1Likelihood of getting an internship through emailing PM at big funds. I'm a sophomore at non-HYP target (think Columbia, Dartmouth, etc.,) trying to get ready for junior summer. I secured my soph-summer job at megafunds (think <abbr title="Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.">KKR</abbr>, Carlyle, CVC Capital) in my home country in Asia...13 days 8 hours ago
+1How common is it to transfer from ECM to M&A?How common is it to transfer from <abbr title="equity capital markets">ECM</abbr> at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> to <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> at <abbr title="elite...14 days 4 hours ago
+1Tips for a short-term options traderThe options market is great but only if you understand the market. If you want to become successful in trading such market, you should have the overall understanding. There are both technical and fundamental analyses that you can utilize in trading. Most of the short-term options traders say it...15 days 8 hours ago
0When if ever is it okay to reach out to HR for interview feedback. Interviewed for a position 3 weeks ago. Sent my follow ups a week after. When if ever is it okay for me to reach out to the internal recruiter for feedback or an update? Waiting is so hard.46 days 4 hours ago
+1Flare for the malesPersonally, I wear "flare". I wear on my left wrist: A crimson red Kabala bracelt for good luck and a brown leather wrist watch from H&M without numbers, but rather lines. And on my right wrist I wear a '4 Ocean' bracelet which is a symbol for saving the...32 days 28 min ago
+1Questionnaire for Equity AnalysisHello everybody, my name is Sidharaja Masali. I am currently pursuing <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> in Strategic Management from Indian School Of Business and Computing, Bangalore. I have selected equity research topic in my research...13 days 12 hours ago
0nutritionless com/perlelux-canada/epidermis servicing techniques are actually intended to cure epidermis issues, pimples and functions and facial lines. Some are even advertised as perlelux multi-purpose in functions. That is they ca take outstanding excellent a combination of these issues. The big question then is - How does...03 days 12 hours ago
0Nitridex inside the breakdown of fat**Nitridex** inside the breakdown of fat cells and that it turns on a form of receptor in fat cells that regulates fats mobilization the PPARα receptor. via those mechanisms naringin additionally works synergistically with synephrine and hesperidin to similarly03 days 8 hours ago
0Constellation Software in Canada ?Any one has info on constellation software in Canada? I'm interested in their <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>/Investment group. what's the exit opps, <abbr title="comparable analysis">comps</abbr> and most people I see...01 day 4 hours ago
0Chances and next steps? (Canada)I am sophomore at Schulich(york University) GPA is currently 8.25/9.0 or 3.8/4.0. My biggest asset is being multilingual if it counts for anything( french,spanish, russian fully fluent). However, I only have customer service experience from last year. Not many ecs, biggest one is playing tenor...021 hours 4 min ago
+3Looking for investors to gain 100% profit for commercial developmentWith Commercial buildings and residential buildings financed with construction banks I am able to pay 100% return on your investment. I am looking for hedge fund or real estate investor I could work with and build a steady joint venture company in New Jersey area. I hold a certfifcate in real...243 days 11 hours ago
+19I Hate [Interviewing] Millennials!I have been looking for an associate for a while now: smart, eager, ability to really dig into something. I don’t care if you came from a lesser shop if you can prove you got the fight and drive. So, I interviewed a dozen people and everyone has been pretty bad for the dumbest reasons. I...822 hours 31 min ago
+2Musical instrumentsDo any monkeys play musical instruments? Personally, I have been playing the piano since I was a little kid. Anyone here play the piano, violin, etc... ? No guitar or heavy metal drum bullshit please, let's keep it civilized here.94 hours 53 min ago
+5Why Work 80 Hours a Week For Somebody Else? Why Is Entrepreneurship Not A More Considered Option Out Of College? Hello WSO! It is great to connect with you all! As an entrepreneur, thought leader, technology disrupter, marketing guru, crypto investor, blockchain expert and brand ambassador of my own business - I have not only learned so much about myself, but I have shared valuable connections that I...2531 min 5 sec ago
+5Depressed and missed recruiting...terrible to turn it all around?Hi, I'm a student at a target school who's feeling a bit lost. In high school I was the textbook prodigy, as most of us probably were. In college, however, I went through some tough experiences, and I ended up getting shitty grades for a solid two years. The third year I got...251 day 22 hours ago
+13Dear Recent Grads/InternsA friendly reminder: You are idiots. You are all idiots. You are not qualified for any serious financial position. You may watch CNBC. You may have played with a Bloomberg in your school’s “financial lab”. You may even have run money at a student fund. This is all totally irrelevant....3112 hours 24 min ago