+941st year analysts: stupid to move into NYC right now?86
+77Finance/Wall Street Wannabes62
+56A vaccine won’t save America from COVID-1980
+56In all honesty, how were your high school reunions? 57
+44why do bankers over use dashes in emails38
+42HBS Professor on Exit Options14
+38How on Earth to put together company profile for a private company?22
+37Have $100k in liquid assets, where to invest?47
+35Current Favorite Drink?73
+29Difference between REPE, GP, LP, debt fund?86
+28Developing a Yogi/Monk's work ethic for IB32
+27How easy do diversity target kids have it, really?26
+26First car after graduation?29
+26Megafund PE -> Impact Investing (IFC World Bank)? Am I Crazy?30
+24CS VS UBS45
+222021 SA IBD as of 7/31/202042
+21Interview answer: outrageous or genius? 10
+20Most expensive nights (in $USD)10
+19Q&A: Recently Left Role as Sr. Associate in LMM PE Due to Burnout26
+18Did I make a mistake going to Notre Dame?35
+18Incoming [insert position] on LinkedIn. 22
+18Any triathletes here?20
+16Fundamentals of Debate45
+16Dumb shit - bankers / clients demanding in-person meetings8
+16Topic for my bachelor thesis: Vegan + Finance?42
+15EB Comparisons26
+15Is FIG a death sentence?27
+14Q&A: MD in M&A and Cap Markets (Bulge Bracket and Boutique experience)49
+14Goldman Top Dog?18
+14Why Do Bankers Always Say "Happy to Chat"14
+12Anybody made it from rural America?12
+12Fuck buddies with analyst in same group10
+11I did a kitty surprise yesterday to my parents12
+11Is it a bad look to read when I have nothing going on13
+11Why does everyone want IB?15
+10Where to turn now?29
+10What drives you in your career?13
+10Savings (Early 30s in NYC)22
+10SaaS LBO36
+10Q&A: Vice President - European BB Investment Banking (Industrials)14
+9jefferies vs ubs7
+9Is it okay to say this in an interview or not?8
+9Best UG Schools for REPE/REIB?14
+8Where to go for September & October?11
+8When to start networking UG?10
+8How are your investment portfolios doing? 34
+7We need to leverage Off Topic19
+7Drinking during virtual happy hour13
+7Incoming Analyst Linkedin16
+7Why are Canadians Good Bankers16
+7UK Target Admissions?62
+7Best NYC Neighborhoods for Recent Graduates21
+7Private Equity Associate - flailing in my role10
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+6Got a SA Offer at BB...but I'm a current junior help!!18
+6Speaking Skills - CNN's Kaitlan Collins23
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+6CFA in High School?10
+6Deloitte Corp Fin SA 2122
+6Development to Acquisitions or IS. Am I nuts?10
+6Which frat will help me get into the IBW at Kelley?10
+6What's a better route long term: Asset Management or Acquisitions for a first FT?6
+6Take MM Bank Offer or Keep Recruiting?10
+5Routes to a Stanford/Harvard MBA other than IBD/PE/MBB?8
+5Technicals for FT opportunties?6
+5Why are people on this banking forum rude for no reason? 24
+5MBB Consultant Answering Questions42
+5Analysts/Associates own a dog?9
+5Free stuff from portfolio companies?9
+5$21B Marathon to 7/11 Largest Energy Deal of 20208
+5Lie about GPA6
+5Interests Line of Resume23
+5Structured Credit Hedge Fund Post Banking 10
+5HF Industry Dying? 23
+5Getting hit in the nuts is the worst pain1
+5Layoffs 20208
+5Duke vs UMich, Advice?12
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+5Submitting personal ER reports for ER/HF internship interviews?4
+5Acceptable UMM/MF GMAT scores12
+5Citi FIG vs FT Partners for PE Recruiting14
+4Accounting for NOLs10
+4TMT vs. FIG vs. Industrials BB Group Move 11
+4advice for a rising non target freshman ? 11
+4Looking for a roommate (NYC - West Village)12
+4ARGUS Training DIY7
+4Scheduled Call with MD - Offer or Rejection? 13
+4Put wrong job location for Megafund SA, should I tell them or try to fly under the radar hoping they don't notice3
+4Renege on FT return offer to work outside IB?11
+4What if the job market still sucks after Master?7
+4I have a fat ass but don’t get any compliments 6
+4Do all full-time IB offers have the same base?12
+4SA S&T Return Offer Rate 20207
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