+34AMA: Private Equity Portfolio Company CFO


#### Pre-MBA Work History: * I attended a private, Catholic university in the Midwest where the curriculum was focused on asset management and included a student-managed portfolio as part of the university's endowment. * Alumni through that program helped me land in the analyst...

+33Post Breakup Revenge or Career Pivotal Point


My boyfriend broke up with me recently after being together for 9 years - first love and all that shtz. His rationale is that I don't bring a lot to the table except being hot and tall, and better aesthetics and tastes for things in life. He is a soon-to-be <abbr title="McKinsey,...

+32Guys, seriously stop asking for Hirevue questions


It seems to be every other post on the <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> threads and every other thread in this forum is begging for hirevue questions. You all need to stop. Like seriously there aren't many things that are more beta then being frightened to...

+24Yeezy raking in 1.5 billion....... Kanye is always growing


Air Jordan's do about 3 billion annually and I was shocked to see Yeezys are already half way there. Lots of people hate Kanye West and he has given people reasons. From saying "George Bush hates black people" on national television, to supporting MAGA and getting hated all...

+22Renewable Energy PE Overview


Hey folks. Spent a lot of time as a ghost on these forums back when I was trying to figure out what I was doing - figured I'd give back a little for anyone who's looking at the renewable energy infra/project finance space, with specific emphasis on the buy side. ###...

+20Continue Recruiting?


If I already signed 2020 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> position, would it be bad to continue recruiting? Wouldn't think about reneging, just curious to see what else I can land.

+17What do you tell people you work as?


To be more clear do you guys say "I'm in banking", "I'm and Investment Banker", "I'm an analyst"? or "I'm an analyst at MS." What's your go to?

+15Dallas REPE


Anyone know of any startup or fast growing Dallas (DFW) REPE. Thinking about relocating to avoid taxes/weather. Thanks In advance.

+13Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp

<strong>Financial modeling</strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing to enroll in...

+13Piper Jaffray Nearing Deal to Buy Sandler O'Neill for $485 Million


Per WSJ: What are everyone's thought on this? Obviously Sandler is a player in small/mid size banking and brings an end to the Sandler O'Neill name that saw them survive the...

+12How Would You “re-do” Your RE Job Hunt?


For those of you who have transitioned into real estate from another area of finance (or another career entirely) and those of you who went into real estate post undergrad or grad school, what mistakes did you make in your job search? What tips/tricks/websites/recruiters do you wish you...

+12Investment Banking bad for your health?


I'm a bit of a health nut (workout 5x a week, track meals, etc..). Will working in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> affect that? Have the long hours cut into your exercise habits and/or eating habits? If so, how can one mitigate that? - A future banker...

+10AMA - F500 Senior Analyst CorpDev


<h3>Ask me anything</h3> <h4>Previous:</h4> Non-target, state school MACC <abbr title="Certified Public Accountant">CPA</abbr> 1 year of audit at national firm 1.5 years of valuation, financial modeling, and QofE (TAS) ...

+10Leaving Job with Nothing Lined Up


Hey Everyone, I am considering leaving my current role in spite of not having an offer lined up and, prior to doing so, wanted to get feedback from the broader group. For context, I am currently a 1st year analyst working in a back-office function at a <abbr title="bulge...

+9Moving Upstream in PE


Moving upstream in <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> is notoriously challenging and I would greatly appreciate some advice from the community. I am currently working in a very small <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> boutique with only...


Lloyd BIankfein

Deutsche Bank is [CUTTING 18,000 JOBS]( and exiting S&T. Is Deutsche Bank going to be the next BEAR STEARNS? Will they go belly up like a harpooned PLUS SIZE MODEL?

+8Entrepreneurship or IB... How do you choose?

Conflicted Dream Chaser

How would an undergrad student make this decision? Would you spend your time creating a valid business plan and then evaluate your decision? Would you work on your skills for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> + your business idea at the same time? Or would you...

+830yr old law grad with no traction and feeling hopeless


Hey All, This is my first time posting so I hope its in the right place lol. Just for some background, Im 30 years old from <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> (Long Island) and after law school, instead of going to practice, serendipitously founded my own tech/fitness...

+8Is finance doomed: RIP Deutsche


Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, A moment of silence for the equity desks at Deutsche. But on a serious note where is the future in finance. Commissions have been cut back, compensation has decreased, and ai and machines are slowly taking over the...

+8Have any of you changed since doing finance or going to an Ivy League school?


Okay so I grew up pretty wealthy in the midwest. I used to be a person who treated everyone with respect and was not superficial by any means. However, when I got to college(a target ivy), I noticed a change when I started hanging out with students who were quote on quote, "fuck you...

+7Deutsche Bank Cutting 18,000 jobs!!!!


I hop on Linkedin this morning to see [quote] Following “years of decline,” Deutsche Bank says it’s closing its equities business, as well as cutting 18,000 global jobs by 2022. In its attempt to restructure and boost profitability, the German lender announced that it would lose...

+6What does the richest person you know, do for a living?


By know, I mean personally know. By richest, I mean self-made richest. How did they get their wealth?

+6Best self-study materials?


Good day <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm currently a non-target student that's been looking for the best self-study materials. Any suggestions? I'm not really looking for the typical BIWS and WSP packages considering I'm either already...

+6The future of capitalism and high finance jobs


In a stunning article makes the point through research that democracies and capitalism as a whole is losing out to the authoritarian governments. What do you think is the future of global...

+6New associate is so fucking annoying - Help


This new guy has just been hired and they decided to place him next to me. He is a FUCKING nightmare. Music from his earphones can be heard 6 floors down, he is constantly talking (either to himself or on his personal phone), D-O-E-S N-O-T S-T-O-P bouncing his leg and goes over people's...

+6"You work too much!!!!"


Considering the hours of <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> has a spouse, friend, family member ever told you this? How many hours were you putting in at the time? How do you respond to such a question?

+5Newly formed private equity firm


Hi All, After some advice around joining a newly formed private equity firm. They have just completed their first investment, and have committed capital to see them through several more investments. The founders both have a successful track record, hence the ability to raise funds and are...

+5NYC VC Interview Attire (male)


Meeting with a newish <abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> fund ($150-200MM) in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> for lunch next week. I will be meeting with a Principal and Partner. I've already spoken with the junior folks and platform....

+5rounding gpa from 3.1 to 3.2


Thoughts on rounding a gpa up from a 3.1 to a 3.2 gpa. I go to a target school for most <abbr title="bulge bracket">bb</abbr> banks but most of them have 3.2 gpa cutoffs?

+5Blackstone question


Not sure if this is a stupid question but is Blackstone considered an “owner/operator”? I was recently reading an article in The Real Deal with the largest <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> property owners and Blackstone was listed in the top 5 alongside the...

+4Is SF boring for single post grads who like to party?


Currently interning in SF in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. Beautiful views with great weather, love my group/firm, but the lack of bars/clubs with a young/normal crowd below 30 concerns me in terms of coming here <abbr title="full...

+4HSBC Reputation Today


What's the reputation of HSBC today, specifically in New York, and what kind of exits they have to <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>, if any.

+4Government run healthcare - effect on IB?


A lot of democratic candidates are talking about making healthcare a public institution available for everyone. Would this completely destroy the healthcare sector of IB? Should junior <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> employees avoid being placed in the...

+4How Technical are EB Interviews


I've heard interviews during <abbr title="elite boutique">EB</abbr> superdays can get really technical, how technical are we talking? ..

+4Anyone seriously not care much for their alma mater in undergrad?


Specified undergrad since some might have <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration graduates">MBAs</abbr> but I have to say I could never relate to the kids who were gung ho about what college they went to, granted I didn't go to an Ivy. I legit do not care...

+4Deleted. Discussion.


Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed

+4Current BB SA Curious About Real Estate


Hi All- I'm currently a summer analyst in a good group at a top 3 <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in New York. I definitely enjoy the job and would consider accepting a return, however I've always wanted to go into a real estate. I don't know too...

+4Differentiation Between Origination and Underwriting In Lender Vocabulary


Hey all, pretty simple question here, that frankly I'm embarrassed to be asking. But anyways, I notice at a lot of boutique lenders some shops tend to differentiate between their Originations team versus their Underwriting team. From my understanding originations is more about sourcing and...

+4Breaking Into IB From Canada With Only Commercial Banking Exp


I realize there is a topic with the exact same name from a year ago. That poster mistaked Commercial Banking for Retail Banking so that topic is irrelevant to this one. I'd like to get an idea of how open investment banking in Canada is to hiring people who work at a Big 5 commercial...

+3OW Summer 2020


Anyone know the interview timeline for OW 2020 summer intern recruiting? Been over two weeks since the deadline and no one I know has heard anything.

+3Nontraditional paths to IB in Toronto


Looking to break into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> in Toronto and I graduated UG a long time ago. Have experience in commercial banking and asset management. Looking for some alternative ways to break in without B-School. Any advice from some fellow...

+3DB Exits Global Equities


TBH, kind of surprised there hasn't been a wider discussion about the recent drama going on in DB. S&T and effectively ER are basically slashed from the entire organization GLOBALLY. IBD will also be significantly cut back and the overall aim is to cut back 18 THOUSAND heads....



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+3Afternoon Energy - I feel like dying


Hi everyone, I am someone who is for sure a morning person. I get up early and come into the office a little early. Energy wise, I feel great....until about 2pm. Once 2pm hits, I start losing energy and quickly hit rock bottom by 3. Not even coffee or monster will help, and i feel almost...

+3Advice for my resume


Hey all, Please give me feedback on my resume before this years rounds of applications. Thanks everyone!

+3Goldman Sachs non-TMT/FIG exits and culture


lots of people saying how <abbr title="technology, media, telecom">TMT</abbr> and <abbr title="financial institutions group">FIG</abbr> have great exits, but i'm curious about the exits of other groups at <abbr title="Goldman...

+3UBS SA 2020

big dawg 5

Any updates on the recruitment timeline? I got an email from a campus recruiter about two weeks ago stating that applications were live and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

+3Rothschild vs. Greenhill vs. Centerview Partners


Have been looking into Rothschild & Co.'s Restructuring and Debt Advisory Group vs. Greenhill's <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> Group vs. Centerview's Advisory Group. Rothschild definitely has reputable European <abbr...

+3Feedback on background? Will I get a job? (target humanities major)


Basically wondering if I will get a job or be shut out, as I have a very non traditional consulting background. Attached my resume below (it's very much a draft, only provided to give a general sense of qualifications). LINK: [imgur](

+3Do most RE firms have compliance departments?


I'm asking because I used to work at a LifeCo that required us to preclear every single trade we made. It was massively annoying to do so because it was a whole process to do it. I now work in a development office that doesn't have a compliance department, so I'm able to freesling...

+3I wanna learn how to model


Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I am just finishing up my freshman summer and I want to start to learn model. These skills could help me prove my commitment in an interview and will also be very valuable as a <abbr title="summer analyst...

+3Whats going on at Deutsche Bank, and how will incoming analysts be affected?

Curious DB Monkey

So... Incoming full-time analyst in the Equities group at <abbr title="Deutsche Bank">DB</abbr>. Didn't think this was going to happen when as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst I accepted the full-time role as I didn't want to deal with recruitment again, but...

+3Female Asian D3 athlete?? How much will this help


Currently a rising sophomore at a Top-3 liberal arts college. I do a D3 sport but the sport is quite niche where my team competes against D1 and D3 schools. My training schedule is practically the same as a D1 athlete of my sport at Yale. I was wondering given my circumstance of being a...

+3How to answer why IB?


How to answer why Investment Banking? when in reality, all i care is a bout making money. But it seems that telling the truth is not a great answer.

+3Too early to Network for PE?


So I recently just signed my 2020 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> offer to work for a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in their <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr>. I know that I want to work in...


Spike Spiegel

Everyone is familiar with the classic P/E vs. <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr>/<abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization">EBITDA</abbr> debate, but I think most people find it pretty straightforward. Most people...

+2Non-BB IB that have internships in London


Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm currently a business school student in Denmark and I'm very interested in Investment Banking and <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>. I'm not a straight A...

+2Finance Sophomore Recruiting 2020

Sernie Banders

What banks outside of <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> programs accept sophomore SA? What are some other small <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>/<abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr>/<abbr title="venture...

+2Real Estate FP&A Position


Can anyone provide me insight into the work done in an FP&A position? I've worked in direct acquisition and a great opportunity has come up for a senior FP&A role.

+2CFA Study Partner


Hey, I am looking for a dedicated study partner for <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst">CFA</abbr>. I have put my profile and study schedule on StudyPal. All my friends in New York use it to find study buddies and groups for <abbr title="Chartered Financial...

+2How would I realistically break into IB with my background?


Hi everyone, I've lurked for a while but never posted. I just wanted to get a general opinion about my best bet for breaking into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. Just to give you a general background I went to a good public semi-target, UVA,Mich, UNC,...

+2Discussing Internship Program over a Beer


Long story short I have been networking through LinkedIn and today I was on a phone call with an alumni regarding a <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> internship at a bulge bracket bank in New York City. At first it caught be off guard because I was simply going...

+2JP Morgan Pymetrics Games SA 2020


Am I totally screwed if I finished my Pymetrics games over a week ago and haven't gotten a hireview? Please help.

+2Protected Hours Policies Across Banks


Previous threads are a bit outdated and don't reach across banks - thought we could try to get some data points across banks/groups on policies for junior bankers. Example: <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> has a pencils down policy from Friday 7pm to Saturday 12pm....

+2Recruiting at Vista Equity Partners


Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm interseted interviewing in with Vista Equity Partners (SaaS Software Private Equity Firm) for a Private Equity Analyst role. How do I reach out to recruiters? Does anyone know if they have any recruiting events?...

+23 Program Application Limit


Hi all, I recently submitted applications for JPM's <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> 2020 class. However, I in my zealous and excitable state stupidly submitted applications for more than 3 separate positions. I've only recently seen that there is...

+2Deciding between Hedge fund or PE if an elite business school is my end goal


I am currently a <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> at a mega multi-manager <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> (think Millenium/P72/Citadel). Still uncertain about my long-term career plan, but I have been thinking of working in management...

+2Entering from non finance background with an MBA


Just to help contextualize the circumstances – I am from Canada. I am interested in getting into Investment Banking but I have limited professional experience in the field of finance. I am currently 22 and have about 2.5 years of operations management experience at a start-up. I’m...

+2Project IRR & Hurdle Calculations


There is a project. We have some cashflows. We know how long it takes. We can find an <abbr title="internal rate of return">IRR</abbr> for this project. This project has some performance incentives involved. If the <abbr title="internal rate of...

+2sell side vs. buy side process


While I understand that a buy-side transaction tends to have more valuation work and modeling (whereas a sell-side mandate has more 'qualitative' work - drafting <abbr title="confidential information memorandums">CIMs</abbr>, meeting with buyers, etc.) can anybody...

+2Incoming FT Analyst at Deutsche Bank


del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del. del.del. del.

+2Residential real estate: Secondary marketing / capital markets growth opportunity? Exit?


I haven't seen any posts regarding secondary marketing and capital markets in residential real estate and wondered if there any people here in my line of work. I've been in secondary marketing / capital markets for the past couple of years at a small residential lending company....



Hey everyone, Just a quick question. Do you all know of any free sites that you can find a company's fundamentals and also use as a stock screener? Thanks in advance.

+2Goldman Sachs Portal Status still says "Interview". Am I still in the running?


I applied for a position in <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> IMD. I received a phone interview with a VP, then was invited onsite (NYC) for a 2.5 hour interview with 6 people. It's been 2 weeks since the interview. I got impatient and contacted the recruiter later...

+2Does the size of a boutique matter for an internship?


For <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internships before <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> recruiting in the summer after sophomore year does the size of a boutique <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>...

+21st Year CRE Research Analyst - Skills for Growth


Hey all, I'm building a list of skills to move my career forward and taking general advice while I'm at it. Some personal background: * ~1 year experience as Research Analyst at top <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> Brokerage, non-gateway but...

+2Freshman, Second Internship: Business Analytics at healthcare business vs Investment Consulting


Dear, I'm a freshman studying at a non-target. I'm an international student from Korea, and pursuing finance industry, hopefully <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr>, or management...

+2Does getting a double major in a humanities subject matter at all?


I am a junior in college and will be graduating with a degree in business. I do have the potential to double major in history, as through luck I have completed most of the requirements for it. How would an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> recruiter see a double...

+2Does it look bad to have a very pre-law resume?


Hello, I am currently an undergraduate at a target university majoring in English and trying to segway from the pre-law track to consulting. My only internship was at a human rights legal center and I have significant experience in very law related activities. How much will this be a...

+2GPA Resume mistake help


applied to a few <abbr title="summer analyst intern">sa</abbr> 2020 positions and put my major gpa on my resume as 3.9 instead of 3.8. This was an honest mistake as I forgot to update the major gpa after the semester ended. My cumulative is still consistent with all the...

+215 year old Cori "Coco" Gauff @ Wimbledon 2019


I heard about Gauff after she beat Venus Williams in the first round, but hadn't seen the matches. I saw pretty much the last set of her match today against the Slovenian girl and she is a fighter. So much heart and talent. Her moves on the court are of a veteran and she took control time...

+2How to gracefully exit?


Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great 4th. Had a quick question for you: I've been interviewing around and as it currently stands, I've been told by a fund that they are close to extending me an offer pending a background check, references, etc. With this being said, I don't...

+2Escaping Competition in Your Career


The recent thread circulating re: "Why Do Overachievers Think That Finance Is The Sole Route To Success And Riches" prompted me to start a discussion on escaping competition in your career. I think posting this in the <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>...

+2VP by 30?


Is VP by 30 possible if you do A2A? How possible/achievable is it to make VP by 30 at <abbr title="elite boutiques">EBs</abbr> or BBs?

+2Don't Make My Mistakes


Hey Monkeys, I was speaking with a friend of mine, and they were disappointed about their job prospects. As I have recently started a new position, I reflected on how I got to the position I am in and what I would have done differently so here is a list of my unsolicited advice. 1. ...

+2Why doesn't the WSO sell Pattaguccis


Hey <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I think the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> needs to sell Patagonia merch with the logo. What do you think. Cheers

+2Cowen HC/Biotech thoughts?


Seems like Cowen’s HC and Biotech groups are killing it in deal flow. Anyone have any experience with them and have any thoughts on how they stack up against other groups in terms of deal flow/exit ops/culture?

+2$1,000,000,000 Before 40


I am a 20 yr old Ivy league rising junior with a 3.7 GPA. Assuming no risk is too big, what is best approach/career path for making 1 billion dollars before the age of 40? I get that this is extremely aggressive but was thinking about <abbr title="investment...

+2Modeling Test?


I have a second round interview coming up for an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst position. All I know from the recruiter is that it will be an hour long technical interview with the associate and that it will involve testing my modeling skills and...

+2Need opinions, Big4 vs BNP Paribas vs Local (elite) boutique


Interested in your opinions on what you would think is the best move. I have three options: -local Big4 (M&A team) -local BNP office (CIB) -local <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> boutique that is doing mid-large cap deals, considered one of...

+2Former Hedge Fund manager enters the 2020 election


Today it has been announced that Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manager is entering the 2020 election race. A few main ideas make up his platform 1. Reducing...

+1Best Work from Home training najafgarh


Some work from home jobs require a bit of skill, experience, or credentials while many of the other work from home jobs demand no prior expertise at all. Work from home can be a great deal for anyone. There are many people who have established their own home business. A little interest and...

+1How long do mid caps stay as mid caps until they become large caps or fail? What is the average of mid caps?


1. How long do mid caps stay as mid caps until they become large caps or fail? What is the average of mid caps? 2. What are the answers to small caps? How long does it take for them to become mid or large caps? Not sure where to find the information but I am just curious. Thank you for your...

+1How do I build and leverage a network?


Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I’ve been extremely lucky and blessed to be able to have family connections to some MD level players across different banks and <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firms. I would say that they...



<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li> Jobs report: It provided a nice accompaniment to fireworks. Manufacturing was a bright spot as the U.S. economy added a higher-than-expected 224,000 jobs in June. </li> <li>Iran: The country's officials are treating...

+1Study Abroad UK Dates


Hi, I'm rising junior at American school considering doing a semester abroad the coming Spring (next Spring) at a good London school. What I'm worried about is school dates interfering with potential internship dates. I know many internships start the first week of June, and the...

+1Will passing the EIA as a college student make me stand out to WM firms?


I am currently a sophomore at a semi-target school pursing WM. I know that the SIE exam can be taken without sponsorship from a bank, unlike the series 7 and 66 exams. From those I have talked to thus far who work in WM at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> banks the...

+1Which markets are better than others for investment sales?


For those of you in investment sales, which are the best markets to get into? Which are the worse? Is it true that net lease sales are a joke?

+1Feedback on Resume? (Target humanities major trying to get into consulting!)


I would love to get some feedback on my resume draft, both in terms of how it is designed and formatted and any weaknesses in general. Chances for getting jobs/interviews also appreciated! LINK:

+1BAML SA 2020


Has anyone heard anything of <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr> 2020 recruiting? What's the next stage after the initial application?