+278Cringiest thing you’ve ever done in an interview201
+267Hooked up with the wrong person125
+104When are we going to be in bars/partying again? 159
+75Most cutthroat groups on the street 140
+72Then and Now: @APAE54
+57Family cutting me off if I move to NYC for IB internship68
+57Renowned MDs by firm, industry75
+49Private Equity Recruiting Process (From Banking)49
+37COVID outbreak in a club, in Korea - Let this be a lesson to you kids62
+37Dartmouth vs Stern56
+36Bank with Best Summer Internship Experience (Socially)41
+35How well respected is Chess as a hobby?54
+35Don't Throw Away Your Shot - Networking with Senior Professionals as an MBA23
+34Investment Banking Stigma44
+31Where do Average IB Analysts Go?46
+28Still Worth Living in NYC in a Post-COVID World?81
+26Does ‘Looksmaxing’ substantively increase your odds of converting an internship?35
+24Finding a wife as a banker38
+22M&A - Bankers vs. Lawyers29
+21Q&A - Post-MBA VP41
+19Accused of cheating 93
+19$100k Working in Retail58
+16Top real estate development firms 34
+15Getting Train Back on Track23
+15Q&A: 30 Year-Old Breaking In, Part II - From tiny M&A boutique to Distressed Debt27
+14Latino woman not groomed for the finance “world” thoughts pls? 17
+14Sick of IU Kelly students and Alum trying to make it a target school8
+14Georgetown MSB vs NYU Stern31
+13Am I doomed if I get placed in a "bad" group?19
+12Next TV Show32
+12Baruch MBA vs. NYU MSRE20
+12Impact of PE Analyst Programs44
+11What firms have ended/finished up 2021 SA recruiting??50
+11Most Impressive Resumes 44
+11Worst Professor You’ve Ever Had? 36
+11How much have you saved?84
+11Hypothetical Renege Situation28
+11How do you actually get your foot in the door when networking?14
+10Houston SA Offer: Take EVR/LAZ/Moelis or Wait for GS Process19
+10Bain Head of Global Consultant Recruiting on impacts of COVID-193
+9Weight Check - Up, Down or the Same?35
+9Bankers at bars6
+9Necessity of Golf Skills Today?22
+9Are career coaches worth it?24
+9Reading list recommended to improve Writing skills 19
+9Bain is now giving guaranteed FT offers to all interns20
+9Personal Finance Template6
+8advice for a senior 38
+8Rejection email 8 minutes after cold emailing25
+8Would YOU Give Me An INTERVIEW? (SA 2021)34
+7NYC return to office timeline12
+7Craziest networking stories | Successful & Cringe7
+7chances of MBB5
+7Best groups for PE at NOT top tier BBs16
+7Social circle vs job12
+7Hair Clippers - Has Anyone Bought One?20
+7Do "top analysts" really get more interviews for PE?12
+6Wells Fargo SF vs. SF Boutiques (e.g., FT Partners, LionTree, GCA, Union Square)14
+6Not sure what to do this summer15
+6Need Advice: Citi/Barclays Offer vs. Recruiting for GS/MS/JPM23
+6Driving cross country18
+6Will Malls survive this?13
+6Bain start dates delayed 12 weeks (NA, Some offices)4
+6how are you spending time in june before SA virtual internship?7
+6Which Brokerage to transition from Capital Markets Group to REPE11
+6How to Make $1-2K in 1-2 Weeks from $100K in Savings (willing to invest $20K at once)20
+6Mental Health Awareness Month 5
+6Two tone Rolex choice: Submariner vs Daytona vs Day Date35
+5Q&A: Sales & Trading to Big Tech2
+5Do consultants HONESTLY beleive their own recommendations?4
+5Please Stop 5
+5Laptop Choice - 2020 MacBook Air i3 (base) vs 2020 MacBook Pro i5 (base) 22
+5Are London IB hours too easy??11
+5LBS MFA vs. LSE F&E16
+5PWP exits? 11
+5What do you wish you had known before starting in IB?7
+5Citi FT Start Date 202010
+5Which job offer would you take 7
+5T Rowe vs Fidelity vs Capital6
+5UCL vs Cass - MSc Finance6
+5Rising Sophomore IB Opportunities8
+5BB Tech Banking Groups10
+5Thoughts on Fifth Wall's Brendan Wallace?8
+5Staffers influence on SA Offers6
+5PE Recruiting from Houston O&G IB in Current Environment3
+5Houston Banks: MS vs. Citi vs. Jefferies6
+5Chicago Booth vs. Yale for non-finance recruiting in Europe10
+5QUITTING MY INTERNSHIP - How Damaging Is It?11
+5Lateraling After Summer Analyst Position5
+5Need Help Comparing SA Offers: Raine Group, HL Corporate Finance SF, DBO Partners, Union Square Advisors23
+5Special Sits (Oaktree SSG, GSO, KKR Special Sits, TPG Sixth Street Partner)14
+5Best Current FDP's/FDLP's?12
+5Ivey vs Warwick 17
+5IB Superday Waitlist Followup 11
+5UMich LSA (Econ+CS) vs NYU Stern - URGENT PLEASE11
+5Boutique vs. Middle Market12
+5PE firms investing in life science6
+5How competitive are advisory/valuation positions at Big4 firms?8