+147Investing Strategies as Dating Styles35
+95Investment Banks as Formula One Teams53
+93AMA: MD in M&A and Capital Markets with Bulge Bracket and Boutique experience124
+84VC is a laughable Shitshow - Change my Mind112
+76Ideal girl: alpha or not? What do you look for in a girl74
+68COVID-19 and 2020 Summer167
+66What is the most shocking level of incompetence you've seen in a workplace?89
+64Crazy stories that happened to you in the finance industry? 42
+63How to stop the next epidemic before it starts (controversial)110
+61Is New York City safe?87
+55Cold feet and dread52
+53New Real Estate Development Shop AMA78
+50How IB is depicted in the media43
+50Most Prestigious Office90
+49Just been broken up with - what now?44
+47Healthcare for All?83
+45Dude said he got into a diversity conference by saying he had a learning disability51
+38Why are people on Linkedin like this?62
+38Should I call CDC on my boss so I can take a 2 week vacation?22
+34Alabama IB’s82
+34Super Tuesday Predictions?106
+30My model efficiencies - 6 months in34
+29Breaking in without any degree56
+29AMA - 2nd Year IB Analyst at a Bulge Bracket 41
+282020 SA Still a go? Anyone hear back from the companies?54
+28AMA - From Non-Target to VP at EB 45
+28Jpmorgan hid 2 coronaviruses cases from employees for a week & we find out from CNBC this evening, not through the OC.....50
+27got cleaned on runescape27
+27What sport do you play?82
+26Dating someone in Debt69
+26MSRED/MSRE Megathread 202099
+26Coronavirus or Correction?58
+26Good Riddance Finance, I'm done!23
+25AMA - VP in healthcare corporate banking43
+25How do you become assertive/confident?26
+25How to fuckup a networking call41
+23AMA: I worked at both McKinsey & BCG26
+23Dumbest/Worst Product you've ever seen from a company59
+22(Mis)adventures in PE fundraising (part 2)15
+21Why Do People on Here/WSO Crap on "Back Office" So Much?18
+21Real Estate Mogul56
+21Coronavirus What has been your managements response?63
+21Feel Trapped, Exit Opps From Sell-Side ER?37
+20AMA Current 3rd-Year BB Coverage Analyst52
+20Hypothetical - what do REPE funds do now?54
+19What’s Up With the Market?50
+19Should I put my Coronavirus test results on my resume?17
+18Is a business frat worth joining?23
+18Did Your Parents Guide Your Path?18
+18How do you define "rich?"56
+18Is Chicago IB Pay Lower than NYC?43
+18Why do you like your job?21
+17Not allowed to do onsite internships due to Corona virus44
+17Coronavirus impact on 2020 sa68
+17Why is MBA -> IB so accepted, but MBA -> PE is a rare occasion?22
+16Hiring Freezes69
+16AMA: BB Fixed Income Trader, 2nd Year Analyst33
+16Ducera Interview, Assoc28
+16Just got laid-off21
+15AMA: Corporate Banking to FAANG CD19
+15The World’s Most Expensive SUV33
+15Coronavirus, Remote Work, and the Future of CRE20
+15How true is the 80/20 rule?14
+14You've Raised $50M in Equity - Where Do You Invest?36
+14Why Did You Choose AM Over HF?15
+14Acquisitions Analyst vs. Development Analyst vs. Capital Markets Analyst vs. Asset Management Analyst?9
+14Two Internships Later: What I wish I Knew While Recruiting! (Toronto)5
+14Potential Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak on U.S. CRE Industry35
+13Car deals due to economic slowdown 36
+13AMA VP healthcare IB tier 2 bank, London48
+13Family Office Database List12
+13How Will The Upcomming Bernie Sanders Presidency Affect the Finance Industry and American Marketplace?43
+13Should we feel bad if people don't have emergency funds?10
+13Scaling my RE Business as a Principal29
+13What is your go to font for Excel models?33
+13Best Perks & Benefits?14
+13Eastdil training vs other brokerages (CBRE, Newmark, etc) - Adam Spies/Doug Harmon64
+13AMA: FP&A Manager at a Technology Start-up19
+13Summer Internships being cancelled? Is it possible?48
+13Hedge fund / active manager haterade?20
+12AMA: Corporate Development Analyst At A Tech Startup33
+12Oil/Gas IB and current WTI33
+12Life not lived... What would you do if you weren't doing what you're doing now.32
+12Passive aggressive work place?28
+12Finding roommates and apartments in Murray Hill/Kips Bay18
+12What game are you currently playing right now?50
+12How to handle stress? 21
+122020 HF Shakeout: Who's Up Who's Down23
+11Worth it to go to Stern?59
+11What have you learned in the last couple weeks?17
+11Hooking up with other brokers at different shops21
+11How do I land a role at a commercial firm (JLL, CBRE, etc.) from scratch at 26?30
+11Senior In High School Looking For Advice on College Decision, etc.45
+11Fed Cuts Rate to Zero and Begins $700B QE Program20
+10How to get into Investment Banking from complete non-target20
+10AMA: Career Transitions - Corporate to IB to Corp Dev to Independent Consulting22
+10Anyone start in RE and end up leaving for another industry?24
+10Reading Lists?32
+10The Most Unbelievable True Story: From Warehouse Associate in January to FO S&T in March. Buckle In....3