+125Anybody else feel this way?100
+120Finance sucks compared to tech if youre smart156
+95How to hook up at the gym79
+77The Infamous Incoming Analyst Post but make it Real Estate59
+76Thanksgiving in this industry sucks53
+73Bonus season87
+67Don’t put non-IB people down45
+60Which city has the best dating scene?100
+59What do you look for in your other half?54
+55If you could start over, would you still be in Finance?54
+55How to get rejected from an IB internship39
+51Get over yourself, you're not saving the [email protected]*ng Manatees.59
+43Do I Fit in Finance? Am I Too old?43
+41School Shootings ( Another One Today) - Emotional/Psychological Impact91
+40How have you quit?63
+39What's the worst bank mispronunciation that you've heard?45
+38How dead is trading?45
+37The biggest sh*t talker ever41
+36Elizabeth Warren wants to kill IBD: Drafting U.S. Legislation to reverse ‘Mega Mergers’52
+36How can you justify eating meat?104
+35The most underrated business school79
+34Blew a Coffee Chat...27
+34Career path after PE?34
+33Going out on your own61
+33AMA: Bulge Bracket IB Summer 202046
+33JPM London: Horror Stories on Junior Staff Cuts45
+32How to Escape Bottom Bucket27
+30How can you ever afford to buy a home in the Bay?59
+28My Official 2020 Presidential Endorsement17
+26AMA: Undergraduate -> Quantitative Trading Decision Process (Advice)38
+26Why did you quit your last job?41
+25Hot (obvious) take: Elon Musk does dumb shit on purpose39
+25PJT Partners London Shambles83
+25F**k Zucc: the case for ousting Mark Zuckerberg 58
+23AMA: H/P/Y/W —> PJT RSSG —> KKR —> BX —> UFC —> WWE —> Heavyweight champion of the world 25
+23Real Estate Development: Whey, When, How and Where Did you Start ?34
+22How to deal with not fitting in at work?22
+21Being Well-mannered?57
+19Able-bodied people using handicap facilities30
+19Who are the kinds of people who will NEVER be able to get a job in an Investment Bank?22
+18Very slow day, no work, what do I do?25
+18Finance clubs are a scam19
+18Chicago Scene 201923
+18How to blow my fat sign-on bonus19
+17Color blind28
+17Got rejected from a club and start doubting myself35
+17AMA: 3rd year analyst at a boutique PE fund in the SEA region23
+17GPA on Resume?30
+15In this day and age, is it okay for someone in early 20s to not have any social media presence?19
+14How to quit the rat race23
+14LifeCo FT Offer - Too Good to be True?42
+14How do you do HIIT?37
+13Can you ever become rich in the Finance industry?60
+13Deutsche Bank vs RBC47
+13Member of the year nominations27
+13Advice: What Minor or Major is Most Valuable?32
+12Where do you park money if you want to stay liquid?38
+12Who are you?17
+12What is the most valuable skill you've learned from consulting?15
+12Cold Emailing - Internship13
+12AMA: Investment Sales / Brokerage Analyst at a Major Shop24
+11Please tell me it's deadass wrong to go out with previous boss18
+11Are standardized tests such as the SAT/ACT a good measure of intelligence?45
+11Your Number?16
+11Finance is better than tech at withstanding AI24
+11WSO Caption Contest - Nov 19th... Collect Silver Bananas And Win A Free WSO T-Shirt26
+11Elite Boutiques in Canada (Toronto)17
+10Small PE21
+10What CRE sector can you make the most money in?18
+10Internally Transferring from west coast to east coast20
+10How close are we to different groundbreaking technologies?12
+10Hotels Acquisition22
+10Can someone tell me the truth on CRE Brokerage profitability potential16
+10Honest Opinions on Deutsche Bank29
+10Multifamily Development: Small Firm vs. Large Firm9
+10Real Estate Trends (All Asset Types)25
+10AMA - Georgetown MPSRE Current Student12
+9Unofficial Guide to Texas Target Schools17
+9CRE 1st year analyst bonus31
+9Renege BB PB Offer For MM IB?29
+9Best Perks18
+9AMA: Strategy consulting Associate Partner offering career advice17
+9Associate ---> Director/VP/Manager34
+9Alcohol and Sleep29
+9No full time offers, seeking life advice?24
+9Trying to move to an SWE role with non-tech background. Suggestions? 8
+9Are there any Engineers here?39
+9r/WallStreetBets back at it again...11
+9Getting into Finance with a MD11
+9How much pay = peak happiness?15
+8Is there any disadvantages to taking a hedge fund role as a graduate versus a an IB offer?12
+8Stock thesis: Water stocks will be worth a lot more in 50 years.9
+8The easiest Wall Street internship/job5
+8Black list from BB for taking HF offer?20
+8Value Add MF Valuation33
+8Full time offers: M&A Citi/Credit Suisse London vs IB Barclays/HSBC Dubai24
+8Why would a PE partner call me for a chat?11
+8Elite Boutiques and Bulge Brackets15