2023 ADC/APD Summer Programs/Full-Time Applications Thread

Noticed that we don't have a similar thread like previous years for ADC/APD application this year so figured I'd set up one so that so people could ask questions or share updates as they prepare for recruiting season. 

Below are relevant firms and ongoing programs.

Summer Programs:

Other firms of interest include:

  • Health Advances
  • Putnam
  • Clarion
  • CRA

Feel free to add in additional firms that are recruiting for PhD but not on this list.


Received the link too! Does everyone get to receive the game invitation?


It's not office specific this year. There are couple or time slots you can choose in multiple offices. Email says pick your first prefer office unless you are not available.


Anyone interviewed with Connect to ClearView? Wondering when I should be expecting the result after interview. 


I have 2 questions about the MBB bridge programs for those with some insider insights:
1) For McKinsey insight, if you screw up on the game (did not finish on time, did not meet objectives), does it mean it is over for you even if you have an amazing resume? How much is it weighted and how does the game impact FT recruitment? If I mess up the game, should I even bother to apply full time if I do not get insight?

2) If you not did get invited to Bain workshop, does it mean automatic rejection from their ADvantage program. I submited my app close to deadline. 



These are just my opinions:

1) From last year's results, the game is a crucial part of the evaluation or, effectively, round 2 (round 1 being your resume). Most offerees I know did not do too badly in the games.

2) Again, last year a few people got AD/FT interviews without the workshop invitation. Some people who got into the workshop ended up getting no interviews. But in most cases, the workshop could guarantee at least an FT interview last year.


The McKinsey games were really quite difficult and they actually have right and wrong answers so I can see how they use it for weeding people. For the second Redrock (I think that was the name?? Please correct me if I am wrong) Lab game, I finished only 7 of the 10 cases. Does anyone know if not finishing all the cases is an automatic fail? 

The Pymetrics games, on the other hand, aren't difficult and there's no right or wrong answer...as far as I can tell. So I have no clue how they use the test to determine a candidate's potential. 


I cant just agree with your 1) as the invitation for the game was sent out to all Insight applicants as I know. It cannot be used as 1R screener like FT.


Application indicated you were considered for the event closest to you for environmental reasons lol. The DC one was the event that sent the invite.


There are plenty of examples from previous years that got rejected by the summer programs but still got an offer. I know BCG took in a lot of ADCs in FT recruitment last year.


Anyone aware if recruiting is more difficult this year in particular? For both summer and FT positions 

Based on anecdotal evidence, yes. The MBBs are definitely slowing hiring this year. They over-hired to keep up with the boom of the past few year's demand (low interest rates, etc.), and with the current turndown, they are overstaffed and looking to trim. Hopefully it bottoms out in the next 12 months and hiring picks up again after.


All firms say these kinds of program are separated with FT applications. So, the rejection shouldn't affect your 1st round if you're good enough to pass the screening.

Most Helpful

Here’s my application record so far:

  • McKinsey Insight: successful – notified 3/16 morning, West Coast;
    • Solved the ecosystem game, completely screwed up Redrock study, 5-7 of the 10 Redrock case questions correct (I think)
  • Bridge to BCG: rejected 3/15, generic email
  • Bain ADvantage: rejected 3/24, generic email, no invitation to case workshop etc.
  • Link to LEK: rejected 3/15 via the online portal, no email came through
  • Clarion PROPEL: invited for interview 3/24.

I am now hoping I can get the official rejection from Insight and ADvantage soon


Looking last year's thread, ADvantage will be sent out next week. The case workshop is till today. Guess Bain make final decision after all of workshops.


I received McKinsey Insight invite last week, and today an Associate with APD background got in touch with her to schedule a virtual coffee chat.