WSO Elite Modeling Package

  • 6 courses to mastery: Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation and DCF
  • Elite instructors from top BB investment banks and private equity megafunds
  • Includes Company DB + Video Library Access (1 year)

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Oct 14, 2017 - 10:27pm

Online Immersive Assessment, what about you? What's the Job Simulation like?

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300+ video lessons across 6 modeling courses taught by elite practitioners at the top investment banks and private equity funds -- Excel Modeling -- Financial Statement Modeling -- M&A Modeling -- LBO Modeling -- DCF and Valuation Modeling -- ALL INCLUDED + 2 Huge Bonuses.

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Oct 20, 2017 - 8:49pm

GDHead, is this IB or Markets?

Oct 27, 2017 - 1:39am

I applied to classic IB and I completed the OIA almost a month ago and was told I met the benchmark.
But no news so far :(

I've seen Job Simulator invites for Markets, AM, CMB, everything...I even know the first ACs for AM and GPB are next week. Should I assume I got dinged already?

Oct 28, 2017 - 5:16am

I don't think anyone has heard back from Global Banking yet. Can anyone else confirm?

Oct 29, 2017 - 5:06pm

For Global Banking or markets? Have you progressed further

Nov 6, 2017 - 11:10am

Can someone please tell me along what lines they were asked in the online Job Simulation?
I have applied for Sales Division, so I am not sure if it's the same for IBD and Sales

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