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So let's say you get a job in a buy-side asset management firm (BlackRock, Putnam, Fidelity, Vanguard, State Street ... as an equities analyst

What do you do after? It seems like everything you do will prepare you for Asset Management/private banking or hedge funds. Are you locked into these roles?

You can't do PE and you can't do corporate finance for F500 companies because everything you do will be related to investing, right?

p.s. not talking about insurance based companies (MetLife) or BB's, i realize these are different

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    Don't know about PB roles, never heard of any of my collegues going to PB. However, there are definitely ones that left for Corp Fin and Investor Relations roles at companies within their area of coverage. If you really want to go to IBD or something you can get an MBA. Coming from the top AM firms like BR or Fido, you will very likely get into one of the very top MBA programs (simply because there arent that many people of your background at the undergrad level since most of these companies recruit at the MBA level for investment roles)