2021 ADC/APD Summer Programs/Full-Time Applications Thread

Applications are starting up so figured I'd set up a thread similar to last year so people could ask questions or share updates as they prepare for recruiting season. Giving back to the community I heavily lurked last year for sure!

Below are links with deadlines for firms with applications updated for 2021.

Summer Programs:

Other firms that hire PhDs include:

  • EY-Parthenon
  • Health Advances
  • Navigant
  • ZS
  • CBPartners
  • Cello Health Bioconsulting
  • Comment if I'm missing some

Link to Past Threads:


Great question! I applied for all three summer programs by MBBs, but I did not get into Bain's or BCG's. For both, I was put on a "stay in touch" type of list. In my region, McKinsey had a one-day info session and I did get into that.

As for whether it helped my application, it could help you get on folks' radars. But those summer programs are very limited, so it's okay if you aren't one of the handful of people who actually gets into Bridge to BCG or the others. Many more people I know were invited to the full-time interview than to the summer program.

Keep in mind this was all during Covid, and the firms changed a lot of their recruitment that year. Who knows what will happen this time!


Hi ADCs, like the first commenter WSO served me well last year and its time to pay it forward. Received offers for LS and generalist firms during covid, currently a PhD in a LS firm. Happy to share more in PMs about this path. Best of luck everyone! 


Anyone heard back from Bain ADvantage since the application submission? I got an invite to play the McKinsey Imbellus game yesterday.


I saw in past years’ threads that there was a way to see the predicted career percentages after taking the BCG pymetrics test.

Has anyone been able to see that this time?


Anyone applying to other workshops that have deadlines soon?

I'll apply to Clarion, Clearview and LEK but curious if I missed some.


Hi, I was wondering if an incomplete application to the summer program would affect FT applications? I applied to Bridge2BCG but had technical issues with the one-way video interviews and wasn't able to complete before deadline :( Would it be more negative than a rejection? Is there anything I can do to make up for it? Thanks in advance!


Hope you get the extension! To answer your first question, your Bridge application is completely separate from the FT app so will thus have no effect. I know plenty of people who did not apply to Bridge or got rejected and received a FT interview later in the summer.


It was a bit of a surprise for me, too! But the 10 minutes of brain games felt like nothing in comparison to Pymetrics and Imbellus, haha.


Am I not qualified to apply as an ADC if I'm a PhD candidate set to graduate in April/May 2022? This year will be my final summer before graduation.

I applied to McKinsey Insight and Bridge to BCG, but BCG emailed me saying my application will not be considered because of my anticipated graduation date. McKisney hasn't said anything and I was able to take my Imbellus test, so I'm a bit confused.

EDIT: Thanks everyone. It turns out that I am an ape and put down the wrong year for graduation in my application. Luckily, they're still giving me the one-way interview.


I don't see a problem with your anticipated graduation date. My colleagues and I who applied last year (i.e., in 2020) have graduation dates from Jan 2021 to August 2021. The BCG recruiters I spoke to have typically been very flexible about when you start.

I would still try for the full time applications, though it might help to find out if BCG thought that is too early or too late; they are catching up due to slow/minimal hiring last year, so they could be prioritizing different people at this point. Good luck!


Very strange, I also know people with similar graduation dates who applied last year and did qualify. I also know people graduating in 2022 and applying for Bridge this year. Is there a possibility of a mistake in your application/dates? Based on their eligibility description you should be the following:
- US or Canadian school or hospital
- looking to start full-time with BCG in late 2021 or in 2022
So my assumption would be that either there is a mistake and they think you graduate in April/May 2021, not 2022, or if there is a mistake with the indicated start date (e.g. 2023 or before July 2021).


Also applied to bridge, advantage, and insight. I wonder when we'll hear back! Did Imbellus (for Mckinsey), one way interview+pymetrics (BCG), and 2h case workshop for Bain. Seems to be mid April based on last year's posts. 


Anyone know if Bain Toronto sent invites for the 2h case workshop? I've read that SF, NY, ATL have


Just got an invitation to McKinsey Insight (May 7th)!

Not really sure though if they assign you based on your office preference or the region you are from. The website says " You will be aligned to a date based off of your school and region."


My top office preference was San Francisco but my Insight invitation is from the Chicago office recruiter. I am currently in the Midwest, so that would make sense if they assign you based on current location/school. I also remember during one of the McKinsey Info session they said assignments for Insight would be based on your current location. At least in my case that seems to be true.


Actually now that I've read my invite email more carefully, I got the Insight invite from a San Francisco recruiter. I'm currently based in the South, and my undergrad school was in the midwest, with my preference being Texas. As there are two dates for the Insight program, maybe they try to accommodate people based on their locations, but sometimes it's not always the case?


For one of the Insights 2020, there were about 25 people, and 6 are joining McK now. I know of other 4 that passed R1 but not R2 and were encouraged to reapply this season, 2 people joining BCG, 1 joining Bain, and 3 joining LS firms, some people were just clearly there to learn about what is this thing called consulting, e.g. 1 person looked super bored and disinterested during the event, not even trying to pretend to care. I don't know everyone since it was virtual, so there may be more people with offers, but I would say these are pretty good odds overall. Also Bain and BCG were not really hiring as much last season and they were waiting to see what COVID times will bring, so I would imagine this year will be the best year for applying. 


Congrats to those who get into Insight! I got rejected which was sort of expected, as I did not do well in the Imbellus game :( The email also says that applying for FT will not require to retake the Imbellus game. Anyone knows if it means the old Imbellus results will be taken into consideration for FT application? TIA!


I’ve been wondering this, since if I didn’t do well on the imbellus and that was the reason for not getting invited, maybe it would be worth retaking it? Still confused about how they evaluate it.


Does anyone know if everyone that took the Imbellus test for McK Insight but didn't get through can skip the game while applying for FT positions?