+12615 Career Steps


Longtime reader here, left the biz in 2012. I thought I'd give back and post some good advice that was shared with me by an older mentor when I was younger. Learn it. Use it. Live it. Hope you find it helpful. <h3>15 CAREER STEPS</h3> 1.) Perception is everything...act as...

+88From non-target to BB CEO: My story


<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 11/25/13. Check out @DickFuld"'s current AMA <a href="//">here</a>. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a...

+72AMA: Top Quant Firms First Year Comp 250k to 400k


First some background, I am a senior and am heading to a quant shop for full time this summer. This past recruiting cycle I received offers from Two Sigma, Citadel, Old Mission, Hudson River Trading, DE Shaw, Jump, and Five Rings Capital for positions ranging from pure dev to pure quant. I study...

+47So I heard You Want to Start Trading?

The Uncontortionist

Let me start off by clarifying. <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">By trading</a></span> I’m not referring to investing or trading part-time while you do other things (such as hold down a full-time job). I’m...

+43Every Second Counts


**Disclaimer**: *This is not a stupid self help post, just something I thought people should know. I am quite shit at helping others personally in general so don't expect much or in fact anything.* <h3>What I have to say</h3> It goes like this, I have changed jobs recently...

+42Ask DickFuld November 2015


I'm ready for another round of questions from all of you. Please remember, I'm doing this because I care, so try to keep it civil. Fire away.... (PS -- Let's try to refrain from asking dumb questions this time.)

+41What's the most money you've lost in a day / trade?


Everyone who's traded has their ups and downs. What's the biggest loss you've taken due to your mistake, miscalculation, or just plain bad luck?

+38End of the Summer - Peace at last


Its almost September, school will be starting soon and many off you will be left with empty spaces where the plucky interns sat. Maybe it is just me but this years litter seemed particularly precious. They all just seemed so focused on being a "perfect" person, working (apparently,...

+38Delta: Breaking Down the First of the Greeks

Ben Shalom Bernanke

Hey guys, I've seen a few threads on options <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading and how</a></span> important the Greeks are to your overall options trade. I found a great read courtesy of OptionsHouse...

+37CV & CoverLetter - S&T Citi, Internship - No mercy please !


Hello there fellow monkeys, I am about to apply for a summer internship in <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> at Citi, London. Here are my attempted CV and Cover Letter. I would appreciate your criticism and suggestions on how to improve them to a more...

+37I'm currently an equity derivatives/vol trader: AMA!


Hey guys, I still remember my humble beginnings when I was an undergrad and had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Luckily, I was able to get a lot of great insight from <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> (reading in between the lines of troll posts), and well,...

+36AMA: I'm a Dry Bulk Physical Trader


I'm a Physical Trader in the Asia region and look after a combined book of +1Mt for origination and sales of dry-bulk commodities. My background has been in some way or form of international trade, with 6+ years in operations before getting into a trading gig. I trade majority of dry bulk...

+36Traders screwed?!?


I'm often concerned about my peers in the Sales & Trading career track. While many of them seem to think they will be the next big <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> PM and such (and I am certain that a few of them will be) I have a hunch that the vast majority of...

+35Physical Trading (Part 1): What it is and What it isn’t


I’ve been getting quite a few questions on what a typical day in the life is like at a physical trading shop. Other members of this website were very helpful in giving me an idea of what the field is like so now that I’ve “broken in,” I’d like to pay some of that forward. Part of...

+32Sales - debunking 8 MYTHS (From a veteran)


I read a lot of misleading information regarding sales jobs in banks on this forum recently (I am lumping sales/sales traders and all products here). I won't mention any particular users, but it got me angry. Given I have not contributed to <abbr title="Wall Street...

+29AMA: I'm an Agricultural Commodities Trader


I'm a senior trader with 8 years of experience in the ag markets. I currently trade physicals only but have traded futures and options to a small extent in the past as part of my hedge book. I have experience in grains and a wide variety of other ag byproduct commodities. Feel free to ask...

+29Why doesn't everyone invest in index funds?

mike ross

Can someone explain to me why every non finance professional doesn't just invest in low cost index funds? how can you beat the market when there are institutional/hedge fund investors that have more info about companies than you've ever dreamed about? The S&P has beat the...

+28Shell Trading Development Programme Assessment/Interview


I just received an invitation to take the Shell TDP assessment, and I was wondering if any TDP alum can share their insight. Also, I hear the interview is brutal.. so if anyone has anything to say about that I would appreciate it. Thanks

+28AMA: From Pizza Delivery to Quantitative Research/Data Science/Programming


What is going on, everybody? I have been a lurker on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr> for a while and thought I would share a story with you. Here goes nothing... I worked full-time and went to school full-time pretty much all throughout school. Knowing I...

+28Commodity Trading is Dead


I currently work as a physical commodity trader at a large, international, trading house. Trading is dead. Most desks are printing massive loses. There is no volatility in the market and most commodities we trade suffer from massive oversupply. Baring a massive exogenous shock, I don't...

+27Most you have lost off a single investment?


When investing or trading in any type of asset class, from securities and fixed income to even cryptocurrencies, you will always lose money at some stage, no matter how experienced you may be. Therefore I pose the question, what is the most that you have lost off of a single investment? Whether...

+26AMA - I quit my job as a bond trader to fight MMA in Peru

[email protected]

A few years ago, I quit my job as a corporate bond trader to become a professional MMA fighter in Peru. I went to Wharton undergrad and interned in finance every summer on various trading desks. I wound up full-time on a prop desk as an analyst and got right into the grind. After two years, I...

+26AMA: Former BB Rates Trader - Now a prop trader


I've enjoyed this forum, and i see lots of people without a clue asking questions about trading, so i thought i'd do an AMA... My path was non-standard, but i've seen others with a similar path to my own. My Path --> Non-Target state school --> Job in <abbr...

+24Stock Pitch Sample Template - Proven Examples to Help Ace Your Interview

Will Hunting

<style> @media screen and (min-width: 768px) { .hero__form { max-width: 466px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } } .form-control { -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; border-radius: 0; box-shadow: none; border-color: #b7b7b7; } ...

+24Why choose Sales and Trading over Investment Banking?


What are the advantages to sales and trading over Investment Banking? What should your interests be to go into Sales and Trading? what types of technicals do you need to know for Sales and Trading?

+23Trader Documentary - Paul Tudor Jones (Must See)


Below is a link to the Paul Tudor Jones documentary video that shows him predicting the 1987 Crash (he tripled his money during it). This is a must see for any trader and shows the legendary trader in action before he became a billionaire. Although the video was shown on public television in...

+23AMA: Managing Partner at a Options Trading Firm


Morning guys and Happy Friday! I'm currently the managing partner at a Chicago based options trading firm. I've been here for five years. Prior to this I was a Trading Analyst and then Trader at a large Chicago based prop firm. Ask me anything! The weirder the question, the better!

+23How to Start Trading (Compliments of Bondarb)


There have been a few requests to find the classic post by Bondarb, so it made sense to sticky it. This is what he wrote: <strong>Here is how you learn about trading:</strong> <ol> <li>Have at least 5k. If you dont have that then get it somehow, use your...

+22Ask Me Any Question You Have About Prime Brokerage


I realized that there really isn't much information on prime brokerage on this site, even though it has been a significant source of revenue at bulge bracket banks under the S&T umbrella. I currently work in this industry (one of the big players GS/MS/JPM/DB) and am here to answer any...

+22AMA: FX Trader: High Volatility Job, Low Excitement Life


Right, Assuming you have read the title, this is one of those "I feel sorry for myself" Saturday night posts, it's also an AMA, because I'm bored. Now that that is out of the way, let me start with a short introduction, I am a trader on the FX desk at a <span...

+21Energy Trading 101: The Crack Spread


Good afternoon, monkeys. Listen: A crude and natural gas midstream firm like MarkWest Energy Partners and an oil refinery in the middle of Alabama will have different price exposures, and thus require different hedges to protect themselves in the event of future uncertainty. While not...

+21Losing Money on a Trade - Seeking Advice


Well to start off, this is embarrassing. So a senior trader and I (Junior Trader) manage a joint book and we currently have illiquid spread positions on back of the curve for a deferred year. We got these positions from market making, well he did... over the counter and on the screen it trades...

+20Anton Kreil - Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management MENTORING PROGRAM. Overpriced and Undervalue.


A) Totally disappointed with the overpriced and undervalue 3 month Mentoring Program (USD7001) I am totally disappointed with Anton Kreil’s Institute of Trading and portfolio management’s 3 month Mentoring Program. This is because the mentoring program is overpriced and undervalue. I...

+20Physical Trading: Best commodities to be in?


Hi all, I'm a long time lurker on this forum but I've benefited a lot from all of the discussions surrounding physical trading. Currently an undergrad with internship experiences in Base Metals and I'm looking to apply for grad positions as an entry-level scheduler/junior trader...

+20TRADERS: What is the most annoying thing interns do?


Pretty much says it all--I'll be a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer analyst</a></span> at a <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+19Physical Commodity Trading


Hi, Can someone explain how exactly a physical commodity trading house makes money and why there is a need for independent comodty houses, whats there right to exist? What are the risk when trading commodities physical and how can they be hedged, are there specific hedging strategies that...

+19Emerging Markets Trading - Questions


Hello Guys, One q: Can somebody please explain what EM traders do? I know there will be some ppl who would point me in direction of another thread or would bash my question, but all I am trying to do is to learn. All I want is the description/ example of what they trade (e.g. product or range...

+18Ask Eddie: Should I Bail On My Trading Job?

Eddie Braverman

Every now and again I get PM'd a question that I think might be applicable to a lot of you on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. When that happens, I get permission from the person who asked me to share with the site. This is one such time. I suspect a lot of...

+18I'm Trying to get into Prop-Trading From a Non-Target School


**Warning Long Post Ahead** **Hello WallStreetOasis,** I am a recent graduate of Hofstra University with a bachelors of science in mathematical finance 3.4 GPA trying to get into prop trading even though I am aware that all odds are against me. This is my first post in <abbr...

+18Akuna Capital Math Test? (And Interview Process)


I've applied for a junior trader position with this firm, and so they've sent me an email with directions to take an online mental math test. Does anybody know what the Akuna test is like, specifically? Can't seem to find too much information about it online. All I know is...

+18How to get a start in physical oil trading/ops/scheduling?


<em> Moderator Note: This post originally went up 07/2012 and we thought it deserved to go back on the homepage for those who may have never seen it.</em> As someone with a non-finance/economic educational background, how easy is it to break into the 'oil trading arena'?...

+18Good Commodity Trading Firms?


Does anyone have a list of the better commodity trading shops? I'm trying to live in Houston, but am okay with another city, and know the big names (BP, Shell, <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>, Noble, etc), but are there any smaller shops that are doing a good job?

+18A Trading Story :Encouragement for the rest of us


I have decided to post my experience for what it is worth. I do not expect this to follow the standard format of posts in this forum I am merely here to present to all of you a story that could have helped me and given me encouragement in the darkest days of the sales and <span...

+17What Do People Make Annually From Investing?


For those who maintain their own personal portfolio, what do you typically make annually off that portfolio? And what is a realistic amount for a first-time investor to make their first year? (what did you guys make your first year?)? And for the undergrads on here have you been trading while in...

+17Day in the Life: Oil Trading Research Analyst

Winston Wolfe

I feel like it is often said here and at times overdone, but while every day is a bit different there are certain tasks that happen every week or month. I’m going to split the below into three different types of days to compare. <h3>Day 1: Weekly and Monthly Updates...

+16Do traders all drink alcohol?


And is it a prerequisite? I'm passionate about <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading and I</a></span>'m a social guy, it's just that getting drunk isn't something I like doing? I hate...

+16Traders lose money


Hello! I hear that many/most traders lose money. To what extend is this true? I mean like 70% of traders lose money and they end up with their basic salary and no bonus? Or 0.01% ? Any insight? thanks!

+16Physical Trading - Energy Commodity Preferences


Saw some threads on this but most were a few years old. Wanted to revisit which energy commodities are the preferred commodities to trade among the experts here. There seemed to be a strong preference for NGL / LPGs relative to others such as crude or refined products. Do you still feel the same...

+16Institutional Equity Sales and Trading


Could some people please elaborate on what Institutional Equity Sales and trading is? To my knowledge a simplified explanation is that they execute large orders for mutual funds, hedge funds, and other big clients to make sure the market does not take too big of a hit. How do you break in to...

+16(Physical trading) What is considered an 'acceptable' story for why trading?


Hi again, my question today for physical traders is what is considered an "acceptable" story? I understand selling one's story for why you want to go into commodities is a good way for traders to see if someone has the drive to succeed, but I want to know what makes someone's...

+16Great Trade Ideas That Most People Do Not See


Millions of people trade the markets daily and there is a lot of common investing rules. Buy low and sell high, or if you want a bond that is risk free buy US treasuries. I know there is many more rules like this in the world of finance. But my question to you guys is what are some <span...

+152018 Sales and Trading Recruiting (Intern)

Future Goldman Owner

Hey guys, there's too much <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr> and not enough <abbr title="Sales and Trading ">S&T</abbr>. So lets get a thread going on the recruiting timeline for Sales and Trading. Comment below with any info that...

+15Why Investors Fail

Oddball Stocks

Almost every investing study tells us that buying stocks at a low price to anything results in market beating performance. Even just buying a S&P <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-an-exchange-traded-fund-ETF"><abbr...

+15Commodity Trading Documentary


Great documentary in English on commodity trading. It was produced in French but have finally found a good English version of it. Hope it helps!

+152017 S&T bonuses


Let's share bonus numbers you've heard on the street. Please list bank, level, and bonus figure (in USD). <h3>wall street sales and trading bonuses 2017</h3> <em> Mod Note: You can find the Ib and <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr>...

+15An unconventional pathway into trading: my adventures as an undergraduate


For personal reasons, decided to remove the contents of this post. Mods, please delete the entirety of this thread if possible or simply allow it to subside quietly. Will still be happy to answer questions. If I haven't replied back to you on PM, it's because I've a. been...

+14Compensation at oil majors and physical houses for traffic desk and traders


Was wondering what one would expect to be paid on the traffic desk at a supermajor oil firm and at a physical trading house such as Vitol, Glencore, Trafi on any product desk. Also, I know it varies quite a bit but what would a junior trader earn in salary and bonus at either the supermajors...

+14AMA Discretionary Hedge Fund Trader


I did one of these before a couple years back when i was on the sellside, and figured why not do another one since these threads seem to get a lot of traction and provide a lot of useful info for kids. My background: -Discretionary trader at a large hedge fund, focusing on credit and...

+14Have I messed up my future?


Hi everyone. I have big concerns about my future and would like to ask the community for help. First let me tell you about my background. I have a bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from a non target Eastern European university. I had a 1 year internship at a F500 company in...

+14HELP: The Future of the S&T Job Market and Selecting the Right Desk


Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. I just accepted an internship offer at a top bulge bracket bank for <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> this week. My only issue right now is that the internship is NOT rotational so I have...

+14Calling all Physical Commodity TRADERS: Benchmark indices and physical commodity trading risk


Dear All; I am Physical Petrochemicals Trading Analyst (Quant) in the MENA region. As you can imagine, I am quite behind real-world traders when it comes to the "actual trading", my experience lies in portfolio management which is pretty math-intensive. My current aim is to be...

+14Difficulty Check

Mostly Random Dude

Need a favor from the community. Was interviewing a guy today and asked him a few intermediate options questions. Since he failed to answer any of them, I wanted to check if people find these questions overly difficult. (1) When would you early ex an American call? Is there any uncertainty...

+14A Banking Primer

Oddball Stocks

Value investors come in two types, the ones who will look at financials, and the ones who won't. &nbsp;If banking is your forte I would encourage you to read the paragraph on my approach then come back for my next post. &nbsp;If banking is intimidating or difficult to understand...

+14Bulge Bracket Trading in Government Bonds


How <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">similar are trading</a></span> roles in <abbr title="bulge brackets">BBs</abbr> in government bond trading to that you would do as a fixed income PM in...

+14Physical Energy Trading And Logistics


Most commodity markets tend to be driven by a few basic factors which are freight on one side, price on the other side and qualities. Each commodity market has its own particularities. Most of what I will generally talk about applies to oil and the liquids in particular which is a little bit...

+14The definitive trick to passing a prop trading math test.


Practice Practice Practice. I've seen lots of posts here asking about how to pass Flow Traders math test, or Optiver, or Akuna or whoever. Maybe there's some geniuses out there that pass these tests without effort. This thread isn't for them, and i certainly don't fall...

+14Baruch students beat targets in trading competition at MIT


Saw an article on WSJ earlier today, basically highlights how kids from Baruch's program won over kids from targets (Harvard, Wharton, etc) in a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span>...

+13Hedging Futures Spreads (Intra-market) - Asking EXPERIENCED Traders


I'm having some difficult hedging spreads that aren't moving in linear, especially with the forward curve not being smooth due to seasonal changes. How do you guys hedge your bigger sized positions? Possibly hedge it off with a different spread, possibly using a correlation /...

+13People in S&T: how much do you get paid?


I feel it’s worth it to have a salary discussion on here to get an idea of what salaries are like throughout the industry. Feel free to answer the below 1. Your current position (Prop trader at a quant firm, <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> associate at a...

+13Freight Trading @ ABCD


A few weeks ago I was introduced to a friend of a friend who works in strategy at ABCD. This person disclosed that their firm's most profitable trading desk was the freight desk, and that freight traders on average are the best paid. They added that it's been this way for a...

+13Is it worth pursuing a career in trading in 2017?


I am set to graduate this year and I am currently looking for TA roles. The more I read about the industry, the less worthwhile it all seems in the long run. Can 2017 college grads still make a career within trading and if trading does die out, what roles could I realistically pursue...

+12Networking in New York City


Looking to get in touch with buy side individuals up in New York City. I will buy lunch, drinks, dinner - you name it. Need to expand network up there pronto. Any suggestions on to go about this? Travel there monthly with current sales trading role.

+122010 Energy Trading List


Here is an updated list to the one I posted two years ago....

+12Top Sales & Trading desks


Does not seem to be a ton of updated info out there. Looking to know what the top banks are for each product (FX, Commodities, <abbr title="fixed income">FI</abbr>, etc) based upon flow, the street's opinion, Hf exit ops, culture Thanks

+12AMA: Structured Rates desk


Hello fellow monkeys, Happy to answer any questions about working on a Structured Rates desk of a Canadian bank. Cheers.

+12Q&A: 1st year BB London Rates Trader Taking Your Questions

Maximus Decimus Meridius

Hi everyone! Some of you may remember me, I stopped posting on this forum about a year ago because I got tired of the site for a number of reasons and it wasn't worth it for me anymore. However I'm a big believer of giving back, and I did learn a lot from this site and from a few of...

+12Best product to trade


What's the best product to trade out of the following - LNG, crude oil, light distillate, middle distillate?

+12Leverage and success

Oddball Stocks

What drives success? Everyone who succeeds credits something different for their success. Some credit hard work. Others credit being in the right place at the right time. Some credit parents, friends, a boss, a wife, the list goes on. The problem with success is that it's hard to...

+12AMA: BB Flow rates trader


Hi, I feel like <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> was an invaluable resource to me when I was a bit younger, and I'd like to give something back. I thought I would do an AMA from a flow rates trader's perspective. The industry is probably a bit different...

+12Refined fuels trading experience but lackluster Engineering GPA


Graduating from a non-target in May 2019. I completed a refined fuels trading internship this past summer and I have a bunch of other commodity related experience. I am very passionate about the energy commodity industry but I have a low 3.0's Engineering GPA. I feel like this is...

+12Energy Hedging 101: The Frac Spread


Afternoon Monkeys, Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be. Other times, you have to try and understand the Natural Gas Liquids markets and their respective price...

+11AMA: Quantitative Derivatives Trader, 1 year in

Tryna Trade

Hey guys, Figured I'd do an AMA because this site has helped me quite a bit in the past, and hopefully I have something to offer back. For a quick background, I graduated from a semi target as a math major, interned in <abbr title="investment banking...

+11Hi, I need direction.


Hello, where should someone start if they would like to get into day <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> for the opportunities it provides? I currently only have a H.S. diploma.

+11Do's and Dont's as a Trading Intern


Just some advice as we are getting a bit closer to intern season. Hopefully people will start adding more in the comments, I wanted to stay away from the obvious ones. <strong>The Do Not’s</strong> 1) Do not screw up a lunch order: I know, this is quite obvious, but I can’t...

+11Structuring within S&T, Pay, and Exit Ops.


Looked through the forums and couldn't find a lot of info on Structuring. What do these guys exactly do and does anyone have a "day in the life" of a structurer. Am I able to switch to trading and how are exit opps (want to go to buy side/hedge fund later)? This is for...

+11Best internships for Quant Trading?


Hey fellow monkeys, I'm really hope to work in a quantitative hedge fund (I find the intersection of finance, computing and math super interesting, have been trying to learn how to create <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+11UNIGE Master of arts in international trading, Commodity finance & shipping


Hey all! Current undergrad student at a target in my country with internship experience in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">commodities trading</a></span>. I am looking at my options for when I finish my...

+11I got an offer!! Now, I'm scared I'm over my head!! HELP?!


So I'm a non-target as it gets. I grinded to get this offer and now I'm really scared. I feel stupid meeting with the seniors in the office. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about half the time the other time I'll pick up a few keywords. How do I get ready for this...

+10Sales and Trading Analyst AMA

Winston Wolfe

Hey Everyone, I've been a longtime reader of the forum and just want to thank everyone for all the helpful information I've found throughout the years from undergrad to my first internship and onto to being a sales and <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+10How can I learn more about Fixed Income?


I'm mainly familiar with equities, but really want to learn more about fixed income in general. Is there a book or guide that is good for this? Thanks!

+10How to break into S&T as a graduate?


Hello guys, First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year. Hope all your wishes come true in 2019. This is my first post here so please correct me if I happen to break any rule. I graduated in June 2017 with a Bachelor in Business Administration from a top European business school in Spain....

+10Do I have a good strategy?


First time posting here and I'm not sure if this is the right category; apologies if it is. I've been interested in trading (primarily Forex) for a number of years and I just became serious about making it a career. I've been backtesting a system that I think is pretty good, but I...

+10What do S&T people actually do?


I've done reading to try to figure out what <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> actually is, but then someone I know just said its not sales people talking to the client and then sending that info to the trader? Traders make money off of spreads from trades,...

+10What is your favorite place to chill in NYC? #TrainingSeason


Hi all, Hope everyone had a great easter, and spent nice moments with family and friends! To give you some context, I'm an incoming analyst, starting in a few months, with the usual training phase, and it's going to be in <abbr title="New York...

+10Spec Futures Trading


Hey Everyone, I am a Merchandiser (handle grain purchasing in the US) for a trading company similar to ADM/Bunge/Cargill and I also run risk management for my desk. I also manage a spec account where I get a % of my monthly PNL as a bonus. Does anyone have any info on what the traditional...

+10The puzzle thread


NOTE: If you have seen a problem before, please don't solve it. This is a thread for posting logic/probability ques, to help people prep for trading interviews. If you have an interesting question that you have heard or thought of, post it to give people practice. I'll post at...

+10BUY & HOLD ..... A SCAM


Just did a search on the topic of buy and hold and there is no thread on it and really wanted to start an in depth discussion on what I feel is the biggest scam in wall street. The myth that buy and hold is the most superior investment strategy. Every day as I watch CNBC I have to listen to...

+10Commodity Physical vs Financial Trading


Hello everyone, I would like to learn more about the differences between working and building career in physical and financial trading of standardized products (oil, gas, wheat, corn, cotton, and other products). Those of you who work(ed) in one or another industry are welcome to share your...

+10Do Salesman and Traders clash? and who wins?


Assuming that the Salesman is well versed in the product and markets, if a Salesman disagrees with a position that a Trader is trying to take, what exactly happens? It must be a tough spot for a salesman to be pitching an idea he doesn't even agree with to likely knowledgeable clients.

+10Trafigura Graduate Programme, 2017


Does anyone know what the standard salary is for their graduate programme? Has anyone received an offer yet?