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+9215 Career StepsLongtime reader here, left the biz in 2012. I thought I'd give back and post some good advice that was shared with me by an older mentor when I was younger. Learn it. Use it. Live it. Hope you find it helpful. <h3>15 CAREER STEPS</h3> 1.) Perception is everything...act as...299 months 2 weeks ago
+53From non-target to BB CEO: My story<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 11/25/13. Check out @DickFuld"'s current AMA <a href="//">here</a>. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a...25412 months 2 days ago
+40Delta: Breaking Down the First of the GreeksHey guys, I've seen a few threads on options <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> and how important the Greeks are to your overall options trade. I found a great read courtesy of OptionsHouse...4012 months 4 days ago
+32CV & CoverLetter - S&T Citi, Internship - No mercy please !Hello there fellow monkeys, I am about to apply for a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer internship</a></span> in <abbr title="Sales and Trading ">S&T</abbr> at <span...153 years 8 months ago
+31Every Second Counts**Disclaimer**: *This is not a stupid self help post, just something I thought people should know. I am quite shit at helping others personally in general so don't expect much or in fact anything.* <h3>What I have to say</h3> It goes like this, I have changed jobs recently...337 months 1 day ago
+21Energy Trading 101: The Crack SpreadGood afternoon, monkeys. Listen: A crude and natural gas midstream firm like MarkWest Energy Partners and an oil refinery in the middle of Alabama will have different price exposures, and thus require different hedges to protect themselves in the event of future uncertainty. While not...251 year 1 month ago
+22So I heard You Want to Start Trading?Let me start off by clarifying. By <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> I’m not referring to investing or trading part-time while you do other things (such as hold down a full-time job). I’m...6112 months 2 days ago
+20Trader Documentary - Paul Tudor Jones (Must See)Below is a link to the Paul Tudor Jones documentary video that shows him predicting the 1987 Crash (he tripled his money during it). This is a must see for any trader and shows the legendary trader in action before he became a billionaire. Although the video was shown on public television in...603 weeks 2 days ago
+19A Trading Story :Encouragement for the rest of usI have decided to post my experience for what it is worth. I do not expect this to follow the standard format of posts in this forum I am merely here to present to all of you a story that could have helped me and given me encouragement in the darkest days of the sales and <span...314 years 6 months ago
+19Sales - debunking 8 MYTHS (From a veteran)I read a lot of misleading information regarding sales jobs in banks on this forum recently (I am lumping sales/sales traders and all products here). I won't mention any particular users, but it got me angry. Given I have not contributed to <abbr title="Wall Street...381 year 2 weeks ago
+16Ask me any question you have about Prime BrokerageI realized that there really isn't much information on prime brokerage on this site, even though it has been a significant source of revenue at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB">bulge...1241 month 2 weeks ago
+16How to Start Trading (Compliments of Bondarb)There have been a few requests to find the classic post by Bondarb, so it made sense to sticky it. This is what he wrote: <strong>Here is how you learn about <span class='keyword_link'><a...571 year 1 month ago
+16Stock Pitch Sample Template - Proven Examples to Help Ace Your Interview<h3>The Stock Pitch</h3> <p> Stock pitches have been a part of finance interviews since the dawn of man. People typically underestimate the importance of pitches in an interview, but think about it this way: if you’re interviewing for a position at any sort of financial...3112 months 2 days ago
+13AMA: I'm an Agricultural Commodities TraderI'm a senior trader with 8 years of experience in the ag markets. I currently trade physicals only but have traded futures and options to a small extent in the past as part of my hedge book. I have experience in grains and a wide variety of other ag byproduct commodities. Feel free to ask...1432 days 12 hours ago
+16End of the Summer - Peace at lastIts almost September, school will be starting soon and many off you will be left with empty spaces where the plucky interns sat. Maybe it is just me but this years litter seemed particularly precious. They all just seemed so focused on being a "perfect" person, working (apparently,...272 months 6 days ago
+132018 Sales and Trading Recruiting (Intern)Hey guys, there's too much <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr> and not enough <abbr title="Sales and Trading ">S&T</abbr>. So lets get a thread going on the recruiting timeline for Sales and Trading. Comment below with any info that...1253 days 1 hour ago
+14A Banking PrimerValue investors come in two types, the ones who will look at financials, and the ones who won't. &nbsp;If banking is your forte I would encourage you to read the paragraph on my approach then come back for my next post. &nbsp;If banking is intimidating or difficult to understand...201 year 6 months ago
+14Ask Eddie: Should I Bail On My Trading Job?Every now and again I get PM'd a question that I think might be applicable to a lot of you on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr>. When that happens, I get permission from the person who asked me to share with the site. This is one such time. I suspect a lot of...1311 months 4 weeks ago
+13AMA: From Pizza Delivery to Quantitative Research/Data Science/ProgrammingWhat is going on, everybody? I have been a lurker on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis ">WSO</abbr> for a while and thought I would share a story with you. Here goes nothing... I worked full-time and went to school full-time pretty much all throughout school. Knowing I...301 month 1 week ago
+13Day in the Life: Oil Trading Research AnalystI feel like it is often said here and at times overdone, but while every day is a bit different there are certain tasks that happen every week or month. I’m going to split the below into three different types of days to compare. <h3>Day 1: Weekly and Monthly Updates...167 months 3 weeks ago
+14AMA: FX Trader: High Volatility Job, Low Excitement Life Right, Assuming you have read the title, this is one of those "I feel sorry for myself" Saturday night posts, it's also an AMA, because I'm bored. Now that that is out of the way, let me start with a short introduction, I am a trader on the FX desk at a <span...843 weeks 5 days ago
+12AMA: Former BB Rates Trader - Now a prop traderI've enjoyed this forum, and i see lots of people without a clue asking questions about trading, so i thought i'd do an AMA... My path was non-standard, but i've seen others with a similar path to my own. My Path --> Non-Target state school --> Job in <abbr...843 weeks 4 days ago
+14Leverage and successWhat drives success? Everyone who succeeds credits something different for their success. Some credit hard work. Others credit being in the right place at the right time. Some credit parents, friends, a boss, a wife, the list goes on. The problem with success is that it's hard to...172 years 6 months ago
+12Why Investors FailAlmost every investing study tells us that buying stocks at a low price to anything results in market beating performance. Even just buying a S&P <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-an-exchange-traded-fund-ETF"><abbr...261 year 5 months ago
+11Physical Energy Trading And LogisticsMost commodity markets tend to be driven by a few basic factors which are freight on one side, price on the other side and qualities. Each commodity market has its own particularities. Most of what I will generally talk about applies to oil and the liquids in particular which is a little bit...111 month 3 weeks ago
+11Energy Hedging 101: The Frac SpreadAfternoon Monkeys, Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be. Other times, you have to try and understand the Natural Gas Liquids markets and their respective price...114 years 10 months ago
+10The puzzle threadNOTE: If you have seen a problem before, please don't solve it. This is a thread for posting logic/probability ques, to help people prep for trading interviews. If you have an interesting question that you have heard or thought of, post it to give people practice. I'll post at...1086 years 11 months ago
+13S&T Recruitment 2011: An Applicants StoryIntroduction I thought it would be helpful to write down my experience these past 3 months. I’ve been applying to <abbr title="Sales and Trading ">S&T</abbr> and <span class='keyword_link'><a...436 years 6 months ago
+112010 Energy Trading ListHere is an updated list to the one I posted two years ago....136 years 10 months ago
+9The definitive trick to passing a prop trading math test.Practice Practice Practice. I've seen lots of posts here asking about how to pass Flow Traders math test, or Optiver, or Akuna or whoever. Maybe there's some geniuses out there that pass these tests without effort. This thread isn't for them, and i certainly don't fall...54 months 1 week ago
+8Licensing For DummiesSeeing as there have been a few recent posts about the NASD/FINRA Licensing exams, I thought it would be prudent to discuss them with you guys, since most of you monkeys looking for full-time employment on the street will need to take them in some way, shape or form. Very simply, the...575 months 2 weeks ago
+8Citi's Report on Banks' FICC tradingZerohedge has a copy of a 61 page research report that <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/citigroup">Citi</a></span> released yesterday about the the FICC <span class='keyword_link'><a...264 years 1 month ago
+8A Plea For Common SenseDear Tea Party Congressional Representatives, In 2010, a group of conservative, libertarian and populist voters revolted against a consortium of moderate Democrats and Republicans who had slowly been chipping away at the rights of everyday individuals for roughly twenty five years. They...254 years 1 month ago
+8A Response to "Which desk is best?" Type Questions... Please Read Before PostingI've read plenty of threads on this forum asking questions along the lines of "which desk is most profitable/more desired/"baller"/allows me to start a supertight hedge fund in X years/prestigious/has the best upside and opportunities etc". The answer is NONE of them...136 years 7 months ago
+7Sales and Trading Analyst AMAHey Everyone, I've been a longtime reader of the forum and just want to thank everyone for all the helpful information I've found throughout the years from undergrad to my first internship and onto to being a sales and <span class='keyword_link'><a...501 year 5 months ago
+72017 FT S&T ThreadFeel free to post deadline dates and whether or not apps are open on here and I will continue to add. As you can tell, I have more names to add as well so just let me know who I left off and I will add: <span class='keyword_link'><a...4710 months 2 weeks ago
+7Do's and Dont's as a Trading InternJust some advice as we are getting a bit closer to intern season. Hopefully people will start adding more in the comments, I wanted to stay away from the obvious ones. <strong>The Do Not’s</strong> 1) Do not screw up a lunch order: I know, this is quite obvious, but I can’t...332 years 11 months ago
+6Q&A: 1st year BB London Rates Trader Taking Your QuestionsHi everyone! Some of you may remember me, I stopped posting on this forum about a year ago because I got tired of the site for a number of reasons and it wasn't worth it for me anymore. However I'm a big believer of giving back, and I did learn a lot from this site and from a few of...1251 year 3 months ago
+7Trading Ideas: Matter of EdgeOne thing that a lot of students falter with during interviews is the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> idea. Im writing this post to help some of the monkeys currently preparing for interviews...206 years 10 months ago
+72016 - Good RiddanceAlright Monkeys, my perusal of this site is intermittent at best, apologies to anyone who has already posed this topic, but 2016 was a kick in the nut sack of a year. I don’t know how I will ever recover from such an awful election and the loss of so many famous people. HORSESHIT! No, my...1911 months 5 days ago
+5Physical Commodity TradingHi, Can someone explain how exactly a physical commodity <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> house makes money and why there is a need for independent comodty houses, whats there right to...1882 months 2 weeks ago
+3Best Proprietary Trading Firms - Rankings? I'm curious to hear how everyone would rank the top prop <span class='keyword_link'><a href="//">trading</a></span> firms. I've focused the post on firms in Chicago because that is...5436 months 1 week ago
+6AMA Discretionary Hedge Fund TraderI did one of these before a couple years back when i was on the sellside, and figured why not do another one since these threads seem to get a lot of traction and provide a lot of useful info for kids. My background: -Discretionary trader at a large hedge fund, focusing on credit and...392 years 5 months ago
+6I'm Trying to get into Prop-Trading From a Non-Target School**Warning Long Post Ahead** **Hello WallStreetOasis,** I am a recent graduate of Hofstra University with a bachelors of science in mathematical finance 3.4 GPA trying to get into prop <span class='keyword_link'><a...284 weeks 1 day ago
+7Traders LibraryHey guys, Found this site over at ZH, lots of free pdfs that deal with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span>. Haven't had the time to really look through it but I'm sure there are...224 years 12 months ago
+6S&T interns: 3 things that got me hiredBackground: I received a <abbr title="full time ">FT</abbr> offer after completing the <abbr title="Sales and Trading ">S&T</abbr> rotational internship last summer at a global bank. I was a student-athlete at a non-target in the Northeast. I...193 years 4 months ago
+6Energy Trading Job - Apply NowFriend of mine is looking for resumes but you MUST met the following: 1. GPA above 3.4 2. Degree in Finance, Accounting, Math 3. S/T internship but open to good finance exp 4. Be a current senior Bonus Points for U of Texas, Texas A&M, Tulane, U of Houston, TCU PM me and I...106 years 11 months ago
+6But why aren't there activists?A recurring theme to many of my posts on small caps is the reader question "Why aren't activist investors involved?" For a lot of small undervalued situations the solution to undervaluation looks simple on paper. An activist investor buys shares, they distribute or sell assets...72 years 7 months ago
+6Societe Generale Risk Management<span class='keyword_link'><a href="//">Societe Generale</a></span> Risk Management team goes back to work... (original post from ElaineSeinfold - can't take credit)65 years 10 months ago
+6Calling Houston College Folks - Current Studentsif your looking for energy focused internship my bud's shop is hiring. He just sent me an email looking for resumes... pm me for details..67 years 3 weeks ago