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Advice on HF Recruiting


I figured that I'd give back/pay it forward in one form or another after being in the industry for a while. Frankly, the most relevant thing I could think of was advice on people searching for new opportunities. My advice is more tailored towards fundamental investing hedge fund recruiting...

I work in event driven / arbitrage. Here are some career advice for you


It’s been a while since I’ve visited <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. Yet in my early 20s, this was the place that I would often come to for information and guidance. In the spirit of giving back, I’ll share my story and a few nuggets of wisdom that I...

Equity guys, what resources do you use for your research process?


Hey guys, so I'm currently at a boutique asset manager w/ enough AUM scale that we can afford nearly all of the bells and whistles when it comes to the research process. For instance, we have SS research (including SS requests & analyst calls which cost $$$$$), databases like Mintel,...

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HF Valuation

flashpwb The ten commandments of valuation practices How hedge funds value their instruments has emerged as a key risk management issue as institutional investors flock to this segment of the market. Chris Kundro and Stuart Pfeffer, managing directors...

different approach


If you already have an M.D. and wanted to get into health care/biotech hedge fund work, what would be the best path to get in? Assume an undergrad degree in finance from an average state school (high GPA), but not desire to do extra school (i.e. MBA). Would the IB path (analyst or even associate lev...

ER to HF


Hi, I work in sell side research covering energy in Canada. Recently completed the Level III CFA exam (waiting on 2 more years of experience to gain the title) and I am trying to move to the buy side, aiming for HF in the US. I had contacted about 30 recruiters in the US (NYC, MA, West Coast), howe...

How to ask for a raise


Hi All. quick background on my position. I started as an admin/generalist at a fund that launched in 2014. we quickly grew and are now a multi-billion dollar fund. I started on an hourly wage and made about 65k plus 20k bonus for 2015. I got promoted to a full time compliance associate in mid 2...

HF landscape in London


Hi everyone, was wondering if familiar people could comment on size and activity of the London HF industry in general? I think NYC is still the biggest HF hub in the world and London is probably second, but I've seen in a 2013 industry report that the market share (% of global AUM) of NYC has bee...

Jumping from Asset Management to Hedge Fund


I am a equity analyst in the AM division of an EB. I spend most of my time researching and recommending equities for our long/short & long only products. I've enjoyed the people and work, but I'm unsure about upward mobility/comp. Should/How do I get into the radar of more traditional hf headhunters...

Risk Management at a Hedge Fund - Dead end?


Hey guys, I have an upcoming interview for a risk management analyst position at a fairly large, well-known hedge fund... I was wondering if starting out in RM in a hedge fund out of undergraduate would end up being bad with regards to exit opps. What are the general exit opps for this type of pos...

Citadel vs AQR


I posted this in Asset Management but in hindsight I think it makes more sense here. How would you guys pick between interning/working at Citadel or AQR? I'd value any relevant thoughts here....

HF Fundraising


Monkey, I understand that PE firms go out market for fundraising every 3 or 4 years. As I am thinking to turn to hedge fund sale side, I would like to know how hedge fund firms do their fundraising? That would be rolling closing? And the placement agent / IR need to continue the fundraising mode ti...

Marathon Asset Management?


Hi Guys, I was just wondering if any of you heard of Marathon Asset Management ( and potentially could tell me something about them? Such as working environment, career prospects, salary (fix/bonus), etc. Anything would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance....

Career Path for Quant in Risk Modeling?


Hi, I'm now working as a quant in risk modeling team of a top tier HF (Not a quant fund). Main responsibilities are modeling and analyzing the risk for entire fund incl equity/distress bond/MBS. All models we use are developed in house from scratch. My career goal is to become a portfolio manager....

Getting a job in European hedge fund

Paper Plane

Hello everybody, I am wondering if anybody around here has some experience with landing a job in a European hedge fund straight from undergrad? I am currently entering my last year at the university (BA in Finance & Accounting), having two internships on the resume (first one in a mutual fund as a ...

Credit Rating Agencies???


Hello everyone, For my MBA, I'm currently doing a very short financial study about Credit Rating Agencies and Investments. I really appreaciate to have your investors point of view. Here is the link: I...

Family Office / Hedge Fund Interview


Hi WSO, Have a preliminary 1st round interview coming up with a relatively small multi family office / hedge fund (AUM: $600-$700mn) - Investment Research Analyst and not sure what to expect. Some background about myself: Economics & Finance undergrad background and now working at a bulge bracket ...

Cold Email Hedge Funds to set up an informational interview?


Is this a decent cold email format? Also I do have some investing ideas that are semi-researched, and a thorough past writeup that worked very well, would it be appropriate to include those or a resume on here? I feel that it doesn't seem like I have much value to add or really even anything interes...

Sell side sector selection


I'm about to start in a top 5 sell side research BB out of college and we have a bit of input into our sector coverage. What sector/qualities of team should I look for when joining a team to have the best chance to make a transition to the buyside in a few years? For example, go for highest II ranki...

Factor of undergrad Prestige in becoming a Quant


I understand that becoming a quant requires at least a masters and Ph.D and that risk analysis and similar desk analyst roles are completely different jobs than investment banking, but is there a similar "target school/semi-target/non-target" attitude in which getting a quant job is largely dependen...