London 2023 Progress Megathread

Hi guys,

Surprised no one has made a thread for this year yet, so I thought I'd go ahead and attempt to create a more streamlined thread outlining the stages that firms are at in their recruitment cycles.


UPDATED AS OF Jan 6th, 2023


  • Ares - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • Bain Capital - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • Baird - Recruitment Finished (OC)
  • Barclays - AC’s out (SA)
  • Blackstone - Offers out (SA)
  • BofA - Offers out (SA)
  • BNP - Offers out (SA & FT)
  • Campbell Lutyens - 2nd Round Interviews (SA)
  • Centerview - Offers out (SA)
  • Citi - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • CS - Offers out (SA)
  • DB - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • DC Advisory - Recruitment Finished (SA / FT)
  • Evercore - Recruitment Finished (SA / FT)
  • FT Partners - Offers out (SA / FT)
  • Gleacher - Recruitment Finished (SA / OC)
  • Greenhill - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • Harris Williams - Recruitment Finished (SA / FT)
  • GS - Offers out (SA) / Hiring Freeze IBD (FT)
  • HL CF - Recruitment Finished (SA / FT)
  • HL Rx - AC’s (SA) / First Round (FT)
  • HSBC - Markets AC's (SA)
  • Jefferies - Offers out (SA)
  • JPM - Offers out (SA / FT)
  • Lazard IB - Filled from Spring (SA) / Recruitment Finished (FT)
  • Macquarie - HireVue (SA)
  • Mizuho - Offers out (SA)
  • Moelis - Offers out (SA) / Interviews (FT)
  • MS - Offers out (SA)
  • NatWest - Don't apply here.
  • Nomura - Offers out (SA)
  • PIMCO - Offers out (SA)
  • Piper Sandler - Offers out (SA)
  • PJT - Recruitment Finished (SA & FT)
  • PWP - Recruitment Finished (SA) / Interviews (OC)
  • Raymond James - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • RBC - Offers out (SA)
  • Rothschild - Recruitment Finished (SA & FT)
  • SocGen - Offers out (SA)
  • Temasek - Recruitment Finished (SA)
  • UBS - AC’s (SA), S&T offers out (FT)
  • WF - No Update (FT)
  • WB - Interviews Out (OC)


If you know of any progress, please comment here so we can consolidate them. Feel free to comment on other firms, and I will add them to the thread.


My personal timeline looking for a SA role in the UK as an International Student

Macquarie IBD: Sonru/VI 15ish October

HSBC IBD: Job Sim 15ish October

Rothschild IBD (Leeds not London): Test 17th October

PIMCO Alts Business Management: got invited for VI yesterday and is due on the 21st of Nov.

RBS/Nat West Markets (I Know): Notified I passed test/VI and may be invited for an AC - 17th October

For everything else I've either been ghosted or denied, I did around 40 applications.

I also wanted to add that I might be able to go back home to Latin America and do a PE RE internship if I don't find anything but it would mostly be portfolio management at a small firm, no deal xp to be gained so I'm going to try and do some networking to force a job here. Am I crazy for preferring a SA here in the UK over it and should I try and secure that?

Most Helpful

*This isn't my knowledge of the process, only my personal timeline (for IB/Advisory, 2023 start, LONDON)

GS FT - No response since application (30/08)

Evercore FT - No response since video interview (13/09)

UBS FT - No response since video interview (14/09)

Rothschild FT - No response since assessment feedback (29/09)

Nomura FT - No response since assessment (25/09)

JPM FT - No response since video interview (22/09)

MS SA - No response since assessment (19/09)

Citi SA - No response since application (23/09)

BX has definitely given out some super days for SA for some of their teams.

Source: I got invited to one.

IBD SA? Did you have a phone interview or straight to AC from hirevue (I’ve heard of both in previous cycles)? If you had a phone interview, when was it?

Yes, second rounds too. Think I have also read about some ACs being out on the other thread.

If I have not heard back from a single place, are my chances basically gone?

Not at all, recruitment will start to pick up over the next few weeks - particularly for FT positions. I can't speak to the specific strengths of your profile, but it's a numbers game. Apply everywhere, focus on the variables you can control and when and if you do land an interview, make sure that you prepare as if it is the only one you will ever get.

Good luck. Feel free to pm me with any questions, happy to have a chat. 

I hope this helps :)

Anyone got updates on MS or Macquarie FT? They seem to have started their SA recruitment but no word on FT yet

I have received this morning HV from Macquarie (Received the test 10 days ago and did it 4 days ago)

Anyone heard news from JPM private bank after hirevue?