Same here. Applied to Market Research, Asset Management and Investment Banking. Did the pymetrics and received hirevue for Market Research on June 20th (applied but haven't heard anything from Investment Banking as of yet and applied to both June 16th). Anyone else have a similar situation? Would love to hear your guys' timelines and where y'all stand in this as well.


Applied on June 10th to IB, AM, and RE. Received hirevue for IB on the 14th, and app currently shows "Under Consideration." Haven't received hirevues for AM or RE, but did pymetrics for all. AM shows "Application Received," last updated on the 10th, and RE shows "Application Reviewed," last updated on the 19th.


I watched the JPM Corporate & Investment Banking SA webinar last week and was told that there is a 4-6 week review process after the HireVue and that the superday happens in September. Not sure about the timeline for earlier/later superdays. This was for the JPM CIB NY office.