JPM Diversity SA 2022

Just heard back that I will be selected to attend the Proud to be conference in April. Anyone else hear back? Does anyone know the typical path from here to a superday? Good luck to everyone!

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Apr 9, 2021 - 9:04pm

I can attest that it's definitely not just target. I got invited and go to CC. 

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Apr 4, 2021 - 1:48pm

For Asians not sure (you could've answered this question in half the time it took you to write the post via google lol). First-gen doubt it. First-gen is a cool thing to say in an interview given you have a decent story behind it but other than that I think the prevailing opinion (at least on WSO) is who gives a fuck

Apr 4, 2021 - 1:43pm

From what I know, if you make a good impression with the group you're application sort of gets fast-tracked for SA. I'm fairly sure that at the end of the programs people take part in interviews that are mostly behavioral (judging from past threads and whatever other information I could dig up). Whether this serves as your interview for SA 2022 I am not all too sure (have not seen anyone say they were asked about technicals). More likely I think it serves as sort of a benchmark and helps them to decide whether to get behind you for SA or to let you go it on your own. Regardless, as long as you aren't a moron during the session and you make a good impression, it'll help during your SA application. 

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 4, 2021 - 6:55pm

no clue what you mean by "JPM doesn't allow networking." have had a number of calls with people there, some of which are pretty high up, and these pre-internship events sort of revolve around networking. that's really what these events are -- a chance to network with people at the firm, so that you can get to know them and they can get to know you. as far as standing out, it'll be considerably harder just because it's taking place virtually. but show up, have intelligent questions, don't be immature/unprofessional, and above all just be a fuckin' human. people want to be able to talk, laugh, and just comfortably interact. it's like base human nature. so that's my plan of action at least. best of luck comrade, rooting for ya

  • Prospect in IB - Ind
Apr 9, 2021 - 7:44pm

Got an invite for the Winning Women program, and also wondering if there will be a superday at the end. It does say in the email that the program provides "earlier consideration for internships"...

Apr 9, 2021 - 9:07pm

The way I view is that they'll probably reach out to anyone unless they've reached capacity. They already know who will be truly considered for next steps. Cmon man (Biden voice)

Apr 9, 2021 - 9:39pm

Heartily disagree with this. I know kids, first hand, who were rejected (not sure what u meant by they will reach out to anyone until capacity is full, there's a clear deadline). On top of that, how would they possibly know which kids they will get behind to push on to the next steps. They haven't met with them, haven't interviewed, haven't seen their technicals/fit, etc. Cmon man (Biden voice)

Apr 9, 2021 - 10:12pm

Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver. So was Eddie Haskell, Wally and Ms. Cleaver.

Jokes aside, I'm aware that there is a deadline, but perhaps a limit on the amount of participants? I recently attended a diversity summit and it was 100+ students but only could engage via chat. No chance of networking. A summit could be different to this, I have not a clue. Before that summit there was an assessment. You could attend the summit but selections were made later on and you were not informed on the results of your assessment. If companies search for the "best and brightest", they might be inclined towards top schools first even if it's a diversity program. Not sure how much engagement this program allows for but I'll make the safe assumption that JP is heavily sought after. That's my thought process.

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Apr 9, 2021 - 11:17pm

JPM's diversity programs are selective (application process) and yeah obviously there is a limit on the amount of participants. Dawg you sound like you don't know shit lol. No clue what you're accustomed to, but kids participate in JPM's diversity programs -> network/build relationships with the bankers they meet -> interview (mostly behavioral/fit from what I've read) -> if they perform well, huge plus for their SA apps (for which they still go through the application process but with a slightly more accelerated timeline seeing as they've already met with some of the bankers and/or groups they'd be interviewing with, not to mention that they're part of sought after diversity demographics). That's a pretty general timeline gathered from previous posts on WSO. I would parlay serious money betting you have never been on JPM's website and that you get your news from instagram. Thinking +115 odds despite the parlay

  • Prospect in IB - Gen
Apr 11, 2021 - 10:16pm

So by interviewing after the program do you mean that you would have a call or chat with someone one one one during the program or several days after?

  • Prospect in IB - Gen
Apr 12, 2021 - 12:34pm

Did anyone else get an invite to 2 events for different business lines?

Apr 12, 2021 - 5:54pm

In regards to the interview at the end of the program, I may be mistaken, but it seems like you have to pass the actual summer 2022 application screening(pymetrics and hirevue) in order to get fast tracked to get that interview and their process. 

  • Intern in AM - Other
Apr 14, 2021 - 12:10pm

This is so confusing friend said she got a superday last year because she got into the Winning Women program (was 99% guaranteed an interview for attending the experience) but I can't tell if they've shifted their threshold due to COVID and this is similar to a Goldman Sachs diversity program (not guaranteed interview but definitely helps).

Wish it was clearer because it does say "early consideration for internships" - but this is a revealing paragraph: "If you attend the Early Insights Program Line of Business event and are successful in the respective Line of Business internship application process, you will receive earlier consideration for our internship opportunities. We hope you register and apply to internships of interest when applications open on April 1, 2021."

So I'm really lost if WW helps or not the way it did in past years.

Apr 14, 2021 - 12:46pm

I am confused about this too. Have you applied to their 2022 internship and if so, have you gone through with their pymetrics and hirevue. I have not applied to those and am wondering by being  "successful" in the applications means you are offered those tests or are those tests given automatically.

"We hope you register and apply to internships of interest when applications open on April 1, 2021." It  is also confusing since this event is suppose to help us understand the business units better and to network so doesn't  it mean that we should apply for the internships after? If that is the case, then I don't see how there will be an interview after the program.

Wondering too if this program is "selective" or will help in the process after all.

Was your friend's application process to the WW program last year the same as this years? That may hold a clue.

  • Intern in IB-M&A
Apr 21, 2021 - 6:23pm

went through a diversity program last year at jpm. application was a standard application and I believe they sent a pymetrics assessment soon after applying. i received a hirevue but I'm unsure if that was for the diversity program or for my regular ib application. nevertheless, if you were invited to the conference, you automatically got a superday invite afterwards (no first round or phone screen). the superday was around a month later. superday was not just behaviorals. it was actually largely technical and as challenging as any other interview i had at other banks. offer notification came within a week afterwards.

  • Intern in AM - Other
Apr 22, 2021 - 4:12pm

See I don't think a superday is guaranteed this year. There were around 1000 attendees to the ww (assuming both had around the same 500) ...and they instructed us on how to complete the hirevue efficiently and that it was our first round. But idk!

  • Intern in IB-M&A
Apr 22, 2021 - 5:06pm

ahh ok. they must have switched it up then. is this for IB? if it is, i think i'd still assume that if you reach a superday the interviews will have their fair share of above average technicals so just keep that in mind

Apr 21, 2021 - 7:03pm

Saw this from another post. Am wondering if the people that have had their diversity program received this too.

"We're reaching out as a friendly reminder that our 2022 Corporate & Investment Bank Summer Analyst & Associate applications are now open! We encourage you to submit your application(s) if you have not already done so.

Please note – in order to be considered for our first wave of Early Insight Program SuperDays, all application deliverables must be completed by Sunday, April 25th. If you wish to be considered for our earliest SuperDays, please ensure you've submitted applications to all programs of interest, as well as completed Pymetrics and the HireVue interview. Please see below for all CIB program application links."

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 24, 2021 - 12:09pm

I received this and got a bit worried because I hadn't planned on submitting my SA app until a couple months from now. However, they do say "first wave" which makes me think that it is simply the earliest available Early Insight SuperDay and that there will be more than just one "wave." So maybe it's no big deal? I'm not quite sure to be honest.

Apr 21, 2021 - 7:47pm

Bump. From what I've heard from recruiters, seems diversity insight program attendees just get earlier consideration, as apparently the apps are rolling. Might be misinterpreting what they said, but that's the gist I got.

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 23, 2021 - 12:05pm

Yo what the fk, I missed like half the initial session, what was the offensive stuff that was displayed in the first hour?

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 23, 2021 - 2:39pm

Lmao there was a zoom bomber troll (who somehow managed to get back in like 3 times) that shared memes on their screen to the entire conference. Managed to get a screen grab of the last one, pretty disgusting shit:

*edit* took down the image because its pretty vile and doesn't need to be out there. i can pm if u really want i guess but i promise you're not missing out on anything worth seeing.

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 23, 2021 - 2:48pm

yeah man, I would just take this down and let us all move on. NGL I was so shocked when I saw the screen (i was muted) I thought JPM was trying to show how far we have come from but then i saw this meme and was like wtf

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 25, 2021 - 4:11am

anyone get pymetrics/hirevue for the SA app yet? how long did it take after you applied? I just applied earlier today and I thought it was automatic but haven't gotten anything yet

Apr 25, 2021 - 3:00pm

I applied right after the summit and have not received a hirevue yet. I know they said to submit app by 4/25 so will I still be considered for early insight superdays if I don't finish Hirevue and pymetrics by then?

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 25, 2021 - 5:50pm

The wording of the email they sent is "first wave of early insight superdays," which (I would assume) implies that there will be more than one superday for the early insight program. could be wrong but based on the language that seems a fair deduction to me

there are also reports from people saying campus recruiters said it's not necessary to have the SA app in before the program -- I think that's actually somewhere on this thread, scroll up

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Apr 30, 2021 - 12:44am

This is probably a dumb question-- it's probably just automatically sent to everyone on their email list-- but did everyone get that interview prep zoom session invite?

  • Intern in AM - Other
Apr 30, 2021 - 12:49am

Ya I got one but no idea. Like why ???? It says "superday prep" like bruh don't play with my heart strings like that haha.

  • Intern in AM - Other
Apr 30, 2021 - 1:01am

Yeah applied before the 25th - curious if the people who applied after if they got it. It's a "good sign" I guess like why have superday prep as a focus if they're not gonna give you one. That's pretty cruel. I wonder if like they check "yes" on hirevue to superday and it was an auto email orrrr just everyone who applied period. No transparency in this process and seems ridiculously arbitrary. Best to have low expectations.

  • Intern in AM - Other
Apr 30, 2021 - 1:28am

"We are excited to confirm your RSVP for the Corporate & Investment Bank Art of Interviewing & Investment Banking Superday Preparation" - if that doesn't equate to a superday that's such a tease haha

  • Intern in AM - Other
May 4, 2021 - 2:43pm

Got some clarity on the super day prep session:

"This is a general session for all applicants to go over interview advice and best practices. It does not mean that you have yet been selected for an interview.

Our team is continuing to review applications on a rolling basis. If you are selected to attend an interview with us, we will notify you in the next two weeks. Our interviews will likely take place before May 31st."

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