Advice Please! Growth Equity Interview Questions?

So I just got notified that I've been invited to interview at a top tier growth equity firm, and the opportunity just sounds absolutely amazing so I'm desperate to land the position.

If someone currently at a growth equity fund wouldn't mind elaborating on the interview process, I'd be forever grateful. An overview of the typical growth equity interview process, some fit / industry (HCIT and B2B SaaS) questions they'll probably ask, general finance questions more relevant in GE, etc. would be great.

I've only found generic overviews with search, and I also have additional questions. I will banana away really good advice/insights until I run dry. Thanks WSO!



Could you please forward the PM to me as well? I have an interview coming up and given this amazing opportunity I want to be as prepared as possible. Thank you!


Could you please PM me the details as well?

Thanks in advance!


Can you PM me the details too? I know this is 9 years after the original thread lol but any help would be much appreciated, thanks.