London Spring Week 2023

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I have not seen a thread concerning spring weeks so I have decided to make this one. Has anyone heard back from any of the places they applied to? I have already been rejected for one (BNP Paribas) after taking Online Tests. 

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I think interviews start once all SA interviews are done

Please do let me know if you have got onto the next stage or have heard anything for:

  • Blackstone EMEA Spring Week 2023


I am slightly confused with regards to what is going on with Goldman Sachs and their spring week programme. Has it closed or has something changed because it’s completely different from what it used to be I believe. If anyone has any insight with regards to what is going on please do let me and the thread know. Thanks.

I got an interview invite from Rothschild yesterday (only one I've heard back from so far apart from rejection from UBS)

Tbh I think this is automatic and I don't even know if a human has reviewed my app yet. I did it back in september but I got the job sim invite exactly 1 day after test completion.

They wrote Dear XX:

Thank you very much for interviewing for the Spring Insight Program 2023 - London.

Given the highly competitive nature of the recruiting process for this program, unfortunately we will not be proceeding with your application at this time. We encourage you to review our careers site for additional opportunities.

We sincerely appreciate your time and interest in Bank of America and we wish you the best in the future.

Kind regards,

Bank of America Campus Talent Acquisition

Before they give out vid interview. Selective vid interview is effectively a first round

Rejection email lol. I only applied on tuesday as well.