Hi everyone, first ever post here (joined WSO last night)
A little bit about my current situation:

-Double major from non-target (supply chain mgmt/ops mgmt)
-Did 4 internships in luxury fashion production operations, 3 were with the same employer, and was dead set that this was where I wanted to be for a career
-I received an offer mid April telling me I had to start ASAP, even though I graduated end of May and had my brother's wedding in June. After much back and forth trying to push back a start date that would accommodate me, the offer fell through as the company went through a layoff wave in the summer.
-Back to square 1, I start looking into finance jobs bc I realize exit opps/pay are way better than having such narrow focus in luxury fashion when that sector of retail is struggling (and fashion industry doesn't pay).
-I have a final round interview with a local private equity shop, they know I have minimal finance knowledge/0 financial modeling experience, but I've been teaching myself a little in my spare time these days.

With all this being said, I want to know if I do end up an analyst in a tiny PE firm:
-How hard will it be to move from a <10 employee shop in Miami into grad school, and then a Post MBA associate position at LMM/MM PE firm in NYC?

I am trying to get a gauge for the rigidity/mobility available within private equity provided that I am starting so low/local.


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