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0Company Review: AMN Consulting03 years 2 months ago
0Laptop Recommendations for MFEI plan to start a masters of financial engineering program in the fall. Does anyone have any recommendations for laptops? Will I even need to run large programs on my laptop? Should I should be concerned about using my personal computer to work on algorithms. Any insight would be greatly appreciated...43 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 2 months ago
0How to leave an internship you just started?Well so I started working yesterday for the this quantitative division of a research firm which sends its reports out to IB, PE, and VC firm. Today, I just got a call from a boutique IB firm, I interviewed for two weeks ago and I was extended an offer to join them for the summer. What would be t...83 years 2 months ago
0Daily Show - Old clip but thought it was pretty funnyThe Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook...13 years 2 months ago
0Applied for internship 20 day ago, review status doesn't change - Should I follow up?I applied for an backoffice internship position at BlackRock ~20 days ago. I'm not getting dinged, but they also don't seem to change anything in the review stauts. Should I follow up with an email or would that seem too desperate?...13 years 2 months ago
0Merger Model- SA InterviewsI'm curious how many of you (if any) have been asked in depth questions or questions in general about merger models, how to walk through them, etc when interviewing for SA positions. I'd expect this more from places like Greenhill, Evercore, PWP that are very M&A focused but don't even know what so...103 years 2 months ago
0GS interview Jersey City January 2014I had a interview with GS Operations Division in their Jersey City office the week of January 6, 2014. The interview was broken into three back to back to back 30 min interviews. The interviews went well and I had an overall positive experience but I still haven't heard back from them regarding wh...23 years 2 months ago
0Results on resumeWhat are some results that can be put down for equity research and institutional sales? for IB it is easy, you can put down things such as completed deal worth x # of $. but what about for ER and sales?...23 years 2 months ago
0Startup Media Company Me and my partners building a Website for our Media Company which sole purpose is to diffuse a prophetic message to the people around the world. The Web is almost done but I was wondering what if it happen that we start reaching 30,000 visits per week , how can we generate revenue without advertizin...123 years 2 months ago
0halo-4-oxcgn-screenshot-11.jpg03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgen Evan and Company03 years 2 months ago
0Path to take to switch over to CMBS or boutique lender / RE companyMy background: 3.25 gpa in finance from a non-target Working in Baltimore for a large balance sheet lender as an analyst I would eventually like to either go over to the CMBS side working in originations or for a boutique real estate firm where I'd be exposed to some creative financing and deal...63 years 2 months ago
0Imperial Capital ResearchHi guys, Any decent research coming out of this place? I've been contacted about a spot there. @kennypowers? Thanks!...13 years 2 months ago
0How do you organize everything / keep a handle on all the info?There's an overwhelming amount of info that we have to filter every day, and it takes an incredible amount of effort to distill all that info each day or week into just the important points. How do you guys keep organized? Any tips on note taking (do you guys type or write notes for conference calls...23 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Mercer03 years 2 months ago
0The Kardashian Syndrome " TOP TEN AMBITIONS OF CHILDREN (5-11yrs) TODAY BY PERCENT 1 Sports star 12 2 Pop star 11 3 Actor/ actress 11 4 Astronaut 9 5 Lawyer 9 6 Emergency services 7 7 M...283 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: 40/86 Advisors03 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Rothstein Kass03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Rothstein Kass03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Rothstein Kass03 years 2 months ago
0Superday questionsHello. I just got past the 2nd round of interviews for a firm and the 2nd round was a fairly extensive phone interview that was about 75% fit and 25% technical. I was wondering what they will even ask me during the superday that is in person. what kind of questions will be asked? will it be about th...33 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Duff & Phelps03 years 2 months ago
0Citadel Phone Interview, Science BackgroundI am a chemist trying to get into the industry and I have a phone interview with Citadel next week. Will it be all behavioral/fit questions in this preliminary interview? From what I heard, Citadel can be quant-focused so should I brush up on my programming skills and statistics knowledge? Or wou...53 years 2 months ago
0Header too big nowNot a big fan of everything coming down with the header, greatly decreases the amount of info I can have on my screen. Maybe it's a small annoyance and I'll get used to it, but damn, that's a brick... EDIT: wrong forum...43 years 2 months ago
0Providing sample modeling work to IB boutiquesHey guys, I've been cold-emailing a few boutiques in hopes of landing a summer associate role. A few places have asked me for some financial modeling samples that I've done. I'm a first year MBA student at a target school who is looking to switch careers so I don't have anything but some DCF models ...13 years 2 months ago
0RBC Capital Markets vs. JefferiesI have an offer at both firms (NYC) and trying to make the decision. - Both banks have same growth story and are strong in the MM - RBC acts more with their balance sheet and can support larger financing - Jefferies name is stronger than RBC in the U.S. - Both banks have pulled a lot of top MD...223 years 2 months ago
01love.jpg03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: RBC Royal Bank of Canada03 years 2 months ago
0MS Menlo Park or NY?Hey guys, I have to inform MS whether I would like Menlo Park over New York or vice versa in a couple of days. I heard analysts in Menlo Park are paid waaaaaay better than the ones in New York, but I'm not sure if that's true. Which one would you guys choose?...103 years 2 months ago
0download.jpg03 years 2 months ago
0EY BAP vs. TAS (Valuation) Looking for some advice on the BAP service line vs. TAS (Valuation and Business Modeling subgroup) service line at EY, how do MBA programs view the two? Pay? and overall prestige? Thanks for the help...123 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: UBS AG03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: BNY Mellon03 years 2 months ago
0What areas are currently hot in consulting worldCould you please tell me what are major current issues consultants work on? ...83 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 2 months ago
+8How Not To Screw Up An InternshipI saw a lot of interns come and go during my time at the Brothers Lehman. Some were good, some were bad, but honestly, I can’t remember any of them. You know why? Because I had other shit to do than to deal with stupid interns. I was running a giant trading desk with a multi-billion dollar boo...163 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Meyers Associates03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: AllianceBernstein03 years 2 months ago
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0Getting back into the game after a bad start?Longtime lurker here, currently a sophomore at NYU. Had some recurring family/health/other issues which are finally over now thank god. Now I need to get back on track, become relevant, and get back into the game. Been reading many of WSO's success stories and I'm super motivated! Current stats ...33 years 2 months ago
0Strong MBA-finance SchoolsI was planning to go for a MSF from Fairfield U, but it turns out that waiting a few more years and go for a MBA-finance would be a better option. I am a Fisher College undergraduate (OSU), currently working for a VC firm in Shanghai. Any strong MBA-finance schools to recommend? Tier 1 finance...23 years 2 months ago
0Looking for advice on career switch. Need some advice if this looks like a good program for a career change. I'm 31 live in Jersey, work in the city (non finance), making low six figures, but travel to damn much. It sucks not coming home to the family every night. This program is called Wall Street War Fighters for veterans. It looks g...23 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: UniCredit03 years 2 months ago
+1Private Equity internship as a negative signale for FT IBD recruiting?Hey everyone, long time lurker but first time poster here. I usually tried to answer my questions regarding recruiting and IB by searching the forums but I wanted to create this topic to get a few opinions on my "dilemma". I have been offered an internship position at one of the bigger Europea...73 years 2 months ago
0Anyone have any tips for lateraling?I have worked at my current boutique for 6 months. I enjoy the verticals that we cover and like the bank itself, but the pay is mediocre (especially for NY) and I feel like moving to a large MM or BB might be better career wise. I went to a smaller school, so my alumni network is limited. Other t...23 years 2 months ago
+1Is your Linkedin profile just a copy of your resume?This applies to people not looking for jobs as well, but is your Linkedin profile essentially just a copy of your resume? Do you just copy and paste the bullet points from the resume and paste it into the Linkedin? I guess Linkedin obviously allows for more room and lets you join groups etc. But ...123 years 2 months ago
0wf03 years 2 months ago
0Real estate IRR & NPV QuestionHi guys, While studying for the modeling test, I got stuck on this question and can't sleep because of this. So I came here to seek for your help. This might be an easy question for you guys, but help me out... Year 1 2 3 4 ...153 years 2 months ago
0Anyone attend CREFC in Miami Beach this year? What was the takeaway message on the health of the industry/market?Anyone who attended CREFC this year, what were your impressions of morale relating to the industry as a whole (and the change in locale to Fontainebleau)? Secondly, and more importantly, what are your takes on where the money is headed given the significant velocity in the market over the past 6-...03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority03 years 2 months ago
0What are the odds that the NSA spies on WSOers? ...103 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital03 years 2 months ago
0Global Property StrategistGlobal Property Strategists use macro to forecast market conditions and determine the most attractive property markets globally.... Is it an in-demand skill? What are the exit ops? Would it be a good place to start to eventually get into the real money (macro HF / REPE / etc)?...03 years 2 months ago
0HF interest in a stock after the announcement of a takeoverWhy would a hedge fund be interested in a stock after that company announced it was going to be acquired? ...33 years 2 months ago
0IB => Corp Dev AdviceHi, I am currently a second year analyst at a super-regional IB and have a lunch tomorrow with a few guys from one of our clients Corp Dev teams. I am seriously considering Corp Dev for my next step for a few reasons: 1) Tired of banking hours (I'm married) 2) I am much more of a "builder" than a...33 years 2 months ago
0Board of directors- selection process Hi, As part of an independent research work, I was asked to find out how can someone forcefully make their way into board of directors of company which is publicly traded in Germany. Upon initial research, I found out that German companies have two tier board structure. 1) Management board - ...13 years 2 months ago
0SCSLogo.jpg03 years 2 months ago
0A Conference Call in Real LifeThey nailed it. This is exactly why I hate calls. They're almost always like this. ...23 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Cross Keys Capital03 years 2 months ago
01monkeys.jpg03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 2 months ago
0lordandsavior.jaypeg03 years 2 months ago
0Competency-based questionsHi everyone! I usually do really well in interviews unless they are competency-based. I just don't know how to distinguish myself when they ask stuff like "Tell me about a situation when you had to stand up for yourself" "what are your three biggest weaknesses?" etc. does anyone have any advise as...23 years 2 months ago
01st round Interview Accounting Questions I have a first round interview soon with WF. As per WSO and other sources it sounds like there's a mix of fit and technical questions, with the technicals being mainly accounting related. What types of accounting questions or topics are typical in first round interviews? Also, any other technica...33 years 2 months ago
0Investment Banking vs Starting a CompanyThe past few years I have been working on breaking into banking from a non-target so that I could then break into PE. I thought a few years in PE would be best for me because it would teach me a lot about how to run a company and creating a startup has always been my end-goal. Well now that I am...93 years 2 months ago
0Currently in S&T, thinking of switching into techHello WSO, I am currently an undergraduate intern at a top FICC desk at a BB in NYC. During my internship, I have been thinking about switching into tech. I am a computer science major with strong coding skills and I study at a Silicon Valley target school in the US west coast. The main deciding ...33 years 2 months ago
+6Fashionably Late: 6 Steps for Off-Cycle RecruitingSo you found out just a little bit late that you want—need—to be an investment banker. Maybe you just missed OCR. Or maybe you didn’t get a job through OCR and are scrambling, still with no luck. Or maybe you are a year removed from undergrad and in another job, but you’re looking for opport...163 years 2 months ago
0Getting into a Good Masters of Science in Real Estate ProgramNot really "Business School" but I thought the topic would fit here the best. (Anyways) I'm really interested in eventually breaking into REPE and at the moment, I'm not bringing much to the table in terms of experience or a Bachelors in the Real Estate industry. Therefore, I'm highly considering...103 years 2 months ago
0Resume LengthI have a question about the length a resume should be. Mine ends up being about two pages but I've heard from others it should be a single page. There's no way I can get my education, job experience, and qualifications on one page. Is that going to be a problem?...73 years 2 months ago
0Anyone heard of this Boston-based boutique RE advisory firm?I'm interviewing for the sole analyst position at a firm called T.R. ENGEL Group for the Fall semester against two other candidates. the firm handles advisory, asset management and investment services for hospitality RE firms. seems like they have a lot of experience in distressed hotel investments....33 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Chesterfield Faring Ltd.03 years 2 months ago
0Young Money Kevin Roose 03 years 2 months ago
0What supplement/stacks do you take?trying to get back in the gym game. What is a good preworkout, ever since they banned craze i have no idea what is good. Want to start a recomp/mini bulk then cut for the summer. What supplements do you ya'll take. About to order from today. I only take Myofusion protein ri...213 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Desjardins03 years 2 months ago
0What is wrong with me?Hey there, I'm currently at a BB in my 2nd yr (not IB) and have been on the job hunt for the past few months. I've interviewed at some of the top places including a few megafunds (think BX, etc) and several of very prestigious HFs. It's really killing me that even though I landed one offer (which...13 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Barclays Capital03 years 2 months ago
0Guy takes dating to the next level And you all thought the new film Her was science-fiction...looks like it's just science....23 years 2 months ago
0Transferring to a different officeHi, I was wondering how easy it is to transfer to another office within the firm. I know it very much depends on business needs but I was interested to hear about your experiences. Have you had to go to an office in a country where you couldn't speak the language? I'm particularly interested in T...63 years 2 months ago
0Leaving a firm to start a firmHow often do analyst leave a firm to start their own firms? What's the best way to go about your career planning if this is your goal eventually? It seems that most of the hedge fund and private equity giants (carl Icahn,Steve cohen, Steve scharzman, Henry kravis) all left their firms between th...93 years 2 months ago
0New ad systemPat, The new ad system is getting a bit obnoxious. Maybe tone down the bottom and side pop out ads to a less frequent occurrence. I am getting them popping out at all sorts of random times. I will get one when I load a page. Then Ill read some of the responses and another one will pop up. I som...83 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Capital One Financial03 years 2 months ago
0Resume Review | Non-target | Recent grad | Hopeless | Lev Fin/ IB | Kill it!Can you please review my current resume and make it look like a perfect resume for a recent grad who went to non-target business school? Attached is the PDF version of my resume. Please be harsh!...103 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 2 months ago
0Lenovo Acquisition Sources of Funds QuestionI'm trying to understand the following sentence (from NY Times dealbook article about Lenovo's $2.3B acquisition of IBM's server business): "Lenovo said it would settle the transaction with $2 billion in cash and the balance in its own Hong Kong-listed shares". Does this mean than Lenovo will issu...23 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: GE Capital03 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Avondale Partners03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: MSCI Inc03 years 2 months ago
0College DecisionI'm a high school senior looking to find an internship in investment banking in the future. Would it be more advantageous study at the business school of a large public university or to get an economics degree from a liberal arts school?...73 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Bloomberg03 years 2 months ago
0Last minute tips for a soon to be Intern (Boutique IB)Hello Everyone, After networking like crazy, I got lucky and landed an Internship with a boutique IB. Any advice and/or tips on how to: * Prepare for the internship * What to ask.. or NOT to ask when I start... * How to distinguish myself and be their best intern Please help! Thank ...23 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: MSCI Inc03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 2 months ago
+1New to the whole wall street stuffI am a business finance major in a focus in investing and financial planningr at a cal state in California. I am new to this whole excitement about wall street. After watching the movie "the wolf of wall street" I had mixed feeling about wall street. not only the partying and alcohol but also the l...73 years 2 months ago
0Why MBB over 2nd Tier? I spent time with MBB and 2nd tier consulting firms recently, and I am now rethinking my MBB goal. This is not a slam against MBB. I appreciate the value of those great brands on a resume. 1. Every MBB office that I've been to has a "we are all best friends" environment. I'm concerned this comes...183 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Blackstone Group03 years 2 months ago