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0Rising Senior w/ PE & IB Experience but Bad GPAHey homies, I did a massive overhaul of my resume over the past couple days per suggestions from guys at my bank and was hoping I could get some input from you. Thanks for your help!...6
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0Antarctica CapitalI know that this is a long shot, but does anyone here have any information on Antarctica Capital? Its a very small fund, but any guidance on the culture, fund size, pay etc. Anything that can be useful? Thanks in advance. ...0
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0End goal HF. Do I shop BB offer?Please respond here: End goal HF, already at decent BB. Do I shop offer? Will hand out SBs for good responses. ...3
+1End goal HF, already at decent BB. Do I shop offer? Background: I currently have a Baml/Citi/CS/DB IB offer for next year, generalist. Expires within month or two. I get along with the firms culture. Also for context, I don't care about PE or firms like BlackRock, Fidelity, PIMCO. Following the 2 year and out model. Resume is strong. End goal is...4
0Monday @Mentions August 11, 2014Happy Monday all. Here are this week's @Mentions, Upcoming events: We're hosting a webinar this Wednesday 7pm et entitled "Webinar: Stock Pitch Preparation for a hedge fund interview + Q&A". More info here. Also @"in the flesh" and the NYC crew are hosting a happy hour Friday eve at 48 lou...0
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0Green Fuel TabI recently came across this Green Fuel Tab that claims to increase fuel efficiency by 10-20%. The tab ought to be dropped into your gas tank, which then lowers combustion temperature raising efficiency. Google has both positive//negative reviews. What is your experience of this Green Fuel Tab and...1
0"Physical Trading" in other areas (equities, FI, etc.)Hey everybody, Forgive the topic title, I know it's silly, but follow me. So I'm plenty familiar with commodities, and will be joining a physical shop soon. My question doesn't so much concern anything with that, but I knew the topic is a popular one on these forums the last few years. My questio...7
0Bain lateral recruitingHey Guys, I was hoping one of the monkeys here would have a sense of which of the US Bain offices is growing quickly and/or is stretched thin? I'm looking to lateral and that seems to be my best best. (Feel free to PM) Hoping I can then do some targeted networking. I'm a pre-MBA consultant at ...7
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0Asian hedge fund equity analyst to cap intro?Hey guys, running into a bit of a dilemma here, could use some advice. A little about my background. Chinese american, went to a semi-target, majored in asian studies with a focus on chinese politics, interned at a third party marketing firm in China and worked in consulting for about a year in ...3
0RE Tax Abatement modeling Working on a real estate equity capital raise for a $30MM senior housing facility. The sponsor has a 10 yr abatement of 25% of taxes. The sponsor is looking to get out of the property by year 8, thereby leaving 2 yrs left on the abatement. Other than doing an NPV on the remaining years of the aba...2
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0Financial Modeling Boot Camp (Chicago, IL)Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...2
0Hedge Funds ParisI am looking for Paris-based hedgefunds that would be open to recruit non-french speaking professionals. Background: previous internships at PE-firm, boutique hedge fund, and 1 year as BB trader. Anyone with some insight into the French industry with thoughts on the possibilities?...6
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0Which track to choose in extra accounting study? Doing an internship? How should I proceed?Hello! I would really like to get some advice/tips/comments whether I am going in the right direction. My goal is to work as a financial analyst (hopefully equity) either in IB or AM, what I personally really like to do is to dig in financial statements and analyse inidividual businesses. N...0
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0Alvarez Marsal InterviewI've got an interview coming up with Alvarez Marsal as an Analyst in their NYC office with their Insurance team. I've been told that they have an excel modeling test and was hoping someone who may have gone through the process can give me some insight on what the modeling test may entail and al...0
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0reasoning testsHello everyone, i am currently preparing for IB reasoning tests. As a practice source I have used Job test preparation and Assessment day,but i still feel the need to practice more.. Would you please tell me some other trustworthy test resources? Thanks very much! ...0
0Equity linked Securities - helpFellow Monkeys! I'll be interviewing for a position in the Equity Linked Securities team (within Capital Markets) that does origination, execution, pricing and structuring of such offerings. It is an entry level position and I've been doing some research into the markets, valuations and pricing. ...4
0New guy from NZHey guys i'm starting college next year in New Zealand, looking to get ultimately into the finance industry. Not sure where yet its a pretty massive industry. I'm thinking investment banking/venture capital, ultimate goal of a hedge fund. Like every other guy right hahaha. So i'm going to do a B...0
0Sports ProjectsI wanted to see if anyone out there working for MBB/Tier 2 firms has worked on any solid sports related projects. Any major leagues, teams, school organizations, or media companies. I'm trying to get a better understand for what firms do the most work with those types of clients. Thanks!...8
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0Getting an investment banking job as a private banking client? Hello everybody, A friend of mine asked me to post this -- he's thinking of moving some funds to a major investment bank's wealth management/ private banking division with the hopes of acquiring an internship and a full-time job position. He's wondering what is the benchmark $$ amount for su...37
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0bad-toro enters the ringHey all! I'm an analyst finishing my first year at a >10b quant HF in NYC. I was previously a BA at a top-tier consulting firm as my first job out of an Ivy MEng. I'm signed up for the December CFA I and am trying to keep my quant skills balanced with more traditional analyses. I'm aiming to develop...0
0Cost of moving to New YorkHow much does it cost to get set up in New York? I'm starting as an analyst at a BB in a year, and I'm trying to figure out how much of my signing bonus/internship savings to spend enjoying my last year of school and how much to set aside for next year....2
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0Do the majority of RE funds or REPE use in-house asset management?Hello RE guys, I know the the majority of REITs integrate and bring Asset Management and property management function in-house. Is it the case for RE funds or REPE as well or RE funds and REPE mostly just focus on acquisition and out-source asset management and property management? Thanks...15
0Nomura Equity ResearchAnyone have any information on them? I know their number one in Japan, but I'm curious of their reputation. Also anyone have any interview experience with them?...5
0BB Associate - Long/Short Hedge Fund RecruitingHow can a bulge bracket IB Associate break into a long-short value fund? And will having more work years (relative to analysts) limit the opportunities that are available? Prior work experience includes Global Macro quant, M&A banking, and Tax Equity investing....0
0Strategic Options for Private CoNeed some expert help! Been asked by nervous lenders (who are a medium sized non-traditional bank group) to prepare summary of strategic options for a business that has started missing loan covenants. No specific details given from lenders other than "give us your plan and options". From a lend...2
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0Fully fundedHi, I am trying to learn about some terminology used by ER analysts. In one of the reports the analyst wrote "the newbuilds program is fully financed" and I also read similar stuff on the internet where the newbuild program is descirbed as fully funded. The firm has a lot of debt and some cash ...0
0Shoreway CapitalDoes anyone know much about a hedge fund called Shoreway Capital located downtown in the Financial District? I have an interview with them this week but can't find much info online about them. Any info would help....0
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0Non-Target Grad New to the ForumHello all, I am new to WSO and I wish I wasn't. I have read a few articles before on the forum page, but now I have decided to get active. Hopefully not too late. A little about myself: I recently graduated from The Citadel, which is a military college in Charleston, SC. I graduated in thr...0
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0Transitioning from data science in the tech industry to quantitative finance?I've been working as a quant/data scientist in the tech industry for some time, and now I'm thinking about moving to quant/trading work in finance. What is the best way for me to do this? If I were looking for a new job in the tech industry, I know many people here and could find an inside connectio...1
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0Incoming BB FT Analyst (in training)--Does everyone start on the same footing Day 1?Hi, I am incoming BB analyst. I didn't summer and I don't have prior banking experience. Will this set me behind (politically), or if I put my head down and work, will I be OK? Thanks....6
0Alibaba IPOI was reading this article about Alibaba's choice between listing on the NYSE and NASDAQ today. The article emphasized that Alibaba would prefer NASDAQ since the NASDAQ-100 would include foreign companies into its index. I wonder why is being included in the major index for a market so important fo...3
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0AMA - Corporate Strategy at a F500 companyHi - I have been a lurker for over 3 years now but finally made an account today. I work in corporate strategy at a F500 company. Have an Executive MBA from a Target School but never got an consulting experience. Before that I had product development and strategy experience at a another F100 company...64
0Has anyone started a corporation for the purposes of holding your investments?Hi there, I'm based out of Canada, and am looking into whether it makes sense to start a company for the purposes of realizing some tax benefits on the money I'm making from investing. From what I can see, you basically have to keep the earnings inside the company or else you're paying around the...3
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0Consulting offer vs. banking Hello all, I need some advice from the WSO crew. I've just been offered a position at a Big 4 Consulting arm (arguably the most well respected consulting practice of the 4) within it's human capital consulting division. I currently work at a bulge bracket commercial bank, if such a thing even ex...1
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0Scheduling to Trading(physical shop)For one's that eventually got the job as a trader, how many years did you work as a scheduler and when did you realize you understood the economic and market dynamics to feel confident taking the job full-time? ...0
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0Energy Rodeo 2015 for future energy tradersAnyone attending the 2015 Energy Rodeo? Thoughts or opinions from previous ones? Thinking about skipping 2015, but doing 2016 and pursuing a job as a Natty Gas trader. By then I'd have: 1) 2.5 years of NG Scheduling experience(f500 company) 2) 1.5 years of finance experience(PE firm SA gi...1
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0Help on Job Search, Emerging Markets, Target School Graduate I need a bit of help with focusing in on roles I should be looking at with my background. Basics: Graduated from Top 20 Target School with low GPA last year. 1 Year as Economic Research Assistant 1 Year as Business Development Intern (Consulting Firm) Post Grad-Two Contracts the past year fo...0
0O&G Specific Interview QuestionsHey all, Looking for some guidance from O&G bankers. I have a few O&G specific interviews coming up and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for energy specific questions that may be asked in an incoming FT analyst interview. I have a DB energy primer, MS MLP primer, and the M&I O...0
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0Any JD/MDs (ie the medical type) Out There?I'm a former doctor, former lawyer looking at options in management consulting (and anything else in the business world). Am hoping to hear from someone who's blazed this trail before, or knows someone who has. Any advice and anecdotes greatly appreciated. ...0
0Series 79 Knopman Materials Available for SaleI am selling the Knopman Series 79 Textbook and supplementary materials. Please message me if you are interested. I'm happy to ship the items expeditiously if you are taking the test soon. ...1
0International applicant here, how should I position myself for an MBA from the top-15 schools?Age : 25 Country : India Education : Computer Engineer from a Top 15 engineering school here (Not IIT) GPA : Can't convert my score properly but less than 3. GMAT : 770 Work ex : 1 year as a software engineer at a well known firm, work was all back office crap. Worked on a startup next for n...0
0Anyone else think trading is boring now?Long time user here, this is a throwaway account. I'm having a bit of a crises of faith. I started out at a BB as a trader straight out of school back in 09, and I've somehow managed to survive all the cuts over the years. Problem is, I'm not having fun at all anymore. Am i just maturing and r...67
0New to WSO from PennsylvaniaHi I'm from Pennsylvania and I'm new to WSO. I'm hoping to gain a broader understanding of investment banking, sales and trading, etc and what I need to accomplish in college in order to enter this field....0
0Spending the Night at AirportIt's 10am and I just got notice that I'm stuck in ATL for the next 24 hours. This isn't for work but I suspect this may be the right place to ask this. How would you pass the time?...7
+1Tony Stewart Hit and Kills Another Driver... and is still racing today. Here is the video: I don't care about racing, at all, but considering Tony's one of the best few drivers in the world and many of the eye witnesses said he gunned his engine at the e...5
0Financial Modeling Boot Camp (Boston)Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...0
0Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp (New York)Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...0
+613 Networking Tips and TricksNetworking, like anything else, is a process. I’ve made plenty of mistakes throughout networking (over 1500 e-mails, over 200 calls, 3-5 networking trips prior to FT recruiting). Now that I've been on both sides of the table (although I'm far more experienced as the cold-caller) I wanted to share ...42
0Equity operations to sales & trading ? Thank you guys for advice given...Hi I am a new WSOer here, and I need some advice for my career development... I've interned at a European BB's equities sales and trading department, and I've always wanted to get a job on a trading floor. I graduated from a local top university, finance major, typically BB's local branches are f...0
0Feedback from your experience ??Hi everyone, I've been a consulting apprentice in a consulting firm for almost a year now, It has taught me a lot, especially since it's my 1st professional experience. I wanted to know what you have learned from consulting, you must have a lot more experience than me and more foresight for the ...0
0Introduction from jamesipodfanHi! I just joined Wall Street Oasis in the hopes of getting other people's insights on landing a career in IB. Feel free to PM me!...1
+1Carry-On for TravelTo the current consultants - any recommendations for carry-on luggage? I'm thinking of getting a Briggs & Riley for the typical Mon-Thu travel cases. This bag looks like a good pick, especially given the sale. But will the size be fine, it's a 22"? Or are there better alternatives?...41
0How to pop the question?Hello monkeys, With recruiting season coming up soon I want to get in the application pool early-mainly because, given my non-target background, 3.3 gpa and 3 internship (non finance, 1 in tax and 1 in accounting), I don't stand much of a chance against the swarm of ivys that are going to be appl...0
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0Black Legend Capital InterviewHey guys I have an interview with this LA-based boutique. Their focus is on O&G with some Tech/media/consumer products. Has anyone else had experience with these guys that would like to share some advice on how to prepare for the interview? Thanks...1