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0Monday @Mentions March 17, 2014Thread of the Week: Thread of the Week this week goes to @"BOTT1702" with his thread What I Look For When Hiring Junior Traders. This informative post gave great insight into the skills you should sharpen if you want to land a trading gig, and for the effort it earned 9 Silver Bananas, 7 Facebook...4
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0Big 4 FDD vs AuditHello everybody, I am struggling with a dilemma which I can't seem to answer for myself. So any input you guys have is welcomed. Some background: I am currently working in the Netherlands at a Big 4 office. So far I have worked at audit and Transaction Services/Financial Due Dilligence depar...3
0Company Interview: Cambridge Associates0
+3BP Nightmare Gets Worse by the DayThe BP Deepwater Horizon situation gets worse every day. I swear, this mess is going to turn me into a tree-hugger yet. This thing is really getting out of hand, and is going to have a massive impact on the oil business going forward. Reinsurance companies have been devastated by the disaster alr...22
0Easy Banks to break into for Back Office InternshipsHello, I am a sophomore at a semi-target to target (on the lines of UMich, UVA, UCLA) majoring in ECON with a 3.6 GPA. I am interested in working in the back-office for ANY banks may they be small or unknown. I have been searching for over a month and have been applying online, reaching out to recru...1
0PE Firm SizesCan somebody help me understand the realtive sizes of PE firms. What constitures a boutique, MM, or BB in regards to AUM? Where would a firm with $3B AUM fall under? What is the typical deal flow like at a smaller place? Thanks in advance...8
0Mercury Capital Advisors -Anyone have information regarding the interview process for an analyst at Mercury Capital Advisors? Many of the MDs are from Merrill Lynch Private Funds Group--they started up MCA in '09. Any other information regarding culture, hours, etc would be appreciated....4
0Merger arb - Net capital requirementHi - thanks to this great forum I hope that someone can help me on following: What are current net capital requirements as broker/dealer if shares are sold short? Is there simply a haircut to the short position? I want to derive the average capital to calc the return on capital in a merger arb si...1
0PE Resumes - QuestionsI wrote a post earlier today on crafting your resume when applying for private equity jobs (Private Equity Resumes), focusing on the proper structure, how to write about deals, etc. Here's my question for the board: is this advice right? It worked well for me when I was recruiting for private eq...13
0Study Material for FX Sales job at top IBHi Everyone, I have been hired as an analyst for an FX Sales team by a top IB in London. I was wondering what material to look at prior to my commencement date. I am an Engineer so I guess that I will need to take a look at Financial Mathematics, FX Options, Macroeconomics and basic accounting. C...1
0noob question2I saw on a PE resume, someone talking about a $50m equity financing deal and a $15m private offering deal. What is the different between equity financing and private offering/private placement?...6
0Private Equity Resume ReviewPrivate Equity Resume Review Updated v4: Ok, I know my deal descriptions need work... that why I'm posting on here. Any help/comments would be appreciated. Feel free to chime in on anything you see, not just the deal experience descriptions....18
0Attack the resume !Just graduated....hows the investment banking resume looking ? Goal is IB/PE/big consulting
0ER Resume QuestionIm applying to both IB and ER positions at some of the banks. I did an Morgan Stanley case competition in IB and have that on my IB Resume and won 1st place. I made it an activity/experience in my resume. Now because its very impressive I want to keep it on obviously for IB. Would it be a red flag f...2
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0Resume_IB_ boutiqueHi, I'm trying to break into IB with internship with boutique bank, here's my IB Resume, pls give me some advice. thanks....4
0Drill this Resume - Last Post Before SendingThis investment banking resume is for SA IB positions. I am a Junior at a non-target, with prior banking experience. Thanks ...9
0Finance Professional seeking role as IB AnalystFinance professional seeking lateral movement into IB. Does my IB Resume stand a chance? ...5
0Urgent Help with resume - Trying to break into IBPlease help, applying for FT IB positions tomorrow and need to finalize my investment banking resume...3
0Chicago Booth MBA Email FormatDoes anyone know this? Haven't been able to find here or elsewhere. Lets say the person graduated in 2012 Thanks in advance. ...9
0Going to there any hope for me?Yes, that's the sad truth of the matter, I'm going to UIC (University of Illinois Chicago). It's not because I'm a dummy, at least I'm smart enough to be a Nation Merit Scholar with all that that implies about my standardized test scores. The fact is I'm too poor to afford any other school, so that'...24
0MSA: BC(Carroll) vs. IU(Kelley)I've been asking many times here about the decision I have to make pretty soon. and every week, I've been getting good news from the schools I have had an interview with. So up to last week, my choice was between IU-Kelley and Baruch College-Zicklin for the Master of Accounting program. A co...8
0Should I Drop My Double Major And Add On 2 Minors?I'm currently majoring in Economics and Biology/Society at Cornell minoring in business. I find that my interest in Biology has waned a lot. I'd like to make more of an effort to learn about finance. The plan would be to drop the Biology and Society major and then replace that with a real estate min...6
0Hi from Europe.hello there, just passing by (:...1
0Quad CapitalI'm mentoring a military veteran who's interviewing with this prop shop in NYC. Does anyone know if it's legit? Any insight about working there? Seems like a small shop but they pay a decent salary and bonus for TAs and I'm tempted to req my protégé to go for it. Figured I'd ask the com...3
0Russian government controls some 60% of the market - good luck to foreign shareholdersSome investors have been jumping into Russian equities in the wake of the recent selloff. After all it's one of the BRICs that is now up "for sale" - assets that would have been in high demand just a year ago. But before getting too excited about this investment opportunity, consider the structural ...3
0Financial AnalystJoin one of the largest credit-focused alternative asset managers in the world. We provide a broad array of credit services, including leveraged loans and mezzanine financing, and plays a strong role in providing rescue financing to companies experiencing liquidity problems. We are seeking a Fina...0
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0HFs focused on Commodities Hi all, I'm currently seeking a gap year internship in commodity trading houses (think glen core, bunge, cargill etc.) and I was thinking about HF. Do those HFs recruit some interns and if yes what kind of background (finance, IT skills...) My dream career would be to start as a scheduler/ana...3
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+5Life of a Sell-Side Analyst: Finding Your Style (Value-Add)I'm a sell-side analyst at a solid mid-market shop. I've been in my current senior analyst role for a relatively short time (...7
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0stats master in UChicago VS wustl msf q track for quant rolesI am a stats undergrad from Hong Kong, and I recently got admitted to University of Chicago stats master and WUSTL msf q track. I am leaning towards quant related jobs, but I read some threads on this forum that a master in stats is far from enough for working in a hedge fund. I asked Greg at WUSTL...10
0Unstructured case interviewI can't believe I am asking this question. Does "unstructured case interview" mean BCG/Bain type case or when interviewer flips few slides to show exhibits and ask candidate to draw insights and do calculations?...12
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0Company Interview: Northern Trust0
0Little IntroHi, I joined WSO because I needed some info on how I should prepare myself for interviews. I guess it worked pretty well for me as I nailed my interviews and got a position on a fixed income trading desk in a Canadian bank. I look forward to get involved in the WSO community on a regular basi...0
0Where can I find decent quality (and cheaper) suits in Toronto?Started work this week and realized most of my suits I got while in the US no longer fit me comfortably because of how much weight I lost in the last few months... Been wearing the same suit this entire week... so kinda need new ones. Having trouble finding good fits because of my relatively sli...7
0Beginner Question about Comparables I seem to be finding conflicting answers regarding the exact method. When carrying out a comparables analysis using multiples, how does one derive the intrinsic value of a security? For instance if the homework stock has a P/e of 10x and the industry average is 15x, assuming all else equal, do...2
0Panel Case Interview - TipsHas anyone gone through a panel interview where you had to read the business case and prepare slides within 30 minutes or so and then answer questions that interviewers pose? If so, can you please provide some suggestions and advice that worked for you? Is there a particular order in how you creat...4
0Should finance interviews have technical aspects?Do you think finance interviews should be technical? does it take away from the flow of the interview? what if 2 candidates are equally qualified otherwise?...1
0Tips for interns getting hired full time?What are important things to remember as an intern looking to be hired full time?...2
0About to graduate with a BS in physics-> grad school? internship? work?Hello all, I'm about to graduate with a BS in physics from a mid sized mid-west school, and I want to work in Chicago as a quantitative analyst. I have experience programming and know a lot of math. I've done research involving computational finance with professors and taken a few finance classes, ...0
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company0
0Finished my undergrad in physics, looking into finance and would like help.Hey everyone, Like the title says, I just finished my BS in physics and I'm looking into going into finance. I believe the best approach for me would be to pursue trading and analyst positions. I would like to ask what's my course of action? I've got an updated Linkedin profile, and I have been ...4
0WSO NYC Happy Hour: Fri., April 4th, 8pm @ GalwayThe next NYC meetup is coming up Friday, April 4th, hope to see you there! We'll be in the Guinness Room, upstairs. Bring your thirst. Location: Galway Hooker 7 E 36th Street, between 5th and Madison How to find the group: Mention "WSO" or "WallStreetOasis" at ...0
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0How Long Should I Wait.......How long after an interview should I wait to follow up? Day of the interviews I sent thank you emails. How long would you gorillas recommend waiting before I follow up? Also, advice on the structure of the follow up email would be appreciated. This is something within the interview process I am not ...5
0Question about SA PaymentHi guys, I am interning at a BB this summer. In my offer over the phone, I was told that I would have an annual salary prorated for my time there, which seems pretty typical. However, when I received my official offer letter, there was a NY wage form that indicated how much I would be making per ...1
0Meeting with a PM tomorrow, Need AdviceHi WSO, First post, I've been doing a lot of reading on WSO and have learnt a lot, and have managed to get an opportunity to have dinner with and meet a portfolio manager from a major bank. I'm a freshman student, hoping to break into finance. Just wondering if you guys could give me any advi...0
0San Fran RoommateI'm starting full time in banking in San Fran this summer and looking for one more person to round out a 3 bedroom apartment. If anyone is interested or looking for housing, send me a PM. Guy or girl is fine, both of us are going into banking. Thanks....0
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0Emailing people from previous companyI just wanted someone elses opinion on this. So I interned at a large telecom/media company last year (I no longer intern there or plan to go back to my previous position) and I wanted to reach out to some of the people on the corporate development/strategy or pension fund teams. However the people ...0
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0Has anyone seen this? Has anyone seen the resume posted on deal That shit is out of control! Whoever did this guy's resume put him in the hurt locker for a long time:
0Hopefully a polite introductionHi All, I'm currently a junior at an SEC school and looking to break into Investment banking some how some day. To walk you through a little more about myself, I am studying abroad at a top financial school in Spain where I take valuation and modeling classes in Spanish (not my native language)....0
0Graduate Early VS. GPA DropHi Guys! Non-Target JR looking to get into IB and then PE (Novel Right?) Networked extensively for IBD SA positions and landed a couple top BB IBD super days but no offers. Going to be in a Middle Office summer analyst position this summer at a top BB and then shoot for full time IBD recruiting...1
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0Jp morgan Hong KongIs recruiting for JP Morgan Hong Kong summer analyst finished? When was the deadline?...3
0Company Compensation: McGladrey & Pullen0
0Resume Review - Investment Banking AnalystUpdated IB Resume, trying to obtain an analyst position in investment banking. Feel free to be harsh, let me know what you think. Thanks, in advance! Edit: Touched it up, new form attached....10
0I recently updated my resume and used alot of WSO's tips, any more advice?I'm looking for a job in corporate finance, treasury, and investment banking. All help appreciated, since not sure what a polished investment banking resume should look like :)....3
0HI from HIHi everyone. I feel lucky to say the least to have run into this awesome community. Being a business student and most recently accepted at NorthWestern Mutuals internship program here in beautiful Hawaii, things seem to finally be taking shape concerning my career. My main goal here is to hopefully ...4
0Should I mention my startup in investment banking resume ?Should I mention my startup in investment banking resume ? Does it look bad when I apply for a regular job? ...4
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0Please give me resume feedback. Investment Banking SophomoreThanks for all of your help with my investment banking resume! ...5
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0Bank of America ML s and t internship . Help on choosing desks?Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I'm doing an internship this year at BOA ML in sales and trading. I've applied for ficc trading however after meeting some of the equity teams I've got on well with them and I was wondering what peoples views are on equity derivs and equity em derivs vs fixed ...4
+2Who Else Noticed This Big Short Today (I Didn't)Today, someone took out a huge short position on the S&P 500 on the order of about 15,450 contracts. The trade dripped into the market over the course of roughly an hour and a quarter, strike of 1995. Average fill price seemed to be around $133. More info here: Extremely ...4
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0Looking for advice - Anyone in PB in South FL?I'm looking for some advice on the industry. If anyone happens to be in Private Banking in South Florida, please PM me....0
0Any thought on Arbor Commercial Mortgage?Hi, I currently work at top commercial brokerage firm in prime market in their sales division. (NYC, SF, DC etc..) Is it worth making the move to lending company like Arbor? The review for this company on Glassdoor is pretty horrifying, so I'm very curious to know if there is anyone who could she...2
0Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales...0
0Company Interview: Susquehanna International Group0
0Phone Interview with HR at IBSo I'm a sophomore and I had a phone screen with an IB 10 days ago. I was told that I would hear back in around a week, but I didn't get any updates. So I emailed HR (i interviewed with HR) and asked for a status update. Its been 3 days and HR still hasn't gotten back to me, should i email them aga...7
0Thank you ufoThanks everyone. ...3
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0Best Fitting Slacks for Business CasualI'm beginning a new job in a corporate finance environment as opposed to the entrepreneurial one I've been in the for the past few years. Anyone have advice for a place to get good, slim fit slacks even for a larger body type (5'8" 185 LBs - muscular legs, chest/arms/back with some slight belly fat...15
0BAML Capital Markets Rates & Currencies Culture?Does anyone have any idea what the firm culture is like at BAML compared to other BBs? Types of people who tend to work there vs. other banks? Specifically, I'm interested in the NYC Rates Origination group within capital markets (marketing, pricing, and following through with monitoring the trades ...3
0So, I was encouraged to introduce myself.And Patrick gave me this guideline: 1. Where you are from 2. How you found WSO 3. What you hope to get out of your membership So, hello. I am a penultimate year Finance student from Indonesia hoping to get into a career in banking or capital market. I don't think the industry here is even clos...4
0How do I respond to "Email us to get more information on our internships/career opps"?Lots of smaller firms have statements like this instead of listing positions to apply. If you see something along the lines of this, should you send your resume, and cover letter at first, or should you just ask questions about the internship and ask for more information? How about just a resume wit...3
0What are your thoughts on this suit?I've already got solid navy and grey.,default,pd.html...17