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0I recently updated my resume and used alot of WSO's tips, any more advice?I'm looking for a job in corporate finance, treasury, and investment banking. All help appreciated, since not sure what a polished investment banking resume should look like :)....3
0HI from HIHi everyone. I feel lucky to say the least to have run into this awesome community. Being a business student and most recently accepted at NorthWestern Mutuals internship program here in beautiful Hawaii, things seem to finally be taking shape concerning my career. My main goal here is to hopefully ...4
0Should I mention my startup in investment banking resume ?Should I mention my startup in investment banking resume ? Does it look bad when I apply for a regular job? ...4
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0Please give me resume feedback. Investment Banking SophomoreThanks for all of your help with my investment banking resume! ...5
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0Bank of America ML s and t internship . Help on choosing desks?Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I'm doing an internship this year at BOA ML in sales and trading. I've applied for ficc trading however after meeting some of the equity teams I've got on well with them and I was wondering what peoples views are on equity derivs and equity em derivs vs fixed ...4
+2Who Else Noticed This Big Short Today (I Didn't)Today, someone took out a huge short position on the S&P 500 on the order of about 15,450 contracts. The trade dripped into the market over the course of roughly an hour and a quarter, strike of 1995. Average fill price seemed to be around $133. More info here: Extremely ...4
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0Looking for advice - Anyone in PB in South FL?I'm looking for some advice on the industry. If anyone happens to be in Private Banking in South Florida, please PM me....0
0Any thought on Arbor Commercial Mortgage?Hi, I currently work at top commercial brokerage firm in prime market in their sales division. (NYC, SF, DC etc..) Is it worth making the move to lending company like Arbor? The review for this company on Glassdoor is pretty horrifying, so I'm very curious to know if there is anyone who could she...2
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0Phone Interview with HR at IBSo I'm a sophomore and I had a phone screen with an IB 10 days ago. I was told that I would hear back in around a week, but I didn't get any updates. So I emailed HR (i interviewed with HR) and asked for a status update. Its been 3 days and HR still hasn't gotten back to me, should i email them aga...7
0Thank you ufoThanks everyone. ...3
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0Best Fitting Slacks for Business CasualI'm beginning a new job in a corporate finance environment as opposed to the entrepreneurial one I've been in the for the past few years. Anyone have advice for a place to get good, slim fit slacks even for a larger body type (5'8" 185 LBs - muscular legs, chest/arms/back with some slight belly fat...15
0BAML Capital Markets Rates & Currencies Culture?Does anyone have any idea what the firm culture is like at BAML compared to other BBs? Types of people who tend to work there vs. other banks? Specifically, I'm interested in the NYC Rates Origination group within capital markets (marketing, pricing, and following through with monitoring the trades ...3
0So, I was encouraged to introduce myself.And Patrick gave me this guideline: 1. Where you are from 2. How you found WSO 3. What you hope to get out of your membership So, hello. I am a penultimate year Finance student from Indonesia hoping to get into a career in banking or capital market. I don't think the industry here is even clos...4
0How do I respond to "Email us to get more information on our internships/career opps"?Lots of smaller firms have statements like this instead of listing positions to apply. If you see something along the lines of this, should you send your resume, and cover letter at first, or should you just ask questions about the internship and ask for more information? How about just a resume wit...3
0What are your thoughts on this suit?I've already got solid navy and grey.,default,pd.html...17
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0If I STILL don't have a summer internship...?... and I'm a junior? I actually have an internship at a small bank right now going until end of May (or maybe beginning of June) that might be extended depending on how the firm's doing at that time. I'm not really expecting it to extend though. I'm still in the recruiting process for an asset m...5
0Anyone have any experience with McLagan (AON Hewitt)?Specifically there internship program. Seems like a decent gig, trying to figure out if it will set me up for an SA next summer. Anyone know more about the work, and how they enjoy the company?...0
0should I include my verbal score on resumeI am a PhD from a top 10 program, where Mck did not visit our campus, but did send recruiting information to our department. Well, now the only thing may hurt me will be my GRE score, which I took 7 years ago. And I am applying for the insight program next month, so no time for me to retake it. I ha...19
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0Listing GRE scores on resume - Yay or Nay?Hi all, I recently took the GRE and scored a 166 V (96 pth); 166 Q (93 pth); 4.0 AWA (54 pth). I have some questions: 1) I would like to know how is listing GRE scores on resumes viewed? I am interested into breaking into finance, preferably IB but would settle for a something lesser if ...4
0Summer Internships..What's still left??So to make this short, I had a few interviews at some boutiques and didn't end up securing a summer internship with any of the leads I had. Therefore, I wanted to make a post that would create a list of some of the summer internships still available to apply to this late in the season. I am sure ...3
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0Balancing merger modelI am building a merger model and I have somehow gotten stuck. If you're willing to help me fix it (should be pretty easy), please shoot me a pm. I'll hook you up with some pdf ebooks for the trouble...6
0How to Properly Evaluate Job OfferThis post is NOT for monkeys coming out of college/grad school. This is for monkeys that are entertaining offers to leave their current employment for another firm. It was put together by a good friend of mine and I thought it would be a great post to share. ------- My recommendation would be ...0
0Replacement CostOur firm uses CoStar to do a very crude replacement cost analysis for our acquisitions. We are finding that the analysis they provide is very generic and in many instances, far off in value. What are some of the services you guys use at your firms?...17
0Fresh of the boat and ready to work my way up the corporate ladderHi there! I discovered the site whilst researching all about Investment Banking which is my area of interest. I just turned 30 and currently reside in London, UK, however will move to NYC by end of summer (just waiting for my green card paperwork to come through) where I will work my best to find...1
0Investment Banking Analyst - CharlotteInvestment Banking Analyst - Charlotte, North Carolina Top firm in Charlotte, NC looking for an experienced Analyst with 6-12 months of Investment Banking experience. Candidates already located in the Southeast or with a strong tie to the region are strongly preferred. Excellent modeling, org...0
0How do I get in for MSc Computational Finance at Carnegie Mellon, or any other top program in the subject?If I am from a foreign Bangladeshi university? And in general?...1
0Elite Boutique to Buy Side?I know this has been touched on about 800 times a day since this website's inception, but I didn't find anything specific to my title.. I currently work in ER at an elite boutique ER shop and would like to eventually make the move over to the buyside. Granted that I've only been in ER for upwards...1
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0Apartment Internet SolutionsHave heard that wi-fi and internet solutions are tough in high rise apartment complexes. Curious if any of you monkey's live on a high floor in an apartment complex and what you use for internet solutions. I do not want to buy cable, I just need fast enough internet for web surfing and a pleasant Ne...5
0Law grad looking to break into financeEager to learn more about the world of finance, particularly from M&A perspective. Specific interest on IB and PE....2
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0For those of you at DB or Barcap - how are things looking for analysts?With the recent job cuts announced at the above mentioned banks, is anyone on WSO over here aware whether these job cuts are affecting junior bankers too (analysts or associates) for instance, or are they being targeted at the big dogs? Thanks ladies & gents. ...6
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0IRS: Bitcoin Is Property, Not CurrencyUS holders of Bitcoin have something to celebrate today as the IRS has made a ruling on the tax handling of Bitcoin, classifying it as an asset subject to capital gains tax instead of a currency subject to income taxation. This means everyone who has been buying it on the way up (for more than a yea...15
0Do any smaller banks actually use Axial?thoughts?
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0Going from Underwriting Small Business Loans to Investment Banking?Just wondering how good does underwriting experience look on applications to investment banks? I mean we technically analyze businesses finances, budget, and see if they can meet their loan paybacks on time, which is useful for ibanking deals. Of course I know the whole process is more complicated t...0
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0Sophomore Summer Internship possibilities So here's the deal. I have a priority interview for a BB S&T junior SA role in August guaranteed. I need to do something this summer as a sophomore to poise me for greater success in the interviews. Currently I have been cold emailing many local wealth management offices in hopes of finding an in...0
0Help this Lost College MonkeyMonkeys of wallstreetoasis, please help this lost college monkey out. A quick background: I am a junior at a top state school in New England. ‘Top state school’- I get it, it’s an oxymoron. Moving on. I’m a finance major/econ minor currently keeping a 3.9+ GPA. I have a decent resume tha...0
0DB Non-TargetAnyone know what percent of DB is Non-Target? I've heard its higher than other BB's. Can any incoming/current analysts comment? Thanks!...22
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0Real Estate Private Equity - Market PerspectiveHi all - this is just based on observation - but for some reason I am seeing a ton of real estate focused analyst / associate positions pop up in various buy side shops. Wondering if anyone has a perspective on what's going on in the CRE markets (assuming that's the important RE segment) that is...0
0Are there banks still active in junior lending in RE?Wanted to know if banks were still active in - mezz, bridge, b-notes, pref equity type - type of lending. If so which banks are still in that business. Thanks...6
0Hedging treasuries with futures rather than with treasuries? Why would a trader who wants to hedge against interest rate moves do so in futures rather than underlying treasuries? Similarly, why would a speculator do the same (i.e. how is it any different for a speculator)? Is it just because they provide the exposure with greater liquidity and not have to...8
0Linkedin alumniWhen you send an in mail via linked in, for the other person to reply do they need to have a paid LinkedIn account or not? Does your email address get passed onto them? ...13
0Intro from PittsburghHello, I'm a first year Finance and Accounting student from Pittsburgh looking to eventually do corporate law. I have an internship this summer at EY ( one of the sort of get to know the company internships ), and right now I am planning on getting my CPA after school and perhaps somehow networki...2
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0Commercial banking to MBAHey everyone. First time poster here. I've been working as an analyst at a BB commercial bank since my graduation from a non-ivy target school in 2013. Overall it's a great analyst training program that included a formal 10-week credit course. While I've enjoyed my time at the bank, I eventually wan...1
0How can I make sure I'll lock in FT offer at the end of SA gig?So I'll be heading to a BB for a S&T internship where I'll be rotating among desks. I've searched everywhere for tips to apply during the internship, mostly stuff like "create a summary of everyday's news for people in your desk." Not a lot of more specific guidance given like the case of IB analyst...4
0Dealing with a crazy bossLong story short, my boss is nuts. I can't figure this guy out. He doesn't talk me (only to his superiors/peers). He gives me a shit load of extra work to do (much more than my coworkers) and assigns deadlines that conflict with other important projects. If ask him for advice/help with something he ...31
0Hedge Fund Head HuntersDear all, Sorry if this has been discussed before, i tried to search for this but could find a comprehensive list of good headhunters for hedge fund/buyside opportunity. I am looking for opportunities in the U.S and would really want to work there one day. Would be very grateful if you co...5
0Beginner Question: % return or 10K growth for mutual funds?Hey all, I am wondering about the difference between an annualized returns (say 25.6% 5-year return) and a 10k growth over 5 years. Right now, I am comparing different mutual funds, and some of them have a higher return over 5 years, but the 10k growth place some of the funds that had a lower ret...1
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0HR disappeared I got a call last weak from BB for an interview I missed it they left a message. I have left messages and called multiple times and the person is never there or returned a call. Any ideas what I can do? Could I try getting a general hr number?...6
0How to make more investment banker contacts when you work in private equity?I work at a PE fund not located in NYC. I have been at this place a year and half and it's great, and I am trying to show them that I can do more than just take deals through the process, but bring in my own as well. My boss recently handed off an investment banker inquiry about one of our portfo...4
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0MBB Digital Labs?Does anyone know anything about the Digital Labs practice at MBB? ...2
0What is your number ?For those who saw "Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps": what is your number ? :))...24
0background disciplineI've had multiple run ins with my school disciplinary system that have resulted in being placed on "disciplinary probation" on a couple occasions. However, nothing has resulted in suspension or anything that would show up on a transcript. Would a background check reveal these violations?...4
0New to CapIQ, what do you "screen"?I understand that analyst tend to screen capiq for potential developments in their industry. Does this just mean that they are looking at current and past data and noticing the trends? Our boutique just got CapIQ for everyone and I'd like utilize it more. Of course I know it is good for finding...0
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0Financing Terms help - real estate developmentI have recently become involved in a real estate development deal for my company. Can someone please help clarify my question below about the rate? The bank has approved the loan and the rates are as follows: REPAYMENT: - Construction & Stabilization Period: Monthly payments of interest onl...3
0Introduction from IndianapolisI'm a sophomore in high school (on the younger side, I know) and I'm strongly considering a career in IB. I have family and friends in the industry, and I'm currently in a position to gather as much information as possible in order to put myself at an advantage. ...3
0Rotman VS Ivey MBAJust curious in terms of placement in capital markets, which one is more preferred by the hiring company? Thanks for your thoughts....2
0Need Advice! Any help appreciated (data time posting. Was recently offered a job with modest salary as a data analyst in New York. (The work is particular to pharmaceutical/healthcare marketing w big data). This is my only job offer (graduating senior from top25 school), but I have another interview. Could doing a job like this...5
0Advice for a liberal arts major Hi guys, I'm one of those just-stumbled-onto-consulting types, only seriously thought about it in my final year. Also, English major. I had about 3 days to prepare for a first round with a non-MBB firm (ATK/LEK/OW) and am pretty sure I bombed spectacularly. Especially on the maths. It was just em...6