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+10Low GPA success story

Prospective Monkey in Investment Banking - Mergers and Acquisitions

i'm at a semi-target and I'm getting super discouraged with this recruiting process. i have a 3.3 GPA and even with networking, getting first round interviews is difficult. is there any of you out there who was actually successful getting a "decent" <abbr...

+6Poll: Horizontal or Vertical Models?

Settling a debate - what does your bank use when building out 3 statement models? Vertical (ie 3 statements on 1 tab) or horizontal (3 statements across 3 tabs)? Also, in each of these cases, are inputs and outputs on separate tabs? THANK YOU!

+6OFFER TIME - Which one?


Sup guys, trying to figure out which offer is better and will set me up better for my career aspirations. I am two years in the workforce (1.5 years since I received my degree) and have been involved in the asset management function of a brokerage (JLL/CBRE) for about 20 months. Long term career...

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0turning down offers alumni helped me get?


or any offer that connections helped me with for that matter. How badly is it looked upon?

0Help: Fund Valuation

non-target BB Banker

Hey guys, Gotta a fund manager competition, but since i am just a freshman now, dont know lots about fund (actually nothing). the funds include all the major categories across the world--equity, fixed income, alternative investments, structured products and etc. 1. Can anyone help me...

+1BB FIG in London - 2nd round


Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time poster here. I'm currently being interviewed for <abbr title="full time ">FT</abbr> analyst position at <span class='keyword_link'><a...

0Resume Review for Investment Banking


Please provide feedback....

0Any of you guys pull a miracle?


When you were totally unprepared, read up last minute/crammed and still landed the offer?

0Interest coverage with rolled interests


Hi, when you calculate the Interest coverage Ratio using <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-earnings-before-interest-tax-depreciation-and-amortization-EBITDA"><abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and...

0Waiting for the job is harder than doing it?


When are the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB"><abbr title="bulge bracket ">BB</abbr></a></span> banks usually completely done with filling their <abbr title="full...

0MS is no longer a Tier 1 bank.

alpha mail <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/morgan-stanley">Morgan Stanley</a></span> isn't a sinking ship -- it's a sunk ship. Yeah, their...

+2How does one become the most pretentious banker ever?


I'm on a journey and I need advise on how to become the most pretentious banker possible. I'm probably going to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/goldman-sachs" target="_blank">sport everything Goldman Sachs</a></span>...

0Career Advice: Am I F--ked?


Dear All: I graduated from Tulane in 2005 with a degree in math, worked as an actuary for 6 months, was laid off, worked several temp jobs in finance, started a failed business/website involving environmentally-conscious stocks, and now am studying for <abbr title="Chartered Financial...

0Merging and further name elimination


Hi, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/morgan-stanley">Morgan Stanley</a></span> merged with Dean Witter, and the new firm was called Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. But later the name "Dean Witter" was eliminated. Why? It looks like...



Could someone please tell me a little about AMR Capital Trading. Is it a subsidiary of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/rbc-royal-bank-of-canada"><abbr title="Royal Bank of Canada">RBC</abbr></a></span> professional...

0Junior applying to summer banking/finance internships


Hello, I am a junior applying for summer banking and finance internships. I'm a little concerned about my work experience since I don’t really have previous industry experience. Any feedback and suggestions on how to improve my resume would be greatly...

0Financial Advisor vs. AM


I want to get into <abbr title="asset management ">AM</abbr>, particularly alternative assets, Level 2 <abbr title="Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst ">CAIA</abbr> now, and will get my charter in April. I have an opportunity to start as a...

0Colbert on Bonuses and Goldman Sachs

<table style='font:11px arial; color:#333; background-color:#f5f5f5' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' width='360' height='353'><tbody><tr style='background-color:#e5e5e5' valign='middle'><td...

0Education/Experience order?, Free beer!


I’m sending my resume to a few bankers soon and am wondering if I should move the experience section above education. I graduated spring 09 from a nontarget (small, unknown liberal arts) with econ/finance majors and have a sub 3.5 gpa. But, I have very good internships and I am in a <abbr...

0Finding what you enjoy


I am curious to hear from those of you who have worked for several years. As a first year analyst officially settling in to full-time work, I am starting to wonder what path I really want to venture down. Although I enjoy the people I work with, the work I am doing is less than exciting. Between...

0Scott Brown projected winner...First VA, NJ, now Mass its a movement


any thoughts?

0JPM,BAML, Citi can "throw around" their huge balance sheets


Its often said that <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/jpmorgan-chase"><abbr title="JP Morgan ">JPM</abbr></a></span>,<span class='keyword_link'><a...

0Can I Apply to Both GS Spring and Summer Internships?


Hi All, I realize the inane/boring nature of my post, but I'm unable to figure this out for myself and have decided to break my perpetual lurker status in the hopes that you all may be able to enlighten me. I'm currently in the process of applying for Goldman's Spring...

0MS SA Superday Invite


I had my first round MS <abbr title="summer analyst intern ">SA</abbr> interview this morning. How long do they usually take to extend <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/tag/superday">superday</a></span> invites? Do they contact...

0Shell Trading Development Program Interview


Has anyone heard of the Trading Development Program at Shell? If so, has anyone interviewed with them? I just received a phone call today requesting an interview in a couple of days, and I have no idea what to expect. So what kind of questions should expect for my phone interview? Thanks!

0Does anyone have the same experience with GS?


I applied through job post on some website. Got an email from the HR, said want to talk about my experience. Then we talked through phone, only 18 mins, about my graduation date, internship experience... etc, it's like an information collection other than an interview. I wonder if any...

0GS: IBD vs "Securities Investing"


Hey Guys, Uh kinda unusual situation here. Didn't get preselected by <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/goldman-sachs"><abbr title="Goldman Sachs ">GS</abbr></a></span> originally, contacted someone I knew at...

+2Why do so many companies overpay?


I was reading over the Kraft Cadbury deal and found an article that "justifies" the 50% premium to Cadbury's market share price that Kraft is offering So I am wondering, why do so many companies overpay...

0Can you apply to the same business school(s) more than once?


For instance, if one only thought it was worthwhile to go to HWS, but did not get in the first time, can they re-apply 2 years later? Would they have a better chance since they would have better work experience?

0Why do I have silver bananas?


For some reason I got an email from Patrick about "silver bananas". I don't care for any of it but supposedly it is suspicious. This is quite ridiculous since I could give a rat's ass about virtual "bananas". I assume from reading my past posts that some retard is...

0Is Temple considered non-target?


I went to Temple for undergrad and I've been out of school for a couple years, I'm trying to get into Investment Banking, any advice?

0Credit Origination Summer Analyst - TD Securities


Hello All, I have a first round interview with TD for the position above. It sounds like a Commercial lending position, so I'm wondering if I could except similar technical questions to <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr> (i.e modeling etc...) Has...

0Kraft to buy bunch of Easter bunnies

Stringer Bell

Top analysts for Kraft projecting this years Easter to be the most profitable Easter in recorded history. News of this market analysis helped push the deal through & getting the ball rolling on Vellveta Easter Bunnies to be shipped to stores soon as the acquisition is complete....

0Career switching

Top Gallant

Looking for some advice from folks who've been there. I’m in my mid 30's and interested in switching careers. I’m currently a professor at a top 20 <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration ">MBA</abbr> program that sends a lot of students to Wall...

0MS 1/15 SA Superday/ How long does MS take to give offers?


Has anybody heard back from the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/morgan-stanley">Morgan Stanley</a></span> 1/15 <abbr title="summer analyst intern ">SA</abbr> <span class='keyword_link'><a...

0Gorman Comes Out Swinging

Eddie Braverman

Literally. <a href="">The New York Times reports</a> that in preparation for the job he took over on January 1, <span class='keyword_link'><a...

0Offer Choices : JPM vs CS vs UBS


Ok guys, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/jpmorgan-chase"><abbr title="JP Morgan ">JPM</abbr></a></span> economics research assistant VS <abbr title="Credit Suisse ">CS</abbr> <abbr...

+1In my case, Bank or Boutique?


Hey everyone, I am a 2nd Yr Bsc Business student, and i received several <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer internship</a></span> offers. Unfortunately, no Bulge Bracket Bank invited me. Anyway, i evaluated...

0Global Commercial Banking?


I was scanning through my university's job website and one of the positions that you could apply for was global commercial banking. I tried asking around and looking it up myself but came up short on information of what this actually pertains of. Our Business: Global Commercial...

0Include *Target School Attendance* in resume?


I went to a target school but I had to leave when my family went through a bankruptcy. My leave of absence took a bit too long and eventually was removed from school's register. Some years later when things got better I applied to another non-target, received financial aid. Would it...

0What else should I (sophomore) do?



+1So NOW You're Worried About the Constitution???

Eddie Braverman

Every once in a while we're treated to a truly delicious bit of irony, and the gods have smiled upon us today. In a move that could only be giving Ayn Rand a post-mortem internal shit hemorrhage, <a href="">the banking...

0Which Bank is Still Hiring?


recently heard that MS and <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/citigroup">Citi</a></span> are still conducting interviews for <abbr title="full time ">FT</abbr> 2010 positions. I guess most banks are still under-staffed...

0Graduate Certificate Programs in Accounting


Graduate certificate program in accounting is getting popular nowadays in United States. This Program gives you the opportunity to learn groundwork for the common procedures usually followed in accounting. Students can also get specialized course in tax accounting and various applications that...

02011 IBD Analyst Bonus Prediction


Hey guys, It may be too early to say how the 2011 bonus payout across investment banks is going to be. I still wanted to see what you think would be the 2011 bonus level for <span class='keyword_link'><a...

0BofA/Merrill Lynch GWM


I got an offer for a GWM internship at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/bank-of-america-merrill-lynch">Merrill</a></span> Lynch/<span class='keyword_link'><a...

0Is my resume really that bad?


Seriously, I thought my resume was pretty good and that I'd get some responses when applying to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB"><abbr title="bulge...

0Applying for IB without knowing much about finance/IB?


My undergrad major is Actuarial Science, so I don't know a lot of stuff in business/finance (tho I just got my <abbr title="Chartered Financial Analyst ">CFA</abbr> Level 1 books today and the entire volume 1 I've already learned from actuarial exams... don't...

0FT Interviewing Questions


I had a tough time getting interviews for <abbr title="summer analyst intern ">SA</abbr> <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-investment-banking-division-IBD"><abbr title="investment banking...

0Quarterly reports at banks, GS at historical profits


Seems like the industry is still shaky, besides Goldman of course. "Now that the first major bank reported last week on its quarterly results, and the strong profits weren’t enough to convince shareholders there was a turnaround of any sort, we know the upcoming quarterly reports...

0Derivatives Sales Trader Job

Batrick Pateman

ok, Here is the situation. I work MO, and have a sick relationship with my traders and sales ppl. I do everything for them, and they appreciate it. One of them hinted to me (inside info) that somebody is leaving, and that persons MD told my current boss they like me. So, given then fact...

0HBS VC & PE Conference


Anyone ever attend or know anything about HBS' Annual VC & PE Conference ( Seems like a very legit event and I'm sure the PE/VC world is very well represented, but is it a good networking event for current IB analysts? I was thinking about...

+2How do you become the best analyst in the class?


Dear everyone, Just wondering how to become the #1 analyst in your incoming class. Obviously I want to blow everyone out of the water and leave the stragglers behind so how can I become #1 without playing foul (i.e. sabotage or just plain being a workaholic maniac). Does this involve knowing...

0Offer decision: GS LevFin vs MS TMT


Hi Guys, I have two offers: One is for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/goldman-sachs"><abbr title="Goldman Sachs ">GS</abbr></a></span> Leveraged Finance and the other is for the <span...

0Goldman Sachs equals Government Scum, Goldman Scum or just crooks


<span class='keyword_link'><a href="//">Goldman Sachs</a></span> can officially be called Government Scum or just Goldman Scum because it’s apparent that they have taken over the United States Treasury...

0What the...???


So I recently had a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/tag/superday">superday</a></span> where the associates asked me a couple technicals which I got and just had conversation about firm etc. When I got to the VP, after walking through resume, 10...

0MBB summer intern


So i have a couple first rounds coming up... How many interview usually at an office, and how many are selected for internships?

0HC Banking to Large Pharma/Biotech back to HC Banking/PE

Boutique Banking

Here is an idea that I have been throwing around lately. Currently, I'm a first year analyst at a boutique investment bank. My group is focused on healthcare/biotech, which I love. I'm curious to see if anyone has made the transition from banking to a finance related position (or...

0World Economic Forum warns of a financial, sovereign debt crisis


Last week the World Economic Forum said there is a one-in-five chance of a second financial crisis that could cost the world at least $1 trillion and a sovereign fiscal crisis. According to the World Economic Forum, there is a more than a one-in-five chance of another asset price bubble...

0Interview Help - Potential Question


This is a question that I am trying to prepare for before I am asked it in an interview: I have been talking to several friends who have interviewed with big banks, and they have told me that a likely question would be: if given a large sum of money, where would I invest it? Specifically, in...

0Trading Applying/Resume


I am looking to move to a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> firm in Chicago sometime this year but my current position isn't going to help much (Operations at a mutual fund company). I am...

0Non-target Senior going for MSA to get into Banking


Hey, I wanted to if anyone could offer me some advice on how to break into <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr>. I am currently a senior at a large state university and will go into a master of accounting degree next fall...

+4Citigroup Operations


I just got an offer from Citi for their portfolio analytics group in operations. Does anyone have any experience working there. What is the career path like? What is the salary range for new hires? They offered me 55K. Is it hard to move up to a front office role? Basically, I just want to...

0Touching base with interviewer(s)


I'd like to write an email to my <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/tag/superday">superday</a></span> interviewer(s) to reiterate my interest in an Analyst position that I've been put on hold for since 2 weeks ago. HR has not responded...

+1Non-Target MBA Student Seeking Anything In IB


I am freaking out as I am a recent graduate from a non-target business school, with an 18 month accelerated <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration ">MBA</abbr> and can NOT find a job in <abbr title="investment banking ">IB</abbr>. I decided...

0What metrics would you look at to figure out if a company is in financial distress


and also What would you look at on a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-10K">10k</a></span> to figure out if a company is distressed or about to be distressed or What is an asset or security that has a negative beta?

0Apply for SA if graduate fails?


I was under the impression that if banks rejected you for a graduate role, there wasn't much point in applying for a summer role. However, a top-few just carried forward my (rejected last November) graduate application to a <span class='keyword_link'><a...

0Idiot MDs


Guys, need advice. I have a great working relationship with the MD ("A", for the sake of this post) I work for and get top ratings from him at reviews but above him is one of the co-team heads ("B" - I never ever work for the other team head) who is a complete ignorama...

0BBs bowing to populist pressure

blueofspirit Another example of populist hate-mongering.. the sad thing is that the banks are actually reacting and bending to the kind of tosh thrown out by politicians looking for a scapegoat..

0How is Financial Software Development different from Application Software Development


I recently went to Bloomberg's career site to see what kind of job's do they have for Software Developers, I saw that they list their Software Development Jobs under the title Financial Software Developer. How is traditional/Application Software Development different from Financial...

0goldman sachs legal analyst (hk)


Hi, on 8th Jan, I had a first round telephone interview with Goldman Sachs <abbr title="Hong Kong">HK</abbr> for a legal analyst position. Till now, I have not got any response from them yet. Has anyone heard back so far?

0Nomura HK SA 2nd round interviews


anyone had the interview yet? was it fit or technical?

0Average GPA for top firms?


Yo so my GPA is not to high. Although i am only a freshman and have already obtained 2 internships. Does anyone have an idea of what average GPAs are for top firms.

0Should I Try I-Banking/Management Consulting in India?


So basically, if I don't get anything over here in the states, do you think it might be worth trying to do banking at a big firm in India, getting an <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration ">MBA</abbr>, and then working in the states? I have relatives that may...



I'm a senior looking for a <abbr title="full time ">FT</abbr> spot, preferably on a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> floor. I have a high level contact at MS that is...

0DNC Donations: Protection $ or Real Support?

lolbaringslol I'm curious because I've been active in politics on the right (Conservative/Libertarian) and I don't want to scrub that stuff of my resume because bankers and traders love getting taxed at higher marginal...

0citi IBD FT 2010 rejection letters???


So this is my situation. I applied via the regular <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/citigroup">Citi</a></span> website in early october. my application got declined. ...then randomly on my college career website (non-target) there was an...

+2What exactly is a SuperDay?


I've seen this used around here a lot. I've seen people taking about a <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan superday and a UBS SuperDay, but what exactly goes on at these SuperDays?

0Market Making or Front Running?

Eddie Braverman

Thomas Mazarakis, head of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="//">Goldman Sachs</a></span>'s fundamental strategies group, <a...

0HELP: Which offer to take?


Hi guys, through accelerated interviews and personal relation interviews landed the following offers: <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/jpmorgan-chase"><abbr title="JP Morgan ">JPM</abbr></a></span> <abbr...

+1Asset Management Salaries


I am working a GWM internship for a a major bank right now, and am wondering about first-year salaries across the industry and in different parts of the country (for the major banks). What can one expect? What are bonuses like? Obviously the money won't be as good as in <abbr...

0LBO Sensitivity Question (data tables)


So I am somewhat new to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-leveraged-buyout-LBO"><abbr title="leveraged buyout ">LBO</abbr></a></span> modeling as we don't really do it at my firm but I am...

0Advice on these shoes


Any opinion on these shoes? Ok for banking? I like BR, quality seems to be good and price attractive.

0technical second round in AM: what to expect?


How do we prepare a technical interview in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-asset-management-AM">Asset Management</a></span>? i had a first round that was almost 100 percent behavioural and if they call me for a second...

0To which department did I apply?


This may sound stupid to some of you: I applied for 30+ <abbr title="investment banks ">IBs</abbr> and got a first round interview with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/morgan-stanley">Morgan Stanley</a></span> next...

0GS Securities Investing - SA


Hi, I have an on-campus interview coming up with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/goldman-sachs"><abbr title="Goldman Sachs ">GS</abbr></a></span> Securities Investing. The groups that recruit from our school are...

+1Last few weeks in investment at last, thank God I am free at last


I'm in my last few weeks of life as a banker and moving on to the buyside. I have absolutely no motivation to do any work at all right now in my current group as I am already looking forward to my new job. I haven't submitted my resignation to my bank though. Let's say you...

0lev fin analyst bonus


hey! so im trying to budget for next year in the city, and i was just wondering how bonuses in lev fin and an i-bank for a first year analyst typically compare to that of someone in say corp fin? salary, sign on, and other random benefits were on par with other groups, so im hoping year end...

0ML HK Group Selection


Will join the firm this year after graduation. anyone has an idea on how the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/company/bank-of-america-merrill-lynch">ML</a></span> <abbr title="Hong Kong ">HK</abbr> is doing? I heard the...

0Regional Offices


Is there any difference in <abbr title="private equity ">PE</abbr> recruiting from <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/consulting-case-interviews"><abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and...

0HF or BB


If I can get a <abbr title="summer analyst intern ">SA</abbr> stint at a reputable <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB"><abbr title="bulge...

0Big 4 (Corp Fin) vs. DCM ... steps towards PE/top MBA in a few years?



+1JP Morgan LA Office


Can someone provide more info on office size, strengths, weaknesses, etc of the office? I know that office covers healthcare, industrials and consumer for clients across the western part of the US. How strong is dealfow and senior team?

+5How do you go to almost the top of the Monkey Shit board at WSO?

CLGCTrader In less than 72 hours... I just can't take you...these guys are on here to help and all you tell them to do is shut it...granted that you might have been attacked first...but that's how guys are when trying to defend their...

0Hiring Power of Partners at MBB


If one has a direct relationship with a partner at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/consulting-case-interviews"><abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and BCG ">MBB</abbr></a></span>, does that usually mean he can immediately pass...

0Input from Energy Traders: TransCanada


Looking at summer internships and just wanted some general feedback about TransCanada. Does it provide a good learning environment if I am interested in natural gas <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+1Decade In Review - NFL Style

Eddie Braverman

I came across this video and thought you'd all enjoy it going into a major playoff weekend. ESPN produced it before New Year's, but it's a pretty cool review of the past decade and some of the major events that took place. One thing that really stood out for me was how badly I...

0LA BB IB or financial analyst


is it possible for a finance major from a non target( u of arizona) to get a job offer from a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB"><abbr title="bulge bracket ">BB</abbr></a></span>...

0The Tepee Shaped Recovery


The shape of this economic recovery will not be in a “V”, as many pundits have promulgated, but instead may be the inversion of that letter…which will unfortunately look much more like a tepee. The upcoming downfall will surprise most investors who have been tricked into believing that a...

0UBS IBD Superday


Anyone hear back yet? I know someone of you are on here haha

0Does intern with investment management at the university's foundation during the semester matter?


Hey guys. Just curious...I guess, to some extent, it matters for <abbr title="Sales and Trading ">S&T</abbr>, <abbr title="asset management ">AM</abbr>, etc. but not too much for <span class='keyword_link'><a...

0SA relationship hires don't get FT offers - true?


Is this true? If so, why would you take the SA? even if you are a rockstar......unless you try to leverage that for other <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> offers. When people ask you why you don't have a offer, do you say 'I was a relationship hire'?

0MBA placements


I was bored, and was going through Business Week's B-school profiles. Under 'Alumni Affairs and Careers' it shows you how many students got placed at each company. Thought you might find it interesting in case you hadn't already stumbled across...