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Income Inequality, Is It Unavoidable


Income inequality, a topic that gets discussed a lot here. I've been reading up on it, namely books and a lot of articles. Would like to hear other's thoughts on it. My main thought is, would it be unavoidable? I feel there are two classes of people with money. Basically,...

SAT to Give Students 'Adversity Score'

Max Heiliger

"The College Board plans to assign an adversity score to every student who takes the SAT to try to capture their social and economic background, jumping into the debate raging over race and class in college admissions. This new number, called an adversity score by college admissions...

Weirdest thing you have seen a Co- Worker obsessed with?


I knew this guy who was obsessed with Taylor Swift. He had 2 premium memberships to her fan club, always gets front row tickets, and I'm pretty sure he has the most Taylor stuff I have ever seen. Got any co-workers who are obsessed with something that's just weird or is their...

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Ranking the Douchiest People You Will Meet On Wall Street by Where They Went To Undergrad


**Update:** See the Non-Target Edition here. The HPY Kiss Ass: Imagine this: The entire analyst class has to sit through an hour long information session with the Compliance team. There is really no need for this, other than the fact that every other important group at your firm got to present to ...

Any of you here ever bartended before?


Not in high finance so the work hours are more laid back and left my old job a little over a week ago after getting an offer in NYC. It seems like back in my college days, bartender was the job to get but even now when I have been out of college, a handful of guys seem to be able to do that on top ...

BK or NYC??


Title pretty much says it all. Moving from the West Coast to NYC for an FT analyst role and am making enough to choose between living in the City or surrounding areas. Is Brooklyn a cool place to live as an analyst? Do other analysts live there? I don't mind a light commute to work but definitely no...

Los Angeles Finance People

Ed Chambers

Where do you live? I hate there are so few high rises in LA unlike NYC and other big cities. Any thoughts?...

California assembly votes to use taxpayer dollars to give health insurance to illegal aliens


One of the great tragedies of modern America is that California used to be a rock solid GOP state that was governed fairly effectively. Thanks to various macro forces, it is now rock solid Dem and insanity is taking over. Gavin Newsom is on track to being the worst governor in the state's post-WWII ...

What credit cards do you have in your wallet?

Howard Hughes

Looking to get a couple credit cards -- I was thinking to get the Amex Platinum because of the opening reward, and then switch to Amex Gold next year (since I don't travel much while I commonly go out to restaurants/buy food from grocery stores), but I also want another credit card in addition that'...



Have a long night ahead and could use a distraction every hour or so What is your hardest take... on anything. I'm talking hardest take possible. Fire away...

Masters in Finance Blog


Ok, as most people know I just finished my MSF and am a huge fan of the degree. Just as everyone else who has applied to grad school I looked at a lot of programs and schools. My time on this board as well as having friends in other programs has given me a decent knowledge base on the subject. Consi...

Vault Guide, BS? or any better guides?


Hi, I'm freshman and pursuing an IB role and management consulting. I found this Vault interview guide free to print on internet. Is it good enough to understand the general idea of finance industry and make a decent interview answers? Or is there any material that I can use so I can learn about f...

Consequences after being caught cheating


Hello, I am not proud of what I have done but I think the US academic pushed me to focus too much on academics rather than the actual content. Background: I am an international student and my undergrad was business, I had the chance to be accepted in an intensive computer science grad program fo...

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Billions Dialogue

Paddy’s Pub

Posted about this before and how ridiculous some of the dialogue has gotten and read this review of the episode and wanted to get some thoughts. Copy and pasting from review. I personally agree with Samantha Mathis as her and the investor relations girl at Taylor's company are the most unrealistic c...

Planning a Wedding - What are Some Wedding/Honeymoon/Bachelor Party/Groomsman/Etc. Tips?


I'm getting married in 2020 and going through all of the planning with the fiancée. We have a venue and a general idea of where we want our honeymoon to be, but I generally don't know much about the little things - what do I get groomsmen, what am I expected to do, what am I expected to pay for, ...

How Can I Prove that I'm the Biggest Hardo at my Non-Target?


I already have 3 patagucci vests (1 monogrammed, 2 vanilla) with my 1987 thinkpad coming in the mail, my JUUL is custom engraved with "SHORT VIX", and I have "Incoming Interviewer for Goldman Sachs Risk Management Division in New Jersey" on my LinkedIn Premium profile. What else can I do prove my do...

Anyone ever get a labrum tear repaired before with surgery? Would love to hear story / advice


Hey guys, so about a year ago I had a small labrum tear from overhead presses (no desire to do those ever again after consulting with several PTs and doctors about its functionality). Like a dumbass, I waited like 6 months before talking to a doctor, and was prescribed PT as the doctor thought it mi...

2019 Summer intern Thread!


Hey y'all, who else is interning in NY for this summer? Looking to meet new people and make friends - I'm interning at a mutual fund with a small intern class and I've never been to NY before. PM me or reply if interested?...

What side project or side hustle are you working on?


Title says it all. The best idea I read here recently was making Instagram bots to sell accounts to wannabe celebs. My entrepreneurial pursuits are much more long-term: an automated trading system and an AI-driven drone security system, among others. So I'm curious: what other lucrative business i...

Kamala Harris "gender wage gap" proposal

Paddy’s Pub

"Under the Harris proposal, companies could face fines if they didn’t address pay disparities. It would require large corporations to obtain an “Equal Pay Certification” to show they’re not paying women less than men for an equal value of work. The senator’s plan would also prevent compani...

WTF is a "customer engagement specialist?"

Invest in Real Estate

Is it just me, or do you guys think it's really stupid for someone on LinkedIn to say they were a "Customer Engagement and Relations Specialist" or some nonsense like that, when really they were just a cashier? What's the point of this?...

What's the sweetest job you know someone got right out of school?


It can be straight out of undergrad or right after business school. Why was it such a good job and what was the pay?...

Stupid Questions: Upcoming Internship

Warren's Buffet

Hey WSO! This is obviously dumb, but I haven't had an in person internship yet and don't want to be asking ppl that I know. So: 1) Would I get a lunch break as an intern at a fund? If so, how long would it usually be? 2) What time can I usually be expected to arrive at the office if the markets open...

WSO Caption Contest - May 14 2019... Collect Silver Bananas and Win A Free WSO T-Shirt


WSO Caption Contests are back! You guys know the drill, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post with a caption you think is most fitting for the cartoon posted below. The winner will be determined by the community based on the number of Silver Bananas awarded to each comment. In the event...

Investment banking by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl


Is the book 'Investment Banking' by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl a good book to read? Currently in undergrad at a semi target and I'm looking for great books to read and learn more. I'm open to more suggestions....

Are you passionate about your profession?


Hi, whenever I try to boost my discipline by watching motivational videos about the people I admire, there is especially one topic that remains in my head - passion. They all describe their, in some way obsessive, passion about what they do and repeatedly cite this as one of the keys to their succe...

Bill Gross's Asperger


In a recent Bloomberg interview, former bond king Bill Gross revealed that he has known for some times that he has Asperger syndrome. He noted that perhaps having Autistic Spectrums Disorder have benefited him as an investor as not being able to be affected by emotion for minute movement in the mark...

Struggling to pick a name for Python/finance mailing list


I teach Python to finance people, and I noticed there aren't good online guides for what they're trying to do. Figured I'd start a mailing list, but I need a name that doesn't sound really corny to insiders. Help me out here -- I'm a coder not a trader. The domains I have to choose from are: WallS...

Django Learning


Can anyone tell me the best way to learn Django? I want to build my web app, So Django is good or I can choose another programming language. I am learning Django from one of online programming community So any suggestions....

JP Morgan NYC Run is Cancelled :(

Incoming cfa level 1 charterholder

I was really looking forward to the event. Anyone else bummed out? Last year was my first run and it was a great time....

Seeking Advice, am I ruining my career? What would you do?


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read. I am currently a recent MBA graduate working as a Senior Financial Analyst. I am currently located in the Midwest region and have been granted the opportunity to transfer to NY for better leadership and promotion opportunities. My wife and I currentl...

I've noticed a new "trend"


Where should I start...? A while ago, some of my old class buddies from my Jesuit boarding school asked me what the fuck I was doing with my life. Where was I living? Who was I fucking? What was I studying?, etc, etc. That's why I finally decided to make an Instagram account. Not only have I notic...

The Unserious President and His Federal Reserve Board Hacks


Taking a brief break from panic-tweeting about Joe Biden, Trump has decided to withdraw his planned nomination for Stephen Moore to the Fed Reserve Board. In his usual habit of gaslighting the nation, he once again claimed Moore withdrew himself from the process, and failed to mention just hours pri...

Best Office Chair


Looking for a mesh office chair but I don't want to spend more than $500. Any suggestions? Looking for something like a Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, etc. Thanks....



I am a cancer survivor because of CBD. I had breast cancer (stage 4) and I don't know how will I be cured but this friend of mine told me to try the CBD, at first I did not believe because my doctor doesn't allow me to take some cannabis as a medicine and this is a fake medicinal treatment. But I sa...

Protein Shake as a meal


Looking for something to substitute breakfast/get good protein after a workout. Never done it before but bought an overpriced shake recently and really liked it (Strawberry, banana and vanilla? protein powder) pretty sweet tbh but something that doesn't taste like crap and has good nutrients would b...

When are contractions ("I'm", "I'll", "don't", etc.) approprate in emails in finance


Hey guys, I've been wondering when it is okay to use contractions like "I'm", "I'll", etc. in introductory or networking emails. I'll be an intern at a BB this summer and have so far mostly avoided using contractions when networking (at least initially) to maintain formality, but I got a comment rec...

What did you guys do in High school


What did you guys do in HS? Did you start your own business? Have a job? Blow your parents money? In HS I started a couple businesses, but I wish I had paid more attention to my grades.I I started a web hosting with business with a friend, I handled the finances and marketing he did the technical s...

Trade outside of compliance?


Currently working in equity research and my firm requires me to trade with their brokerage. Fees, like the culture, are as if I went back to the ‘60s. Stock trades one way, the greater of $.06 a share + $5 handling fee and $25. Should I risk my job to do what I enjoy? It’s only a risk if I get c...

Don't Accidentally Post Your Password


My bad. I am an idiot and don't deserve to have an account here. Apologies to everyone. Have a good week. ...

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Discussion (Likely Spoilers)


Thoughts overall on the episode? I thought it was absolute trash from a story writing perspective and completely destroyed what the show has been trying to set up and be about for years. Disappoint and anti-climactic. I think once its all over and the legacy discussion comes into play, GoT has loc...

What is your favorite College Food?


Hello Monkeys, The title says it all. Tell me about your favorite food you ate when you came home drunk out of your mind or with the munchies at 2 am and you could barely move, or some of the 5 dollar 5 star meals that you lived off of in college during exam season. If none of that relates to you, ...

Opinions on Career path?


Hello Users! Currently looking to get into IB/PE/HF/AM. I am currently entering 4th year at a non-target Canadian University, majoring in Finance and minoring in statistics. I currently have a CGPA of 3.1/4 which renders it hard/impossible for me to get any jobs at one of the large banks. I went on...

Concorde Career College Loan Forgiveness


Education loans help a lot now a days to make your career. There are a lot of loan repayment programs. Before choosing any kind of loan program it is better to know that the wrong repayment plan could cost you potential loan forgiveness or just too much of your paycheck to afford anything else. Stud...

Best blogs in 2018 (Finance and non finance related)


Hey everyone, I am looking to find a couple of good regular reads since I have a bit more time on my hands now. So what are your favorite blogs that you always go back to? Not restricted to finance only, political commentaries, philosophy, lifestyle, health, watches, pens etc. can also be included...

The Origin of Valuation


It may come as a surprise to some of you that the origin of our profession can be traced back directly to the Holy Bible. It's rarely taught that the principles of valuation can be found in the Torah. Often, economic historians point to Aristotle or to much later philosophers, such as Hume or even S...

Confused 18 y/o girl needs advice

Anonymous Monkey

I went to college & made an iPhone app when I was 16 years old. I do beauty pageants for fun & quote Confucius unironically. Do I have your attention now? I hope you’re still with me (: I was mindlessly ambitious in high school- I played JV basketball, took all the APs, & joined all the clubs. I ...

who is your role model?


who is your role model? and how did you find this man/woman? was he a superior of yours at work? or did you connect with him in some other fashion?...

Tesla Pickup Truck?


Read an article on Bloomberg that discussed Tesla's plans to unveil a pickup. This interested me because I think the US pickup market is one of the toughest to crack. A lot of truck guys seem to be traditionalists, and I'm not sure how they would feel about an electric pickup. There will definitely ...

Joe Rogan says Trump would beat Biden in a fight. How do you think that would play out.


Joe said "I think Trump is meaner. And I think Biden would make a mistake. He would swing, and he would slip, and he would fall, and he would fuck his knee up, and Trump would kick him in the face like a soccer ball." Thoughts?...

It Finally Happened...We Got a Resume With a Photo


I honestly thought this was a giant meme, that no one has ever actually done this before. A resume just came across our desk with a *selfie* attached to it. We were in hysterics. The general consensus was that A) this is a horrible idea, and that no one should do this under any circumstances whatsoe...

NBA Playoffs '19


NBA Playoffs are in full swing. My San Antonio Spurs got knocked out by the two-bit Nuggets so I no longer have a dog in the fight. **Philadelphia vs. Toronto -- Toronto in 6** 76ers are stacked with talent, but I'm just not seeing the team cohesion and I think Brett Brown is a bust of a coach. Em...

Recommendations for Custom Stationary

Hoodoo Brown

A few years ago I received a box of custom stationary as a birthday present and am now on the verge of running out. I browsed online for a while and asked for suggestions from friends/family, but nothing has piqued my interest. I am wondering if any of my fellow monkeys have recommendations for br...

Gagging and Dry Heaving Upon Hookup


Quick question. So I have had this happen to me and now one of my friends the other day.. Let me give you the scenario. Go to club, hookup with girl, eat her pussy, fuck her, gag your guts out for the next three days. Is this like a known thing or is there just something in the water in Europe? An...




Best US Credit Card for Students?


I'm moving to the US from Canada, with no US based credit history. I'm starting my first year MBA and will have no income (lol). A couple of options I have right now: 1. **Set up an Amex in Canada** - they allow cross border transfer of credit cards pretty easily. Con: Canadian sign up perks SUCK in...

Talk me out of buying a classic car


My job takes me around Southern California and I have an old (2008) Porsche I drive on the weekends. Here in SoCal, the classic car culture is cool, but the big draw is being able to work on/modify any car before 1974 due to emissions. I've always wanted an El Camino and the prices for the SS vers...

I'm a millenial and I'm better than you


I can only assume this site houses plenty of millennials, who like me, are SICK AND TIRED of being bashed my grey haired, denture wearing, defeated men/women. I won't argue the typical "we're like this because of our parents" or "atleast we didn't destroy the planet". NO. Simply put, we are better t...

Vespa & LONDON: share your thoughts!


Hey monkeys! I am seriously thinking of buying a Vespa to get to work or around London. After having cycled to work for a year and a half, I want to make the upgrade The commute is not very long, and moreover moving with Vespa could allow me to - when changing home - pick one that is not necessar...

+1 You Seen a Fake University Diploma?


good day, how to buy fake diploma with transcript? buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate online. We can make Fake Diploma, Fake Degree and Transcript, Fake Degree, Buy Fake diploma. It's safe and reliable to buy fake degree from our company. We have thousands of samples from AUS, C...

Theresa May resigned - Who’s next?


Theresa May just announced her resignation in the 7th of June as Prime Minister. Who’s, in your opinion, the next leader of the Tories? What impact will it have in Brexit, namely in a possible second referendum that was being supported by May? Curious to read your opinions! Cheers...

Millennial Side Hustle


So some of the zips that work on my team continue to toss this buzz word around as if Peter Drucker coined it himself in his most recent HBS Case Study. What is the deal with this 'gig economy' I keep hearing about? Am I the only one who wants to sleep and have fun while I'm away from work? How...

"Sources close to the matter revealed"

Anonymous Monkey

Happened to be browsing Bloomberg and often details of deals that have not yet been announced end up getting reported about because of "sources close to the matter". Aren't these sources putting themselves in trouble by revealing such information? How is this any different if say I work on a deal ...

Restrictions on personal trading?

Chimp scampi

Everyone at my firm is literally castrated by our compliance policies - no single name equities, everything else needs clearance. Don't even get me started on the clearance process... For those already working, curious what your firm's policy is. For those who are still in college - stock up on...

Why am I horny as fuck? It's fucking annoying and distracting


Alright I'm sort of seeing this girl about 3 times a week - we go on a date, chill out, and fuck. On other days I either (1) Can't stop thinking about/wacking off to her or (2) Can't stop thinking about/wacking off to women in general. Is this normal? I mean, on a typical work day I'd be on a deadl...

Biggest professional regret?


In light of the “Piper Jaffray: Sweatier Than Ever in 2018” thread ([link](, I was inspired to share the biggest professional regret of my career so far, however early in my career that it may be. Asked to stay an ...

Banker Pickup Basketball?


Hey everyone, I've actually never posted on here before, but I'm an incoming first-year analyst at a BB and wondering if there's a pickup basketball community within banking, and if so, where/when y'all play? (Golf isn't really my thing...). I saw a post like this from 2011, but some updated info w...

Extended Hour/24 Hour Gyms in Midtown NYC?

Wall Street Goomba

Anyone aware of any Extended hour or 24 hour gyms in Midtown that are worth using? Noticed there we're only two 24 hour Fitness locations, but both are a bit of distance from where I will be living. Likely will sign up for one of them, but just wanted to see if WSO had any other recommendations. Ap...

Transfer Student and Accelerated Recruiting


I have an opportunity to transfer into a top 20 university as a Junior (class of 2021) but after networking it seems like most investment banking roles have already finished up recruiting a couple months ago for the summer of 2020. Delaying graduation really is not an option since I'm already taking...

Games of Thrones S8 E6 Series Finale Discussion [SPOILERS]


What the fuck. This episode was going so well right until Drogon left King's Landing. He should've bowed down and let Jon on his back. I know this show is supposed to never go as we want it to but c'mon man, missed opportunity for him to put everyone in their place. Imagine him threatening to dick...

A whopping 85% of college grads affected by autism are unemployed


A whopping 85% of college grads affected by autism are unemployed. This figure is abysmal compared to the 2.1% unemployment rate for all college grads. Why are so many college grad autists unemployed? Because they have poor social skills and behave strangely, among other things. Lesson: If you have...

Excel, Google Sheets, and other tools of the trade


Hi Monkeys: So I've been out of finance game in a direct capacity for a few years now (made a transition to software development). I'm assuming the tools of the trade for everyday work are largely the same as they were when I was in IB / PE (e.g. Excel for analysis and Powerpoint for decks / prese...

MD never sleeps (growing suspicious)


So I've had this hunch for a while and wanted to get others thoughts. Before you think I'm crazy and sleep deprived just look at the evidence I am about to bestow upon you all. Over the past year I've been growing suspicious that my MD is a vampire... There are several reasons that have begun to b...

NYC Roommate - If anyone is still looking


Definitely a bit late to the game but figured it was still worth posting in case anyone is in the same position. Moving to NYC to start my job early July (from the Midwest), will be working in DCM at a relatively unknown bank. Just started looking at apartments, browsing some on Craigslist and check...

Your Favorite Breakfast

C.R.E. Shervin

Hi Gang, After having a delicious breakfast this morning consisting of 4 strips of bacon and 5 scrambled eggs with a coffee, I wanted to know what is everyone's favorite weekday breakfast. I wake up a little earlier to have the time to cook it but I start the day full and happy. I always used t...

Gillette Commercial

Pump and Dump

Is this the new age of pussyfying men? I thought most of the commercial was laughable. They even included a TYT clip in

Tits or Ass


You can only pick one. Nice tits with an average ass or a nice ass with average tits. 100 characters...

Business Knowledge


Q. What capabilities are needed to achieve success? To successfully compete; strong and differentiated capabilities are also needed. For example, if you are pursuing an innovation/product leadership strategy, you need resources and people who know how to be innovative and create a culture of innova...

UChicago to HF/MF Out of Undergrad?

Warren's Buffet

Any thoughts on if this is possible? I'm an incoming transfer to U of C and was wondering if any funds recruit from here or if this has been done before. ...

Goldie has breakthrough, replaces hate in his heart with love, creates softest and longest post to date


I'm a very angry man. I hold a lot of hate in my heart - lot of resentment and disgust. It's been growing for years. It reached a tipping point the other day and I've had a breakthrough. I remember everybody who's ever wronged me. I have a literal shit list. I've felt rejected all my life. Rejected ...

Game of Thrones finale

Wu_Tang Financial

Absolutely sucked. Writing for the whole season was rushed - felt sloppy. There was a water bottle under a chair in a scene during the finale, just like the Starbucks cup fiasco. Someone made the point of saying do you know how unorganized it has to be for this two things to get into the final shot?...

London | Basketball sessions with Coach | Players welcome


Hi! Currently there are scheduled Basketball drills managed by ex-pro coach. The level is good and the environment friendly. Sessions are both technical and include matches. There is one session per week (Frid or Sat) in central london. Please send PM if interested to let you know about registra...