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+13 Conscription into the US military after war with China & Russia breaks out214m
+28 Covid has disrupted World Order104h
+79 Q&A: Recent Quitter from Fixed Income S&T to Startups375d
+31 Brittney Griner Sentenced to 9 years in Russian Federal Prison - Thoughts?291w
+22 I finally have my business idea and I'm going to act on it91w
+43 Are Ethics Taught at Top MBA Programs?122w
+74 Conservative Professionals 462w
+138 The Modern American Dream844w
0 Countries Ranked By How Hot Their Women Are84w
+12 Explain "Turo" to me. How is letting poor people wreck your BMW a "business"?31mo
+150 Are we ruining Education?491mo
+10 NBA 2K23 MyTeam Triple Threat and Clutch Time Reward Revealed21mo
+10 Is it worth it to Transfer Undergraduate/Should I?41mo
+136 Las Vegas 2022341mo
+6 How to Save American Democracy31mo
+463 Wall Street moving to Miami would be great2201mo
+12 The closest thing to god is George Soros91mo
+18 Why billionaire Ken Griffin is moving Citadel's HQ to Miami from Chicago: riots, an employee stabbed, and the attempted hijacking of his own car171mo
+15 How/where/when to travel111mo
+59 Top 15 NBA Players of All Time481mo
+4 Biden (and Trump) did exactly the right thing on Afghanistan.71mo
+21 Invasion day 3131mo
+40 Putin is completely irrational and illogical471mo
+15 Who is the most savage robber baron of all time ?181mo
+27 Personality Types in Finance252mo
+91 Do you miss being a student? Why/why not?442mo
0 Where is the perfect place on earth to live for a misanthrope ?22mo
+17 Question about American military propaganda as Top GUN releases182mo
+24 Given high political polarization & stark fundamental differences, does it make sense for the U.S. to peacefully separate into two countries?262mo
+20 I'm Leaving This Shitty Country262mo
+179 Most Prestigious Office982mo
+14 My colleague keeps telling me the earth is flat and the moon landing was staged83mo
+31 Best NES Games (1985)323mo
0 What the hell is happening to USA ? Anybody see these Anti-LGBT/Anti-Abortion bills ?203mo
+7 The UN Security Council is outdated13mo
+5 Russia vs. Ukraine23mo
0 Russia Is Hiding Their Real Army33mo
+61 Why do rich people play goft? Why not play basketball?1133mo
+110 TV Shows... let's hear 'em!803mo
+9 ESO High Isle Preview13mo
+31 Disheartened by the prejudice, racism and hate in this world 243mo
+1 HOW TO BLOW $10K (the prestigious way)94mo
+50 My reasoning on why starting businesses is easy in 3 steps (Part 1)174mo
+349 Private Equity vs Hedge Funds: 4 Key Differences3794mo
+12 Border Expansion is Back on the Menu: Russia's Success54mo
+7 How much of your base do you aim to save?64mo
+10 How to move abroad to Turkey? 104mo
+83 What made you realize life is short? 564mo
+35 Companies pulling out of Russia224mo
+71 Global Warming: Best Spots to Be in 40 Years794mo
+39 How the left and media concealed Hunter Biden's Shenanigans 154mo
+280 End of the USD as the world reserve currency1094mo
+10 Investments in Russia. Opportunity?35mo
+3 Tier List of Empires by Prestige (Historically Accurate Names)215mo
+6 When is Bill Ackman going to enlist in the US marine Corp to fight Russia?25mo
+17 Theory: Is Ukraine Invasion A Ploy For NATO To Underestimate Russia's Military?215mo
+6 The good thing about the Russia-Ukraine crisis15mo
+38 How to defend against inflation & potential recession205mo
+7 NATO rejects Ukraine no-fly zone, EU eyes more Russia sanctions75mo
+57 Putin Is In A Proper State Of Mind - And that's the scariest part125mo
+99 Is Putin in a proper state of mind?445mo
+9 Are Rural MAGAs Destroying The GOP?215mo
+15 WFH - Nuclear Shelter edition195mo
0 I'm looking for some really fantastic one-word Instagram captions.75mo
0 Delete25mo
+9 [Personal Finance] Asset allocation during (and after) this Russia-Ukraine war15mo
0 FLACKO15mo
+22 Why does the US propaganda want you to hate Russia?235mo
+8 The EU sanctions on Russia are a joke75mo
+39 What’s happening in Ukraine is incredibly sad.215mo
+37 USA vs Russia295mo
+141 I can't bring myself to care about Ukraine 585mo
+73 WSO Censored my Russia War Thread355mo
+39 NATO officials say Russian attack on Ukraine has begun415mo
+131 Russia..and so it has begun665mo
+17 A war has started255mo
+301 Is anyone else worried about the rise in popularity of socialism globally?1435mo
+125 “Putin Is Just Savvy Bro!” - Trump365mo
+7 FinMath UChicago vs. CompFin UCL vs. Stats Imperial?25mo
+6 Futures Trading - Worth It?15mo
+243 Should We Be Worried About Ukraine?2075mo
+1 Why are there no Ukraine posts?35mo
+46 Liberal GenZ/Millenials of WSO: With Putin/Russia about to invade Ukraine, are you now joining the Military to fight your greatest sworn enemy? 346mo
+64 Do you think COVID-19 was made by humans for some reason? (CONSPIRACY)166mo
+56 WW3566mo
+77 Ukraine situation566mo
+19 What is the default font at your firm?146mo
+18 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics156mo
+84 Goldie's Latest WSO User Guideline Violation126mo
+40 AME (Everything) Pro Wrestler Edition86mo
+145 Thoughts on Hunter & Joe Biden Ukranian / Chinese influence controversy?526mo
+10 Don't Be Afraid to Have Conviction and Trust in Your Own Ability16mo
+15 Miles R: The 4chan Afghanistan Man16mo
+12 Can You Eat Your Emotional Support Animal66mo
+48 Most Prestigious Communities in North America 566mo
+52 I think God loves evil people (if he exists)276mo
+6 Defi Opportunites + Owning Digital Businesses26mo
+9 Citi London Office Features66mo
+10 Bookmaker 1win16mo
+20 Places to go this summer186mo
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