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+9 Doomsday scenario: Safest place to hide on earth ?281d
+56 Capitalism has to end somewhere, its just making life worse and we need to accept that493d
0 Biden Says Quiet Part Out Loud (US Would Send Troops if Taiwan Invaded by China)21w
+90 Join the WSO Telegram Chats for Your City 2532w
+63 Are my college friends useless?341mo
+32 Covid has disrupted World Order141mo
+46 Most Prestigious Hospital?181mo
+19 Conscription into the US military after war with China & Russia breaks out271mo
+1 China’s banking crisis11mo
+31 Brittney Griner Sentenced to 9 years in Russian Federal Prison - Thoughts?291mo
+44 China Lockdowns -- I Can't Make Any Sense of It. Why?192mo
+136 Las Vegas 2022342mo
+250 Wuhan Corona Virus 1203mo
+26 How can we make money off Africa?293mo
0 "Worker Lives Matter": China's new protest for better working conditions13mo
+1 Chinese youth protest insane working hours13mo
+1 Vote every Republican out253mo
+94 What second language should you learn?683mo
+13 Flooring industry13mo
+108 Recession Watch - May 2022653mo
+5 Macau vs Las Vegas54mo
+20 I'm Leaving This Shitty Country264mo
+8 hk->uk24mo
+1 Wechat Pay35mo
+7 The UN Security Council is outdated15mo
0 Russia Is Hiding Their Real Army35mo
+349 Private Equity vs Hedge Funds: 4 Key Differences3795mo
+12 Border Expansion is Back on the Menu: Russia's Success55mo
0 Can we get a better name for the CCP?15mo
+6 Which emerging market would you invest in besides China?86mo
+280 End of the USD as the world reserve currency1026mo
+122 Silly but interesting question, how are bankers and other rich people powerful?646mo
+17 Theory: Is Ukraine Invasion A Ploy For NATO To Underestimate Russia's Military?216mo
+34 Who is the American Putin?166mo
+141 I can't bring myself to care about Ukraine 587mo
+39 NATO officials say Russian attack on Ukraine has begun417mo
+8 The EU sanctions on Russia are a joke47mo
+11 Have we crippled China for good?37mo
0 Are Asians Overrepresented in Finance Industry? 87mo
0 Favourite tw accounts17mo
+116 Does Anyone Else Think China's Foreign Investment Is Sus?677mo
+18 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics157mo
+44 China Surpass USA in 20 Years?347mo
0 Delete37mo
+92 Alt left is trying to cancel Joe Rogan568mo
+31 Growth in China: changing into reverse?158mo
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0 nice to meet u58mo
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+26 Managing Management (With Chinese Characteristics)49mo
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+149 Ask me anything… I'm a Private Equity Analyst in Shanghai789mo
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+10 CNN article U.S. falling off a cliff71y
0 Looking for 'SBLC leasing' financial provider11y
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+10 Could a liberal democratic China co-exist with the United States in a revamped Liberal International Order?21y
+11 Pentagon UFO Report21y
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+52 NBA playoff predictions 251y
+40 Is NASA a waste of money?341y
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+31 COVID ESCAPED from a Wuhan Lab???201y
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+162 F**k Zucc: the case for ousting Mark Zuckerberg 721y
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+12 Your Study Abroad Experiences91y
+95 Goldie Tinfoil Hat Vaccine TalkTalk Thread521y
0 WSJ: US/West Decoupling from China, Battle for Business Alignment101y
+355 Anti-Asian Racism is out of control in the US1391y
+115 Asian American Attacks521y
+42 Asian Century and Future of World Economy201y
0 Do you invest in any individual emerging or frontier markets?31y
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+81 Cocaine in Finance?1191y
+29 How to build a fortune, education vs actual doing ?191y
+278 It's time to rein in Big Tech.981y
+94 not a good time to move to Asia231y
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