+22What was your first big break?


My first big break was back in freshman year, I managed to cold call the head of investment banking at X bank. Managed to impress him enough to say he would help in pushing my resume for an interview for that year's internship. But never got the internship nor interview for the summers...

+6New NYC MF regulations


Owners/operators/multifamily funds, what are you guys hearing in your world? State assembly reached an agreement last night in Albany. The new regulations, expected to be signed in the law: * eliminate vacancy decontrol (ability to bring up to market-rate when tenant leaves) * limit Major...

+5Go-to sunglasses this summer?


Curious what you're wearing to protect your eyeballs this summer, looking for a new pair. Thinking about rocking [these]( for the clubs

+5First Year Summer Internship Enough for IB?


I am a first year at UVA and this summer I have landed a part-time internship at AXA Advisors. Furthermore, I am working with a start-up and creating their deck and financial model. I thought that I was ahead of the game until I spoke to some of the other kids I know. Some of them are working...

+4MSREDs - Outside of the MIT/Columbia/NYU/Georgetown

Dumpster Fire Yuppie

Ya'll- Currently looking into MRED/MSRED programs like half of the folks lurking on this subforum, is there any particular reason why schools outside of Columbia/NYU/Georgetown/MIT/USC/JHU are never mentioned other than the fact that AdventuresInCRE has the writeups? I did a quick...

+4What Second Year Internships Would Look Best For IB?


I am hoping to do Investment Banking when I graduate like many others on here. I am at UVA and am currently interning, in the summer after my first year, with a startup. I am creating their pitch deck and financial model so they can get funding from investors. I know that this isn't the...

+4Get a bonus vs working from home?


Here's a question for you all. Let's say you could work from home 1 day (sometimes 2 days) a week but because some seniors in the office don't like it, it risks your performance bonus of $20k. Assume that job security is not a problem in the role. Also assume that you don't...

+4Extend current internship, or take another?

Chris. Chris.

hey guys. I'm a freshman going into sophomore year, and I'm currently doing an internship at a small real estate private equity firm. I'm interested in either going into consulting or <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> upon graduation and I have a...

+4Which cities do you think provide the most opportunities?


Curious to know what you guys think about the different markets/cities to work in here in the US. Every city seems to offer a uniqueness that can translate in to how easy it is to do business there, build a network, enjoy a quality of life, etc. We constantly hear about <abbr...

+4Investment Banking breakthrough.


So, unfortunately this is the situation and I am a person to own up to my mistakes. I went to two colleges. I received a 3.11 G.P.A and a 2.65 for the second college. At the second college, they respectfully asked me to leave because they said we don't think this is the place for you to...

+4Rank these REPE Books


I am trying to get into Real Estate Private Equity. Which of these books do you recommend the most? - The Real Estate Game (William Poorvu) - Real Estate Finance & Investments (William Brueggeman) - Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investments (David M. Geltner) - What Every Real...

+4Failed Real Estate Acq Assoc Candidate Case Study


I recently sat for a second round interview for the role above with a very large US-based developer's London office. It was shortly followed by the recruiter "expediating the process" by sending me a case study that they have all of their hires do. I returned my product and...

+4Does anyone here play an elaborate credit card game?


Talked to a couple of friends this weekend who explained how they basically leverage their credit cards for arbitrage. Had one friend who opened a credit card in her dogs name (which didn't card interest for 18 months) then paid bills through venmo to hit the card, but would take the...

+3When to leave the office


Just out of curiosity (random college kid on here) how do first year analysts/ interns know when to leave the office? Do you all just sneak out when the associate/VP is not looking or just forget it and make arrangements with the bank to live there instead? How does this work out?

+3Negotiating MBA Associate Offer


Has anyone heard of anyone sucessfully negotiating anything with their <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> Summer Assocaite offer? I understand there is a pretty standard hiring process and starting salary. But has anyone sucessfully negotiated...

+3Modelling Gurus, please share your wisdom...

The Real John Smith

Hi all, New monkey here - I've been getting a lot of valuable advice from the <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> community and I hope I can build my career further and give back one day. Thank you Patrick! I have a quick question on 3 financial statement...

+3Is it weird to bring lunch to work instead of eating takeout for every meal?


The people on my team leave the office for lunch every day and get takeout. I'd much rather bring my own home-cooked meals instead of eating greasy restaurant food all the time. Is it a weird move to be the guy who brings lunch to work instead of joining the rest of the team? As much as I...

+3Is okay to only list my post-freshman year GPA and omit my cumulative GPA on my resume?


I'm at a target but due to some family deaths and distractions, I messed up my freshman year. Is it okay if I just list my post-freshman year GPA (3.64) and omit my cumulative (3.31)? If yes, should I just write Post-Freshman Year GPA 3.64 or GPA (Post-Freshman Year) 3.64 or whatever?

+2Does Location Matter for BB SA Recruiting?


As I start networking for a boutique <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internship I was wondering if it matters where I do my internship in terms of <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> recruiting if I want to end up in <abbr...

+2When to reach out to boutiques?


Hi everyone, I am currently a rising sophomore interning at CBRE (top commercial real estate firm) in their Advisory and Transaction Services group for the summer. I'm wondering when I should start reaching out to boutiques for internship opportunities for summer 2020. Toward the...

+2Is banking the safest path to becoming modestly rich ($10mm-$20mm)?


Howdy y'all, I have been thinking about this question for a while - is climbing the hierarchy in a banking group (traditional <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> / capital raising) the surest way to reach a net worth in the eight digits? Of...

+2Why boutique?


Hi all, How can you answer "why boutique" when asked in an interview? I'm thinking of going with the learning opportunity coupled with the additional responsibility. Would love to know your thoughts. Best

+2MBA Salaries / Bonus


What is the current street pay for <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> / Elites for fresh <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> graduates? Signing bonus, 1st year salary, and 1st year bonus? thanks

+2Why do banking in LA?


Hi all, What makes banking in LA special? I know a possible answer to this can be about some of the more media/gaming oriented nature of the industries but I would love to know what some general thoughts are. Thanks

+2How to seem genuine in an interview?


Hi all, I'm currently interviewing for roles and I'm having trouble coming across as genuine when I give my cookie cutter answers. I think its a combination of nerves along with the fact that I'm inexperienced with interviews. Based on your experience, what's the best way...

+2Rent Regulation and Affordable Housing in NYC


[Rent Regulation NY Times ]( I'm currently interning for a property owner/developer in NYC and everyone in my office has been talking about this this morning. I understand that people need to be able to afford...

+2Headhunters for IB / PE London


Received a list of headhunters from a partner at a large international <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm. To complete the list, as well as to share with others I am posting it here. Would be very grateful if anyone could help with building out the list, as...

+2Goldman Sachs Cross Markets Group (New IBD Group) - Analyst


Hi Everyone, I am currently in the recruiting process with this group, given the limited information out there, wanted to see if anyone can shed some light on this newly formed <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> group. From what I have heard there are some...

+2Taxes on Multifamily Class A Development


How would I go about finding taxes for a multifamily class A development? ..........................

+1Top 10 Investment Bank Ranking 2020

Triple GGG

Subjective or objective ranking of what the top banks on the street are in 2020. Rank the top 10 based on factors you deem significant.

+1CDPQ? Any thoughts on the place?


I'm going to go for an interview as an investment analyst at CDPQ but I have no idea about the place at all. Would really appreciate if anyone has any thoughts on CDPQ.

+1FT Recruiting During Internship


Hey guys, I'm currently an <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> Summer Analyst at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> bank and was wondering how to go about networking for <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr>...

+1Does boutique salary suck???


I used to work as an analyst at a boutique <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> (10 people) in a very large Midwestern city, and the base salary was 55k. I was promised a bonus, but received 2k at the end of the year. Am I the exception here or what is the average...

+1BB IB internship vs. F500 or CO internship


I am currently a rising sophomore at a non-target state school. As a freshman, I got admitted to our university's investment society and investment banking society because I thought that was the career path I wanted. After learning about the intricacies of <abbr title="investment...

+1 Is that worth to travel for BCG and Mckinsey tests?


Hi guys, I live in a European country, where we don't have offices of BCG nor Mckinsey, but i've applied to the nearby country and got invited for the test in both of them. What do you think is that worth to spend money for living and flight? It's probably gonna cost me 1-2k euro...

+1Why Moelis NYC?


Hi all, Why would I want to ever be at Moelis NYC? What are some good things about the place outside the fact that it's generalist across product and group? Thanks in advance

+1Madison Avenue Partners


Seems like a relatively small shop @ ~$200 <abbr title="middle market">mm</abbr> AUM. Does anyone know of them or have any experience interviewing with them?

+1What banks offer 2 year analyst to associate programs?

Bill Stern @ Axe Cap

Can someone shed some light on what banks offer 2 year analyst then promotion to associates? And, how do they determine whether you will stay as associate or get drop? Is this only offer to top bucket analysts? Is this only a <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> thing or is it...

+1Wells Fargo to Sell Eastdil


What are your guys' thoughts on this sale, especially with Wells keeping the...

+12020 SA application openings and deadlines (London)


Hey guys, Was wondering if there's anyone here who has an overview of the openings and deadlines of the 2020 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> applications for London? A few weeks ago I checked for pretty much every <abbr title="bulge...

+1Interview question: talk to me about a recent market trend


Hi everyone, Wanted to know how you guys talk about this question in an interview? I know there is a bunch of stuff to talk about but what do you think is the best and most effective structure to answer this question with? Also, what's a good resource to use to grab a topic from?...

+1How would you maximize a VC internship?


Doing a sophomore internship. Wondering what things I should do in order to maximize the opportunity.

+1Got invited to a D.E shaw recruiting event


So I am a rising junior at a target university and I recently got invited to a D.E. Shaw recruiting event. I simply wanted to inquire about the firm because I’ve read and heard that the firm is more of a quant fund than a fundamental hedge fund. I am a finance major so I am not a quantitative...

+1Microsoft PowerPoint


I am creating presentation on PowerPoint. I want to add different background in every slide. Can anyone suggest me, how can I do it?

+1FT networking situation


Hi, I emailed a md at a bank asking for a informational. At first he gladly obliged and even set up a call. However, after a couple of hours he emailed me again and said that since I have had prior conversations at the firm he wants to make it efficient for everyone and just redirected me to hr....

+1Partner Buyout in development

C.R.E. Shervin

Anyone has any experience in modeling a buyout of an ongoing deal. We as the LP are looking to take out 3 out of 4 existing partners. How do i model the returns a quarter through the development process. what is the existing capital left in the deal from the 1 GP valued at? The trouble i...

+1Resume Advice Needed - Two Jobs At Same Time


Hi everyone, Just wanted everyones advice on something. I've been asking around but have been getting differing opinions. I'm currently heading into my junior year at a top Canadian school. Going through Summer 2020 recruiting for <abbr title="investment...


Triple GGG


0Best Personal Laptop for Investment Banking?


Curious what the best PCs are for Excel and PowerPoint work. Assume you get a $2-3K technology budget from work to apply towards this purchase.

0Blackstone recruiting 2020


Does anyone know of Blackstone’s recruiting cycle for summer 2020? Is it too late? I am currently interning at a rival REPE firm and was interested in the tactical opportunities group at <abbr title="Blackstone">BX</abbr>. Does recruiting for the summer start in the fall...