+29Ideal girl: alpha or not? What do you look for in a girl27
+27Should I call CDC on my boss so I can take a 2 week vacation?16
+21How would Bernie be for Real Estate?45
+9AMA - 2nd Year IB Analyst at a Bulge Bracket 19
+9AMA: I worked at both McKinsey & BCG11
+8Why is MBA -> IB so accepted, but MBA -> PE is a rare occasion?10
+7LSE Worth it?29
+7Hooking up with other brokers at different shops6
+6I Need Laptop Recommendations24
+6Eastdil training vs other brokerages (CBRE, Newmark, etc) - Adam Spies/Doug Harmon32
+5Does anyone in finance field have a really good taste of music, like Heavy Metal or Extreme Metal?23
+43 Solid Hypotheticals24
+4Competitiveness of Corporate Banking?6
+4MS Finance?11
+4Deciding what to develop...27
+4Do you choose what IB group you are in?6
+4The Most Unbelievable True Story: From Warehouse Associate in January to FO S&T in March. Buckle In....0
+3Bloomberg financial research analyst or boutique regional IB in the south?3
+3Moving from a hedge fund to a bank? Possible to move back?7
+3Coronavirus impact on 2020 sa6
+3Picking between 2 “offers”6
+3No learning curve on internship6
+3No closed deal -> post-MBA recruiting?8
+3Oil and Gas in the 21st Century 5
+3Intro call with MD in healthcare IB- How do I impress ?2
+3Evercore SA 202121
+2Nofap is the secret to success2
+2Life advice: Lateral BB vs. Small PE Fund5
+2Please help on my career direction and business school choice8
+2Wait for a promotion or jump ship as an analyst?6
+2Kung flu3
+2Where is the best Master in finance for ibd job?16
+2Fund Raising (Placement Agents)3
+2Did Your Parents Guide Your Path?1
+2UK recruiter claims he can't tell me any clients' names until he has my CV due to GDPR7
+2Is it okay to like banking?14
+2Which EB place best into PE?5
+2Evercore EMEA3
+2COVID-19 2
+2Price of IB Analyst Apartment5
+2Is it OK to pitch a hold if you were assigned the company?2
+2Full Time Recruiting for 20212
+2Buy aapl and nvda or put money in Roth? 5
+13 statement model "Operating lease right-of-use assets"1
+1Moelis Associate Program0
+1Lazard Sophomore Diversity Program5
+1What are some things that I should be prepared to discuss in an interview with a real estate development company?1
+1Industrial REPE Acquisitions Analyst Interview2
+1Networking select offices1
+1Pre MBA IB internship - firms that have these opportunities0
+1Primer on sales leaseback?1
+1BS Forecasting for software companies3
+1Whats the point of pre-deal PPA?1
+1Coronavirus Covid 19 - Split Shifts at Firms?1
+1Employee referral from out of town??1
+1EB 2021 SA: How many positions can I apply at once?2
+1Undergrad GPA beyond 1st Job???5
+1Long Distance Networking 1
+1MSRED w/ minimal experience4
+1Salary boys 4
+1Megafund Credit vs. Hedge Fund Credit?0
+1GS Merchant Banking quantitative aspects3
+1Outside of money, why would you want a job in IB?1
+1Taking a pretty alternative path. Is this my best option? TFA -> MBA?2
+1Commercial banking vs Finance at large aerospace company 0
+1Personality Test Honesty1
+1Networking Advice - Intern or Full-Time1
+1Barclays Sophomore Springboard 20201
+1Financial Analyst Salary in Healthcare3
+1Business Newspapers, What do you get from them? Your Favorites?1
+1Which School is better for IBanking?1
+1Buy-side advisors for GP stakes (GP Investing - 'Fund of Firms')2
+1Is this role FO or MO? Expected salary/bonus?4
+1Best Spanish Business Schools2
+1Soft cost depreciation? 3
+1How risky? Re-recruiting full-time with internship from another bank1