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0Current PwC consulting in Europe looking for job in the USA Hi everyone, Here's some info on the background: I have been working at PwC Advisory (financial services Consulting, Risk and compliance practice) in Paris for almost 3 years. I am a French and a Mexican national. I have a BA and an MA in Humanities from the Sorbonne University and a 1 year ...2
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0Hi from LondonHi there! I'm new to the forum (sort of). I graduated from Oxford Uni in the UK a couple of years ago; I've been working as a risk analyst for a big asset manager for a year now. I'm also doing CFA Level 3 at the moment. I like forums and I'm sure I'll be using this one a lot ;) . K...1
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+16How to feel confident and get a job out of networking eventsHey ladies and gents! I saw in the Wall Street Journal a big article on the importance of charisma and presence, it inspired @"Ben_KickassAcademy" and I to throw an article together on networking for you guys. You fill out a name card.  Receive a packet of promotional materials.  Leaf through ...12
0Financial Modeling Boot-Camp (Dallas)Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...0
0Any regretsFor the ones that are in ibanking, PE, HF or any other career path really, do you have any regrets? If you could go back and choose another major/career/whatever would you? Just curious what everyone else is like, I majored/started working as an engineer and I would change it if I could....6
0what do you think of the new 2010 BMW Z4?what do you guys think of the BMW Z4 against a new Corvette or Merc SLK?...24
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0Ramesh Shivakumaran Gulftainer Company Limited rolls out Nexthink for visibility into ITPort management and logistics company Gulftainer has rolled out Nexthink IT monitoring solutions to help it manage its IT infrastructure. The company chose the Nexthink solutions to support ambitious expansion plans to grow to reach 35 terminals across 5 continents and handle 18 million TEUs (twe...0
+1Same analyst interviewing me at different firm... how screwed am I?I have a superday in a few days with a boutique. Problem is, one of the analysts that I will be interviewing with also interviewed me at a BB half a year ago. This guy absolutely hated my guts, called me incompetent during the interview for not being able to answer some technicals, told me I wasn't ...10
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0How hard are these Case Interviews really?Hi Guys, This might come across as a semi-dumb question but from the stories I see and hear it really seems like this Interview process is very challenging. I am going to be a Sophomore at a non-target, GPA of 3.8 and I am eager to start a career in Management Consulting. I guess my question is, ...3
0why ficcDear All, I am quite curious why the big IBs always put FICC together. It makes sense to me to organise fixed income and currency desks together for the sake of efficient cross-border financing. But why bring in the commodity desk at all? Commodity looks totally independent of the fixed income an...0
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0BB S&T to What Type of Hedge Funds???Long time lurker, first time poster. Can anyone with experience provide some information about what type of hedge funds a trader at a bulge bracket firm can exit into? So we have global macro, stat arb and a lot of the multistrat HFs, but is that it? How about FI arb or MBS arb? I've been working at...7
0Hello Monkeys, Greeting from a New Chimp.Hey monkeys, so I have official joined you now. I started reading the posts on WSO when I was a sophomore in college. Time went so fast. Now I'm a consultant in one of Big 4s. The articles that I got here are really inspiring, especially when I was pretty down in luck looking for the first job out o...0
0Investment Banking Boutiques (mid market transaction advisory)Just finished honors finance undergrad from Canadian non target. High GPA, strong extra curricular's, CSC certification (mutual fund dealing license), accolades but no professional experience yet. Applying to FT FA with boutique in Canada (transaction advisory for mid market companies) Quick q...1
0Model testI am going to have a model test this week. Can anyone please share your prior experience or a model? Thanks! ...0
0Self Introduction from ShawnHi, everyone, sorry to say "hi" so late. The new student orientation and first several business classes were really time consuming, Moreover, First time coming to US, took me a lot of time to settle necessities, including a week long arguing with AT&T 's Go phone data service. You won't believe ...2
0Don't Use You're Work Computer for YouTube Even If You're On Lunch Break!I was randomly scrolling through YT's front page while not at work when I came across (no pun intended!) a Miley POV cam. ...17
0Is never getting a job a good idea (pros/cons)?I do not think I would like a job. The thought of working for someone else makes me sick. Sure, you could make millions trading, but you could easily make billions by starting your own bank or HFT firm. Why slave away doing mindless work (and don't tell me financial modeling is fun)! To put this ...14
0What would you do - milk the cow or dig in?Suppose you currently worked 45-55 hours per week as a buy side equity research analyst and have been in this position for 2-4 years, making well above-Street compensation. You don't feel like you are learning from the people around you, but you are able to push yourself enough to continue learning ...6
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0GS Associate SalaryHi all, I'm looking for some info on Goldman's salary range + bonus in Salt Lake City. In particular, it's for a Compliance Associate role. I've checked glassdoor and reached out to some friends but I can't find any decent data. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for your help!...1
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0How Does SEO Careers Work?I'm a URM looking into applying to SEO's Career program. How does the interview(s) process work for them and how does company matching work?...1
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0Is Britain Poorer Than Every US State?Two interesting articles parallel each other on the question, "Is Britain poorer than every US state?" The first author to take a stab at this question is Fraser Nelson, writing for The Spectator, who makes some interesting observations: [quote]I came across a striking fact while researching thi...17
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0Macquarie S&T in LondonAny one have any opinions on them??...1
+17Non-Target to [Insert Goal Here]I probably receive a few PMs a month from people who are from some variation of an out of favor background for Wall Street/Investment Banking/Private Equity. It varies from institution, to GPA to current professional position, and all of the above. The most common question I'm asked is: is it ti...28
0Investment Analyst- Private Wealth Management Firm 2 billion AUMWhat are the exit opportunities for an investment analyst working for a PWM RIA co-managing(4 analysts total) about 2B? Mostly asset allocation analysis with select individual company investing. Also does having the CFA change the trajectory in any way?...1
0Investment Analyst- Private Wealth Management Firm What are the exit opportunities for an investment analyst working for a PWM RIA managing about 2B? Mostly asset allocation analysis with select individual company investing. Also does having the CFA change the trajectory in any way?...1
0Stock Trading or FX? So I really want to get involved stocks and shares. Which would people suggest I get into share dealing or FX?? Also, how would I go about starting? What would you suggest to start off doing. Looking at books,tutorials and paper trading? Cheers ...6
0Why banks don't provide financing for agri- physical trading?Hello everyone, Every bank that is financing commodity businesses (abn, ing, bnpp, rabo, macquire, anz, Soc Gen, natixis and other) is active in the energy sector. Some operate only in the energy sector claiming that metals and especially agri businesses are on a much lower scale, thus deals are ...5
0Allen & Company NY, Evercore SF, Centerview NY, MS NYWhich would you choose? Note that MS is a firm-wide offer and not for a specific group (I will effectively be randomly assigned). I have offers at two of the four of these places, but the other two are fictitious to preserve anonymity. I care most about liking (or at least not disliking) my analyst ...5
0Investment Banking from Ole MissI didn't do as well as I could have in high school, so I am unable to get into any target ibanking schools. Previously to becoming interested in finance, I was planning to attend Ole Miss next year. Will my chances of becoming an investment banker be hindered by attending? Would it make most sense t...1
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0Will get a hedge fund analyst model test this weekHealthcare/Life sciences - does anyone have similar experience ? could you please share your experience or the model? Thanks!...1
0How much of your salary do you save?Just curious, how much of ones salary should someone save percentage wise? is it worth being frugal as possible? Places like London and new York have ridiculous rent rates, do you even have much to save after paying these? ...61
0LNG Engineer > Trading RoleRecently completed a internship with a large company involved in LNG as an Engineer and was looking for suggestions in trying to get a junior trading role in power/gas. Any LNG traders lurking?...0
0Credit Analyst - "Credit Paper"On many job adverts for Credit Analysts, one of the JD is prepare 'credit paper'. Can someone please explain what they are? Are they like a pitch book but related to credit analysis? Thanks....2
0Geography flairSimilar to how we have tags indicating profession and experience level, it would be good if you could easily tell a person's location from their post....0
0Do associates in London normally have an MBA?My impression is that MBAs are a bigger deal in the US, so I'm wondering what backgrounds most associates in the City usually have. I'd guess many would be ACA qualified from the big 4, maybe some lawyers, and some people moving from industry to coverage groups? Do non-MBA masters students (say the ...0
0Is something bad going to happen to me if I won’t share knowledge? Or Why is sharing knowledge with others good thing to do? I don’t try to argue like sharing knowledge with others is waste of time, but I really need to encourage myself and to be nice for sharing good information or knowledge and understand positive effect of this action. ...0
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0Should Burger King Acquire Tim Hortons?Burger King is in talks to create what would be the third largest fast food company in the world with the iconic (to Canadians anyway) Tim Hortons. Let us know what you think. Great deal, or just another company fleeing the US tax system?
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0Noah's Ark Junk Bonds So I was reading the September Popular Science earlier, the cover story is about a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I hope that Mr. Nye does not need any intro but I myself was unaware of this Ham fellow prior to reading the article. For those like me, he is the founder of Answers in Genesis, a ...17
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0Requesting Harsh Resume Critique, Please and Thank You____...3
0Army Officer attempts to learn about finance!Good evening! Name's Snowtrooper(or Eugene, if you prefer) and as the title suggests I am exploring the possibility of transitioning into finance.... I am eager to learn but as I've been somewhat insulated from the business side of the economy during my tenure as an Officer I'm somewhat rusty on my...0
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0Investment Banking Majors @ ColumbiaHey, everyone! So, I plan on applying to Columbia University (and hopefully getting in) and then pursue a career in IB post-graduation. What I was wondering is, which major should I take to make me the most attractive in recruiter eyes? I am considering between Financial Engineering, Economics, and ...5
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+3Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: Cocktails to End the Summer OnLabor Day marks the end of the “Summer Season”. No more white after Labor Day. The Seersucker Suit gets put back in the closet. We may still have an Indian summer to prolong the warmth and feel of the summer before slowly easing us into the fall. The start of the NFL Season is right around the c...11
0Full-time OCR and internship in the same semester -- too much?I am a senior currently getting started with full-time OCR. Would taking an internship this semester be too much work/not worth the trouble if I already have several internships under my belt? I'm attaching the resume that I posted over on the resume forum a few days ago....0
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0IB time slot for applying online What's the time slot if you're a 2015 graduate and plan to apply to investment banking analyst jobs online? Is there a general deadline or a more ideal time to apply? I see some posting for companies for 2015 graduates, and I'm wondering if they will be up for awhile or not. Thanks in advance!...2
0Is it legal to work for a tech startup in the 1-year interim period (between ending SA and starting Full-time)?Got an offer to work for a startup for a few months after accepting my full-time offer at a top 5 BB. Should I tell my bank about this? Any disclosure/conflict issues? The work I would be doing is far from investing/finance. I still plan on going back to banking FT starting Summer 2015....5
0Accepted FT offer at BAML IBD after SA, but haven't heard anything about salary increase. Did anyone get it?Just want to know when they'll let us know... received my offer letter about three weeks ago. ...1
+1How much does having previous non-IB experience in an industry matter when recruiting for same industry groups at banks?Hi all, I was just wondering how much does having experience in a specific industry (energy, tech, etc.) affect recruiting for same industry groups at banks if the previous experience wasn't in banking? I am curious because I've had F500 corporate finance experience in Aerospace/Defense and I was...7
0Introduction/ General QuestionsHello all! Just wanted to introduce myself on here and see what kind of feedback I could get on a few things. I'm very interested in IB but don't come from the best 1. area of the country for it and 2. university where banks recruit. I'm a junior and need an IB intern over summer 2015, and the longe...5
0Applying at BBsAny advice for applying at BBs if non-target school, no connection in company, school doesn't have contacts? I assume LinkedIn but I have had quite limited luck doing that. I read on another WSO post that GS hires many non-targets, but I have no idea how to go about applying. I know that applying th...1
0Nontarget school?On the scale of 1-10, how difficult is it to break into IBD BB coming from a nontarget? What about boutique? I'm a junior in bachelors (BBA Finance/Econ double major) at University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Central TX (near Fort Hood TX). Not a bad school very expensive, private, great business depar...0
0S&T SA Programs?I'll be applying to all the BB's, but I'm looking for ideas on MM S&T SA programs to apply to. Also whether or not I will likely make it through the resume screening. I go to a highly ranked public non target with decent Street presence. 3.91 GPA in business admin-finance, a BB PWM internship this p...1
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0VC Firm Uni PrestigeLooking into going for a VC for next summer (Between Soph and Jr year). School is a non/semi-target for IB, but not a huge presence higher up in VC, at least outside of my schools geographic region. I'm looking at VC's in the San Fran/NYC area and seeing a pretty heavy concentration of guys from top...4
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0Superday TimingI am attending a superday for FT recruiting soon and it is scheduled to be from 12pm-3pm. Prior to learning about the superday, I scheduled a first round phone interview with another bank at 3:30. My question is, do superdays always end on time, or do they sometimes last longer than the time all...0