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0Trickiest interview quaestions you've ever heardHey guys ! I'm interviewing soon, and I've seen many many websites/threads that deal with classic interview questions, etc. But how about those rare questions you get once every 2 or 3 interview, that 95% of candidates answer wrong. Did you get any ? (especially tehcnical questions related to...93 years 1 month ago
0New to the forum, not to the sceneHello everyone, Just thought I would take a minute to introduce myself, I've been lurking on here for quite some time and finally decided to get involved. Im a finance major (crazy, right?) here in the Northeast and am looking to break into IB. I've actually had my heart set on banking/finance ...03 years 1 month ago
0why does the market still listen to Moody/S&P ?the credit rating agencies have shown us how incompetent and corruptible they are, when they blindly rated junk bonds AAA. They are thinking now of downgrading US credit rating... Should we really take those guys seriously ? ...153 years 1 month ago
0What kind of trader am I?I've been trading for 3 years. Every year I've made mid to high 5 figures. I do not trade full time. What I do is I spend about 3 hours a day researching into multiple companies. I use google, yahoo finance, and a bunch of other information including balance sheets, news, etc. Then I buy the stock a...83 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: HTG Capital Partners03 years 1 month ago
0How do you write a stock investment idea in memo format?What is typically included? Thank you...13 years 1 month ago
+5What I Learnt This Week – The Significance Adrenal FatigueOn their deathbed, no one ever said they wished they had spent more time in the office. Indeed, over-work and stress can result in a quick downward spiral of health. This week I came across a fascinating article by Dr Jeoff Drobot, which highlights the significant effects that poor adrenal health ca...173 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Anheuser Busch03 years 1 month ago
0real-time trading / hourly trader salaryi was pretty surprised to see that entry level real-time trading jobs annual compensation is only around $40-45k. does anyone else think that this is really low? also, how long does it typically take for a real-time trader to become day-ahead trader?...83 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 month ago
0Ipreo holdingsAnyone know anything about them? They provide data and market info to a variety of buy and sell side places. Anyone know of their reputatoin, exit opps from an analyst position?...13 years 1 month ago
0MS Richard B. Fisher Scholarship ProgramHas anyone heard back? I'm a sophomore, and I haven't heard anything back. ...73 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Gleacher03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital03 years 1 month ago
0What are the best sectors to trade in?Ex. Tech, industrials, energy, etc. Which typically generate the highest returns?...33 years 1 month ago
0Bank of America GWIM US Trust Summer AnalystSo I got an offer for a summer analyst position with US Trust, BofA GWIM for this summer and was wondering if anyone had any information about the experience. It's in Boston and in the High Net Worth Group within GWIM. Thanks. ...63 years 1 month ago
0GWIM BAML- US TRUSTHi, I just went thru the first round of interviews. any advice on sueprday? any insight on internship experience? is that paid or unpaid BC i didn't ask...03 years 1 month ago
0Warren-Buffett-portrait-450x600.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 month ago
0perspectives.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Seeking help for Business IdeaI thought of a new idea for a business related to investing and I am looking for someone who has knowledge about Investing and could answer a few questions....03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO03 years 1 month ago
0Interning with BB in MO role but want to do IBDAccepted offer to intern at top BB (GS) in MO role over small boutique for summer. The idea was that with some very hard work and strong networking I might be able to land an interview as a lateral hire for full-time analyst recruiting in fall (at least was told this was POSSIBLE by HCM director). ...83 years 1 month ago
+3How to Become a Better InvestorI love to run.  I enjoy being outside, and pushing myself both physically and mentally.  Running fills both of those needs.  I'd like to become a better runner by increasing my endurance, and decreasing my times.  The only way for me to achieve these goals is to go out and run. &...43 years 1 month ago
0Is it possible to switch from a Technology Associate role to Quantitative Research Associate?I'm currently doing a master's in computer science at a target school. I just received an interview request from BNY Mellon for a Technology Summer Associate internship. My goal is to work in quantitative research for a trading desk. Is it possible to lateral from a Technology Associate position to ...63 years 1 month ago
0JPM Asset Management Superday TimingI did a phone interview for a Summer Analyst position with JP Morgan Asset Management on Tuesday, January 22nd. Does anyone know when I should hear about a superday? Or when that superday would be/when it was last year?...763 years 1 month ago
0Technology SA interview questions?I have an interview coming up for Technology Summer Associate at BNY Mellon. What kinds of questions do they ask? Are interview questions similar to what you might see at Google or Microsoft?...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Akuna Capital LLC03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 1 month ago
0Anyone Accepted to Business School with a GRE Score?I'm trying to see which scores get you in to which schools....83 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: UBS Pricate Wealth Management03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Cornerstone Research03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Headwaters03 years 1 month ago
0MBA Offers Thread - Real EstateHey All, Lets get the ball rolling on an 'MBA offers thread' - might help with negotiations going forward. 100k Base - 5% Annual increase - 5k Signing bonus - 20% Performance Bonus Top 10 REIT by AUM Post yours below; this year or last. ...153 years 1 month ago
0bank-regulation.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: The Principal Financial Group03 years 1 month ago
0Shoes and suitsI have a pair of black suede buckled loafers, are they suitable for informational interview or for else?...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Chimera Securities03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Accenture03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Tiger Global Management LLC.03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Rothschild03 years 1 month ago
0Traders with experience in Arbitrage I'm looking for any serious traders with experience in executing arbitrage trades. I have limited trading experience but believe I have a good idea. I'd love to run it by someone with real experience in this area. Please PM me. ...113 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: CIBC World Markets03 years 1 month ago
02 superdays on same day - what do I do?I originally set up a superday with a BB firm that you'd all know if I said the name (LA). I just booked everything today and just found out that I got a superday at an MM firm that is "top 5" in its class among their offerings. Both are in banking and now I'm struggling what to do. Do I call and...63 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Jones Lang LaSalle03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Longbow Research03 years 1 month ago
0Bernstein ER interviewHi WSO, Have an upcoming interview for equity research at Bernstein, wondered if anyone had any insights beyong the usual ER interview prep? I'm thinking more specifically about first hand interview experience with Bernstein, or particular questions that people may have come across. Thanks, T...73 years 1 month ago
0Investor03 years 1 month ago
0New User Intro, IBD PrepHello, looking to transition into finance after two years working and studying in Egypt and South Sudan. Not the typical route, so I'm here to brush up my modeling concepts and insights, and prep for an internship interview coming up next week. Any suggestions for IBD interview prep would of cou...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: RBS Royal Bank of Scotland03 years 1 month ago
0Honors College Capstone Project IdeasI'm in my school's honors college and we need to do a capstone project our senior year. Can be anything related to our major. I'd like to do something trading or real estate related. I also kind of have one foot out the door at this point and am not trying to break ground here. Just looking for some...33 years 1 month ago
0download.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0How to get that jobNice plot twist....13 years 1 month ago
0Whitney Partners03 years 1 month ago
0Breakfast Informational Interview EtiquetteA CEO of a company/successful entrepreneur (worth 150+MM) offered to get breakfast with me on a Sunday. I asked him about general advice on getting a job in the country I'm in as a foreigner. I'm not sure what the etiquette is here? Do I show up in jeans and a nice collared shirt? He is going ...53 years 1 month ago
0RSR Partners03 years 1 month ago
0preston group03 years 1 month ago
0Polachi03 years 1 month ago
0phoenix Group International03 years 1 month ago
0Help Offer choices!....13 years 1 month ago
0If you could only choose 1 firm...I think everybody here plans to switch firms at some point, most likely more than once. But, if you had to commit to one company for the rest of your career, which would you choose? Why? I think I would want to go with a privately held investment management firm. Like the Capital Group, Dodge...233 years 1 month ago
0Nordeman Grimm03 years 1 month ago
0Carry on Deal OriginationI posted this to the PE forum, but wanted to reach out to a more knowledgeable base. If you could please post to the discussion page at: // , it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has any information that they would wish to not dis...03 years 1 month ago
0VC/ PEF Internship or IBD Internship?Hi, guys. Its my first time writing a post here. I am a Korean guy who is studying in W&M (Virginia). I am currently staying in Korea to pursue internship, and I got an offer from a local Korean VC/ PEF firm and Daiwa Securities IBD (Seoul Branch) yesterday. My concern begins here. I wan...53 years 1 month ago
0The Lapham Group03 years 1 month ago
0Help on how to handle the end of your Summer Internship I was lucky enough to secure a summer associate offer. I am excited for the opportunity and look forward to learn a great deal as I begin my career in banking. That being said, I like to have contingencies just in case things don’t go so well this summer. For those who went through the proces...03 years 1 month ago
0I planned to dump my girlfriend today but found a poem she wrote for Valentine's Day, now I don't know what to do?The reason I was to dump her is because I'm simply not ready for things to get serious, and she seems ready but her poem is kind of changing my mind now :/ what do I do? ...273 years 1 month ago
0Weekly Round-Ups?Any suggestions regarding websites which give weekly summaries or round-ups of the global economy, markets, business news, stuff about deals, pe exits and investments etc.? I really don't get much time to follow the news in detail because of college and CFA prep..So yeah..Thanks in advance!...23 years 1 month ago
0harris iic03 years 1 month ago
0F.S. von Stade & Associates03 years 1 month ago
0venturelab.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Egon Zehnder03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group03 years 1 month ago
0DM Stone03 years 1 month ago
0Denali Group03 years 1 month ago
0ctpartners03 years 1 month ago
0Merger Modelling QuestionHey guys, have two questions: 1) Company A acquires company B. B has a lot of NOLs due to losses over the years. These NOLs can be used against income of A (meets the requirements). My question is, does this show up on the consolidated financial statement in the form of a deferred tax asset or is...23 years 1 month ago
0cressida partners03 years 1 month ago
0Hersha Hospitality TrustHas anyone worked here before? Do they have a strong reputation? Strong team? Exit opps? ...33 years 1 month ago
0Choi & Burns03 years 1 month ago
0What kinds of jobs am I qualified for?Hi everyone, I'm finishing an MSc and wondering what kinds of positions would be open to someone with my experience. I have an BSc in Health Science, one successful startup, two internships (one in operations at big IT company, one in microloans), then post undergrad I have a year experience a...03 years 1 month ago
0carterpierce03 years 1 month ago
0ae feldman03 years 1 month ago
0Travel Arrangements QuestionI have just been invited to a superday in a city about three hours driving from where I attend school. I have to be there at 11AM, and expect it to take me about 4-5 hours in total after accounting for traffic so I am relunctant to drive there that morning. However, I do not mind driving if they a...43 years 1 month ago
0Morgan Stanley Credit Risk AnalystHello, I will be have a phone interview with an HR within the next 10 days. I do not know much about this division so I would love to hear your advice on this. Thank you very much ...83 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Fisher Investments03 years 1 month ago
0Bloomberg Terminal ExperienceHi fellow monkeys, I am wondering how somebody can gain experience with Bloomberg terminal other than at work. For instance, I am a student, and I have never done anything on Bloomberg, How to get some experience, some insight, etc. Thank you,...73 years 1 month ago
0Mutual Fund DecoderThought this was very funny: years 1 month ago
0Leaving PwC for Grant Thornton (tax) Transfer pricingHello Folks! After 2 and an half years in tax department (transfer pricing) in PwC i am about to quit and join either another big 4 or Grant Thornton. I wouldn't like to change, since i could get promoted as Senior Consultant from this summer, but i MUST. As far as I am concerned, in Big 4 tax, al...43 years 1 month ago
0Real Assets Definition Hi fellas, I am looking for a precise Real Assets definition, not the one found on investopia. Specifically, I would like to identify unique characteristics such as: -tangible (but what about contracts of royalty payments, royalties are real assets?) -inflation hedge -low correlation with eq...13 years 1 month ago
0Still keep GPA up?Second semester of junior year, 4.0 gpa from semi-target, signed internship with supermajor in trading group. I've pretty much lost motivation to do anything haha..would you guys still focus on trying to maintain a solid GPA at this point? I heard it becomes useless after getting your first years 1 month ago
0Do I have a chance of getting infer undergrad?My story is unfortunately I was dumb and dropped out of high school and got my GED. I have been going to a local commuter school for a year now and doing well. Im also working for a RIA Advisory Firm getting experience. I know its easy after getting my associates to transfer to a state school but...143 years 1 month ago
002_gloves.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0National Energy AdvisorTradition Energy is one of the world’s largest, independent full-service energy management advisors with over $8.5 billion in annualized energy spend managed for more than 1,500 regional and multi-national companies and thousands of facilities worldwide. We advise Fortune 500 companies as well as...03 years 1 month ago
0Multiple InterviewsHi All, I have 5 meetings in a row next week, and i'm wondering if anyone has any advice for a bunch of interviews back to back....etc. They start at 10:00AM and basically go right through untill 5:00. I think i will get mentally wiped out, so just looking for some tips to stay sharp and make t...53 years 1 month ago
0Australian Industry Cert 4 Training And Assessment ProvidersIf you want to survive in the prevailing cut throat competition and want to get placed in training organizations, then AITP offers wide range of courses to the interested people. This course will help in evolving favorable job prospects....03 years 1 month ago
0Dlete......53 years 1 month ago