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Career Advancement Opportunities

October 2022 Consulting

  • Bain & Company 99.4%
  • McKinsey and Co 98.8%
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 98.3%
  • Oliver Wyman 97.7%
  • LEK Consulting 97.1%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

October 2022 Hedge Fund

  • D.E. Shaw 98.9%
  • Magnetar Capital 97.8%
  • Blackstone Group 96.8%
  • Citadel Investment Group 95.7%
  • Millennium Partners 94.6%

Professional Growth Opportunities

October 2022 Investment Banking

  • Jefferies & Company (▲05) 99.6%
  • Lincoln International (▲03) 99.2%
  • PwC Corporate Finance (▲12) 98.9%
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch (▲05) 98.5%
  • Houlihan Lokey (▲05) 98.1%

Total Avg Compensation

October 2022 Investment Banking

  • Director/MD (10) $613
  • Vice President (38) $392
  • Associates (211) $257
  • 2nd Year Analyst (131) $163
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (19) $160
  • 1st Year Analyst (443) $151
  • Intern/Summer Associate (83) $150
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (321) $92