0Successful Social Climbers and their jealous families who remain in poverty--A Snapshot of my friend's story


You break into a high rolling career from a low class background. How do you deal with those family members left behind? This is my friend's story on the feeling for the left behind family members and their interactions with her. This question was from another <abbr title="Wall...

0Is NASA a waste of money?


Doesn't the government spend billions of dollars on NASA every year? Is it really worth it? I mean, do we really need to know about planets millions of light-years away? I think that it is a big waste of money. HS school kids cannot even pass Alg. I. Put the money there. If not a whole...

0How to Get Into Investment Banking?


Hey guys, I just have a few questions about my end goal of breaking into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. 1. If my end goal is breaking into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, should I go to a target school or a non target...

0I've noticed a new "trend"


Where should I start...? A while ago, some of my old class buddies from my Jesuit boarding school asked me what the fuck I was doing with my life. Where was I living? Who was I fucking? What was I studying?, etc, etc. That's why I finally decided to make an Instagram account. Not only...

0If You Had to Rank the Prestige of All of the Finance/Business Professions, What Would The List Look Like?


Tier I: 1) <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> Megafund (KKR, <abbr title="Blackstone">BX</abbr>, Apollo, etc.) 2) Top Hedge Fund (Bridgewater, AQR, Citadel, etc.) Tier II: 3) <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>...

0Do you stop at stop signs?


I view these red octagons as completely redundant placards designed to line the pockets of signage companies. It would be blatantly obvious that you need to "stop" when a car is speeding in your direction from your right/left. In fact, it's quite an insult to my...

0Let's be real, the CFA is piss easy.


The concepts are honestly only as hard as high school level mathematics at the absolute most. The volume of content can seem a bit daunting but overall it's a bit of a joke really isn't it.

0AMA - Sunshine Funshine

Sunshine Funshine

Hey guys, figured I would get things poppin and post an AMA, if you have any questions feel free to ask

0what bank do i have to work at to be considered the 1% of the 1%


it is not enough for me to become a part of the 1%. i need to become a part of the 1% of the 1%. which bank would i have to work at in order to achieve this lifelong passion of mine? is <abbr title="Bank of Montreal Capital Markets">bmo</abbr> harris good enough?

0Why do people think they're so smart?


Constantly irked by this faux intelligence, this "illusory competence". Want to dispose of them in a swamp of starved alligators. Or (as a more fitting test of their "genius"), leave them on a deserted island to fend for themselves. You're an idiot. I'm an...

0Hedge Fund Job Out of Undergrad Pays +$300k

Sunshine Funshine

Hey guys, I made a list of qualifications you need to succeed in banking and land $300k jobs. Let me know when you see it. Tough Adaptable Integrity Love Open-mindedness Patience Enthusiasm Zero-tolerance-for-error

0How Have Pros Not Bought AMZN and NFLX on Dips?


Recently heard a PM on CNBC say "Yeah, we bought some Amazon back when it was 1400." And my thought was "Really? 1400? How 'bout buying it back when it was 300 five years ago like I did -- when I was 15 years old." And I'm not saying this makes me a genius. ...

0What single instance made you lose all respect to your parent(s)?

Anonymous Monkey

I hold zero respect for my mother, zero. I appreciate her for raising me, but you can't deny the truth. Gold digger, attended two shitty non-targets, made (literally) 30k a year as a commissioned financial planner in the affluent area I grew up in where literally every other mother/father...

0Another leading intellectual, dead.

Anonymous Monkey

The quantum physicist. The leading equal rights activist. The man who inspired me to choose the path I chose, and become who I am today. The genius, intellect, philosopher. One of the wisest souls I have met. One of the most caring, responsible people I know of. Mac Miller. /s why the...