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+1The Unsolicited Job OfferWhile many of us are always interested in moving another rung up the magical career ladder, concerned about “exit opportunities”, and generally always having an eye on the next great endeavor, the fact of the matter is few will truly “make it” (enter your own definition of that here). A lot ...143 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Millennium Partners03 years 2 months ago
0Nomura IBD USLooks like they've been hiring a lot of senior bankers lately. Thoughts on their banking division in the US? Specifically regarding M&A, FIG, and Consumer/Retail groups. How are the exit opps and pay (bonuses)? Thanks in advance....183 years 2 months ago
0With my profile, which European Master in Finance programs can I aim for?Hi, I'm planning on starting a Master in Finance program in September 2014. I'd like to know what programs I should apply to if I want to be sure to be accepted somewhere. First, here's my profile: -Bachelor degree in Economics from an average Swiss uni, really average grades, but outstandi...73 years 2 months ago
0Help Please I am in a bad situationI am a 2nd year female student at a non target in the Chicago area. Originally following the pre-med track and did a lot of hospital volunteering and research. Through the hospital volunteering, I came to realize the gloomy future of medicine and I am no longer as interested going into the field a...73 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank03 years 2 months ago
0How bad is my resume? GO HARDDo you think I have a shot at BB investment banking..? I anticipate a 3.75GPA (I just transferred)...How soon do I need a leadership position at my new university? Go hard. ...183 years 2 months ago
0How do you unleash your "A" game?Howdy y'all! Simple question, how do you unleash your "A" game? Do you follow Katt Williams' advice and get some "f*** it" in your system? Or maybe recite Jamie Foxx's, "baddest motherf***** in the valley?" I'm curious to know what routines y'all have. Basically, how do you prepare when it'...163 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Stephens Inc03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.03 years 2 months ago
0Getting into London IBHi all, I was wondering what is the best university/MBA/post-experience MIF in Europe to get a job in IB. I was thinking about INSEAD MBA/LSB MiF/LSB MBA. What is your opinion? Thanks...43 years 2 months ago
0MSF Student-Apply for positions now?I'm currently an MSF student graduating in May/June of this year. Would it make sense for me to apply to open positions for lets say an analyst slot that a BB has listed on their careers website right now? I feel like they would prefer an immediate hire or would they consider me, interview me wit...23 years 2 months ago
0When is the date for Citi HK IBD summer final round NY?A friend of mine attending an Ivy League in the US is waiting for final-round decision after initial round. I have heard that they have already invited candidates for final-round interview. Any one know the date for final-round in NY for HK position, I heard it is 22nd something? Appreciate any i...13 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 2 months ago
0Lateral Investment BankingFor the past two months, I have been trying to lateral, but there doesn't seem to be very many opportunities available. Does anyone know if this is a function of unusually low turnover this year or bonuses not yet hitting the analysts' bank accounts yet?...13 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Jane Street Capital03 years 2 months ago
0Is an IB Internship a must for FO position after graduation?Hey guys, Looking for some info here about getting an IB position (MM or BB). I am going to be attending Villanova's MSF in the summer with the ultimate goal of getting into IB in NYC. I'm coming from out of state and I've have a couple internships , nothing related though ( One in insurance sal...13 years 2 months ago
0Can OCR statuses change?I applied through my school's OCR for a bunch of different internships and so far see "Not Invited" for interviews at BarCap and BAML. Does anyone know if OCR statuses can change later on (or is this an absolute and final decision that they will not be interviewing you for a SA internship)?...63 years 2 months ago
0Help reviewing FY Analyst Resume after 8 months on the Job...Been working for the last few months at a tiny boutique. I've really enjoyed it thus far, but I feel like I need to move to wall street in order to ensure a successful long-term finance career. I figured uploading this couldn't hurt. Feel free to absolutely tear it apart. Also, I wanted to say th...33 years 2 months ago
0PE vs. Banking Junior InternshipWould a PE or Banking summer internship your junior year be better in terms of receiving a full-time offer? Assume both are front office roles. I have no offers, but I have a connection at both a BB and what we would probably consider a PE megafund ($20 Billion). Say I were to get offers from...13 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Lazard03 years 2 months ago
0Quant Nerds Make $500k+ with just 2 years exp? How do you get to this level? (see link)I can do all the of the things mentioned in the "Requirements" section but if i sent in my resume today, i'd get dinged. how does a quant get to this kind of level? not all of them say PhD required....193 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 2 months ago
0Only 1 OCR Interview? Currently going through OCR at my school Have 3.96 GPA previous banking internships leadership experience Only got an interview with one middle market bank, passed over for others (or chosen as a back-up, which pretty much means no interview) Is this normal? Didn't really network t...213 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Vega Asset Management03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Teneo03 years 2 months ago
0Applied to a JPM internship 2 months ago, still being reviewed. Any advice?Dear fellow monkeys, In November I applied for an internship position at JP Morgan Stockholm. After 5 days I received an invitation to the Situational Judgement Test. I prepared and sat the test. 5-6 days later, I was asked to sit the numerical reasoning test. I prepared and sat it. I believe bot...53 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Evercore03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: 03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Johnson & Johnson03 years 2 months ago
0Unique Experienced Hire Recruiting Situation Looking for advice on this unique recruiting situation... I am an experienced hire. I was approached directly by a firm's internal HR and recruiting about a position, position x, in a different city, city a, from where I currently work. When I talked to the internal recruiter, I mentioned I was...53 years 2 months ago
0download (1).jpg03 years 2 months ago
0How to land that SA Position with a GPA problem?Hello all, I'm a Junior that goes to a Target school not H/Y/P/W (think Columbia, Cornell, Stern, etc). After spending the past 3 or 4 days reading dozens of low GPA threads on WSO and how various people tried to rectify their situations, I noticed one of the commonly proposed solutions was to netwo...83 years 2 months ago
0download.jpg03 years 2 months ago
0Age for calling somebody "Mr." versus their first name I'm currently a 20 year old college junior looking for an ibanking internship. What age for networking emails would you say is roughly the limit for me in addressing somebody as "Mr." versus their first name? ...73 years 2 months ago
0G'day everyoneCame across this website in my efforts to prepare for my IB job search. Current MS Fin student with commercial experience and an MBA. It will be a tough transition given a bias for youth and elite schools but I'm giving it a go. Never too old to follow your dream and I dont have to look back and ...03 years 2 months ago
+1WSO Shanghai Happy HourThe next WSO Shanghai Happy Hour is coming up soon! Venue is the 6th floor bar at Ascott hotel in Xintiandi, which has a great balcony view of People's Square / People's Park. The manager has agreed to extend happy hour until 10pm and all drinks are buy 1 get 1 free. Typically around 40 people sh...03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Carlyle Group03 years 2 months ago
0European Looking for a Masters in Finance Program in the USI have completed a Bachelors of Art degree in Business Administration in 2004. Having had 8 yrs of experience /BM - Global Financing, Morgan Stanley - Asset Management, and Centrica (UK Utility) Hedging downstream electricity portfolio/ now I am hoping to look for a specialized master degree in fina...23 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: HSBC03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: HSBC03 years 2 months ago
0Entry-level in TokyoI was wondering if anyone knew whether it is realistic to be hired at a BB and work in Tokyo as an analyst. I would be going in with fluent/literate Japanese so language would be TOO big of an issue, however I'm not a native speaker. If this is not realistic, are there other sectors in fin...83 years 2 months ago
0I was just let go due to company downsizing. What now?I have been working for a boutique but quite reputable consulting firm for the last 7 months after graduation. Due to various reasons, we had to terminate 2 major clients recently. Unfortunately, one of which involved an important project of mine. So I was left with nothing and immediately let go ju...33 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Macquarie Group Limited ABN03 years 2 months ago
0Cash flow (13 week forecast)Hey guys, Is there any particular reason why its a 13-week cash-flow, as opposed to any number of weeks, why not 14 or 12 or any other number? Thanks!...33 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 2 months ago
+1FX - EUR/AUD on the verge of a mega reversal? The epic downtrend from $2 to $1.17 seem to be over. The Germans' fear of inflation will probably prevent the ECB from easing too early. Meanwhile the Australian economy is not doing too well, mining is peaking, full time employment is creeping down and their inflation is well below forecast. ...203 years 2 months ago
0Older and in graduate school - please evaluate my resumeHi, I'm in my late 30s and have been trying to break into finance for years. Previously, I worked as a web developer. I didn't have much luck with networking my way into finance, so decided to go to grad school (a semi-target) and try to apply to jobs through my school. What do you guys think of ...13 years 2 months ago
0Graduate Student Looking for Quantitative Internship, please rip my resume apartI came from a quantitative field and currently working/studying advanced data mining, machine learning techniques, and programming in such applications. I'm look forward to work in trading or quantitative related roles. Please let me know if I can improve my resume thanks!...63 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Towers Watson03 years 2 months ago
0If you could do it all over again...Thanks for the input....253 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Blackstone Group03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 2 months ago
0Question for IB AssociateHi Everyone, I had a question for IB associates on this forum. What is the makeup of your associate class? I work at a PWM company and have a 3.2 gpa (think elite boutique, team based work). I am a recent grad and would like to get into banking at some point. I am guessing my best bet is to get i...93 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 2 months ago
0TAS Valuation in Japan to Project Finance in AmsterdamHello, To introduce myself, I am a second year Valuation & Business Modeling consultant at a Big 4 firm in Tokyo. I graduated undergrad with a 3.96 from a regional target (my school is somewhat well known but is top ten in the nation for international business majors). I am a pasty white Americ...03 years 2 months ago
0have you ever responded to a HR rejection email?I got a rejection email directly from the HR person I had a phone screen with, and I'm wondering if I should respond. I have very applicable skills and I know I'd be good at doing the job but what got me dinged were these really stupid questions after taking the interview on a day's notice. I'm bein...23 years 2 months ago
0Would you trade next 10 years of 1st round picks for best QB ever?I had this conversation with a friend last night and thought I would pose it to a broader audience. If you knew that Andrew Luck (or insert young QB here) was going to be the best QB ever and would play for at least the next 15 years, would you trade your next 10 years worth of 1st round picks f...193 years 2 months ago
+1Negative 1/12Pretty interesting proof on summation of all natural numbers. If you've never seen this before and enjoy math it is worth a watch. Would love to hear people's thoughts on this. years 2 months ago
0Company Review: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 2 months ago
0Engineer interested in wall streetHello all, I am an engineer working in the Canadian oil and gas industry interested in working in an investment type role, preferably focused on macroeconomic analysis. I am split between doing an MBA with a macroeconomic focus or a pure quantitative economics masters and joined wso to get some...173 years 2 months ago
0Identify Weaknesses in my S&T ResumeHey guys, I decided to post this here, as opposed to the resume forum, because it's less of a general resume inquiry and more of a request for specific advice to help tailor my resume for S&T. I go to a non-target (Syracuse University). I decided on pursuing S&T relatively recently, and I m...283 years 2 months ago
0Do investment banks (bulge, middle market and botique) pay their summer analysts?Trying to get my first gig this summer and just want to know what to expect when it comes to pay. To be honest, as long as I get enough to pay off an apartment and food I'll be happy....43 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: S&P Capital03 years 2 months ago
0Think You're a Genius?3+3=10 5+5=22 7+7=?...193 years 2 months ago
0What are exit ops for UBS Equity Research Associates?I was wondering what the exit ops would be from UBS Equity Research group. From what I've seen, UBS ER (NYC) is ranked 4 in the US by Institutional Investor, and the bank's Equities (which is S&T and Research) division has a very strong reputation. They have a huge trading floor in Stamford, etc. ...53 years 2 months ago
0ama.jpeg03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Houlihan Lokey03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 2 months ago
0Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization""Colorado is reconsidering its decision to legalize recreational pot following the deaths of dozens due to marijuana overdoses. According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News, 37 people were killed across the state on Jan. 1, the first day the drug became legal for all adults to purchase. Severa...113 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup03 years 2 months ago
0Prop Firm OfferHi, I have fortunately secured an offer for a Prop Trading role at a firm. There is no monetary requirement from myself, and the first few months involve intense training. After training, capital will be provided by the firm to trade with, and the profit is split. There is, however, no salary be...103 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup03 years 2 months ago
0CS Fin Sponsors vs. BAML Fin Sponsors vs. MS Fin SponsorsDoes anyone have specific color on how each group ranks relative to one another from a 1) deal flow 2) quality of experience (modeling heavy vs relationship management) 3) quality of life (hours) 4) PE/HF exit ops 5) culture...33 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: ZS Associates03 years 2 months ago
0Sophomore internship @HF with two summers of IBD experienceActively looking for a summer internship at a hedge fund. I've been grateful enough to already have two upper MM IBD summer internships and before setting myself into a career in IBD, I wish to have some buy-side experience. Any recommendations on which funds already have a sophomore internship prog...53 years 2 months ago
0Positions related to Fixed Income (recent grad) ?Can you guys tell me the most related positions to fixed income. I am a recent grad. It does not have to be IB. I am just curious. See my resume here: // years 2 months ago
0Leaving Superday Early?Anyone have experience leaving a superday early? Say leaving a 8am-5pm superday at 3pm? Reason would be to catch flight to another superday....53 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers03 years 2 months ago
0Struck out OCR; too late?Hey fellow monkeys, I go to a non target, with two BBs doing OCR. I networked pretty extensively with them, and not even an interview, unfortunately. I have a pretty good background, leadership on campus, boutique ib etc. GPA might be bringing me down, 3.2. My question is: is it too late to netwo...73 years 2 months ago
0Senior Year GradessYo monkeys, I interned for an investment bank over the summer, got a return offer and signed. My senior year grades for this last semester were pretty low (below 3.0gpa). Should I worry about being rescinded? Didnt fail anything, but didnt do too well either...113 years 2 months ago
0Need college/job adviceWell, I fucked around a little too much in high school and now I have an 1860 sat score and a 3.3 gpa. Obviously Im not headed to any ivy league schools, so it leaves me to wonder. How difficult is it to break into IB from a semi-target school? Also, what kinds of schools do most PE guys come from a...13 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Siemer & Associates03 years 2 months ago
0Please Help: Resume Review for Big 4 Busy Season InternshipI am going into the spring of my junior year and will be applying for busy season internships for next spring. Please feel free to tear me a new one, I can take it!...23 years 2 months ago
0Why did you send this email to me? - He askedI sent a cold e-mail to an Associate at a BB. He asked me why him I sent the email to. How would you response?...203 years 2 months ago
0LevFin 1st year Analyst Interview-LBO?Obviously I should be prepared for anything, but do you think they would make me lbo model a company as someone interviewing for a 1st year analyst? ...43 years 2 months ago
0Company Review: 1861 Capital03 years 2 months ago
0VistaprintI bought VPRT a couple of months ago and plan to hold onto it for a few years. In a sentence, I bought it because it has unrivaled economies of scale & if you normalize margins the PE would be about 13 by my estimation. ...33 years 2 months ago
0Alternatives to LinkedInDo you know of any? Can Google+ be used for this?...63 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: H&M03 years 2 months ago
0Company Interview: Jane Street Capital03 years 2 months ago
0HF accounting to ER or HF Analyst?Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible, and how difficult, to transition from hedge fund accounting to equity research? A bit about myself: did audit with big 4, got CPA, passed CFA L2, now got an offer from a bulge bracket but in the hedge fund accounting department. My long t...133 years 2 months ago
0first rounds vs. superdayHello. I have an upcoming superday interview with an elite boutique ECM (the role is technical). My second round interview was a modeling test (given to me ahead of time) and questions were walking the VPs through the modeling test I completed and questions were 75% fit and 25% technical. Pretty str...03 years 2 months ago
0Company Compensation: Lazard03 years 2 months ago