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0Lowest AUM investment shop you would joinPersonally I have reservations, as a small base can get wiped out quite quickly in a bad year. What do you folks feel is a reasonable amount for a shop that you are pursuing?...10
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0Heartbeat of Charlotte financial institutionsI understand Charlotte has a much better work-life balance in relation to cities like New York and Chicago, but what is the feel for financial institutions in Charlotte? Do things move at a slower pace? What are major focuses of IB, HF, and PE firms in the area? I know it is a broad question, but I ...1
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0Out of Work two months, One year out of 'Target' Reposting my resume edited for privacy. I've been out of undergrad one year now and have worked on two contracts with a development finance institution. I'm trying to move into an Analyst role dealing with emerging markets, preferably focused on Asia. I know it isn't the most common career on ...7
0What news sources do you use to keep up with REPE?Don't say general sources like Fortune or Forbes....2
0Question regarding transcript and finance jobs.Im a rising junior at at top 25 college majoring in econ and minoring in stats. My gpa as of right now is lackluster (2.7-2.9) and i know that it must rise, however thats not my concern. Ive taken intro accounting twice and have managed to get D's both times. This goes along with the theme of poor p...1
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0PE/VC in a random city (non-NYC/CHI/LA/SF)Sup y'all. Does anyone currently work in PE or VC or anything similar in a city outside of the typicals - New York, Chicago, etc...I'm talking about a random ass city that you would never expect to have anything comparable, like Des Moines, IA or a Salt Lake City. Can anyone offer up any advic...4
0Destroy my resume - Make me cryAbsolutely obliterate my resume. If you see even the tiniest little thing, just rip into it. Don't hold anything back & let me have it....13
0Employment and Education VerificationJust got my Education and Employment Verification Forms for my summer internship at BB. I listed one of my informal voluntary experience on the relevant experience section with my employments. Should I put that voluntary experience as one of my employments on the background check form too? Or should...4
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0elite boutiques londonwould be interested in knowing the top teams at Greenhill/Lazard/Evercore in London. any insights are much appreciated....0
0Can my friend at Cornell get an internship with a 3.0?We're wanting to go to Chicago next summer for our incoming senior year internships. She goes to Cornell and she's majoring in some statistics quantitative major. She was wanting to do actuary work but I've been trying to pull her into finance. She doesn't have any finance experience but she does ha...3
0Mckenzie's valuation bibleHey, currently I am valuing some companies but seem to have issues with calculating the cash taxes.. I need this for the forecasting efforts and cannot just use the cash statement. So far i did get to the correct marginal tax rate and have what i think is the operational tax however a correcti...9
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+1Do PE firms and smaller investment banks sponsor visas?I am a foreign national currently on H-1B status (working as a consultant at MBB who graciously sponsor visas). I am thinking about making a transition to finance next year (probably into PE, although I am also considering investment banking surprise surprise). I know the big banks definitely sponso...3
0Research Report TemplatesI would be grateful if someone could forward some nice Equity Research report Templates. We need to put something together which looks good. Old research reports which look professional on any subject would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Tigers. ...0
0Hours- IB vs AMI'm interested in the hours required for a 1st year IB analyst and a BB or MM bank. This is in comparison with a first year analyst at a large IM/ mutual fund firm (fidelity, vanguard, templeton, Columbia, BlackRock). Also any more insight in this entry level MF careers?...2
0State street- compensation etcMy sister got an offer at State Street. Anyone has opinions or inside knowledge in the company? What about salaries and advancement ops as a fund accountant and in their investment associate program. Also interested in client rep. Thanks all...7
0Buy side vs sell side. Go.But side or sell side- no specifics, but more respected entry level jobs and career advance opportunities. Go. ...1
0Most respected finance citiesWhat are the most respected cities in finance (as a whole). My list looks like this- 1) NYC 2) SF 3) BOS 4) CHI 5) DC 6) CHA 7) LA 8) HART 9) STL 10) ATL...4
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0Moving to New York - pls helpMy GF and I are moving to NYC next month and beginning the search for a place. I will be joining a large hedge fund. Can someone recommend somewhere to live? We are from Dallas and have never visited. A few criteria: - Rent under $2850 a month if possible - True 1 bedroom, I know some seem to ad...5
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0Airport horror storiesWhat are some of your airport horror stories that you've had when you do business travel?...58
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0Internship Resume UpdatedBased on what you guys commented on, I made the appropriate changes. However it still needs a lot of work. I quantified my bullets, removed high school. Criticisms encouraged. ...10
0News Site for Earnings and Market News?Does anyone know any website that just focuses on earnings? Like seeking alphas earnings stream but more up to date and inclusive?...0
0Burned Out BankersI am a former investment banker (12 years M&A experience in top tier firms) and left the industry last year to pursue a career as an artist. I will be in New York during September 2014 to work on a project about the toll investment banking takes mentally and physically on those in the industry. A...0
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0Semi-Target 3.2 GPAI'm a rising junior at a top 20, semi-target school. I transferred to my current school and I now have a 3.2 gpa. I have committed to studying abroad in Beijing this upcoming semester and will be missing the fall career fair and info sessions. I do have good ECs though; assistant treasurer of studen...0
0Strangest things found on the internetThis makes my top 3: ...9
0MBA Admissions, Break into IB, Credible Goal given my Background?Hello, I am considering applying to full time MBA programs for the 2015 intake, and am currently preparing my story. 3.85 GPA in Economics from the top school in my country. GRE equivalent of a 650 GMAT (taken once in 2013) I currently work at the central bank of a caribbean country and special...4
0Someone on buy-side who has access to researchI am a complete newbie trying to learn a little about a niche recycling business. I would like to have a few sample research reports for a firm in the business. P.S. I am looking at how to model expenses for waste management businesses since much of their costs should be 'fixed' due to collection...4
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0Real Estate "Earn-Out" StructureDoes any one have experience with earn-out structures in real estate that aren't on the lending side. I realize this happens in development quite frequently, but what I'm looking for is on existing property. The situation would look like this: Investor owns a couple of properties and is looking to ...4
0How hard is it to get into IBD as an international?Hey everyone! How hard is it to get into IBD as an international student? Is it extremely hard like some fields such as medicine, or is it more forgiving and accepting such as law? Are companies generally willing to sponsor visas for international students to work as analysts, etc.? What about inter...10
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0Recieved an Equity Stake offer, what next?I mostly read and browse around on WSO so this will be my first real post. I have a unique opportunity where I lack insight to receive an equity stake in a business. Obviously I want as much equity as I can possible negotiate and I'm more interested in the longer term success of the business. I woul...3
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0What's risk and regulation consulting like?Hi, I'm new here. I have an interview coming up in risk and regulation consulting firm and I guess since this is a pretty specialized niche, I can't find much on the subject. They work with retail, investment and insurance - any idea/experience about the hours, kind of work and exit opps? I know the...0
0Brightlife Energy Corp?Does anyone on here aware of who this is? I believe it's a fraudulent business, and can see they manage "dating" sites. Just curious if anyone have had experiences with this.... This is pissing me off as I've been getting fraudulent charges....0
0PE Tech Research Internship?Hello WSO, I recently applied for a PE market research position and have a phone interview this Tuesday. It's a MM firm that specializes in tech companies with a team of less than 50. I'm finishing up a boutique AM internship, and looking to take this job in the Fall. The job description says 20 ...0
0Exit oppertunities for supply chain?Just curious about y'all thoughts for some in supply chain who wants out? What could they hypothetically go into?...8
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0Simmons & Co. Superday FT interview helpI have recently been invited to a superday for Simmons in Houston for a full time IB Analyst position. Has anyone on here been through this and have some insight as to what to expect interview wise? The other posts about this are not very current and I would like to get a feel for what types of te...3
0Flat organisational structure v. hierarchicalI want to give you a bit of advice to those with multiple offers. They say flat structure is better. There have been a number of people who publicly supported the implementation of flat organisational structure. Hot desking is one example of that. Those companies normally have large common rooms...0
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+1Bonus Bananas August 8, 20141) Man Hilariously Buys All The Pies in a BK to Spite a Child (Gawker) "She starts running towards me but can't get to me because of other lineups in the food court. I turn and slowly walk away." 2) Self-Assembling Robots Will Inhabit Your Nightmares (YouTube) One of the researchers stated, "Wh...3
0Best female professions to dateWe all know that women in finance are far from ideal partners. Which professions tend to have more women with the trifecta of beauty, brains and personality? ...44
0Cayman Islands / Bermuda finance jobsWhat are the finance opportunities in these well known corporate tax havens? Are all the banks shady or are there legit opportunities?...2
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0Commercial Real Estate → Sales and Trading at a bank?Hi guy, I am a rising junior at a semi/non-target school.. This summer I had an opportunity to work at a commercial real estate company (one of the biggest ones in the industry) doing some financial analysis work..(think of debt service coverage ratio, Trepp, etc). How would I be able to tur...3
0Real Estate Dev Consulting What is the process a RE consulting firm would take when assessing a site with development potential? Any help would be great. ...2
0Got offered a fall internship at a f500 company, but am waiting on another opportunity. How to go about it.I just got offered a corp finance internship at a f500 company for the Fall. I would take it, but I’m waiting on another possible opportunity. I recently spoke to an alumni who’s pretty high up at an elite boutique (Moelis/Evercore/Lazard/Centerview) and he told me that it may be possible that I...3
0The Rockwell Financial GroupI can't seem to find any reviews or information on the Rockwell Financial Group in White Plains, NY. Does anyone know anything about this firm? All input is appreciated....0
0HF Part-Time Internship AdviceOver the past summer, I've interned at a 8-12B AUM multi-strat HF. When I asked the HF if a part-time internship during the school year might be a possibility they said they didn't see why not and that they would look into it. My questions is, how long should I give them before I follow up on my req...1
0HF Part-Time InternshipOver the past summer, I've worked at a 8-12B AUM multi-strat HF. When I asked the HF if a part-time internship during the school year might be a possibility they said they didn't see why not and that they would look into it. My questions is, how long should I give them before I follow up on my reque...0
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0Chappuis Halder & Cie: Anyone heard about this firm before?As the title suggested, anyone had any experiences with the firm? I know it specialises in financial services consulting, but that's about everything i know. anyone knows its reputation?...3
+1Hello beautiful people who enjoy finance. Hello, I'm an aspiring financial analyst, and I hope to maybe learn a thing or two from this forum. ...1
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0How easy/difficult is it to change your given industry focus as an incoming consultant to the one you're interested in?I'm a post-MBA consultant at a top firm. My first project is in an industry that I have little interest in, though I am performing very well. My concern is I may be staffed in similar projects over time, so I'm wondering how feasible it is to make a move for projects in the industry I see myself in ...3
0No offer, how screwed am IUnfortunately didn't get a return offer from my S&T internship at a BB (Baml/Barclays/Citi) because I had one bad rotation on a desk straight out of Liars Poker (Eating challenges, buy $50 worth of food with only nickles and dimes, research hotels for their 2-weeker etc) Was wondering whats the best...6
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+4Be Nice To Your InternsA while back, I was listening to some "dumb intern" stories from a couple of young professionals. One of the rites of passage for interns on the trading floor is getting the traders (often absurdly complicated) lunch orders right. Everybody howled with laughter at a story about an intern was dres...25
0Hesitating between 2 watchesHey guys, I've been wanting to buy an automatic watch for a few months now and am hesitating between the two following models: