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0I just got fired. I used to work for a small finance firm in Philly and on the 1st day of work this year, I was fired. They gave me BS reasons, but I suspect it was because my boss did not like me. I worked there for 8 months. I am 25, young, hungry, hard working, and all the other good superlatives, and I could u...56
0Waiting on interview expenses reimbursement - wat do?I had an in person interview last Thursday in Houston for equity research on an associate level. They told me to keep the hotel receipts and cab receipts for reimbursement. I took pictures of them with my smartphone and mailed them to the HR lady who organized everything, but I haven't heard anythin...5
0StudentHi, What are my chances of getting in the american IB industry if I got my finance undergrad degree in Romania,and getting a masters at a target school? Hope I use this site to its maximum potential. thank you....3
0The Emergence of Hedge fund training programs? Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak to a portfolio manager at a large fund (several billion of AUM). I asked him what advice he had for me on my pursuit of working at a hedge fund and discussed what he had to say about it. He told me about how previously, in his space (Global Macro) ...5
0Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot Camp (Miami, 3/22 - 3/23)Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...0
0Creativity in the InstabilityWell, now it’s totally clear that we are standing on the edge of cardinal changes in the financial world. Politicians don’t leave any chance to maintain the same face of the global financial system that we accustomed to. Obama threatens by serious economic sanctions against Russia, Europe trie...0
+1Crosstree Capital PartnersIs this firm legit ? ...6
+1Public Sector/Foreign ServiceHey everyone, Something I was wondering is if anyone here has the aspirations to go work in the public sector for the government. Whether its the fed or working in the state department on International issues. Obviously that's not specifically finance needed, but it's something that could be inte...1
0Investing in The Financial Markets Could be The Best or Worst Thing You do This YearImagine if you could use your knowledge and skills to set up a profitable business without the need to travel to work. Wouldn’t you want to be in a comfortable environment like your home or a cosy coffee shop with your favourite coffee blend rather than an office cubicle? To some people this scena...0
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0Head of Equity Quantitative ResearchManage and lead Global Equities Quantitative Research Effort. Mandates of this effort include: - The research, development, and implementation of a comprehensive risk measurement/management framework for the Global Equities business, including support for merger arbitrage, event credit, and ...0
0Bloomberg Summer Analytics Bootcamp Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had any experience doing this internship and if so what was the interviewing and overall experience like. I have a phone interview with them. Also, I want to know if this is worth pursuing or doing during my sophomore summer going into junior year and if it...0
0Lehman IBD or Goldman Financing?Which one and why?...16
0One Up on Wall StreetHey everyone, thanks again for all the help and advice I've got on WSO. I have to read Peter Lynch's One Up on Wall Street and was wondering if anyone could PM me a pdf, thanks so much?...4
0Msc investment managment at Cass Business SchoolI would like to hear your opinions about this course? Is Cass a good business school? and Is it true that the placement at Cass is not good? the percentage of employment is 72 %is more lowest Is Cass based on practical more than other schools? Thank you very much...1
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0Changing jobs and need advice on B-school profileI recently made the decision to leave my job as a Business Analyst in S&O at Deloitte Consulting, to join the corporate strategy group at a retailer. In short, the key reason I am making the transition is that I don't think consulting is a long term fit for me (due to work/life balance and travel) ...2
0Mistake - Critical or not?Hey guys, I am well aware that typos in a resume can make your chances sink. Therefore i would like to ask you whether this mistake is critical or not. I just received an email from the HR of a BB, inviting me to an interview on Wednesday. I replied and thanked for the invitation and proceeded...4
0Yet so fast: @GSElevator Gets a New Book Deal And elevators go back up. The man behind the Twitter handle @GSElevator, who lost a book deal two weeks ago after his identity was outed, has agreed to new deal with a different publisher that will sell his book “STRAIGHT TO HELL: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals.”...0
0Just got an offer, how to contact other interview processesI got FT offer today on the phone (let's call it Firm 1) and was wondering how to reach to another interview process (Firm 2) where I had last rounds last week. I'm impartial about both, and don't know how much comp would be in Firm 2 (may be more). How would you go about reaching Firm 2? I don't w...2
+5WSO: What Not To DoMod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursdays - this post originally went up May 2008, enjoy Some advice for all the prospective monkeys out there... #1- For those of you on this forum and looking for a job... you are entitled to nothing. No one on here owes you shit, if they help you, it’s because t...74
0Linking cash flows to exit priceHey guys, I am an intern working at a pe and I have a question. My boss asked me to calculate the how much to sell the company for given the cash flows of the company which will have an irr of 15% in this transaction. lets say company's cash flows start at 2015 and our exit will happen in 2017 and...3
0List of top wall street workers and their colleges or something?I have a vague recollection of a article/webpage/post/thread where there was a list of either leaders in business, leaders in wall street, wall street execs, hedge fund owners, or something like that, and the colleges they went to. It might have been focusing on public vs private colleges. Does a...3
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0Cold networking in a small cityIn other words: how to network in places where everyone knows everyone, there is a small number of firms and you have a limited amount of time - how to manage properly word-of-mouth, shyness and being naturally assertive… Think about helping a particularly nerdy friend ;)...7
0Fund Administration in PEWould this be considered a pure BO role? The description says "provides assistance with reporting and payment functions to support fund administration role". Does this position lead to a controller type role for PE funds? Any chance of being an investments analyst?...2
0Please provide a good overview of models + skills for inputs :)Hello, I know this may ask quite a bit, but if anyone could answer or discuss the following points, it would be of great use! Feel free to just place any thoughts or comments about hedge fund modelling in general. 1. I was just wondering if someone would be kind enough to provide me with a goo...1
0Newbie IntroductionHey WSO! I'm just here scouring information on investment banking and equity research. I am currently an undergraduate in college looking for any useful information to help me get where I need to go. If anyone has any tips for a college sophomore at a non-target state school it would be greatly appr...0
02 months vs 4 months for internship?Hey monkeys, I'm a first year at a top Canadian school (not Ivey or Queen's). I got an summer internship offer from a tech company. This company asks me if I want to start in May or in July. My summer starts in May but I was thinking about taking some extra credits in the summer to take some loads ...7
0How to Be Articulate in Interviews?I am having no trouble landing interviews, but my weakness comes during the actual interview - I can't seem to articulate myself very well when under pressure. This has been a weakness of mine since college and I've tried many things to prepare myself, including reading as many guides and articles a...7
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0Quick Thoughts on LBO ModelHi guys, Sending in a take home lbo model for a buyout shop in a bit, just wondering if anyone had some time to take a look. I'm not coming from a traditional banking or MBB background, so any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated. PM me if interested, but feel free to post your feedback p...6
0Looking for mentor in the equity management space to help start investment career!Hello, my name is Jose M. You could consider this to be my second career. For the past 4 years I've been attending a graduate program in florida, and come this May 2014 I expect to graduate with a doctorate degree in pharmacy. I am looking to capitalize on this current accomplishment and kn...0
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0GSAM or Blackrock - EquitiesI have a friend who received an offer for both and he picked BlackRock. Out of curiosity, which would you pick for equities AM?...6
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0Undergrad HF Opportunities (US/UK)There are plenty of threads that cover the topic of HF intern recruitment, but there's not a single one that explicitly states the places that offer internship opportunities for undergrads in the US/UK. I thought maybe people would be willing to share their insights and help create a comprehensive l...23
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0Why do people like Joel Greenblatt?When asked about who your favorite investor is, a lot of people pick Joel Greenblatt. I am curious as to how Joel is different than the numerous other value investors out there. Along these lines, who is your favorite investor and why?...3
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0SA Internship Location PreferenceHi WSO, I applied for a SA internship a few months ago and recently got an email about interning at a prominent middle market bank this summer. I am told to specify a preference location of where I would like to intern at (NY, SF, St. Louis, Baltimore) through a follow up application, but will ch...6
0RBC Capital Markets IBD New York, BlackRock PMG New York, Oliver Wyman New YorkWhich is better? I'm indifferent between the three industries.......13
+8Attention to Detial Is OverratedWelcome to The Street Every single day you work on Wall Street you develop an obsessive compulsive disorder for formatting errors, grammar errors, periods at the ends of bullets… etc. You start to become that Psycho VP or that “Managing Associate” you have always hated since day one. It i...28
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0Avenue Capital group There isn't a lot of information on here about Avenue so I thought i'd ask here. Does anyone have a opinion on the firm it's self, founders, culture and anything people should know? Thanks...3
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0Company Interview: HSBC0
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0If I want to buy a shopHi I want to buy a shop : EBITDA of the shop = 100,000€ Debt of the shop : 1,000,000€ Cash = 0 If we take a Multiple of 15 : 15 x EBITDA = 1,500,000€. This is the enterprise value right ? But then, what do I have to pay to buy the shop? 1,500,000 - 1,000,000 = 500,000€ right...9
0Time off for weddings?As an associate in IBD, how difficult is it to be out of the office for a weekend (and maybe the friday before) for a wedding or bachelor party? Is this frowned upon if you are just starting but have a few of these over the summer, or is it okay as long as you have an internet connection and can get...6
0Plagiarism on the StreetWork has been slow so I have been flicking through various research reports across the major houses (JPM, GS, Jefferies, Citi et al) and noticed a, to me, startling trend...plagiarism. Somehow, and I'm not accusing anyone, paragraphs from earlier reports seem to be creeping into reports at rival...22
0Oily Monkey Swinging Into the Concrete JungleHi there, I'm a Year 1 undergrad in the midst of my business degree. I found this website while reading up on the world of investment banking as it is the most attractive career prospect and the purpose of joining this community is to start early, and start learning from those who are willing to sha...2
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0Can someone offer me some help?I'm currently a sophomore at a non-target looking to get into investment banking. I'm in the process of looking for an internship, but can't seem to find anything. However, my aunt recently got married to a banker who said he'll help me in anyway possible. I spoke to him on the phone two weeks ago, ...6
0Financial Modeler IHey Guys, I recently landed an interview for a financial modeling position but am not sure as to the career path this sort of position leads to. I am interested in Asset Management with the end goal being to be hired by a hedge fund. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!...0
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0Masters of Accounting Degree (MACC) A way to break into PE, Hedge Funds, or IB?Hey all. I'm a double major undergraduate in Economics and Finance. I'm considering getting a MACC degree from William and Mary with career goals of breaking into Private equity, hedge funds or investment banking. I'm already enrolled in the CFA program and plan to take level 1 this summer. Would a ...5
0JPM Asset Management Strategy SA InterviewRecently received a first-round interview for a summer analyst position in Asset Management strategy at J.P. Morgan. I looked around but couldn't really find much information about this group. Would someone be able to shed some light on the activities of this group as well as what type of interview ...4
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0@GSElevator gets a new publisherAccording to the New York Times, GSElevator has agreed to terms with a new publisher. The publisher, Grove Atlantic, announced the book will be published in November. Note: Since I don't have a lot of bananas, WSO will not allow me to post a link to the article. If you Google it, you can find it...3
0Fund derivatives trading interviewI have an interview lined up for a position on a fund derivatives desk. I know the basic stuff about the desk - they deal with option and structured products trading for the bank's funds and private banking accounts. However, I want to know as much as possible... Obvious things to polish up on: ...2
0A Comprehensive List of Chop ShopsEqually as important as knowing which prop firms, HFs, etc are the best to work for is knowing which places qualify as what most would determine chop shops or scams. There are a few places that pop up on these boards as to who is basically making money off on naive, unemployed college grads, but si...8
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0The Most interesting Banker in the Word (?)Terence Kawaja of Luma Partners in this parody video [quote] Start merging, my friends. [/quote]...0
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0Advice on building profile for business school!Hi everyone, I have posted a few times on the sight, but couldn't find much on this topic and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to build up my profile for business school. I graduate in May 2014, so I will have at least 3 years to pull some things together and build up a strong appli...11
+3Non-Target to MM, No Banking InternshipHey guys. I remember that when I was on the job hunt success stories always helped get me pumped up and back on the networking bandwagon. I was a non-target (zero OCR) with a 3.7 GPA and no IB internship recruiting for FT. I actually didn’t decide I wanted to do IB until February 18th of my ju...2
0LBO assumptions questionApologies in advance if this is in the wrong subforum. I'm learning about LBOs and this one exercise I'm attempting mentions that another PE fund owns a quarter of one of the potential candidates and invested in the company three years ago. What kind of assumptions would you make based on this pi...5
0First Solar analysisFirst Solar posted pretty optimistic guidance for F2015/16 at the analyst coverage day conference this morning and the stock is up 12% ATM. Management seems to have done a good job implementing business strategy but one comment from the CEO that concerned me was that (preamble - primary market is...0
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0How to Ask My Current Employer for a Letter of Recommendation to B-School?I am planning on applying to B-School in the fall for FT programs. I am currently working at a boutique consulting firm, and came on board in September of 2013 after 2 years in Insurance. While I have some good recommendations my former employer and clients (I spent 4 months on-site with a client FT...1
0Google Smartwatchi like the look of it...thoughts? From fast company: [quote]Google has revealed their interface for their upcoming android wear watches. And it’s further proof that google has figured out how to scale their experience. This is Google’s new interface for Android Wear--a platform the ...13
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0hey guys!123I am Berk from Turkey working as an intern at a private equity company and hope to further my studies at a postgraduate level!...0
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0Teaser Tuesday! March 18, 2014Time to get those brains warmed up! Note: If you could all please input your answers using the previously noted html code it will allow others to answer without having a spoiler. Also, in your answer, do not include any ' or " or it will not work properly. Question I am thinking of an integ...7
0Hey Guys, I'm New HereHi Guys, I'm new here at WSO. I'm a recent college graduate with a BBA in Business Management & Finance w/ a concentration in investments. I was offered a job at Maxim Group which lead to me finding this forum. I know there are many people that worked there for the PWM/IB departments, but wanted ...0
0How is the recruiting at Ross undergrad place for S&T?How does Ross place in S&T?...2
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0Getting firedAny advice on what to do / how to behave once getting fired in IB? I found some old threads with firing stories. It looks like many folks were caught by surprise. In reality though, especially in banking, that is fairly common. So if one day that happens to me (touch wood), wanna be prepared - so...19
+1Multifamily underwriting best practices I wanted to reach out to the board here to get some input on how others (especially lenders) U/W multifamily deals. I work for a boutique capital markets brokerage and I’ll copy how we u/w deals below. I’m told that these best practices match even our most conservative correspondent lenders. ...11
0Goldman Sachs Asset Management FT interview for GLOBAL RISK & PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTIONHi, I will be having the interview for this position. I do not know much about the Global risk & Portfolio construction and I would love to hear more insights. It is in the Fixed INcome division in the Asset Management Group. BUt that is all I know. What should I expect from a 1st round. More te...1