London 2022SA Progress Megathread

Updated 14/11/21 (thanks for updates in comments)

Bain Capital - offers out

Barclays - Some ACs out

Berenberg -

BlackRock -

Blackstone - 1st rounds

BofA - ACs out, most offers out

BNP - Hirevues out; Markets & IBD ACs out

Campbell Lutyens - First Rounds Done

Centerview - offers out

Citadel - Tests sent

Citi - phone screen, IBD, CM AC

CS - IBD, S&T Phone screens out, some ACs out

DB - ACs out

DC Advisory - Hirevue & VIs

Evercore - offers out

Fidelity - ACs from Dec/Jan depending on division

Gleacher - Second Rounds Out

Greenhill - ACs out (12/11/21)

GS - AM, GM, GIR, IBD ACs out; some offers given

Houlihan Lokey - (FT ACs out, offers given)

HSBC - Some ACs out

Jane Street - first rounds out

Jefferies - ACs out

JPM - AM, IBD, Sales, Markets, Credit Risk ACs out (ACs running weekly till Jan AFAIK)

Lazard IB - filled from Spring

Macquarie - VI

Mizuho - phone screen

Moelis -

MS - IBD, S&T ACs out, offers given; BRM AC out

M&G - VI

NatWest - don't apply here

Nomura - ACs out

Point72 - Case studies sent



PWP - ACs / Offers Out

RBC - ACs out

Rothschild - ACs out, most offers out(SA&FT)

SC - ACs out

Schroders - VI

SocGen - Open

Temasek - Case Studies Sent

UBS - Markets 1st AC out (FT IBD ACs out)

If you know of any progress please comment here so we can consolidate them.

Everything is regarding SA unless specifically stated FT

Editing doesn't work on desktop and the formatting gets reset on mobile so tedious to update, so I will batch updates every few days.

Most Helpful

Since when did JPM require a second language for their IBD summer in London?? 

Ridiculous considering it's the LDN office and none of their spring interns needed a second language


Does anyone know how many EMEA locations can you apply to for Blackstone?


I emailed Fidelity a couple of weeks ago about 2022 summer internships (EMEA) and was told applications will open mid-September until mid-November (was also told they dont operate on a FCFS basis).


how to apply to GS MBD for SA? is it under Asset Management or do they no longer recruit for SA?


Are you sure PJT is end August? Last year it was like October open?


Hi there, would appreciate if anyone knows if you need to submit a different Cover Letter for applying to different divisions within Morgan Stanley. For instance, if you wanted to apply to Investment Management and Global Markets - would you need to submit 2 separate Cover Letters or is it like Goldman's application please?

Thank you!


Who is the pymetrics test provider? Also I can't find the link for BX - does anyone know where to find this?? Thanks